The Most Popular Online Games in Australia

The hoons in Bathurst absolutely froth over Fortnite while the miners in Mandurah are still chipping away at Minecraft.

What you need to know

In 2019, every man and his dog has played Fortnite. That bully who threw your bag in the bin because you played Pokemon? They play Fortnite. The hipster barista who “doesn’t own a television”? They play Fortnite on an expensive 4K TV. Your sweet grammy who still has a big yellow post-it on the power button of her PC? She just dunked on some 14-year-old kid from New Zealand who was giving her guff on Fortnite.

As popular as Fortnite has become, it’s not the only online game still getting a workout in Australia and if the Google Trends data is to be believed, it’s not even the most searched game in Australia anymore. Minecraft has taken the reins a few times over this year but it’s starting to look like Fortnite’s star might fading for real this time.

We’ve been digging through the data for the most popular online games and it’s been interesting to see which city in Australia has the highest concentration of Minecraft fans and which city can take credit for keeping GTA V on the Australian retail leaderboards year in, year out.

For example, did you know Bathurst has the highest density of Fortnite players in Australia? Or that Townsville has the biggest first-person shooter fetish in the country? Take a look at the infographic above to see if your home town is repping one of the world’s most popular games.

We analysed the search trends and volume for over 25 games with considerations for alternative search terms (e.g combining search volume for “PUBG” and “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds”).

The most popular online games in Australia

Below are the online games we analysed and the Australian average monthly search volume for each title.

Fortnite Popularity By State

Minecraft Popularity By State

The fastest NBN plans in Australia

The rising popularity of online gaming in Australia has coincided with the rollout of the National Broadband Network (NBN). Since April 2018, the majority of Australian residences have been ready to connect to the NBN and if online gaming and streaming is a big consideration household, the availability of NBN 100 plans has been a godsend.

Below is a list of Australia’s fastest NBN providers as reported by the ACCC’s real-world broadband testing program and their top-tier Premium plans.

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