Xfinity Internet Review

Despite lackluster customer support, a wide range of plans and fast overall speeds make Xfinity a suitable choice for internet service.

Despite lackluster customer support, a wide range of plans and fast overall speeds make Xfinity a suitable choice for internet service.
Overall Rating3 out of 5
99% actual-to-advertised download speed
Contract and no-contract service
Lackluster customer service

The quick and dirty on Xfinity internet

There’s no question Xfinity gets some flack for its customer service, but believe it or not, Xfinity does actually deliver faster-than-most internet speeds. In fact, when compared to other large internet service providers (ISPs) such as Cox or Time Warner Cable, Xfinity deals in faster download and upload speeds and is more widely available. Xfinity just might be the go-to internet for most people—but be sure to practice deep breathing and think happy thoughts before making a phone call.

Xfinity prices and plans

Prices vary based on your location, but you can choose if you want a contract or not.

We’ve listed Xfinity’s advertised prices for internet service, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to pricing. For starters, the advertised price is not the regular price, and pricing varies by location. Don’t worry though, we’ve already done the detective work.

Xfinity internet deals: prices & speeds by plan

PlanAdvertised price*Download speedUpload speedLearn more
Performance Starter$29.99/mo.10 Mbps2 MbpsView Plan
Performance 25$39.99/mo.25 Mbps5 MbpsView Plan
Performance Pro$54.99/mo.100 Mbps5 MbpsView Plan
Blast! Pro$69.99/mo.150 Mbps10 MbpsView Plan

* For the first 12 months with a one-year agreement. Pricing varies by location. 

Xfinity pricing and contract options

The biggest factors in Xfinity pricing are location and whether you choose to enter into a contract or not.

If you live in the West region, you can land Xfinity’s Performance Starter plan for a sweet $29.99 per month. If you live in the Northeast, you’ll probably pay a different price since Xfinity’s pricing varies by location, as do most internet services.

If you want to save money, you can consider entering a contract. We found that if you enter into a 12-month Xfinity contract, you can shave off around $10 a month. If you’re not going anywhere for 12 months, why not save $120 (12 months x $10)? We like no-contract service, but we like money more. It’s up to you to decide what to do, but if we’re sticking around, we’re going to go with the cheaper option.

Also, don’t forget to set a reminder to renegotiate your bill when the promotional price ends(we put it on the calendar!). It doesn’t matter if it’s contract or no-contract—the price will go up, and if you don’t call, you’ll have a not-so-nice surprise when you see your credit card or bank statement.

If you decide to take advantage of any specials or combine TV and internet service, you can probably save even more money, but be sure to double-check the fine print. We don’t like surprises, and if something sounds too good to be true, well, it probably is.


If you’re not sharing your internet service with anyone and you don’t do much more than keep up with shows on Hulu, then the Performance Starter plan may be the one for you. The plan costs as little as $30 per month, and download speed is around 10 Mbps. That’s not much speed, but it’s enough if you care more about saving money than waiting around for an iTunes rental to finish downloading. Again, we recommend this plan for the money-minded, patient person, and not for someone who wants to blaze through the internet.

The “it’s just me and I care more about money than speed” plan

Performance Starter$29.99/mo.10 MbpsView Plan

* For the first 12 months with a one-year agreement. Pricing varies by location. 

If you don’t want to bother with waiting, we say go with the goofily named Blast! Pro plan. It’s three times the price of the Performance Starter plan at $69.99 per month, but it boasts twenty times the speed (200 Mbps). That means the next time you download a movie, it will be ready to watch before the popcorn is done popping. If you share internet with roommates, family, etc., we doubt you’ll run into any problems. The Blast! Pro should be more than enough for everyone in your domicile to watch what they want on whatever device they choose.

The “I never want to see a buffering icon again” plan

Blast Pro!$69.99/mo.200 MbpsView Plan

* For the first 12 months with a one-year agreement. Pricing varies by location. 

Heads up exclamation Heads up exclamation

Heads up:

Heads up:

To watch online streaming video (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc.), we recommend a speed of at least 10 Mbps. (You can read up on the Best Internet for Streaming for more info.)

Location, location, location

We mentioned how location can affect pricing, but there’s more that might change based on where you live. For example, we recommended the Blast! Pro plan, but some areas don’t offer it (we recommend the Blast! plan if you can’t get the Blast! Pro).

Xfinity service fees

Xfinity fees somehow manage to be both confusing and bothersome, much like they are with every ISP. Here are some fees to watch out for.

