Metronet Internet Review: Customers Call It “Cheap and Reliable”

Metronet’s fiber service offers record-breaking internet speeds that rival major broadband providers, but watch out for extra fees.

Metronet Internet at a glance
Metro Net
Overall Quality ⁃ 3.8/5
bullet 4.0/5 - Speed and reliability
bullet 3.5/5 - Dollar value
bullet 4.0/5 - Customer experience
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Kelly Huh
Jun 11, 2024
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If you live in certain parts of the Midwest, you may have heard exciting news (and construction noise) of a Metronet fiber rollout happening in your area. Although cable companies still dominate internet access in many areas where Metronet is available, it's worth signing up for this Indiana-based provider thanks to its many great features—including reasonable prices, unlimited data with no throttling, and record-fast symmetrical speeds.

“It provides a very cheap and reliable service,” says Zamero Reyez, a biochemistry Ph.D. student at Purdue University who uses Metronet at his apartment in Lafayette, Indiana. “I don’t feel the need to even explore [other options] because I’m satisfied where I’m at.”

Read on to get a close-up view into what Metronet customers are experiencing and whether this fiber provider is worth getting.

“It provides a very cheap and reliable service” -Zamero Reyez, Metronet customer
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Get to know Metronet—plans and pricing

Price per Month
Download speed
100Mbps$29.95/mo. for 12 months*108.47Mbps
500Mbps$39.95/mo. for 12 months505.2Mbps
1Gbps$49.95/mo. for 12 months943.85Mbps
2Gbps$89.95/mo. for 12 months2083.36Mbps
5Gbps$109.95/mo for 12 months 4982.19 Mbps
* Offers available to new residential customers only and may not be combined with other offers. MetroNet reserves the right to revoke or modify offers at any time. Taxes, fees, and other terms apply. Pricing and speeds not available in all areas
For 12 months. Offers available to new residential customers only and may not be combined with other offers. MetroNet reserves the right to revoke or modify offers at any time. Taxes, fees, and other terms apply. Pricing and speeds not available in all areas
For 6 months. Offers available to new residential customers only and may not be combined with other offers. MetroNet reserves the right to revoke or modify offers at any time. Taxes, fees, and other terms apply. Pricing and speeds not available in all areas

All Metronet plans offer fiber-to-the-home connectivity with unlimited data and no contracts. Metronet advertises 100Mbps speeds on its lowest tier plan, which should generally support a single user streaming, gaming, and taking video calls. But it also offers faster plans, with speed tiers going up to 2Gbps.

Like most providers, Metronet’s introductory rates only last for the first year, before increasing by $10 every year for one to three years, depending on the plan. You can shave off some costs by opting in to AutoPay, which gives you a $25 one-time credit, while paperless billing means waiving a $4.95 monthly fee. There are add-on TV streaming services through MyBundleTV, but there aren’t any discounted Metronet internet with TV bundles.

Although you don’t have to worry about early cancellation fees or data overage charges, Metronet does impose a monthly “Tech Assure” fee that covers 24/7 technical support and service calls to repair Metronet-owned equipment or infrastructure. This type of fee is uncommon for internet providers, but somewhat manageable considering you don’t have to worry about a router rental fee.

Metronet fees for modem and installation

Eero router rental (Optional)


Early contract termination


Data overage


Professional installation

$75 (can be waived on the student plan, or reduced to $50 if you sign up for AutoPay)

Tech Assure Fee


Billing Fee

$4.95/mo. (waived if you sign up for paperless billing)

Late Fee

1.5% of services

Eero Plus app (Optional)


Whole Home Wi-Fi (Optional)


What makes this review legit?

Our fact-based research process centers on interviews with internet customers across the country, helping us understand how internet services hold up against diverse needs and challenges.

To put together this review, we spoke with five customers over the phone and a dozen others on Reddit, Facebook, and TikTok. We let their experiences guide our research and shape our conclusions. We also spoke with a Metronet spokesperson and an expert on internet technology about the need for multi-gig internet plans. We looked over the fine print of Metronet’s pricing and speed capabilities, analyzed data from our speed test, pored over public surveys and customer-satisfaction reports, and contacted customer service to gauge the experience.

how we review products and services

The rundown—Metronet by our criteria

For all our internet reviews, we give a rating based on three main criteria—speed and reliability, dollar value, and customer experience—which we then average to make an overall score.

Want to know how Metronet stacks up? See our full take below.

Overall score: 3.8/5

Speed and reliability

internet speed

Metronet delivers some of the fastest speeds in the biz. Plans deliver symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 5Gbps, all over an ultra-reliable fiber-to-the-home connection. Metronet ranked second in our Fastest Internet Providers report, coming in just behind Google Fiber—an impressive sign for a regional company that doesn’t have the same resources as bigger ISPs.

Even Metronet’s slowest plans are still quite fast for most people. And like all fiber internet providers, Metronet’s symmetrical download and upload speeds make this Wi-Fi excellent for upload-heavy tasks like taking Zoom calls, uploading videos to YouTube, hosting a livestream, or playing VR games.

