TPG NBN plans review

Good value for money, especially if taking their phone and internet bundles but account management needs a fresh lick of paint.

4 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Phone and internet bundles
  • pro
    Great value
  • con
    Dated support and self-service
Brodie Fogg
Editorial Lead
February 11, 2022
5 min read

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Quick verdict

While TPG dropped in performance in the ACCC’s broadband speed testing program, it offers straightforward NBN plans across a wide range of technologies but the provider is let down by its above-average pricing, barebones service, and some dated customer service channels.

pro Phone and internet bundles
pro Great value
pro $0 set up fee with BYO modem
con Average marks in ACCC's broadband tests
con Dated support and self-service

TPG NBN: Value for money

Decent pricing for basic broadband service
  • Great speeds
  • Good mix of technologies and bundles
  • Lower than average prices

TPG’s crowning achievement is its top spot for speeds according to ACCC’s last broadband speed test reports, since then has dropped in the number eight spot in the latest ACCC report . TPG’s self-reported speeds also managed to nab a 5-star score when we stacked it up against the competition.

Plus for the many Australians still rely on a landline home phone connection, TPG is one of the few providers that still offers phone bundles. TPG has home phone bundles with NBN and Fibre to the Building internet plans. You can choose to pay-as-you-go, or choose from national and international call options.

How fast is TPG NBN?

While the ACCC’s report isn’t the be-all and end-all for Australian broadband speeds, it's still a good indicator, and TPG's pole position is impressive. There are a lot of providers that the ACCC doesn’t track but every Internet service provider (ISP) is still required to provide the typical average evening download speed you can expect. Here's what TPG is averaging.

TPG NBN speeds
TPG speed tier
Self-reported speed

Basic I NBN 12 Speed


Basic II NBN 25 Speed


Standard NBN 50 Speed


Fast NBN 100 Speed


Take a look at how TPG’s advertised typical evening download speeds for fixed line NBN stack up against the competition in the table below.

TPG NBN plans also cater to Fixed Wireless customers. Fixed Wireless is a faster and more affordable alternative to satellite broadband that’s available to select regional customers within range of an NBN Fixed Wireless tower.

Which network does TPG use?

If you're wondering what network TPG uses, its NBN is delivered via the NBN network. The TPG Group comprises companies such as TPG, Vodafone, iiNet, and Internode, and if you're looking for a TPG phone plan as well, TPG uses the Vodafone network for its mobile coverage.

TPG speed test

If you're already a TPG NBN customer and you want to rest your speed against the results listed above, you will need to run a speed test. That can be done is a few easy steps. First, make sure you're connected to your TPG WiFi network, then click the Start Speed Test button below. Give the test 10 to 20 seconds to complete, then compare the results with the speeds listed above.

TPG NBN: Perks and features

Basic broadband service with a few bundles
  • Home phone bundles
  • Mobile bundles

TPG is big on bundling. Like, really big on it. Every TPG NBN plan comes with a phone line whether you like it or not. However, if you choose not to use it, you won't have to pay a cent. If you do choose to use it, you can opt for one of three voice add-ons: Oz Talk (unlimited local, standard national calls and calls to mobile) or Big Talk (same as Oz Talk but with 100 international minutes instead of mobile calls) for $10, or $20 for Extra Talk, which comes with all the inclusions of Oz Talk, along with unlimited international calls to 15 countries.

For residential customers, there aren’t many big perks so to speak. No customer benefits, like cheap movie tickets, or unmetered Spotify streaming, for example. But if you’re someone who likes to have all your telco utilities on one bill, TPG can do it all. That’s one huge benefit of being a TPG customer, you can have your broadband, landline home phone, and mobile plan all on one bill. But for that convenience, you will be paying for a TPG mobile service that’s more of an afterthought, rather than a competitive SIM plan.

If you’re looking for a provider that offers NBN, home phone, and mobile, your best option is still one of the big three: Optus, Telstra or Vodafone. Optus and Telstra come with plenty of perks, but Vodafone’s bundling discount (up to 20%) for multiple services makes it our top choice for broadband and mobile bundles.

TPG NBN modem

Just as TPG forces a phone line on all its customers, there's also no way to avoid getting a modem from them. No matter which plan you sign up to, you'll be sent a high-speed dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi modem and made to pay $10 for delivery. This won't be a huge issue for contract customers, as the price of the modem is incorporated into the monthly cost, but since no-contract customers have to pay $99.95 for setup, they're essentially paying for a modem whether they do or don't need one.

Personal TPG experience

As a previous TPG customer, I can attest to the difficulty in refusing an NBN modem. I received two NBN modems in the mail before I was even eligible. Now I’ve got three TPG NBN modems gathering dust in the cupboard. When I was a customer, my requests to return were acknowledged but never followed up on. When I cancelled my plan with TPG, I was told a courier would arrive to collect my modem, but the courier never arrived.

TPG NBN: Support and satisfaction

Decent customer service with dated account management
  • Helpful and understanding customer service reps
  • Customer forum for FAQs
  • Dated account management

All things considered, TPG’s rapport with its customers is a lot warmer than the icy reception other providers cop on user review websites like Product Review, Google, and Facebook. There’s something to be said for that: TPG’s customer service in our experience has been helpful and understanding if you manage to navigate to the right team.

TPG is also one of the few providers that still offers a community forum, where customers can interact with each other and customer service. It’s a great feature that a lot of providers don’t offer these days.

However, like a lot of TPG’s business, some of its support channels, and account management systems are in need of a dire revamp. At the time of writing, there’s no way to navigate to TPG’s live chat system. There are notices informing about extended wait times, but no obvious way to speak to a representative via live chat. And a quick read over some frustrated forum posts suggests this a widespread issue.

Lastly, there’s TPG’s account management portal online, and the My TPG app. Both systems are incredibly dated, and offer a limited breakdown of your service and billing. TPG scores points for having an app in the first place as not every provider does, but its usefulness is quite accurately reflected in the app’s user reviews on Google Play and the App Store.

Customer satisfaction is a tough nut to crack but Aussie Broadband and Mate are shining examples of top-notch customer service in Australia. As for account management apps, the Optus @Home app and My Optus apps, are some of the best, offering live chat, remote speed testing, and regular discounts and offers for customers.

Here are the most popular NBN plans from those three providers.

Who owns TPG?

TPG is an Australian-founded and owned company, run by current chairman Canning Fok after the March 2021 departure of David Teoh. TPG actually started in 1986 as a computer parts and peripherals company but has since moved into offering internet and mobile plans.

TPG also has its own competitor to the NBN, a 'fibre to the building' broadband service that is available through many apartment buildings in some Australian cities. It's important to make sure that you're purchasing the right service for you - TPG's own broadband is different from the NBN that TPG also sells.

Keep reading for more on the NBN

If you're not quite sold on TPG's NBN offering, we've got guides on the cheapest unlimited NBN plans for those on a budget, the best NBN 100 plans if you've got a need for speed, and more explainers on testing your internet speed and the best alternatives if NBN isn't an option in your area.

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3.5 out of 5 stars

Signing up? Check out TPG's mobile offering too

Still looking? Check out the top ranked providers.

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