  • Installation: The installation fee depends on the plan you choose and where you live, but we think it’s something that can be negotiated. We say try and get the price lowered as much as possible. You could even mention a competitor’s free installation, as long as there is such a thing.
  • One-time fees: Watch out for one-time fees like activation fees, pro-install fees, and more. You don’t pay for these fees when you order your service, but they appear on your first monthly bill. Make sure you understand what one-time fees you’re subject to before you order. As always, we recommend negotiating lower fees for these one-time charges.
  • Early termination fee: There’s a 30-day period to cancel after signing up for a 12-month plan, but after that you can expect a serious termination fee if you cancel early. Comcast doesn’t list an exact fee, but you pay the no-contract rate for the existing months of the service contract (yikes!).

Equipment fees

Heads up exclamation Heads up exclamation

Heads up

Heads up

Don’t waste your money renting a modem from Xfinity. Get your own.

Xfinity is more than happy to rent you a cable modem, but it will cost you an extra $10 per month. Most of Xfinity’s modems include a router, so you won’t need to worry about connecting to Wi-Fi. However, considering you can get a good-to-excellent modem/router for close to $100, we think it’s worth forking out the cash and buying a modem/router outright. It will pay for itself in 10 months, and it’s hands down the easiest way to save money on your internet bill.

Be sure to check with Xfinity that the modem you want is compatible with the internet plan you’re getting. You can check online, but we recommend calling and speaking with a representative as well. Customer service can be pretty difficult to deal with, but if you just have questions about modem compatibility, it shouldn’t be a long phone call.

Xfinity speed and data

We hear so much about how terrible Comcast’s customer service is that we thought it might be because of internet speed, but as it turns out, the majority of people get the speed they pay for. At least, that’s what the research says.

Xfinity’s actual speed vs. advertised speed

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) determined that the majority of Xfinity customers get the speeds they paid for, and that’s actually a big deal for an ISP. To be specific, 80% of Xfinity customers get 99% actual-to-advertised download speeds—in other words, you pay for 10 Mbps, you get 9.99 MBps.1 That may seem like backhanded compliment, but consider this: CenturyLink delivers only 45% of actual-to-advertised download speeds.2 That’s half the percentage of Xfinity’s service.

It’s crazy to think there’s such a difference in actual speed between ISPs. To be fair, though, we’re talking about the majority of customers. No matter the ISP, there are going to be customers who don’t get the internet speeds they deserve (just take a look at our comments section). Still, we can’t argue with hard data, and the FCC’s research involves tens of thousands of internet users.

What’s Xfinity’s data limit?

Almost every Xfinity plan has a 1 TB (1,000 GB) data limit. We find it kind of hilarious that Xfinity has made a lot of effort to communicate that 1 TB is “an enormous amount of data,”3 going so far as to say that 1 TB is enough to stream “between 600 and 700 hours of HD video in a month,” and “enough [data] to power 12,000 hours of online gaming.”4 We get it—a terabyte is HUGE. We’d rather have no data limit, but Xfinity doesn’t think it’s a big deal because “99% of its customers” don’t even use that much data.5

We hate to admit it, but for most people, 1 TB is more data than you need in a month. But the data limit will interest those who have binge-watching families or share bandwidth with data-hungry roommates—like that one roommate rewatching every season of Game of Thrones before the season seven premiere.

If you do somehow manage to exceed the 1 TB limit, you can expect to pay $10 for each additional 50 GB. However, you do get two get-out-of-jail free cards for the first two months you go over. If you’re a serious internet hound, you could always go with the Unlimited Data Option, but it will cost you an additional $50 per month (based on the calendar month, not the 30-day billing cycle). Still, it’s nice to know such an option exists.

Xfinity customer service

Xfinity’s supposedly no longer the worst in customer service, but it’s still bad. We checked the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and found that “Comcast no longer occupies the bottom” for customer satisfaction for ISPs,6 since Xfinity scored a 59 on a 100-point scale for 2016 (up from 56 in 2015). Compared to other ISPs, it tied for third to last—Windstream (59), Mediacom (57), and Frontier Communications (56) filled out the bottom. The industry average for ISPs is 64 out of 100, so the bar is set very, very low—and Xfinity is below that. At least it’s not the absolute worst.

How to handle Xfinity customer service

When we contacted Comcast support, we didn’t get much help—representatives talked past us and constantly tried to upsell us. However, we remained cool and calm, remembering that the individual on the other side of the phone is a human being because that always makes the experience better for both parties involved.

If you’re a new customer, the Xfinity representative will likely be much more helpful (they are trying to make a sale, after all). Just make sure you cover any one-time fees, deals, and terms of the service. It never hurts to ask the same question twice and get the details of the contract emailed to you. If you happen to need help with existing service, prepare for a much longer phone call.

In general, it helps to be laid back when calling customer service, and we highly recommend the same kind of approach for the installation process.

Take an installation holiday

We say take the day off of work and get to that home project that’s been nagging you for months, or pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, or finally ask to borrow your friend’s DVDs (or Blu-rays) of The Wire and binge-watch it. The installation doesn’t require anything of you except for you to be there. Figuring out how to relish the day off from work is basically making lemonade out of installation lemons, and hey, you deserve a holiday, and also you really need to re-caulk your bathroom.