It’s worth noting that unlike other fiber providers, Metronet fully funds and independently owns its fiber networks, and tends to build where big brand providers like Google Fiber and AT&T aren’t available. “Many communities across the nation currently have limited options for internet service providers, restricting access to advanced technologies. Metronet's multi-gigabit fiber-optic network offers a valuable alternative,” says Katherine Yochum, a Metronet spokesperson.

Dollar value

dollar value

Metronet’s fiber network gets you consistent, reliable, and fast speeds for a great price. All plans start with 12 months of promotional pricing, followed by a $10 increase every year for the next one to three years. Yes, price hikes aren’t ideal, but the plans start at such a low rate that the final prices end up being reasonable. A Reddit user, iPersivol, told that changing to Metronet gave him great value even though the plan is more expensive than other internet options in his area: “I have so many devices (~20) connected and it has never been a problem.”

There is a mandatory monthly Tech Assure fee, which includes 24/7 technical support and service calls to repair wiring or Metronet-owned equipment. That means even if you accidentally mow over a line (as one customer who spoke with us did), any repairs will be fully covered. You can also request an appointment for “Metronet’s Annual WiFi Optimization” in the month of your plan anniversary, where a technician comes to your home to check that everything is working at peak performance. Happy anniversary!

Students pay more for Metronet in the long run

Students who sign up for Metronet don’t have to worry about an installation fee, but they do have to deal with other annoying restrictions that raise the cost of their Wi-Fi. According to the fine print on Metronet’s student plans, student accounts actually follow a more frequent price hike structure, with monthly plan fees increasing on your 7th month and on your 18th month. Student plans also start at 500Mbps, an excessive speed for the average college kid, who may just need 100Mbps if they’re living alone or with a roommate.

The final monthly price on a student plan is $10 cheaper than the regular plan’s final monthly price—but it will take you just 18 months on a 500Mbps student plan to start paying $60 per month, versus 25 months on a regular plan.

Customer experience

customer experience

According to’s customer satisfaction survey, Metronet ranks above average in customer satisfaction.

The professional installation process can take a few days to a few weeks to complete, but customers say service technicians are friendly and installation is quick. A person 18 years or older will need to be present during the main installation day, which can take a few hours.

Once service is up and running, customers generally find the customer service to be responsive. You can contact customer service by texting a customer support phone number, calling, or using the website’s chat. On the chat service, a bot guides you through a troubleshooting process, exhausting all possible solutions before recommending a technician.

“They sort of have a robot set up to guide you and guide the system on trying to diagnose the issue,” says Reyez, who couldn’t get his TV to connect to Wi-Fi. “It was pretty straightforward. I wish I’d have had a person to talk to, but the Wi-Fi was restored within 30 minutes, so I can’t really complain that much.”

During working hours, customer service representatives were available immediately and answered my questions in a straightforward way both on the phone and web-based chat. One customer service rep I talked to on the phone was quick to dismiss my questions about specific plan prices because I didn’t share my address, but this is to be expected from internet providers because they want to first check if Metronet is available in your location before answering questions.

While signing up can be done either through Metronet’s website or over the phone, canceling requires that you call customer service.

How long it took to get a real human on the phone: less than a minute.

How the chat service is: fast, straightforward, and informative.

Overall quality

overall quality

Fast and reliable speeds, helpful customer service, and a reasonable price make up the holy grail of a good internet experience. Metronet ticks all these boxes, making it a provider worth signing up for.

Before you hand over your hard-earned cash, think about what speeds you really need. Metronet highlights their 1Gig plan as the best deal, but a lower speed plan is sufficient for average households. There aren't any contracts, so if you wanted to, you could take up the higher speed plans on promo pricing, and then downgrade to a lower speed when the prices have increased. Keep track of any differences in service, if any, and change plans if needed.

Metronet—what deals and promotions can you get?

Metronet’s promotional pricing eases you into the full cost of the service, which ends up being a nice perk if you’re fully aware of it. Besides pricing, Metronet offers a “free” Eero wireless router to every new customer, but you need to return it if you cancel the plan. You can also bundle your internet with phone service, and you get free Whole-Home Wi-Fi if you sign up for the 2Gbps plan.

deals badge
$25 credit when you sign up for AutoPay

Enroll in AutoPay via ACH to get a billing credit.

Metronet add-ons and perks

Free WholeHome WiFi

If you sign up for the 2Gbps internet plan, you get a $9.95/mo. discount which covers WholeHome WiFi for 1 year.

$100 Amazon Gift Card

Sign up and pay for 2 full months of 1Gbps services or higher speed plans. Must remain a customer without downgrading speeds for at least 12 months.

$15/mo. Unlimited Phone

If you sign up for an unlimited residential phone plan alongside your internet plan, you get the phone plan price-locked at $15/mo. for 1 year.

What do customers think of Metronet?

Most Metronet users say they experience reliable internet with fair pricing. Customers say the provider does a good job when customers stream on multiple devices, work from home, or upload content.

