The best and fastest NBN 100 plans

We've listed the fastest internet providers in Australia for NBN and the alternatives.
  • Best Fast NBN 100

    NBN Unlimited Premium


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    4 out of 5 overall
    $74/mth (first 6mths)
    100 Mbps
  • Next best Fast NBN

    nbn Home Fast


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    3.5 out of 5 overall
    $74.95/mth (first 6mths)
    100 Mbps
  • Cheapest NBN 100

    soul mates Fast


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    4 out of 5 overall
    83 Mbps
  • Best beyond 100

    elite mates Superfast


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    4 out of 5 overall
    $89/mth (first 6mths)
    208 Mbps
Recent Updates: Less than 6 months
We've updated our picks below to reflect the most recent changes to self-reported typical evening speeds and added a section for Superfast and Ultrafast NBN plans.
More than a year
The latest ACCC report is in and we know who has performed the best over the past few months. Spoiler: Optus, TPG and Aussie Broadband are looking really fast and really reliable.

If you’re going to sign up with one of Australia’s many NBN providers, why not go all in? Most NBN connections have a maximum potential speed of 100Mbps, which is about 10-times as fast as must of us experienced with old ADSL2+ internet connections. If you’re really lucky, you can even get up to 1000 Mbps. However, not every provider offers 100 Mbps typical evening speeds (what are typical evening speeds?) and if you want to get as close to 100 Mbps as possible, there’s a small selection of providers that claim to hit the maximum potential speed.

So which NBN 100 plans are the best? We’ve listed the providers with the highest self-reported speeds on NBN Fast 100 and the cheapest plans available on the tier.

Note: We only feature providers that are listed in our database. All mentions of “Best” and “Fastest” are only in reference to the plans and providers compared in our engine. Self-reported typical evening speeds are taken directly from the provider’s website. Picks are only accurate as of the last page update. 

Fastest NBN Internet in Australia this month

Let’s kick things off with a simple table of Fast NBN 100 plans sorted by self-reported speeds (high-to-low). The data in this table uses information reported by the individual providers who test the performance of a random selection of their customers.

Best Fast NBN 100 plan

Spintel NBN Unlimited Premium

  • Promotional price: $74 per month for the first six months
  • Standard monthly price: $84.95 per month after the first six months
  • Downloads: Unlimited data
  • Speed tier: NBN Fast 100
  • Typical evening speeds: 100 Mbps
  • Upload speeds: 17 Mbps
  • Contract: No contract
  • Modem: BYO or $69 NetComm NBN modem

Spintel is an NBN provider that’s primarily known for its consistent promotions and value but as of recently, it has also joined Superloop, Telstra and Optus in the 100 Mbps TES club. Spintel’s promotional pricing is always a bonus but even its standard pricing is often cheaper than what’s offered by competitors. For example, its current deal gets you NBN Premium Unlimited at $74 for the first six months, after which it reverts to $84.95 per month. That’s still cheaper than most Fast NBN 100 plans with the exception of Mate Broadband’s soul mates NBN Home fast plan (which has a relatively low typical evening speed of 83 Mbps).

For a quick comparison, see how Spintel’s Fast NBN 100 plan stacks up against some of the most popular NBN 100 plans in our database.

Next best Fast NBN 100 plan

Superloop nbn Home Fast

  • Promotional price: $74.95 per month for the first six months
  • Standard monthly price: $89.95 per month after the first six months
  • Downloads: Unlimited data
  • Speed tier: NBN Fast 100
  • Typical evening speeds: 100 Mbps
  • Upload speeds: 20 Mbps
  • Contract: No contract
  • Modem: BYO or $157.95 eero 6 Mesh Wi-Fi router

Since it sped on to the Australian circuit back in 2019, it quickly became the NBN provider of choice for speed demons. It quickly delivered on promised speeds while more established providers dragged their feet. We’ve had first-hand experience with Superloop’s NBN service and can confidently say its low-latency NBN 100 plans provide a reliable connection for online gaming and outages have been almost non-existent (outside of the occasional planned outage in the middle of the night).

But that’s not the only reason we recommend it. Superloop’s plans offer maximum typical evening speeds across the board and come at a competitive price. If you live in a big house or have a tricky WiFi blackspot in your apartment or house, Superloop has also begun supplying Amazon’s eero 6 mesh WiFi system to customers (starting at $157.95).

Cheapest Fast NBN 100 plan

Mate soul mates NBN Home Fast

  • Standard monthly price: $79 per month
  • Downloads: Unlimited data
  • Speed tier: NBN Fast 100
  • Typical evening speeds: 83 Mbps
  • Upload speeds: 20 Mbps
  • Contract: No contract
  • Modem: BYO or $165 TP-Link Archer modem

As mentioned above, Mate’s generously-priced Fast NBN 100 plan comes with one significant caveat: it only promises 83 Mbps typical evening speeds. That’s a below-average NBN Fast 100 speed and much lower than what you could get if you spend a little extra with a competitor. But if saving money is your number one priority, Mate’s plan is the very cheapest option for standard, non-promotional pricing. You can also save an additional $10 per month if you bundle a Mate SIM plan with your broadband plan, potentially bringing the cost down to $69 per month.