The bottom line

Overall recommendation

Xfinity is the most widely available cable internet, and it delivers the speeds it advertises. It’s internet service that does what it should—lets us watch How I Met Your Mother* without interruption—even though we’d like to ask more of its customer service.

We’ve already provided some advice on dealing with the installation process, but remember that Xfinity representatives aren’t the best at explaining the ins and outs of its service. Be sure to ask plenty of questions, and if you can, double-check the details of any specials, discount pricing, etc.

*We just started—don’t spoil the end.

FAQs About Xfinity

Q: What modem does Xfinity use?

It depends on the plan, but Xfinity is promoting its Wireless Gateway modem. There are various models of the Wireless Gateway, but all the information you’ll need on Xfinity’s modems can be found on this support page.

Q: What router should I use with Xfinity?

One of the highest recommended routers around is TP-Link’s AC1750. If you’re looking for a modem and Wi-Fi router combination, we suggest the ARRIS SURFboard. If you don’t need a router or already have one, you can go sans router with the cable modem. We always recommend double-checking compatibility with a Comcast representative just to be sure.

If you’re already an Xfinity customer, you can check compatible equipment here.

Q: How can I check my speed with Xfinity?

M-Lab’s speed test will tell you your download and upload speeds and latency. (We linked to’s speed test page that’s powered by the M-Lab tool.)

Q: Are Comcast and Xfinity the same thing?

Essentially, yes. The two names are often used interchangeably, but Xfinity is specific to Comcast’s TV/Internet/Voice services, whereas Comcast can refer to the global conglomerate, Comcast Corporation.

Q: Which Comcast plan is best for gaming?

Go with the Blast! Pro or Blast! Either plan should offer plenty of speed to get your game on.

Q: Can I bundle my internet plan with TV?

Yes. There are quite a few ways to get internet and TV together with Xfinity. We recommend the Preferred XF Double Play, despite the convoluted name.


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2.  Federal Communications Commission, Measuring Broadband in America Report
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6.  American Customer Satisfaction Index, About ACSI

Have questions? Ask us.

Do you have questions about Xfinity’s internet service that we didn’t answer? Check out our FAQs or ask your own question in the comments below.

Have a complaint? Make it count and tell the FCC.

If you want to help an ISP improve its service, tell the FCC. The FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center is the best place to let your voice be heard.

  • Hector Robles

    Worst service ever as a new customer wasn’t sastified on how long it took to get internet . Than false information got told about having internet . Should of just stayed with century link they at least take care of there customers.

  • monia

    Comcast wants money for doing nothing. They charge us 29$ for speed up to 25 and we have 5-7 speed, they charged for the bill 10$ so we pay 40$ for 5-7 speed, they told us when we buy new modem its going to be fast, 100$ for new modem and nothing. I wish att was here. comcast is the worst

  • Ashlan Birkett

    I have had Comcast for 5 years now, every year when my 12months is up and my bill for just internet skyrockets I dread calling. This year was the worst so far. Accidentally hung up on twice, transferred around to people I really didn’t need to talk to, on hold forever. Every year I down grade and down grade our service and I still end up paying more. Now I’m paying twice as much for my initial service and have 3x slower internet. If you have another option go with a different company.

  • CV

    horrible!!!, te tratan mal, te cobran dinero que no se supone debes pagar, los empleados trabajan por trabajar, no es un buen servicio, pésimo pésimo.

  • Doobian

    your info is out of date.

    • Scott T.

      We’ll update it soon! Stay tuned.

