The Best iPhone Plans in Australia February 2020

Optus goes Pro again this February.
  • Optus $49 Optus Choice Plan

    Best value overall

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    60GB of data p/month
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  • Optus $49 Optus Choice Plan

    Best high data

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    60GB of data p/month
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Recent Updates: 3 weeks ago
Optus has dominated our best iPhone plan picks these past few months, and February is no different. If you're in the market for a shiny new iPhone, these deals are hard to beat.
2 months ago
In January, Optus continues its reign in the top two spots. For those wanting an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB, Optus is the way to go.
3 months ago
This December, Optus claims both top spots once again with its newly rejigged $49 Choice Plan on either a 36-month or 24-month commitment. If you're after an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB, look no further than Optus.
Less than 6 months
It's no-brainer November as Optus takes the top two spots once again. It's 99 Promo with an included iPhone 11 Pro 64GB is too good to refuse (especially considering there's a $0 12-month upgrade). On top of that, the $105 My Plan Plus is a lush option for the data ravenous. With the iPhone 11, Pro 64GB attached, it's a total of $110 per month over 36 months. Not bad, Optus. Not bad.
Less than 6 months
It's a clean sweep for Optus this month. Not only is Optus offering the best overall iPhone 11 plans with its $99 promo but also the best iPhone plans for high data usage.
Less than 6 months
We've added the best iPhone 11 plans announced at the top of our round-up. If you're after the 64GB iPhone 11, look no further than Vodafone and Optus. We'll continue to update our guide as more iPhone 11 plans are announced.

It may only be seven months until the (likely) launch of the next iPhone, but that sure feels like a long time to wait if you’re in the market for a new one now. This is the point where Optus steps in once again with its $49 Optus Choice Plan to attract all attention for iPhone-related Postpaid plans.

And because the new iPhones are still quite a long way away, we’re continuing to use the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB as the basis of our handset comparisons with the Vodafone and Telstra competitors. You can read all about how they compare by scrolling to the full breakdown.

Best iPhone 11 plan overall February 2020

It wasn’t so long ago that we were hesitant to recommend Postpaid plans on a 36-month contract. That’s because we operate on the belief that the average user who prefers Postpaid plans for paying off a new handset tends to look to upgrade every two years.

The thing is, Optus created, modified and now continues to dominate this space with its $49 Optus Choice Plan, regardless of whether you’re willing to pay less month-to-month on a 36-month contract, or pay more a month on a 24-month contract.

For the best monthly value, we’re recommending you pick up this particular Optus plan with a 36-month contract. This translates to a $49 plan fee combined with $48.58 handset repayment for the iPhone 11 Pro 64GB, which works out to $97.58 a month and around $3,512.88 if you stick with paying that price for the next three years.

It’s still the cheapest of the big three telcos, and you’ll get 60GB to play with, as well as subscriptions for Optus Sport and Apple Music (six months), plus international calls and messaging for 35 selected countries.

Alternatively, for not a whole lot more ($98.08 per month) you can score the same handset on a 36-month contract as part of Vodafone’s $50 Red Plus Plan. This plan is great for jetsetters care of Vodafone’s $5-per-day roaming charge that lets you use your 60GB of monthly data in 80 countries just like you would back home.

If you prefer the Telstra mobile network and don’t mind the premium, to get 60GB and an iPhone 11 Pro 64GB from Telstra you’re looking at $108.58 a month on a 36-month contract. You’ll also score data-free streaming for selected sports and Apple Music, plus you can take advantage of the Telstra Air network.

Best iPhone 11 plan for high data usage February 2020

We’re recommending the same $49 Optus Choice Plan here because we reckon 60GB is plenty of data for heavy users, plus you get all of the perks outlined in the previous section. What’s different compared to the everyday-use recommendations above is the monthly price changes if you drop down to a shorter 24-month contract.

The iPhone 11 Pro 64GB handset repayment jumps to $72.87 a month on a 24-month plan, for a monthly cost of $121.87, which becomes roughly $2,924.88 if you stick to this price for the full two years. We say “roughly” because it’s going to cost you an extra $10 per 1GB if you bust the 60GB cap, which is charged automatically.

That’s not the case with the Telstra and Vodafone alternatives – yup, they’re also the same plans as the ones in the previous category – which have no extra charges but cap your internet speed if you go over their respective 60GB data caps.

Where the charges do change, though, is in the monthly costs when you drop to a 24-month contract instead of a 36-month plan. For a Vodafone alternative, this means you’re looking at $122.37 a month for the $50 Red Plus Plan, which will cost you $2,936.88 if you stick with it for two years. Alternatively, Telstra’s $60 Medium Mobile Plan jumps to $132.87, which means a $3,188.88 plan cost if you see out the two years. You can scroll back up to the previous section to weigh up the Vodafone and Telstra perks that come as standard with these plans, too.

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