The best NBN internet plans available in January 2020

There are thousands of NBN plans to compare, but lucky for you, we've done the leg work. Read on to see which NBN plans are Australia's best internet options.
  • Tangerine XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED

    Best Unlimited Data

    $59.90 p/month for 6 months
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  • Superloop UNLIMITED 100/20

    Best for Speed

    $89.95 p/month
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Recent Updates: 3 weeks ago
In January, Tangerine once again takes the top spot with its Unlimited NBN Standard Plus half-year promo while Superloop remains our top pick for fastest speed with its Unlimited 100/20 plan.
2 months ago
Superloop takes the two top spots thanks to its juicy, 6-month deals on Unlimited NBN 50 and its fastest speed Unlimited 100/20 plan.
3 months ago
Tangerine is back on top with its healthy blend of budget, big data and blistering-fast speeds. Not only does Tangerine take the top two spots for best premium speed and best unlimited plans, but it's also managed to take over for TPG when it comes to cheap unlimited NBN with the cheapest unlimited plan on the market (and on NBN 25 to boot).
Less than 6 months
This month, Tangerine keeps us keen with its XL Speed Boost plan and Vodafone takes the top spot for the best unlimited NBN plan with premium speed. If you don't need the fastest speed, TPG has taken over for Mate when it comes to cheap, unlimited broadband.
Less than 6 months
This month, the Tangerine doesn't fall far from the tree as Tangerine Telecom takes the top two spots thanks to its juicy limited-time deals on Unlimited NBN Standard Plus and NBN Premium. For those looking to spend less, say hello to your new best friend, Mate Broadband.

What are the best NBN plans available this month? 

After December saw the rise of Superloop to dominate best unlimited-internet and fastest-speed categories for NBN50 plans, Tangerine has returned in January with its mainstay XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED offering. There’s some tight competition, too, with Kogan and Vodafone offering appealing alternatives for those in areas serviced by the providers.

Superloop isn’t completely out of the race, though. If you’re after something beyond Tangerine’s winning NBN50 plan, Superloop has your NBN100 needs covered with its relatively new Unlimited 100/20 NBN plan. Kogan and Vodafone return in this category, too (with the same proviso as above) alongside Aussie Broadband who comes out cheaper than Superloop but slightly slower in all-important evening speeds.

Best NBN Plan for unlimited data January 2020

Even on an NBN50 plan, the best way to avoid exchanging extra speed for monthly data monitoring is to ditch data concerns completely with an unlimited-data NBN plan. These days, there are plenty of providers competing on unlimited-data plans.

Take Tangerine, for instance, which returns in January to reclaim its December-lost crown in the best unlimited-data category with its XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED NBN plan. In terms of cost, Tangerine continues to offer its still-running $10 discount for the first six months, meaning $59.90 for the first half of the first year and $69.90 thereafter. All up, you’re looking at spending $778.80 (with a $0 setup fee) if you stay on this Tangerine plan for the first 12 months.

The great thing is that Tangerine doesn’t lock you into a contract term, which means you’re free to shop around after the six months is done. Better still, you can try before you buy with a 14-day no-risk trial. Still, during your Tangerine tenure, you’re likely to enjoy the respectable 42Mbps typical evening download speeds.

Further bucks can be saved if you have a compatible modem, or you can spend extra upfront to receive a conveniently preconfigured box. It’s $89.90 for a Standard NBN Modem, $119.90 for an Upgraded NBN Modem, or $199.90 (or $15 per month) for a newly added 4G Backup Modem option. Additionally, if you still use a landline, you can spend an extra $10 per month on a home phone plan bolt-on that covers everything essential: line rental, local calls, national calls, and even calls to Australian mobile numbers. 

If they’re available in your area, Kogan’s Silver Unlimited or Vodafone’s Essential+ Unlimited NBN plans are worthy alternatives, both of which offer 45Mbps typical evening download speeds. You’re looking at $65.90 a month for the Kogan plan ($790.80 first-year cost) and $69 for the Vodafone alternative ($828 first-year cost).

Best NBN plan for the fastest speed January 2020

Superloop disrupted Tangerine’s XXL Speed Boost Unlimited dominance with its tweaked Unlimited 100/20 NBN plan that offered a reduced price care of halved upload speeds. Now that disruption is at risk of becoming a trend as Superloop returns for its second run at best fastest-speed dominance.

Normally, the NBN100 tier includes 100Mbps download bandwidth and 40Mbps upload bandwidth, but this particular Superloop plan offers the same download bandwidth but with 20Mbps upload bandwidth, which is designed to reflect the reality that NBN100 homes tend to be less reliant on upload than download. That said, if you do want the extra upload bandwidth, you can pay $9 more for Superloop’s Unlimited 100/40 NBN plan.

That said, the 100/20 Superloop plan costs $89.95 per month for a first-year cost of $1,079.40, which isn’t as cheap as December’s promo pricing, but still is a great price for those with an unquenchable need for internet speed. In this instance, you can expect great typical evening download speeds of 90Mbps, which means more time doing what you love online and less time worrying about which devices are hogging all of the download bandwidth between 7pm and 11pm.

For January, the competition has expanded, and it starts with a nod to Aussie Broadband’s slightly cheaper 100/20 Unlimited – Family nbn™ plan. The $89 monthly fee ($1,068 first-year cost) bundles a PAYG home phone service and offers respectable 86Mbps typical evening download speeds. If things go wrong, you’re in good hands because Aussie Broadband is renowned for its customer service.

Alternatively, assuming they service your area, look to Kogan’s Gold Unlimited ($85.90 per month; $1,030.80 first-year cost) or Vodafone’s Premium Unlimited NBN plan ($89 per month; $1,067 first-year cost), both of which have decent 83Mbps typical evening download speeds.

Which is the best NBN provider?

This is the million dollar question, and the most difficult to answer. There are lots of variables to consider and lots of perspectives to cater for. Are you looking for the cheapest provider? The provider with the best customer service and reliable service? How about a provider that offers all of the extras like TV and movie services, rewards programs and bundle discounts?

Many different services try and judge the service providers and crown a winner, and use different methodologies to prove it. Groups like the ACCC and Netflix run speed tests, others rely on customer surveys and user reviews.

We’ve used a combination of these data points and many more in our round-up of the best NBN providers in the game.

What is the best NBN plan in Sydney / Melbourne / Adelaide / Brisbane?

We are often asked this question, and the answer is pretty simple. Most NBN providers offer a national broadband service, and most have the same NBN prices and deals available across Australia, so you’ll get the same price regardless of whether you are in Melbourne, Adelaide or one of the cities in Tasmania.

Some providers may vary the price plans based on your address. The wholesale price of their service can vary from the city to less populous areas, and this is reflected in the price of NBN plans. To make sure you are getting the right price, start an NBN plan search below by entering your address.