How to Lower Your Xfinity Bill

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December 16, 2021
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Is your Xfinity bill getting out of control? We took time to research and compile the best methods available to lower your Xfinity bill. Best of all, it's not as hard as you might think to keep your wallet a bit more full.

If you find that your eyes are popping out of your head every time you glance at the amount owned, we’ve got some excellent tips for you. Keep reading to learn how to lower your Xfinity bill:

  1. Choose a TV package with fewer channels
  2. Lower your internet speed
  3. Stop going over your data cap
  4. Get rid of rental equipment
  5. Negotiate your monthly cost
Xfinity Deals

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1. Trim your TV channels

If your Xfinity TV service boasts hundreds of channels but you don’t even flip past them when you channel surf, it’s probably time to revisit your subscription.

This doesn’t mean you need to cut the cord and ditch cable TV altogether. But downsizing to a TV package that offers fewer channels will probably save you a buck or twenty. Just check out the price difference between Xfinity’s different TV plans if you don’t believe me:

Xfinity cable TV prices
TV channel count
Choice TV$20.00/mo.*10+
Popular TV$60.00/mo.125+
Ultimate TV$80.00/mo.185+
Data effective 01/11/23. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.
* No term contract. Broadcast TV fee extra; price subj to change. Taxes and equipment not included.
No term contract. Broadcast TV and regional sports fee extra; price subj to change. Taxes and equipment not included.

Of course, a streaming service might save you more money in the long run—just watch out for any early termination fees when you close out your cable TV account. (We’ve got some tips for how to avoid cancellation fees if you need them.) And if you need some ideas on how to get your prime time TV fix, check our guide to the best cable alternatives.

Bundling can save you money too

Can’t say goodbye to your TV service? We understand.

If you do watch the majority of your channels or your TV plan is the only one with your favorite channel, you might ask about bundling with Xfinity internet service. Service providers usually cut you a deal if you bundle, so it never hurts to ask.

2. Reduce your internet speed

Our number one tip for chopping some dollars off of your Comcast Wi-Fi plan is to reduce your download speed. Sure, big numbers and internet that’s faster than a street race sound fun, but the truth is, they’ll cost you more.

Of course, you don’t want to trim your internet speed down so far that you and your family can’t enjoy online fun. We recommend taking a look at our guide on how many Mbps you need, then taking inventory of how many people and devices connect to your internet at the same time.

This should give you a better idea of how much speed you need. You can also check out our internet speed recommendations for streaming services if you enjoy Netflix a little too much. (No such thing!) To top that off, we put together an internet speed guide for Zoom to make sure you’re covered if you work from home.

3. Limit your data usage

If you’ve ever gone over your one terabyte (TB) data cap with Xfinity, you know what to expect the next morning: an email shaking its digital finger at you and warning that you might be charged the next time you go over your data limit.

Xfinity gives you two of these so-called “freebies,” and they reset after 12 months.3 But if you go over your data cap a third time within one year, Xfinity automatically charges you an extra $10 to add 50 GB of additional data to your account.

Those charges for extra data won’t go over $200 each month. Yup, $200.

Whether it’s $10 or $200, that’s an extra slap to your wallet. We can’t blame you for avoiding paying for extra data, and luckily there are a few things you can do.

  • Enroll in Xfinity’s unlimited data program for $30 a month.
  • Wait 12 months—your two freebies of data cap overages reset after a year.3
  • Stay on top of your data usage by logging in to your Xfinity account and checking your Usage Meter.
  • Save your downloads until the end of your billing cycle so you're not stuck without data for the rest of the month.
Your unused data doesn’t rollover
Heads Up

Sorry, folks. But Xfinity’s not going to let you save up data.4 If you don’t use your full TB of data in one month, any extra data disappears for good. Womp womp.

4. Ditch the rental equipment

Xfinity provides its customers with a modem and router combo for your internet, plus cable boxes for the TV. This equipment costs you a rental fee each month, which can quickly add up.

Xfinity rental equipment prices5
Rental fee
Cost after one year

Xfinity Wireless Gateway modem/router



X1 TV Box



Additional TV box



DVR service



Data effective 12/16/2021. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

After one year, renting Xfinity’s Wireless Gateway costs about as much as buying your own modem and router combo, like this ARRIS Surfboard* from Amazon. But before you buy your own, be sure to check that it’s compatible with your Xfinity service.

As for your TV boxes, now’s the time to return any you’re not using. That’ll drop your yearly TV costs down about $120, which isn’t a small drop in the bucket.

5. Negotiate a lower cost

If your Xfinity bill is getting out of hand, we recommend checking out the latest Xfinity deals first. If you can lop off a good chunk of your bill by swapping out your TV or internet package online, we call that an easy win.

I downsized my internet and TV plan recently with Xfinity’s online deals. And it’s pretty easy to shop on the Xfinity site—plus, you don’t have to play hardball and negotiate with a real person. (Great news for introverts like me.)

Of course, you may not find a deal you like online—or you may want to cancel your TV or internet service completely. In this case, it’s best to talk to a real person. But before you pick up the phone, it’s time to do a little research so you can negotiate like a boss.

Xfinity customer service
Light Bulb

Need to call your Comcast Xfinity rep? Here’s the number to ring up:

1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)

Or you can chat with a representative online.

First up: check out offers from competing service providers in your area. You can do this by checking out the latest internet deals or by using our ZIP code check tool below.

Check out internet and TV deals near you.

If you can find a competing offer that’s less than what you’re paying Xfinity now, let your Comcast representative know. And let them know you’re not afraid to switch providers—even if that’s a bluff.

By doing your homework and finding competing offers, you let Xfinity know you’re serious about getting the best deal. Also, don’t be afraid to ask if the offer your Xfinity rep makes is the best they can do. Advocate for yourself, and remember, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Now that you know how to lower your Comcast Xfinity bill, check this out next.
Compare Comcast Xfinity deals in your area.

Look for Comcast Xfinity alternatives.


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