The best NBN internet plans available in September 2020

Not too many changes since August, but there are some newcomers in the faster end of town.
Best for Most (NBN 50)

Our Rating

PlanCategoryMonthly priceGo to site
#1 Tangerine XL UnlimitedBest for Most (NBN 50)$59.90See Plan
#2 Spintel NBN12 UnlimitedCheapest Unlimited NBN$49.95See Plan
#3 Superloop UNLIMITED 100/20Best Fast NBN 100$89.95See Plan
#4 Aussie Broadband Power HouseBest Beyond NBN 100$149See Plan
#5 Superloop UNLIMITED 100/20Best NBN for Gamers$89.95See Plan
#1 Tangerine XL Unlimited
#2 Spintel NBN12 Unlimited
#3 Superloop UNLIMITED 100/20
#4 Aussie Broadband Power House
#5 Superloop UNLIMITED 100/20
CategoryMonthly priceGo to site
Best for Most (NBN 50)$59.90See Plan
Cheapest Unlimited NBN$49.95See Plan
Best Fast NBN 100$89.95See Plan
Best Beyond NBN 100$149See Plan
Best NBN for Gamers$89.95See Plan

Recent Updates: 1 month ago
While there have been some pricing changes between months, September is still mostly familiar compared to August’s winners. Superloop and Tangerine continue to enjoy repeat appearances. But with Kogan now offering speeds beyond NBN 100 – a space that Optus is now also competing in – the NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans are starting to be more competitive.
2 months ago
Tangerine continues to dominate NBN 50 and cheapest NBN connections, with iiNet holding firm on its best fastest NBN 50 plan. Superloop has tweaked its pricing recently to compete at the speedier end of town, taking out our best NBN Fast categories, as well as best NBN for gamers and best NBN for streamers.
Less than 6 months
This July, there's been a few updates to how NBN plans are sold and structured. There's all-new naming conventions for all existing speed tiers, as well as two shiny and new speed tiers, NBN 250 and 1000. We've updated our monthly picks to reflect the latest changes.
Less than 6 months
In June, Tangerine has finally been dethroned. Aussie Broadband takes the top spot for speed, and Vodafone's Essential+Unlimited plan takes the lead for unlimited data on a budget. We've also published an up-to-date guide that only lists the latest NBN deals.
Less than 6 months
This month, Tangerine wins best overall NBN for the fifth time running, but MATE NBN has claimed the crown for Premium speeds.

What are the best NBN plans in September?

If you checked in last month, you’ll notice a lot of familiar faces for our September winners. Tangerine and iiNet are the providers to look to for those seeking cheaper NBN 50 plans (or cheaper still with Tangerine’s Standard Speed UNLIMITED NBN 25 plan. All of the plans we recommend include unlimited data, regardless of speed tier, because they’re either competitively priced or the only option for some providers offering faster speed tiers.

As you move up to faster NBN speed tiers, you’ll notice that Superloop’s recent dominance has been met by the appearance of Kogan NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans. While dominant in July, Aussie Broadband has conceded even more territory to Superloop in September, taking out our pick for the fastest NBN 250 plan (Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 250/25). With Optus and Kogan now offering beyond-NBN 100 plans, Kogan’s nbn10000 Diamond Unlimited takes out our pick for the fastest NBN 1000 plan.

Best NBN for most (NBN 50)

Tangerine XL Speed Boost Unlimited

It wasn’t so long ago that NBN Standard meant NBN 25 but, these days, with NBN 100 no longer the fastest available speed tier, the new NBN Standard is NBN 50. It’s an appropriate name change given that more and more Aussies are using NBN 50 connections in their homes.

If you’re yet to taste the speedier perks of NBN 50 compared to an NBN 25 connection, Tangerine returns after its July win to take out the top spot again for this category with its XL Speed Boost Unlimited plan.

For ultimate affordability, you might look at Belong’s NBN Starter – Unlimited plan first for $55 a month and a $660 first-year fee. Yes, you’re going to pay more with Tangerine’s XL Speed Boost Unlimited plan – $778.80 first-year fee, including a $10 discount for the first six months – but it’s a better deal for us because it has no contract, faster 42Mbps typical evening download speeds, a 14-day zero-risk trial, and all-week tech support with a good reputation.

