The best NBN plans available in February 2023

The best deals on home broadband in Australia, updated monthly. 

Best NBN deal overall
Dodo nbn50 Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    $53.85/mth $21.15/mth off for the first six months
  • pro
    UNLIMITED data
  • pro
    50 Mbps speed
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Tangerine TelcomStandard Speed
Best budget NBN deal$44.90/mth
for the first six months
25 Mbps speeds
ExetelFamily NBN 100/20
Best Fast NBN 100 plan$68.95/mth
for the first six months
100 Mbps speeds
Tangerine TelcomXXXL Speed Boost
Best Superfast NBN 250 plan$79.90/mth
for the first six months
205 Mbps speeds
Best NBN deal overall
Dodo nbn50 Unlimited
  • Fire Emoji
    $53.85/mth $21.15/mth off for the first six months
  • pro
    UNLIMITED data
  • pro
    50 Mbps speed
Tangerine TelcomTangerine Standard Speed
ExetelExetel Family NBN 100/20
Tangerine TelcomTangerine XXXL Speed Boost
  • Starts at $44.90/mth*
  • UNLIMITED data
  • 25 Mbps speeds
  • Starts at $64.95/mth*
  • UNLIMITED data
  • 100 Mbps speeds
  • Starts at $79.90/mth*
  • UNLIMITED data
  • 205 Mbps speeds
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February 03, 2023
7 min read

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Whether you want to save money with NBN Standard or need a little extra speed with NBN Fast, there are more providers today offering the maximum potential download speeds than ever before. Depending on your desired speed, NBN plans can cost you less than $50 per month, or more than $150 per month. So it's important to know what you're buying into.

Every month, our seasoned team of editors and plan experts dig through the mountain of NBN plans in our comparison engine to find the very best in a number of categories.  Below you'll find a short list of our top five picks, but keep scrolling for more of the best NBN plans available.

The plans listed below are our top picks for the month from every NBN plan on the market that we track in our comparison engine. If you’d like to start your own search and compare your options, use our NBN plan search tool.

How we choose the best NBN plans

Our top picks go through a rigorous selection process each month by our editors and product experts. Plans are evaluated by typical evening speeds, monthly price, ongoing value, additional fees and more. Overall scores for NBN providers also factor into the final decision. Read more about how we rate NBN plans and providers

Best NBN 50 plan

Dodo nbn50 Unlimited Plan

🔥 Deal: Save $21.15/mth: $53.85 for first six months, then $75/mth. Offer ends: 26 April 2023

Dodo has made its way to the top of our picks thanks to the limited-time deal on NBN 50 (NBN Standard). Until 26 April 2023, you can save $21.15 per month on Dodo's nbn50 Unlimited plan. That brings the usual $75 monthly price down to $53.85 per month for the first six months. Dodo offers the maximum potential download speeds for NBN Standard (50Mbps) and bundling deals for existing (or future) Mobile or Energy customers.

It's a month-to-month deal too. So if doesn't work out for you, you're free to cancel at any time without incurring any additional costs.

See how it compares against some more popular NBN plans from WhistleOut's comparison engine below.

Best NBN 25 plan

Tangerine Standard Speed Unlimited

Tangerine continues to offer its long-running promotional discount and some great perks like a 14-day zero-risk trial and a strictly no-contract arrangement. 

Normally priced at $59.90 a month, new sign-ups pay a reduced $44.90 monthly fee in the first six months for the Tangerine Standard Speed Unlimited plan. If you wanted to go even cheaper, you could sacrifice another 10Mbps for Spintel's Unlimited Entry plan, but that would bring you down to a rather slow 15Mbps. 

Best NBN 100 plan

Exetel Family NBN 100/20

Exetel's Family NBN 100/20 plan takes out the pick for the best fast NBN 100 plan, thanks in part to its year-round value.

Exetel NBN is a provider that has topped a lot of key categories for ACCC-monitored providers. This means you can expect fast download speeds (up to 100Mbps), while paying a great discounted monthly fee for the first six months before it reverts to typical pricing. Exetel also has great upload speeds and low latency (according to ACCC data), and we like that eligible homes can take advantage of up to five free speed boosts each month.

To see how Exetel's Fast NBN plan stacks up, check out more of the fastest NBN plans below (according to self-reported typical evening speeds). 

Best NBN 250 plan

Tangerine XXXL Speed Boost UNLIMITED

Note: This category (and the NBN 1000 category) is reserved for eligible homes serviced by NBN Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) or Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) technologies.

