TPG NBN Review: Good value, cheap NBN plans

TPG has bare-bones NBN plans that start out at a very cheap price, but you don't get much in the way of extras. Speeds are competitive, but customer service is a mixed bag.
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Some of the cheapest NBN plans out
ACCC ranked TPG #1 for speed in Feb
No online chat for support

Is TPG NBN any good?

TPG is the second biggest internet provider in Australia after Telstra, with over two million customers across all its different plans and services. TPG NBN plans are popular due to their low starting prices and no added extras.

TPG NBN offers cheap plans at the lowest possible 12Mbps speed tier, which many of its competitors don’t have. In fact, its cheapest NBN plans start at just $29.99 a month – but you’ll only get a measly 10GB of included data.

Unlimited data on TPG NBN starts at $59.99 a month for the slowest 12Mbps speed option, rising to $69.99 a month for the most popular 50Mbps plan, and tops out at $109.99 a month for 100Mbps download speeds.

If you value cheap entry points and decent download speeds for your money, then TPG NBN is the one for you.

TPG Plan Prices

Is TPG NBN fast?

TPG was rated #1 for average download speeds on the NBN in the ACCC’s broadband performance tests for February 2019, which is a good result. In that testing, the ACCC found that TPG services on the NBN delivered download speeds of 86 per cent of their advertised maximum – higher than any of its competitors. We wouldn’t place too much stock in these numbers as they can change regularly, of course.

Like any other telco that has NBN plans, TPG doesn’t promise that you’ll always get the maximum advertised speed from your NBN service. On its website, TPG says that you can expect a basic, typical evening speed of 11Mbps for its NBN12 plans, nearly 43Mbps for its NBN50 plans, and just over 78Mbps on its NBN100 plans. These numbers are good for its cheaper two plan tiers, but other NBN providers such as Aussie Broadband are faster on NBN100.

Our pick of plans if you want the best mix of speed for dollar value would be TPG’s NBN50 plan.

What internet speeds can I expect on TPG NBN?

TPG is one of only a few telcos that offers NBN plans across all the available speed tiers – from the low-speed NBN12 that might struggle to stream video smoothly if you’re sharing it with anyone else in your household, to the most common NBN50 plan speed and the full-speed NBN100 option that’s the fastest you can find on the NBN anywhere.

The slowest TPG speed option is NBN12, which TPG says you can expect an average of 10Mbps speeds from during busy periods. You might find your TPG NBN slow if you’re sharing a connection this speed with more than a couple of people in your household; any household with more than two people might want to consider NBN50 as a minimum.

TPG Unlimited Plan Pricing

TPG offers both unlimited and data-capped plans on the NBN, which means it can offer some very cheap prices with the caveat that you might use up all your included data usage.

Where TPG’s cheapest plans are just $29.99 a month, that price only gets you the slowest 12Mbps speed option and only 10GB of included data usage. Its other ‘limited’ NBN plan is $49.99 a month for 100GB of data at the same 12Mbps speed.

TPG’s unlimited plans start at $59.99 a month for 12Mbps speeds, move up to $69.99 a month for 50Mbps speeds, and $89.99 a month for 100Mbps speeds. None of these prices include any bundled phone calls, though, so if you’re a home phone user your monthly costs will rise.

The best value TPG NBN plan for families

If you’re a family looking for the best value NBN plan from TPG, we think that the $69.99 unlimited data plan at NBN50 speeds is your best bet. Like TPG’s other plans it’s a no-frills service, with no unnecessary bundled inclusions like a streaming video subscription. A phone line is included, but you don’t have to connect a home phone if you use your mobile instead.

You can also lock yourself in to an 18-month plan if you’re happy to, saving yourself a $99.95 set up fee. At TPG’s typical evening speeds, you can expect to be able to happily share fast internet access amongst your family without any noticeable slow-downs on this 50Mbps plan.

What is TPG’s NBN customer service like?

TPG has a dedicated customer service and support line for NBN users, as well as a message service that you can use to get in touch. Importantly, there’s no live chat option – a big omission compared to its biggest competitors. If you want help with your TPG NBN, you’ll have to be prepared to wait for a response to your message, to wait for a return phone call, or to spend some time waiting on the phone for service.

TPG’s NBN customer service includes:

  • NBN technical support by phone, Monday to Friday 8AM to midnight and 9AM-9PM weekends, on 1300 997 271
  • A message service for you to write out your issue (and wait for a response)
  • A community forum

Who owns TPG?

TPG is an Australian-founded and owned company, run by current chairman David Teoh. TPG actually started in 1986 as a computer parts and peripherals company, but has since moved into offering internet and mobile plans.

TPG also has its own competitor to the NBN, a ‘fibre to the building’ broadband service that is available through many apartment buildings in some Australian cities. It’s important to make sure that you’re purchasing the right service for you – TPG’s own broadband is different to the NBN that TPG also sells.

TPG Signup Process

  1. Find the right plan for you according to your needs, above and below on this page.
  2. Check that your address is ready for TPG NBN here.
  3. Choose between a no lock-in plan or a, 18-month contract period.
  4. Decide whether you’d like a home phone service for $10 extra a month.
  5. You’re done!

TPG also includes a Wi-Fi modem with all its NBN plans, so you’ll just have to wait for the NBN to be connected at your home and plug your modem into the NBN connection to get going. You’ll get an email letting you know everything you need to know, including your installation date – TPG says this is usually 2 to 30 business days after you order.

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