Outside of subpar typical evening speeds, Mate scored highly in our NBN provider analysis in a big part thanks to its award-winning customer service.

Here’s a list of the cheapest Fast NBN 100 plans available in our database at the time of writing.

Note: The prices listed below factor in promotional pricing so be sure to double-check standard non-promotional pricing if you want to know what you’ll be paying six months down the track. 

Best beyond NBN 100

Mate elite mates NBN Home Superfast

  • Promotional price: $89 per month for first six months
  • Standard monthly price: $109 per month after first six months
  • Downloads: Unlimited data
  • Speed tier: NBN Superfast 250
  • Typical evening speeds: 208 Mbps
  • Upload speeds: 25 Mbps
  • Contract: No contract
  • Modem: BYO or $165 TP-Link Archer modem

A select few Australians on FTTP (Fibre to the premises) and HFC (Hybrid Fibre-Coaxial) connections are eligible for speeds faster than NBN 100. If you’re one of the lucky few, gigabit internet speeds (or close to) are now within reach thanks to the NBN’s Superfast and Ultrafast speed tiers. As you’d expect, they don’t come cheap but Mate’s knack for a bargain doesn’t stop at 100 Mbps. Mate’s elite mates NBN Home Superfast plan is currently discounted to $89 for the first six months (and will cost $109 thereafter) and it offers unlimited data, typical evening download speeds of 208 Mbps and 20 Mbps (maximum) upload speeds.  Superfast and Ultrafast plans are still fairly new to the market and there isn’t a lot of data out there to show how reliable those speeds are so opting for Mate’s promotional deal is a good way to dip your toes in and test the waters.

For comparison, here’s a shortlist of popular NBN Superfast 250 plans available.

Do you need Fast NBN 100?

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What are Typical Evening Speeds?

The average internet speeds for a connection when used between 7pm – 11pm.

When customers first started connecting to the NBN many had a common complaint; that the speed of their connection would slow down in the evenings. This is due to congestion which is something that can be overcome if the provider’s allocate enough bandwidth in your neighbourhood.

To counteract this, the ACCC now recommends that NBN providers include a ‘typical evening speed’ in their advertising so that customers can better compare services. This evening speed is an average that current customers of the provider get between 7pm – 11pm each day.

We’ve got a comprehensive guide on NBN speeds here.

With an NBN 100 plan, you can expect Netflix movies to start without buffering and large files to download in a flash. If you were to rent a movie from the iTunes store, it’d be ready to watch in the time it takes to make popcorn in the microwave.

But it’s not all about speed. Busy families with several people connected to the Internet at the same time will find a Fast NBN connection means everyone can be streaming, downloading and web surfing at the same time. No buffering, no lag. For many smaller household,  NBN 50 will be sufficient but if you’ve got a big family or just a big appetite for downloads, NBN 100 (or an NBN alternative) is where it’s at.

How do we choose the best NBN 100 Plans?

Finding a good NBN plan is a pretty simple equation: which provider offers the fastest speeds at the best price. We used to also factor in how much data a plan included, but these days you should get a plan with unlimited data. You won’t save that much money on a plan with a data limit.

The problem is that finding out how NBN providers perform in the real world can be tough. Data provided by the ACCC’s Broadband measuring program offers useful insight into which providers come closest to hitting the maximum speed for each tier but even those figures are based on a relatively small number of participants. Thankfully, providers have also started offering more realistic expectations for typical evening speeds on their websites. We use those self-reported speeds as well as the ACCC’s performance data and the pricing information stored in’s database when deciding which providers and plans rank in our list of the best fast NBN 100 plans.

Why are some NBN providers faster than others?

When providers connect customers to the NBN they allocate bandwidth to that neighbourhood. Bandwidth is something that the providers need to pay for, so they have to decide whether to pay for more and deliver a faster experience, or pay less and deliver slower average speeds. This is also reflected in the prices we pay, so that faster services may come with a higher price, and vice versa.

The ACCC now requires that the providers are more transparent about this by having the providers publish the speeds customers can expect on their websites. You should always look for the ‘typical evening speeds’ in the fine print for any plan you are planning on subscribing to.

For more information on NBN speed tiers and typical evening speeds, head over to our guide.

Can I get faster NBN internet at my home?

If a fixed-line NBN connection is available at your house (as in all NBN except Wireless and Satellite) then you should be eligible to apply for an NBN 100 plan. The goal of the NBN is to make all service available to a majority of homes and businesses.

However, because of technical limitations some internet providers have opted to not advertise NBN 100 plans and ask customers to wait until after they are connect to an NBN 50 plan before they can test the speed of their connection. If it is a strong connection then the provider will upgrade your service. There are some cases (e.g. location and distance from the node) where NBN 100 won’t be available at your address. At that point, you might be investigating a fast NBN alternative like Home Wireless or 5G Home Broadband.