’s Disclosure Policies

Last Updated On: March 23, 2018

How we make money

Our staff likes to get paid and we like to keep the site ad-free, which is why we have affiliate relationships with a number of brands. If you decide to buy something we’ve reviewed, we might make some money.

Our relationships with brands do sometimes affect how quickly we review their products/service, and how visible they are on our rankings pieces. However, affiliate relationships generally will not affect our actual opinion of the product or service. We do not write positive reviews just because a brand tells us to. (Not even if they ask nicely.)

We also maintain affiliate relationships with multiple companies that compete for your business, which means we may earn commissions no matter which product you buy. Ultimately we leave the choice to you,  the consumer.

If you want to see a review for a product or service we haven’t looked at yet, just let us know, and we will consider it. We want our site to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible and we’ll review as many products and services as we can—even if we don’t make money from that brand.