  • Stanley Chamblain

    I have been a customer on and off for a number of years. Most recently, I have been with Comcast the past 15 months. During this time, I have had no issues with cable/internet service and customer service/support has been relatively great. However, this past week has been the most frustrating experience I’ve ever had with any major company. On the 22nd of May, I requested a cancel of service because I was moving . The representative that I dealt with was helpful and convinced me to stay with Comcast after initially requesting to cancel my service. At the conclusion of the phone call, he confirmed with me that my appointment to move my service was for the upcoming Saturday (May 27th) and that a technician would be at my new residence between the hours of 1-4pm. The 27th arrived and 1 oclock finally approach. I was still in the process of moving, but made it a point to be at the new residence at 1pm to let the tech in to do their job. 4:30pm approaches and I received no phone call or update of my appointment. I contacted Comcast and was hung up on twice (person failed to call back) before finally speaking to someone. She said I would have to wait for a phone call from a technician 15 minutes before arrival. She asked me what time it was where I was located and I told her that it was 4:40 which is 40 mins past the time the suggested they would be here. She then switched her story (after reviewing her notes) and proceeeded to tell me that I had set my appointment for the 30th (not the 27th) between the hours of 10am-12pm. After explaining to her how there was no possible way that I could set an appointment out that far out on a day that nobody would be at the house, she proceeded to tell me that whatever was in the system was in fact correct information and in a professional way, insinuated that I was lying. She forwarded me to customer support because there was “nothing she could do”. The next rep seemed genuinely caring, however she stated that she’d have a supervisor contact me asap to assist me with the matter. She asked for the best contact and said I’d be receiving a call shortly. Two hours later, still no phone call. I decide to call back (again) and ask the rep if I can speak to a supervisor immediately. The rep informed me that a supervisor was not available and that I would have to wait for a phone call later on the day. At this point, it was 6:30pm and I explained to him detail for detail my experience that day with customer service and customer support. After sharing my frustration, it honestly felt like he did not care and continued to tell me that I couldn’t speak to a supervisor because they were unavailable. As a “valued” customer, I think I’ve earned my right to speak to a supervisor after dealing with the day I experienced. I simply asked to speak to someone who could give me a better explanation of my situation. I understand that the call volume was “extremely high” but if a “valued customer” is unsatisfied with your company, it’s common curtesy that you do anything in your power to keep the customer satisfied. The gentlemen then told me that he reviewed his notes and it shows that a supervisor in fact called me hours ago at a number on my file but the number was out of service. I asked the gentleman to read that number back to me and he repeated the number to my cellphone that I was calling him from. Finally after 30mins of pleading to speak to a supervisor, a call came in on the other line and it was THE SUPERVISOR. She was absolutely no help whatsoever and stated that the department that I actually needed was closed. She said I would have to wait until Monday (dept closed on Sunday) to speak to someone to assist me with my matter. No apologies, no help, no direction no nothing. Overall, this was one of the poorest customer service experience I have ever dealt with. I was inconvenienced by wasting 4 hours of my day waiting for a technician that never came, another 2 hours dealing with a rep that told me I was a liar and dealt with a supervisor who had a horrible attitude and showed no sympathy for me at all. The situation in its entirety still makes no sense. You cut my cable off at my previous residence the day before my expected installation date but I’m being told I instead set the appointment out 5 days from that cutoff day? So now, I have no cable service in my home for 4 days on a holiday weekend where I have family flying into town.

  • Steven Faass

    Comcast can change their name but hasn’t changed their tactics – on returning to my vacation home, my TV service was working and my internet was down. I called the help line after initial troubleshooting, only to be told “my purchased surfboard router” was the problem. The options presented to me were 1) buy a new router, 2) come down to Comcast to rent on of theirs or 3) schedule a service call which they would charge me for if it was my equipment. Humm… you say, well I called the Router company who troubleshot the router, determined it was online and that Comcast likely knocked if off line with recent system updates.
    It seems the Router folks had many similar calls a few months back. When I called Comcast back, they insisted the router was dead, but they reactivated it at my insistence and we were back on line.

    I wonder how many customers threw out perfectly good routers and are now renting Comcast routers? Now that’s you use customer service to make a profit!!!!

  • Leslie Aaren

    Tempted to go without – at least after reading the reviews I know I’m not crazy – First the good – when you get someone on the phone they are very nice & polite, as was the service professional when I had service started. I have had service for a year and have had no problems with connections even during snow, hail, etc etc. $60 monthly for internet service seems reasonable to me. My negative experience started during the last heavy snow when my neighbor’s tree branch pulled the phone line down. I still had connection but was unable to successfully get someone on the phone to make a simple service appointment. I gave up until today when a salesperson called me because my plan is going to expire soon, and felt bad because I was quite rude in saying – hey you guys need to fix my phone line – and I hung up on him. After taking a closer look at my plan and reading these reviews, I can see I’ll probably end up paying more money for the same service. I live in Pueblo, Colorado and Xfinity is the only provider unless I want dish, but I don’t watch TV, all I need is internet.
    I can understand long wait times in a service area that is relatively remote, but having trouble getting people on the phone for a simple appointment and paying more than reasonable amounts for service is really inexcusable. Prompted by the nice salesperson, I called customer service again to make a service appointment and am awaiting a call back – I’ll keep you posted…..

  • Spirit 49

    Do you think 25 mbps (the performance internet package) would be enough for 4 people?

    • Edwin Gunther Chavez

      No sir.

  • Trident

    Try going to the office. That works and they have lots of them to handle all the cancellations.

  • Trident

    Call Dish back. Or try AT&T. They have optical available in my neighborhood and I’m thinking REALLY strongly about going with them.

  • Trident

    X1 sucks. The DVR is just a communications box. The DVR used to be available even if cable was down. Now, if the cable is down, you can’t even watch what you’ve recorded. But they have a VOICE REMOTE.