Tangerine Telecom regularly offers some of the cheapest NBN plans but its latest deal caters to the speed demons among us. NBN 250 plans don't come cheap, usually hovering between $90 and $100 per month, but Tangerine's XXXL Speed Boost plan gives customers the opportunity to experience Superfast (NBN 250) speeds for $79.90 per month. That price will last you six months, after which you will pay $109.90 per month onoging, but it also offers a 14-day trial which you can cancel at any time without paying anything if you're not satisfied with your speeds or simply change your mind. 

Best NBN 1000 plan

Best Ultrafast NBN plan: Aussie Broadband Ultrafast Unlimited

If you're after NBN 1000, we're going to assume that speed is your first priority. That's why we've chosen the reliable Aussie Broadband Home Ultrafast Unlimited as our top pick. It's far from the cheapest option but it does promise some of the fastest typical evening download speeds for NBN 1000 in our engine (an honour shared by Origin). Aussie also offers award-winning customer care and no-contract month-to-month plans so cancelling won't cost you a cent if you decide that Ultrafast NBN isn't for you. 

Best NBN 12 plan

Aussie Broadband 12/1 - Basic NBN

Aussie Broadband’s Basic NBN 12 plan has dethroned the typically incumbent Moose Starter NBN 12 alternative. Aussie Broadband has the same download speeds (11Mbps) as Moose NBN but offers slightly cheaper typical pricing at $59 per month that includes a home phone service with PAYG calls.

Despite being our top pick for NBN 12, it's still a tough sell over our top pick for cheap NBN 25. You will, after, all only save yourself 99c per month when all is said and done. With that said, Aussie Broadband's award-winning customer service is worth forking out for, and this is the cheapest you'll find it. 

Looking for the very cheapest NBN plans available? Here are a few of cheapest fixed-line deals available in our engine: 

Best NBN plan for upload speed

Best value on upload speed: Exetel Power Home NBN 100/40

The fastest uploads available to most homes is on NBN 100/40 plans, which tend to be less common than the more ubiquitous NBN 100/20 alternatives (higher upload speeds are available on NBN 1000 plans for select areas.)

We’ve jumped between Exetel and MyRepublic for this category (two ACCC-tracked providers), but we’re sticking with the Exetel Power Home 100/40 plan. Compared to the MyRepublic Premium Plan, the Exetel winner has faster downloads (100Mbps vs 93Mbps) and faster upload speeds (35.4Mbps vs 34.2Mbps, according to the ACCC.) New Exetel customers pay a reduced fee for the first six months, too.

Going beyond NBN 100
How to upgrade to FTTP

If you’re dissatisfied with your NBN plan speeds, it may be because your home is connected to the NBN via an older technology like FTTN (Fibre-to-the-Node).

FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premise) is a full fibre connection that lets you order plan speeds above NBN 100, plus you can safely expect to hit a provider’s self-reported typical evening download speeds without any disclaimers. If you fancy signing up for an NBN 250 or NBN 1000 plan, then follow the link below to find out more about upgrading to FTTP. 

Best NBN plan for latency

Superloop NBN Home Standard

Lower latency means a more responsive experience online. Unlike download and upload speeds, the lower the number, the better the latency. Using an NBN provider that offers ultra-low latency has responsiveness advantages for those who enjoy video chatting, online gaming, streaming and more.

We're recommending an NBN 50 plan from Superloop as our winner, though you can expect great latency from all available Superloop plans based on the ACCC resultes. In terms of plan specifics, the Superloop NBN Home Standard plan comes with 48Mbps download speeds, 8.5ms latency, and around 17.3Mbps upload speeds.  Superloop also offers discounted pricing for the first six months to new customers.

Most popular Telstra NBN plan

Telstra Upfront Internet Plan Premium 100/20

Please note the plan abovemay change daily based on the most popular Telstra NBN plans.

At the start of the month, Telstra NBN users have kept their need for speed high again by opting for an NBN 100 plan, which is the typically popular NBN choice. The Telstra Upfront Internet Plan Premium typically costs $110 a month for 100Mbps download speeds (available to FTTP and HFC homes). But Telstra has six months of promotional pricing at $100 per month. This Telstra plan comes with a Telstra Smart Modem 3, three months of Telstra Device Security, plus two months of Binge Standard and three months of Apple TV+.

Most popular Optus NBN deal

Optus Plus Everyday Superfast NBN 240/22

Please note the plan above may change daily based on the most popular Optus NBN plans.