NBN speed terminology

The introduction of faster-than-NBN 100 plans has led to some name changes. Here’s what they mean in terms of their maximum potential download and upload speed:

  • Basic I (NBN 12): 12Mbps download, 1Mbps upload
  • Basic II (NBN 25): 25Mbps download, 5Mbps upload
  • Standard (NBN 50): 50Mbps download, 20Mbps upload
  • Fast (NBN 100): 100Mbps download, 20/40Mbps upload
  • Superfast (NBN 250): 250Mbps download, 25Mbps upload
  • Ultrafast (NBN 1000): 1000Mbps download, 50Mbps upload

Fastest NBN 50

iiNet NBN 50 Liimitless

At the start of September, iiNet’s NBN 50 Liimitless plan is the fastest Standard NBN plan available.  The list below shows the top 5 fastest NBN 50 plans available, sorted by each providers’ self-reported typical evening speeds. This table is updated daily in case self-reported speeds change throughout the month.

Cheapest overall (NBN 12/NBN 25) 

Tangerine Standard Speed UNLIMITED

Tangerine’s Standard Speed Unlimited plan is $49.90 for the first 6 months, but it reverts to full price ($59.90) after the promotional period for a first-year cost of $658.80.

The table below shows the top 5 cheapest fixed-line NBN plans available, sorted by lowest price.

Best Fast NBN (NBN 100)

Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 100/20

Superloop regularly reports some of the fastest typical evening download speeds for NBN 100 plans (an impressive 90Mbps), but the provider’s pricing usually isn’t as competitive. That changed in August when Superloop reintroduced a six-month promo that knocks $10 off every month for the first six months. Care of our friends at WhistleOut, use the promo code ‘Whistleout10FOR6’ during sign-up in September (valid until the end of the month) to pay $79.95 a month instead of the usual $89.95 monthly fee ($1,019.40 first-year cost).

Our pick for this category is the Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 100/20 plan, but the $10 discount code also works for the 100/40 plan (more on this below) if you fancy more upload bandwidth. It’s not as cheap as Mate’s July winner – the NBN #soulmates 100/20 plan – but we reckon the 95 cents extra a month is more than worth the extra 7Mbps typical evening download speed improvement over MATE’s 83Mbps. Plus, with no contract, you can churn from Superloop to a cheaper provider at any point if you want to save bucks.

Fastest NBN 100

Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 100/20

Sure, there are plans faster than NBN 100 these days, but they’re only available to Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) and select Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) NBN users. NBN 100 is available to more users, and Superloop’s Unlimited NBN (100/20) plan is the fastest of the lot according to self-reported typical evening download speeds. Telstra is nipping at the heels of Superloop’s speeds with its Premium Speed + Unlimited Data (100/20) plan, but it’s $20.05 more expensive.

Best beyond NBN 100 (250/1000)

Kogan nbn1000 Diamond Unlimited

If you’re fortunate enough to have NBN that’s provided by FTTP or HFC (for certain homes), you can hit beyond-NBN 100 speeds with an NBN 250 or NBN 1000 plans. This used to be limited to Aussie Broadband and Superloop, but MyRepublic joined the offering last month, while Optus and Kogan have also recently come aboard.

This is normally where we recommend Aussie Broadband’s Ultrafast Unlimited – Power House nbn™ plan, but Kogan is now undercutting this NBN 1000 plan with its nbn1000 Diamond Unlimited plan. Compared to Aussie Broadband’s $149 monthly fee ($1,788 first-year cost), Kogan’s new plan costs $134.90 per month before reverting to $148.90 thereafter ($1702.80 first-year cost). Kogan is also reporting faster typical evening download speeds than Aussie Broadband – 250Mbps vs 215Mbps (according to Aussie Broadband’s Critical Information Summary for its NBN 1000 plan) – plus you can earn one Qantas Point per two bucks spent with Kogan Internet.