  • Trident

    I had that problem when they first went to 25 Mb. I had a DOCSIS 1.0 modem. I bought a DOCSIS 2.0 and my BLAST! 75 MB runs at almost 100 Mb most of the time. And 1 Gb is available now, here, at my house. But nobody needs that much speed.

  • Trident

    discontinue your services with Comcast

  • Trident

    Talk to your District Attorney, and to your State and Federal Consumer Protection Agencies

  • Hua Jin Yang

    Comcast is the worst, I hope there is other service that can replace them. All Comcast service is to do best is to lie to their customers.

  • Landon Mattson

    Nothing but games. I can’t believe I had Xfinity internet for 5 years. They have continually added on new fees without notifying me first; and I’m not talking about the rate increase after the promotional period, which you won’t get notification on that either by the way. What got me to stay with them the entire time is that whenever I found out about the rate increase or added fees I would call and then they would generally make it right. What bothers me is that I would have to actually call them out on it and they wouldn’t just be honest and fair upfront. What finally made me decide to buy out of my contract is when my internet speeds drastically slowed down. Being someone who works from their computer this is unacceptable, but I was willing to try and work with them on it. After a month of troubleshooting over the phone the only options I had left was to either pay for their technician to come out and fix a problem that I was not responsible for or I could buy out of the contract. Needless to say, I am no longer a Xfinity customer, nor will I ever be in the future.

  • Jennifer

    Just had the same thing happen to me but I’m moving and am forced to cancel b/c they don’t provide service where I’m going. I knew this might happen so I wasn’t going to do the security but the rep assured me that it would be no problem to transfer the service if I moved….he just forgot the part about the service not being available where I was going. Tried to talk to their “supervisor” to explain that I wouldn’t have signed up if the rep had been honest about the cancellation policy only to be completely ignored. Will never use them again.

  • jflores

    We started with a specialty package, and ended up needing a new box and a spanish speaing package. Ended up paying almost $300 per month. Screw comcast/Exfinity. We will be switching soon

  • Shareef Yousef

    Worst company in the history of companies. They make you pay for an internet pipe AND what goes through their by enforcing a 1TB cap. You know who else does that? Electric companies, gas companies, and water companies. They’re called utilities. If Comcast wants to charge like a utility they need to be regulated like one as well. Guess what that includes. PRICE LIMITS! Comcast has been increasing prices EVERY … SINGLE … YEAR!

  • Drew

    DO NOT BUY THIS! Comcast is absolutely terrible. The only reason most people actually purchase this service is because they really can’t find any other options that meet all their needs – you can’t get access to all the shows you want strictly through one provider and in the Northeast region of the United States there really aren’t any other major providers. There internet service runs at a snails pace and is probably powered by mice on wheels since it kicks out and freezes about every 20 minutes.

    Aside from having a corner on the market, Xfinity and Comcast are pretty terrible as a service standing alone. Their customer service people almost never have any sufficient advice other than the standard “turn it off, wait, then turn it back on again”. Occasionally they’ll reset your cable box remotely or exchange your old cable box for a new one and chalk it up to something askew internally, but the fact of the matter is that we’ve had the box replaced at our house several times in the past couple of months and the same problems continue to reoccur – DVR service is basically hit or miss when you record shows and about 30% of the time, with no explanation and without a solution, it will refuse to play back something I’ve recorded. I’ve missed countless sports games because of this and Comcast continues to fail to come up with a fix (3 new cable boxes, half a dozen conversations, and 12 hours of wasted time later).

    So here’s the solution I’m devising that I recommend to you all instead of buying Comcast. Buy Netflix, download the apps provided by specific sports leagues that you want to watch on your devices (like NFL Sunday Ticket/Game Pass), and take out movies and shows from your local library for free. You’ll probably save a hundred dollars every month and you’ll likely end up with less obstacles to your viewing.

  • Yutong Guan

    Everything looks pretty good when you sign up. BUT, when you want to cancel or change (downgrade) your plan, the headache begins.
    First, I tried to call customer service to downgrade my service, I was transferred three times to reach the right person, even I made the correct choice and specifically told the agent that I wanted to downgrade. Then I was told that if I remove TV and downgrade internet, my bill will be $30 more, how ridiculous?! Then when I tried to do it myself online, more problems. The “manage plan” is linked to “contact us” directly and i don’t have the option to manage plan online. Online chatting only got reply with non sense and irrelevant.

  • Don H

    I believe that Comcast very poor customer service will lead to there continual loss of customers. Comcast does not understand customer service at all. I cancelled service for internet and they did not do as I asked and then billed me for another month. I then cancelled “again” and they then told me for the first time that there is an $80 early termination fee. I told them that my rental is continuing the service with them and that they are not out anything. They were incapable of seeing this simple truth (this was a senior manager). Therefore, I am cancelling my account with Comcast from now on. I am already signed up with a new carrier. I am saving $10/month and my internet is going from a Max of 25 mbps to 150 mbps. Goodbye Comcast !!!!!!! Hopefully forever.

