Aussie Broadband NBN Review: The best value NBN provider

Aussie Broadband combines some of the best NBN speeds and NBN plan prices to be our pick for best value NBN provider.
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Starts at $69/month for unlimited data, 25Mbps
Fast 90Mbps average peak speeds
Plans go month to month or 24 months


Aussie Broadband is a fairly new provider in the Australian NBN space, and has quickly become a customer favourite, with mostly extremely positive Aussie Broadband review scores across social media and Google. Its speeds are great compared to equivalently priced rivals, while it is one of the only providers to actually publish how much NBN bandwidth it has.

Prices start at $69 a month for unlimited data at speeds that should be enough for somehow who just does some basic HD Netflix streaming, while it’s only a $20 jump for its max speed 100Mbps plan.

We like it too, and think it’s the best value NBN providers you can get if you want fast speeds.

Unlimited Data Plan Prices

Which Aussie Broadband plan is Best?

Aussie Broadband has NBN plans aimed at everyone, from the lightest user to the heavy downloaders and gamers, with its most basic NBN plans starting at at $55/month for 100GB data and basic speeds. All Aussie Broadband plans have no setup fees, however its cheapest plans do not.

If you’re just looking to get a basic NBN internet connection for mostly checking emails, browsing the web and the occasional YouTube or Netflix video then this plan is perfect for you. While its speeds are basic, they’re still a decent upgrade from ADSL2+ if that’s what you’re currently on, and is more than enough for your daily asks. If you need a new modem or router to go with this, Aussie Broadband will send you one for $149 + delivery.

Best Aussie Broadband plan for basic Netflix streaming

If you watch a bit more Netflix or download a few things extra month, then 100GB of data is probably not going to be enough for you, especially if you’re streaming in HD.

If you only have one TV and a couple of phones or tablets in the house, and don’t require massive amounts of data at a time, then the 25Mbps NBN plans are still probably all you need, and just up the data. You can move to a 500GB plan for an extra $9/month, but our recommendation would be to move to the unlimited data plan which is only $4 more than that and totals at $69/month.

With this plan, you can either go month-to-month and bring your own modem, or if you commit to 24 months Aussie Broadband will throw in one for no extra cost.

Best Aussie Broadband plan for families

Once you start to add a few more people, a few more TVs and devices to your household, you need to start thinking about how much speed you’re getting. If you have more than one TV, enjoy 4K content or have a few phones being used at once, you’ll want to start looking at NBN 50Mbps plans.

Aussie Broadband’s 50Mbps plans are some of the best according to the ACCC, averaging over 43MBps during peak periods at night. This means that when it’s 8pm and the whole street wants to watch Netflix, you can do so without it lagging or buggering. It’s one of the reasons this particular plan gets hundreds of positive Aussie Broadband review scores.

For this plan, you’re looking at $79/month, and like Aussie Broadband’s other NBN plans, comes with a free modem if you sign for 24-months, otherwise you’ll need to bring your own if you want to go month-to-month.

Actual NBN speeds vs. advertised speed

When the NBN first went online, many providers were offering speeds without having enough capacity for users to actually achieve those speeds. This forced the ACCC to step in and has since forced NBN providers to advertise their average peak NBN speeds. This is essentially the speeds their customers average at night when the connection is used the most.

Aussie Broadband is one of the leaders in this field. It usually in the top 1-3 for providers in terms of average speeds according to the ACCC in all plan levels. It’s also one of the only providers that publicly shows how much CVC capacity it has for its customers, which is a good reflection of the speed you’ll actually receive on your connection.

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What is NBN CVC?

CVC stands for Connectivity Virtual Circuit, and is what internet providers buy from NBN to sell and provide you with a connection. CVC is like lanes on the NBN highway, with the NBN having many highways across the country that you need to buy these CVC “lanes” on. Essentially, like a highway with more lanes for cars means more cars can get through, an NBN provider with more CVC means more data traffic can get through. You can see how much CVC and how close to capacity it is for Aussie Broadband here.

Aussie Broadband customer service

It’s all well and good to have a fast NBN connection with lots of data. But if things go wrong, you want to know that your problem can be solved. Luckily if you’re looking at Aussie Broadband review scores, you’ll see most people rave about the support from Aussie Broadband. It currently offers the following:

  • Australian based support team
  • Phone based support from 8am to midnight every day of the week
  • Online chat available 9am-5pm
  • Self service options in your account dashboard

The service team is there most days of the year, however, if you have a problem on Christmas Day or Good Friday, you’ll need to wait as the customer service team is not online then.

Aussie Broadband sign up and connection process

Signing up for Aussie Broadband is fairly simple once you’ve worked out what plan is right for you and can be done online in minutes.

  1. Select the right plan for you above or below on this page
  2. Double check your address can get NBN on the Aussie Broadband site
  3. Pick whether you want to go month-to-month or a 24 month plan
  4. Select if you want add-ons such as a modem or Fetch TV box
  5. Pick your installation date (if needed)
  6. Done!

Once you’ve signed up online, it could either by hours or weeks until you’re online depending on whether or not you have an existing NBN connection. If you already have an NBN connection with another provider, you could be switched over to Aussie Broadband before you go to sleep that night.

However, if you have never had an NBN connection at your premises before, NBN will need to send out a technician to your home to get you connected. This could be in a few days or a few weeks depending on availability.

If you do need a technician, you will need to be home for them to install the NBN hardware for you. This usually takes less than one hour to do.

Fetch TV with Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband has partnered with Fetch TV to offer its boxes as part of Aussie Broadband NBN plans. If you don’t have a smart TV or an existing set-top box, this could be a great addition to your plan.

Fetch TV comes in two options – Fetch Mini which provides basic smart TV options such as Netflix, Stan, YouTube and free-to-air catchup apps as well as pause and rewinding of live TV. This costs an extra $10 a month on your plan.

Fetch Mighty adds to this 4K streaming and the ability to record and save up to 1TB of live TV. The Fetch Mighty is an extra $15 a month on your plan.

Fetch also has a bunch of different channel packs you can add, starting at $6 for individual packs or $20 a month for all four packs. These include channels such as Nickelodeon, National Geographic, BBC Knowledge and ESPN.

What modem does Aussie Broadband use?

Aussie Broadband offers a Netcomm NF18ACV modem to its NBN customers. This will come free with 24 month plans, or if you’re just going month to month and want to buy a new modem off them, it will cost you $149 plus postage. This includes 4x Ethernet ports and dual-band AC WiFi for fast wireless browsing across the house.

Aussie Broadband Review - NBN modem

This exact modem though you can find a little cheaper through other online retailers, with the cheapest we’ve seen at about $130.

It’s also worth shopping around for other modem router brands if you know what you’re looking for, for around the same price you can pick up a modem router like D-Link’s DIR-879 which will offer you better range in your house and better speeds across all your devices.

Heard enough about Aussie Broadband?

We’ve got plenty more reviews on Australian NBN providers. When it comes to first-class value, we recommend reading up on Exetel. If your Netflix fixation is taking a toll on your speeds, we’ve published a guide on the best internet plans for streaming in Australia. If you’re one of the unlucky few who still can’t connect to the NBN, there are plenty of quality alternatives on the market. Not sure how fast your download speeds are? Find out how to test your NBN internet speed with our tool.