Fastest NBN 250

Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 250/25

The typical evening speeds for Aussie Broadband, Optus, and Superloop’s NBN 250 plans are all listed as 215Mbps. That’s effectively a three-way tie, but Superloop has a 12-month discount if you use the ‘Whistleout10FOR12’ code during sign-up for its UNLIMITED NBN (250/25) plan before the end of September. What’s normally priced at $129 per month will, instead, cost you $119 for a first-year cost of $1,428.

Fastest NBN 1000

Kogan nbn1000 Diamond Unlimited

Typical evening speeds for NBN Ultrafast (1000Mbps) plans tend to hang around 250Mbps, except that Aussie Broadband’s critical information summary for its Home Ultrafast Unlimited – Power House nbn™ plan lists typical evening speeds of 215Mbps. This makes the Kogan and Optus plans look better with advertised 250Mbps typical evening speeds. In terms of price, Kogan’s nbn1000 Diamond Unlimited plan has a six-month discount ($134.90 per month instead of the usual $148.90), which makes it the most affordable option, too ($1,702.80 first-year cost).

Best NBN for gamers

Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 100/40

If you’ve got an avid online gamer in your home, there’s a good chance they care about four things when it comes to internet connectivity. Unlimited data for increasingly massive full game and patch downloads. Low latency for more responsive online gaming. Fast downloads to spend less time waiting and more time playing. And fast uploads to seamlessly play and stream in high-fidelity or share their clips online.

With all of that in mind, Superloop’s Unlimited NBN 100/40 plan is our pick for again for September because of six-month discounted pricing. What normally costs $98.95 a month is charged at $88.95 for the first six months (use the ‘Whistleout10FOR6’ code during sign-up), meaning a first-year fee of $1,127.40. That gives you access to great 90Mbps typical evening download speeds (and above 35Mbps uploads in our home tests).

There’s no contract, so you can churn after (or during) the first six months for a cheaper plan, but if high speeds and low latency are paramount for your online gaming, it’s still worth paying the full monthly price for this speedy Superloop plan.

Best NBN for streamers

Superloop UNLIMITED NBN 100/20

For homes hunting the best internet plans for streaming their favourite Netflix movies and/or Stan TV shows, look no further: you’ve come to the correct category. Speaking of Netflix, when the streaming household name was updating its speed index, it had old rivals Telstra NBN and Optus NBN pegged as the best providers for Netflix speeds, but their self-reported speeds aren’t as high and their prices aren’t as low as our September winner.

Superloop’s UNLIMITED NBN 100/20 plan takes the top spot from Aussie Broadband’s July winner, thanks to a six-month promotional discount via our friends at WhistleOut. Use the ‘Whistleout10FOR6’ code at sign-up to score $10 off your first six months, which equates to $79.95 for the first six months, then $89.95 thereafter ($1,019.40 first-year cost). Even if you just keep it for the discounted six months, this Superloop plan is light on buffering and heavy on speeds for all your streaming needs.

Which is the best NBN provider?

This is the million dollar question, and the most difficult to answer. There are lots of variables to consider and lots of perspectives to cater for. Are you looking for the cheapest provider? The provider with the best customer service and reliability? How about a provider that offers all of the extras like TV and movie services, rewards programs and bundle discounts?

Many different organisations try to judge NBN providers and crown a winner, and use different methodologies to prove it. Groups like the ACCC and Netflix run speed tests, others rely on customer surveys and user reviews.

We’ve used a combination of these data points and many more in our round-up of the best NBN providers in the game.

What is the best NBN plan in Sydney / Melbourne / Adelaide / Brisbane?

We are often asked this question, and the answer is pretty simple. Most NBN providers offer a national broadband service, and most have the same NBN prices and deals available across Australia, so you’ll get the same price regardless of whether you are in Melbourne, Adelaide or one of the cities in Tasmania.

Some providers may vary the price of plans based on your address. The wholesale price of their service can vary from the city to less populous areas, and this is reflected in the price of NBN plans. To make sure you are getting the right price, start an NBN plan search below by entering your address.