In recent months, Optus NBN users have been embracing the ‘faster is better’ mantra of Telstra NBN customers. This month has seen a return to the Optus Plus Everyday Superfast NBN plan. This NBN 240 plan boasts 240Mbps download speeds. Additionally, the August 2022 ACCC data suggests you can expect 17.6Mbps upload speeds as well as 9.9ms latency. The included Optus Ultra WiFi Modem (with 4G backup) is no extra cost if you stick with this plan for 36 months.

Most popular TPG NBN plan

TPG NBN Home Fast Unlimited Plan

Please note the plan above may change daily based on the most popular TPG NBN plan.

Telstra users continue to favour faster NBN plans, TPG customers this month decided to follow the  trend with the popular NBN 100 speed tier. Even though there’s some interest in TPG’s NBN 50 plan, the provider’s NBN 100 Unlimited Plan takes the top pick at the start of the month. This plan has six months of promotional pricing for new customers and 90Mbps self-reported typical evening download speeds. A $99.95 upfront fee also nets you a TP-Link VX420-G2v modem-router.

Best NBN provider


While some of what makes the best NBN provider is personal preference, we’re basing our pick on the quarterly updated data from the ACCC’s Measuring Broadband Australia (MBA) program. In fairness, not all of the NBN providers that we track in our database participate in the program. Still, looking at the data that pits providers against each other helps paint a picture of which one is best when it comes to average download speeds and upload speeds, fewest daily outages, as well as fastest webpage loading times and lowest latency.

When looking at the latest ACCC data, we attribute three points to a category winner, two points to a runner-up and one point for the bronze medallist. Tallying everything gives an idea of the highest-scoring NBN providers tracked by the ACCC each quarter. Exetel maintained a commanding lead for the ACCC’s August 2022 results, followed by Telstra in second place and Optus in third. Impressively, Exetel took out the top spot for fastest average download speeds (busy hours and busiest hour) and upload speeds as well as fewest daily outages, with silver medals for webpage loading times and latency.

What to look for in an NBN plan

Unless you live alone or in a home with a couple of people who don’t really use the internet all that much, it’s best to start plan comparisons from the NBN 50 speed tier. These plans offer a decent mix of download speeds (up to 50Mbps), upload speeds (up to 20Mbps) and ongoing value. Plus, NBN 50 plans aren’t much more expensive than NBN 12 and NBN 25 plans.

Speaking of ongoing value, you can save money initially by opting for an NBN provider that has promotional pricing (the trend is for reduced costs for the first six months). To keep costs low, consider using your existing NBN-compatible router or modem-router when shifting to a new provider. Alternatively, plans from providers like Telstra and Optus include a modem (albeit with potential hardware exit fees), while other NBN providers let you purchase networking equipment separately as needed.

Apart from ongoing costs, the main comparison is between NBN providers’ respective self-reported typical evening download speeds. The faster the download speed, the speedier your connection. Upload speeds tend to be a secondary consideration, but for those interested in faster upload speeds, consider an NBN 100/40 plan from select providers. Alternatively, if your home is eligible, weigh up an NBN 1000 plan for upload speeds up to 50Mbps.


Answering some of the most common questions our readers have about the NBN in Australia.
What is the best plan for NBN?

The best NBN plan is the one that pairs well with your monthly internet budget and the speed needs of your home. NBN 50 plans are the most popular because of a great mix of price and speed. Alternatively, most homes can scale down to NBN 25 for lesser ’net needs or up to NBN 100 (or beyond) for more speed.

What NBN provider is best?

We have detailed analysis on the best NBN providers according to ACCC data, but “best” depends on what you’re after. Providers like Spintel, Tangerine and Superloop offer competitive pricing and great speeds. Meanwhile, household names like Telstra and Optus cost more but include NBN modems with 4G backup. Exetel is our current pick for the best NBN provider.

How much should I pay for NBN?

Without considering promotional pricing, NBN plan prices from our comparison engine start at around $50 per month for a bare-bolts NBN 12 plan then go to around a $60 monthly fee for NBN 25. NBN 50 is the most popular speed tier and the one we recommend most homes start with for comparisons, and you can expect to pay around $70 per month for a competitively priced plan.

Which NBN provider is the cheapest?

While satellite NBN providers tend to offer low-data Basic I plans between $30 and $40, fixed-line NBN plans typically start around $40 to $45 per month. 

The cheapest NBN providers are consistently Spintel and Tangerine. That will change from time to time, as deals and plan pricings change but more often than not, Spintel and Tangerine will have the cheapest fixed-line NBN plans available. 

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