“We’re in 2024. We shouldn't have to wait for things to buffer,” says Kristy Borboa, a marketing agency owner in Bryan, Texas. “The speed is fast. We have one TV, three phones, and two computers going right now."

Borboa previously used Optimum but didn't like the provider's constantly-changing prices and poor upload speeds, so she switched to Metronet in 2023. Now, her household of three loves their home Wi-Fi. "We've got one uploading video and another listening to music," she says. "We don't have any problems with Metronet."

“When they did install it in the neighborhood, it was pretty quick and easy,” says Kristy Borboa from Bryan, Texas.

On the flipside, Borboa was happy with the fiber-burying process. “When they did install it in the neighborhood, it was pretty quick and easy. And they didn't make a big mess, which I appreciate. They weren't sloppy,” says Borboa. 

“Growing pains” of a recently constructed fiber network

While Metronet’s newly laid fiber lines are an exciting development for communities that have had few options for high-speed internet, it also means there are “growing pains” as described by PJ Villaflor, a content creator and DJ in Des Moines, Iowa.

“I’m willing to put up with a little hassle for the goal of having reliable, faster internet” -PJ Villaflor, Metronet customer in Des Moines.

Villaflor was initially excited about his new Metronet service because of its symmetrical speeds–a must for uploading videos. But on the second day after his service got set up, the neighboring apartment mowed over his fiber line.

Getting it fixed took several days, and the line was never properly buried. When he came back from his honeymoon two weeks later, he saw that the landscapers had mowed over the line again, so there was no internet connection. (According to Metronet’s website, Metronet may run temporary lines on top of the ground while completing repairs, but they assure that they will bury them within a couple of weeks.)

Luckily, Villaflor had not yet canceled his cable internet plan with Mediacom, which he’s now using as a backup while he waits for Metronet to get back online

Despite his lawnmower woes, Villaflor is determined to stick with Metronet. “I’m willing to put up with a little hassle for the goal of having reliable, faster internet,” he says. He is satisfied with the included Eero router, cashback for agreeing to AutoPay, and even the future price hikes as it will still be cheaper than his Mediacom plan.

Need to contact Metronet customer service or tech support?

  • Knowledge Base:
  • Customer Care: 877-407-3224
  • Tech Support: 844-692-6184
  • Text/SMS Support: Text "Agent" to 95798

Digging deeper: Do I really need multi-gig speeds?

It can be tempting to opt for Metronet’s 1Gbps, 2Gbps, or 5Gbps speed plan, but faster speeds aren’t always necessary, or even possible to attain. Even if you do sign up for a multi-gigabit internet plan, your speed may vary depending on your equipment, wired or Wi-Fi connection, home size, and the devices you use.

You would likely need a hardwired Ethernet connection to hit the maximum advertised speeds—and you wouldn’t even make the most of those speeds unless you live with a huge household or run a server farm on your property.

“We recommend 100Mbps per person in your home. So, for a family of five, you would need download speeds of about 500Mbps even if you have gamers or if you’re uploading a lot of content,” says Chili Palmer, consumer expert and senior staff writer at “Most households don’t need gigabit internet, and almost no one needs multi-gig speeds. There's no reason to pay for more speed than you need.”

Spending a few minutes reading our speed guide can help you decipher what speed you need based on what you use the internet for, the number of people who use the internet, and the number of devices that are connected.

Have thoughts about home internet?

We’re eager to hear from internet customers about their experiences with their home Wi-Fi. Contact us at to share your thoughts, recommendations, and hot tips.

Where is Metronet available?

Metronet is available or is currently building fiber networks in over 200 communities in the midwest and south states. Enter your zip code below to check if Metronet is live in your neighborhood. next zip logo
Enter your zip code and find high-speed providers in your area

Metronet vs. the competition

Metronet will give you an overall better experience than any cable provider, even though you might see that Spectrum and Xfinity offer promotional discounts for a longer period. Both cable providers are generally more expensive after the promotional period is over, and you just can’t beat the reliability and speed of fiber.

An AT&T or CenturyLink DSL plan instead of Metronet should be your last resort if you don’t have access to Metronet or cable providers, because they’re expensive and slow.

Compare internet providers and prices

Download speed
SpectrumSpectrum Internet®$49.99/mo.300Mbps^
XfinityInternet Connect$19.99/mo.°150Mbps
Mediacom Xtream100Mbps$34.99/mo.**100Mbps
CenturyLinkCenturyLink Internet$55.00/mo.‡‡Up to 100Mbps
T-MobileT-Mobile 5G Home Internet$50/mo.^^72-245Mbps
Data as of 04/05/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
^ Limited time offer; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and who have no outstanding obligation to Charter.
° Pricing for some packages are for the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.
** For the first 12 months.
†† Price after $5/mo Autopay & Paperless bill discount (w/in 2 bills). Plus taxes $ fees. Limited availability. May not be available in your area.
‡‡ Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply.
^^ w/ Auto Pay. Regulatory fees included in monthly price for qualified accounts. See full terms.

Want Metronet? Find it in your area.

Check if Metronet is available for you in our zip checker below. If it's not available, look out for future news of build-outs. next zip logo
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