  • Olga

    We work from home a lot and stable , fast internet is our “bread and butter”. Therefore we went for the “gigabit” internet service advertised by Xfinity. No need to say – 1GB/s service doesn’t exist ! At least from Xfinity. Do not buy into it!
    (1) Xfinity “gigabit” doesn’t deliver advertised speed.
    Technician installed it and we tested internet speed together (using 3 of our laptops – windows and 2 Macs) and never got to 1GB while technician was still in the house. Explanation from technician was – “busy time of the day, try mornings and evenings – you’ll get what you signed up for”. We tried service for 3 months, tested speed different time of the day. Internet speed rarely went over 100Mb/s. Usual Download speed would be 60-70Mb/s and Upload speed 13-40 Mb/s. The internet service was extremely patchy and drop off randomly.
    I had to call back to downgrade the service.
    So I asked the Rep how do they feel about ripping off customers. The answer was – we never promise 1Gb/s unless your device is hard wired to the router. I do not know anyone who is using hard wires at their home office. However if you do – you may have a chance to see “Chupacabra of Xfinity” 🙂
    (2) Google if the “gigabit” Xfinity service is still supported in your area.
    I just found out that Xfinity stopped providing their “gigabit” service in many areas. However I am not sure they actually notify customers about it and not sure if they adjust billing automatically.
    (3) More to it – while installing the “gigabit” internet service technician removed a lot of cables from the box outside the house. He claimed it’s “too much of wire splicing”. After he left we noticed that 9v power line was disconnected/cut off as well and other outdoors device (Ring) doesn’t work any longer. When i asked customer support to please send technician to fix the issue – they told me to contact support for the other device (e.g. Ring) even the 9V connection was disconnected by their technician.
    OVERALL FEEDBACK – XFINITY does NOT deliver advertised internet service and customer service is the WORST customer service I ever had to deal with . Good luck !

    • xfinity_guy

      Xfinity absolutely DOES deliver the speeds that are advertised. Quality of work has a lot to do with the outcome, and it sounds like the technician you had out just didn’t do his job correctly. Every speed tier Comcast offers actually tests higher than advertised, when installed correctly. I’d call to have another technician out.

  • Ingrid

    Considero que esta compañia es una estafa, se promocionan muchisimo y su servicio es completamente pesimo. Pagas un internet d alta velocidad y puedes hacer la prueba de que tan rapido te esta funcionando y es una mentira todo, llamas al servicio al cliente y solo saben decirte que lo sienten por el inconveniente y te resuelven por unos dias el problemita, y en mi caso el modem es propio porque ya una vez rente uno y era lo mismo, ademas d pagar la tarifa mensual por un servicio q no recibes como lo tienes en el contrato, te dicen cdo el modem es tuyo q es problemas del fabricante. Seran cara dura y falta de respeto……. la estafa personificada esta compañia

  • Drew von Grimm

    Horrible service! Never works! Always freezing. Have to call every other day. Have to reset modem twice a day. Talking to customer service is dreadful.

  • James

    I hate that Xfinity sends so much junk in the mail. It is crazy wasteful and annoying.

    To boot, Xfinity makes it really difficult to remove yourself from the mailing list.

    Please Xfinity, if you’re listening, create an online website where people—both non-customers and customers—can remove their address from your mailing list.

    Please follow up on your claims to be environmentally conscious.

  • phil thum

    If you have comcast in a KOA campground you may as well turn on an AM radio for all the action you’ll get trying to connect to the internet, it’s almost an insult to the customers giving them a wifi code? read a nice long book like War and Peace while your waiting to sign in and check your mail. Why KOA even offers this ?service at all is a mystery ? it’s like saying here is your internet connection ….. if you want to wait 15 minutes while google boots up. If you pay for this stuff your throwing away money. Time , and probably damaging your pc circuits waiting for this BS. you tube ? videos ? their on another planet not here.

  • David Zamudio

    Horrible company they do not honor their agreements. Their services are always randomly not working…extremely unreliable internet their so called fast speed internet and I paid for premium internet is a joke. Their customer service agents are clueless and not at all helpful. Truly a horrible company will never use them again.

  • Ashley

    I’m so happy to switch off. I get the same problem every month where I have to deal with a week or two (or even three),of almost no uload speed. No idea why, the two techs and customer support we called had no idea either other than “Oh, well it seems fixed now.” And it is, until it repeats itself.

