The best iPhone Plans in Australia May 2020

Optus holds on the top spot but Telstra and Vodafone are a close second.
  • Optus $49 Optus Choice Plan

    Best value overall

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    60GB of data p/month
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  • Optus $49 Optus Choice Plan

    Best high data

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    60GB of data p/month
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Recent Updates: 3 weeks ago
Update: Below are the best iPhone 11 plans in Australia but if you came here looking for the latest budget iPhone SE plans, we've rounded those up over here.
1 month ago
Update: Below are the best iPhone 11 plans in Australia but if you came here looking for the latest budget iPhone SE plans, we've rounded those up over here.
2 months ago
This April, Optus hold on to the top spot but with Optus Sport no longer a valuable perk, the other major telcos are a close second.
3 months ago
With most telcos focused on the recent Galaxy S20 launch, there hasn't been much movement in the iPhone space. Our top picks from last month have carried on into March.

For May, we’re continuing to use the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB handset as the basis of our comparisons between the three big telcos, all of which offer some affordable monthly plans that allow you to pay off a handset.

Optus continues its uninterrupted dominance once again, winning out on 36-month and 24-month configurations of its still-great-value $49 Optus Choice Plan, which is a good fit for everyday use or high-usage people.

As for alternatives, Vodafone has a slightly cheaper monthly cost for its $50 Red Plus Plan, while Telstra’s recently upgraded $50 Small Mobile Plan trades less monthly data for a more affordable monthly fee.

Best iPhone 11 plan overall May 2020 (36 months)

Optus $49 Choice Plan

Optus continues to consistently impress us when it comes to offering the best value for money when it comes to paying off an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB handset over a 36-month period. That longer-than-normal Postpaid commitment means lower monthly costs on its $49 Optus Choice Plan, equating to a $48.58 handset repayment for a total monthly cost of $97.58.

This Optus plan packs plenty of data, too, with 60GB to use. While the costs have stayed the same from April, Optus has extended the Apple Music trial from six months to one year.

There are other Optus Postpaid perks, too. For starters, you can take advantage of unlimited calls and texts to 35 selected dialling destinations. If that 60GB of data is too much for your everyday use, feel free to share it with any other eligible plans you have on your account.

Additionally, while Optus Sport isn’t currently offering live sport because of the absence of live sport around the world, you can watch unmetered replays of classic soccer showdowns (plus it can be used for live sport once it returns). Similarly, the discounted movie tickets and events that are part of Optus Perks will be there to use once lockdown eases up.

For alternatives, you can save some dollars with Vodafone’s $50 Red Plus Plan, which includes 60GB of data for $91.08 per month for the first year. Telstra now competes at this price point, too, albeit with half the data in its $50 Small Mobile Plan, which costs $98.58 a month. Scroll down to read more on the perks of these Vodafone and Telstra plans.

Best iPhone 11 plan for high-data usage in May 2020

Whether you’re okay with a 36-month term or you’d prefer a more standard 24-month approach, Optus is still our pick of the best way to pay off an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB model. With the $49 Optus Choice Plan, you’re looking at 60GB of data and a handset repayment of $72.87 for a total monthly cost of $121.87.

This Optus plan isn’t just about data, either, with some great perks including international talk and text, a 12-month Apple Music subscription, as well as Optus Sport and Optus Perks. For the full breakdown of these perks, scroll back up to the previous section.

What we didn’t break down in the previous section is the two alternatives from Vodafone and Telstra. Let’s change that. Vodafone’s $50 Red Plus Plan is a cheaper alternative with a $69.12 monthly handset repayment fee and a $5 discount. This translates to a monthly payment of $114.12 for the first year, then $119.12 if you stick around beyond that.

Outside of the discount, Vodafone doesn’t charge extra for busting your 60GB monthly data allowance, instead opting for shaped speeds if you go over. Though not as comprehensive as Optus, Vodafone also bundles international talk, with 1,000 minutes to 20 selected countries and 100 minutes of calls to 70 additional countries.

Alternatively, Telstra’s $50 Small Mobile Plan combines with the same $72.87 handset repayment fee as Optus for a total monthly cost of $122.87. This Telstra plan is the most expensive and only comes with 30GB of data, but it does have unmetered access to Apple Music and you can take advantage of the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network.

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How much does the iPhone 11 cost in Australia?

In Australia, the iPhone 11 will cost between $1,199 for the 64GB base model and up to $2,499 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB model. On a plan, those prices are spread out over the course of 12, 24 or 36 months but that’s what you will pay upfront if  you don’t want to lock yourself in.

Here the complete list of pricing for iPhone 11 in Australia.

iPhone 11 prices in Australia
iPhone 1164GB$1,199
iPhone 11128GB$1,279
iPhone 11256GB$1,449
iPhone 11 Pro64GB$1,749
iPhone 11 Pro256GB$1,999
iPhone 11 Pro512GB$2,349
iPhone 11 Pro Max64GB$1,899
iPhone 11 Pro Max256GB$2,149
iPhone 11 Pro Max512GB$2,499

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