The Best 365 Day Prepaid Plans Available in Australia

Get Nan on the blower, we’ve rounded up the best long-expiry prepaid plans for low-usage customers.
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There’s one type of prepaid plan low-usage customers like my Nan won’t give up without a fight, the trusty 365 day long-expiry plan.

There was a time when the phrases long-expiry and great value would never be uttered in the same sentence. Typically, long-expiry plans would feature the minimum inclusions, used more for receiving calls than making them (or parking a phone number).

When the weight of smartphone usage began to shift from calls and text to data usage, and background data became a consideration, many who had been comfortably plodding along on $150 to $200 per year began burning through that amount in a matter of days. But these days, you can hook yourself up with a long-expiry prepaid plan with plenty of data to keep you afloat in a sea of software updates and cute cat videos. Let’s take a look at the best 365 day prepaid plans available in Australia.

The best 365 day prepaid mobile plan

When it comes to value for data, there are a few clear winners across 3-month, 6-month and 12-month long-expiry plans. If you’re after a long life prepaid plan with a 12-month expiry, then Boost is the best choice when it comes to data per dollar value.

If you don’t want to commit to the full 12 months, amaysim is the best choice with its 6-month plan. And for those who prefer their plans to run for only 90 days at a time, Kogan Mobile offers the best value.

Of course, data for dollar value isn’t the only consideration when choosing a plan. If you’re looking for a long-expiry plan that also offers coverage on the coveted Telstra mobile network, you can’t do better than Boost Mobile.

We’ve chosen Boost’s 180-day expiry plan for our best on the Telstra network pick. Although the data-for-dollar value is slightly less than Boost’s 12-month plan, the difference is only slight, and you end up with more data to play with over the course of a year.

The best 180-day prepaid mobile plan

The best prepaid mobile plan on the Telstra network

The best 90-day prepaid mobile plan

More 365 day prepaid mobile plans

Want to see how our best picks compare to the rest? Here are a few more choices to measure up against.

Above we looked at the best value long-life expiry prepaid plans on the market but what about the other big telcos? What are they offering?

Optus Long-Expiry

Optus offers a huge variety of long expiry prepaid options but the majority of them don’t actually include any data and instead charge per MB used (which is deducted from your recharge amount). This is an archaic pricing model but Optus does have options for long expiry prepaid with included data. Here’s what’s on offer:

Vodafone Long-Expiry

Like Optus, Vodafone still offers a selection of long expiry prepaid plans that charge by the MB. However, when it comes to long expiry prepaid, Pay As You Go is your only option with Vodafone. There are no long expiry prepaid plans with Vodafone if you want data inclusions with your recharge. Here are the Pay As You Go plans offered by Vodafone.

Telstra Long Life

As we mentioned up top, Telstra has some seriously good value prepaid plans that include an allotted amount of data to burn through. But if you or a family member have incredibly low smartphone usage habits, Telstra also offers similar Pay As You Go options to Optus and Vodafone. Here is Telstra’s current lineup of long expiry prepaid plans:

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