The best NBN internet plans available in April 2020

Vodafone's our premium pick for speed.

What are the best NBN plans available this month? 

With social distancing in full effect, having access to reliable home internet with unlimited data and/or fast speeds is a critical consideration. For those after the best value on an NBN 50 plan that includes unlimited data, Tangerine returns with its XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED plan for the fourth simultaneous win.

Internode’s NBN 50 Unlimited plan is a decent contender, too, if you don’t mind a short-term contract.

For those who favour speed or need bandwidth to share around, Vodafone takes out the top spot for NBN 100 plans with its Premium Unlimited NBN plan, but there’s also competition from MATE’s NBN #soulmates and Southern Phone’s Unlimited NBN Max plans.

Recent Updates: A day ago
This month, Tangerine might keep the top spot for best overall NBN but Vodafone has muscled its way into the top spot for Premium speeds.
3 weeks ago
After a short-lived victory lap by Superloop, Tangerine has once again taken the top spot for speeds in our monthly NBN round-up.
2 months ago
Tangerine once again takes the top spot with its Unlimited NBN Standard Plus half-year promo while Superloop remains our top pick for fastest speed with its Unlimited 100/20 plan.

Best Unlimited NBN Plan April 2020

Tangerine NBN XL Speed Boost

It used to be that NBN 50 plans were spruiked along the lines of providing sufficient bandwidth for basic household needs when everyone’s home at night during the busy period. These days, with most people at home day and night, NBN 50 plans are a great way to share home internet bandwidth around the clock.

For the fourth month running, Tangerine snags the top spot for unlimited data with its XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED plan. This no-contract NBN 50 plan has a great half-year discount, which costs $59.90 per month for the first six months before reverting to $69.90 from then on ($778.80 first-year cost). Typical evening download speeds are at a respectable 42Mbps, and if things go wrong, you also have access to seven-day tech support.

Try before you buy with a 14-day zero-risk trial and, if you’ve got a compatible modem, you can bring it across for no additional cost. If you don’t have the right modem, Tangerine has three preconfigured options to buy. There’s the basic model for $129.90, an upgraded version for $149.90, or a 4G Backup Modem, which is $199.90 upfront with an ongoing $15 monthly cost. That $15-per-month bolt-on means you can enjoy the peace of mind of constant up-time because the modem will automatically shift to a 4G connection in the event of a fixed-line network outage.

Next best unlimited NBN plan

Internode NBN 50 Plan

If you’re not shy of a little commitment, Internode’s NBN 50 Unlimited plan is reasonably priced with the same 42Mbps typical evening download speeds. While there is a six-month contract, it also includes a $20 six-month discount on the usual $79.99 monthly fee, which equates to a first-year cost of $839.88.

For the sake of comparison, here are the most popular unlimited NBN plans in Australia this week.

Best NBN plan for the fastest speed April 2020

Vodafone Premium Unlimited NBN

The more people you have in your home, the more likely it is you’re noticing the pinch of bandwidth sharing between competing connected devices. This is where NBN 100 plans can help keep connectivity around the home a whole lot more seamless, and these plans don’t have to cost a whole lot more than NBN 50 options.

Vodafone’s Premium Unlimited NBN plan has a six-month discount of $75 before reverting to the usual $95-per-month fee ($1,020 first-year cost). That’s good value for a plan that has decent 82Mbps typical evening download speeds, and it’s cheaper because it’s a somewhat newish 100/20Mbps plan. Vodafone also lets you include a 4G backed-up Wi-Fi Hub modem with this plan.

Considering the importance of full-time internet up-time these days, the prospect of having the support of 12/1Mbps (max) 4G backup speeds in the event of a network outage is a great fallback. If you stick with Vodafone for three years, you don’t have to pay an extra cent to call this modem your own, either. On the topic of saving dollars, if you bundle other Vodafone services under a single account, you can save more on monthly plan fees.

There are also NBN 100 alternatives from MATE’s NBN #soulmates (83Mbps typical evening download speeds) and Southern Phone’s Unlimited NBN Max plans (76Mbps typical evening download speeds) for those who prefer Australia-based tech support. They’re both also 100/20Mbps plans, with MATE letting you save $10 a month if you bundle it with a MATE SIM Only plan ($948 first-year cost without the discount), while Southern Phone has a six-month discount on its plan ($1,080 first-year cost).

For the sake of comparison, here’s this week’s most popular NBN plans sorted by speed.

Which is the best NBN provider?

This is the million dollar question, and the most difficult to answer. There are lots of variables to consider and lots of perspectives to cater for. Are you looking for the cheapest provider? The provider with the best customer service and reliability? How about a provider that offers all of the extras like TV and movie services, rewards programs and bundle discounts?

Many different organisations try to judge NBN providers and crown a winner, and use different methodologies to prove it. Groups like the ACCC and Netflix run speed tests, others rely on customer surveys and user reviews.

We’ve used a combination of these data points and many more in our round-up of the best NBN providers in the game.

What is the best NBN plan in Sydney / Melbourne / Adelaide / Brisbane?

We are often asked this question, and the answer is pretty simple. Most NBN providers offer a national broadband service, and most have the same NBN prices and deals available across Australia, so you’ll get the same price regardless of whether you are in Melbourne, Adelaide or one of the cities in Tasmania.

Some providers may vary the price of plans based on your address. The wholesale price of their service can vary from the city to less populous areas, and this is reflected in the price of NBN plans. To make sure you are getting the right price, start an NBN plan search below by entering your address.