  • liz

    I am currently an Xfinity customer. I typically just get internet but currently I have internet and basic cable channels because it was the better deal. I have been a customer for years. I wanted to switch from AT&T to Xfinity Mobile services and do the BYOD. I went up to the store because you have to do this type of transaction in store. The store is about a 20 minute drive. the first time the guy was very helpful but AT&T flagged my device as fraud so I had to wait on that to clear. The second time I went the girl just told me an error message came up and she called some kind of help desk they use. The man on the other end said we were at a road block and there wasn’t anything to do, to just try again in a few more days. I waited a week and figured out it was because of AT&T. I did the whole unlocking thing once more and it was fine. I went back up there and the guy just told me I have to do it online. I was not allowed to do the BYOD in store. I called xfinity when I left and they told me that I HAD to do it in store. So I went to the next closest store and that was a 45 minute drive. They told me they were getting an error message and that I had to complete an email that xfinity would send me. I have never gotten this email that they speak of. So I had no idea what they were talking about. After I told them I wasn’t leaving the store until I heard more from them than just they are getting an error message they called the help desk again and the guy over the phone tried completing the transaction to get me over to their network. We were almost there and he said he was getting a message not letting him complete the transaction. The guy that was infront of me was actively annoyed that he had to spend some time with. After a few minutes of the guy trying to complete the process the guy in front of me gives me a ticket number and scoots me out of the store with a ticket number. He said they would call me back and I left. They never called back. I called the next day and asked if anything had been done with the ticket number and the lady said it hadn’t been touched since I left the store. I went back up to the closer store and thought id be in the clear for getting all this bull figured out. I got there and she said that email (that they told me about before) was a questionnaire that I needed to complete when they sent it to me. I haven’t gotten this questionnaire so how in the world could I complete it. She looked in my file and said on the Mobile side of things I did not have an email attached to my account. She put an email in there and I asked her “What if I don’t get the email” she said “you will!”… It never came. its been 2 weeks… I am now a proud Verizon Wireless customer

  • Dorothy Rathheim Swoap

    When I watch anything on demand I get halfway through and it freezes. Start again with no way to fast forward and it inevitably freezes again in the same place. I’ve contacted support on multiple occasions and they won’t call or email me back. Last call was a week ago. I was promised a credit on my bill because my Internet has been down constantly over the past 6 weeks. Also was promised someone would be contacting me about a service call. No credit. No contact. I took the time to rate my experience on a survey after I called the last time and STILL haven’t received any communication back. No Internet AT ALL right now. It’s been out all day. No tv. This company is a joke. Maybe the worst service I’ve ever experienced. AND IT’S VERY EXPENSIVE! Also I’ve never run a speed test and gotten the speed that I pay for- not once.

  • nicholas e

    I’ve always tried to find an internet provider that delivered fiber optic connections. Since Comcast has a monopoly in my new building I’m stuck with them again. On a daily basis there are random disconnects or lag spikes. If you play video games, this is a huge problem. My ping will spike to 200 if I’m lucky, 500+ if I’m not. It’s basically a loss if it doesn’t come down within a few minutes.

    The internet is fast on the down, but extremely slow on the up. Usually around 100/5. This is on par with what I experienced a few years ago in NJ. After using other providers, they are easily the worst. But as we all know, they have a legal monopoly and there are no other options.

  • Kurt Bevill

    Overpriced! Their tech support is a joke as well. I have never been more disappointed with a cable/internet provider in my life!

  • Lee New

    I have been researching Comcast, DirecTV and streaming options all day and this article is one of the best I have read so far on Comcast. I agree that their customer service is terrible and their tech service is slow and inadequate, but there are only two options other than streaming for me at the moment. My Comcast bill for cable and 2nd tier internet Blast! was $106 when I first signed up in 2011, went up to $168 in 2014 and starting this month they are charging me $197. I really only watch ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, PBS, CNN, Food, Comedy, Travel, History, FX, HBO and Showtime (the last two alone cost $27 to add).

    So their bottom line for the slowest Internet (5mb) and cable TV (140 channels) plus a phone service that I do not need is to sign a two-year contract (I am currently paying month to month) and drop HBO and Showtime, but keep the DVR service ($10 a month) for $168 a month for the next year that goes up to $202 in months 13 through 24, which I found to be ridiculous and a even worse value than paying $197 and keeping the faster internet and HBO and showtime.

    I gave DirecTV the same opportunity and they told me that I would receive a $300 VISA gift card and pay $42 for months 1-3 (with HBO and Showtime), $96 for months 4-12 and $139 for months 13-24, but this does not include Internet service and HBO and Showtime would cost extra (not sure how much) after month three. Reviews indicate that picture quality and DVR service are less than adequate for DirecTV Now compared with Comcast so I am think I may be ready to cut the cable and give either DirecTV, Sony Playstation Vue, Sling TV, YouTube TV, Hulu Live TV or Amazon TV a try and just keep the Internet service ($60) from Comcast. Any reasonable comments on this dilemma would be appreciated.

    • Arianus

      Considering internet phone is free your getting ripped off.
      Considering that abc cbs nbc pbs are free over the air your getting ripped off.
      Considering that you can find cnn (average age of people watching cnn is 7o + and 6o year old cartoons on reruns gets better ratings and most the crap they play is disingenuous lies and fake news you should get your impartial information from other sources unless you like being told how to think about everything then cnn is for you) for free in different places your getting ripped off.
      Places like hulu and amazon let you subscribe for hbo how time etc from them. You can also sign up for individually from hbo and showtime etc.

      I haven’t paid for cable tv in 5 years and l now have more of a selection of tv shows and more lives than l ever did paying $3OO + a month for Comcast cable & their slowest net. I had almost all the channels you could buy. Now l have Comcast business class net and it’s fast, yes it costs too much everything does nowadays. Now l watch shows from all over the world whenever l want. I watch any show l want to watch when l want to watch it not when I’m told to and l haven’t watched a commercial in years.

    • Gary Rethford

      Sounds good to me, I had Universe for a few years before Comcast, they raised their prices so I left. I’m going to leave Comcast and go back to Universe, their service is awesome, all the way around.

  • David Harris

    xfinity is the worst!!! I’ve had it for 4 years now and every year you have to call and haggle with them to keep the same rate. they up sale you on the tv, phone and other services for hrs and hrs before just giving you internet only service. they won’t give you internet only unless you go through the sales pitch, then you have to call every year to keep the same rate!!! stupid business plan!!

  • Lee Ann Blazejewski

    Comcast is a terrible company. I have been with them for many years and they have gone downhill. I am being charged for equipment that I did not request and the new equipment doesn’t work. I called Comcast and they told me that I have to go to the local service center which is only open 10am to 6pm and Saturday mornings. I work an hour away and I work on Saturdays. I do not believe it is right to charge me for something I didn’t request and to expect me to take time off work (which, will cost me money) to return equipment I didn’t ask for!! I seems like fraud to me!

  • Gary Rethford

    Comcast Xfinity is horrible, you can’t watch videos on the internet without interruptions most of the time and I’ve got their best internet service. Their customer service is horrible. Their TV service is good most of the time, but at the price forget it. I’ve been with Xfinity for over 2 years, and I’ve had enough. I’m going back to Universe, cost a little more, but I had the service for 3 years and never had any problems, I left when they raised their prices.
    You want great TV, Internet service, get AT&T Universe.

  • Solomon Kraner

    Hello fellow Xfinity customers.
    I would like to express my frustration with Comcast without using BAD BAD words. Terrible service!!!
    Unfortunately I’m the second year a customer of this “company’. Four (4!!!) days as I lost hot spot connection. Since I’m traveling a lot it was very attractive to sign for the “service” . The reality?
    Go look for a hot spot and if you lucky you might can get it. If you complain about lack of connection call them up and listen what advice the idiots are given… stay close to Starbucks or other public places. MORONS… if I will be at Starbucks I will use their WI-I free!
    I’m the 2-d day (!!) try to reach anybody for help over the phone. The worst automatic system you can meet. Tens of stupid questions. The funniest thing is … If you have troubles, go on line with such in such address…
    MORONS!!!! I have troubles sign in, that’s why I’m calling, how can I go on line??
    Lately, Three times they simply disconnect me and when finally was lucky to hear a voice…… I spoke to a ZERO knowledgeable young lady.
    Congratulate me! I’M STILL WITHOUT INTERNET!!!

  • jon

    I first heard from xfinity from a Walmart lady that promised me internet and tv for only $35 a month, she said I would get one month free and free Netflix. BEWARE IF IT IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, ITS PROBABLY BECAUSE ITS NOT. I was paying three times more then what she’d told me. I called the representatives to try to figure it out and two of them HUNG up on me. I kept getting charges like crazy and they threaten to destroy my credit if I didn’t pay. Xfinity has just been the worst service provider ever and trust me I’ve had some bad ones before. If you can find another provider in your area I would recommend that. Avoid Comcast at all cost.

  • Dracidephgm

    I am a high end user with work related needs that require me to have a 24/7 reliable connection. My area of the country gets many electrical storms and my comcast internet connection goes out with almost every electrical storm. Each time it is a major battle to get back up and running again. Even though the outage is NOT on my property they want me home if they will come out, they want to set the appointment days or even over a week later, and their customer support is out of the country with no ski in the game. They have a script to follow and will not stray from that script. if I functioned in a similar fashion as the comcast customer support I would no longer have a job. This weekend I am going through this process for the 6th or 7th time in 3 years and though each time I finally get someone on the line who actually does help, the fix they “give me” for the problem, ends up not being a fix, and the number they tell me to call to expedite the process the next time my service goes out does not work any better than past encounters…..I am through with this and will be looking for ANY other provider in my area of Houston