The cheapest NBN plans available in Australia

Hunting for cheap NBN plans? We'll help you find your mark.

Cheap NBN 25
Tangerine Telcom
Tangerine Value NBN
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Typical upload speed
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Cheap NBN 50
Tangerine Telcom
Tangerine Value Plus NBN
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Typical evening speed
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Cheap NBN 100
Tangerine Telcom
Tangerine Speedy NBN
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Cheap NBN 250
Exetel Superfast nbn250
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Cheap NBN 1000
Superloop Lightspeed nbn1000/50
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Brodie Fogg
Nov 09, 2023
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In this guide:

Disclaimer: Deals and pricing are only accurate as of the last page update.

What is the cheapest NBN plan?

The cheapest fixed-line NBN plan in our database is Exetel's Basic nbn12 plan. It features unlimited data but only offers 12Mbps download speeds and 0.85Mbps upload speeds. The next cheapest NBN plan is Spintel's NBN Unlimited Entry 20, which gets you unlimited data and 20Mbps download speeds for $49 per month for the first six months then $54.95 per month thereafter.

Spend a little more and you'll get Tangerine's Value NBN plan, which gets you unlimited data with 25Mbps download speeds and 8.5Mbps upload speeds for $49.90 per month for the first six months then $64.90 every month thereafter. If you're on a strict budget (and don't live in a large household,) Exetel's Basic nbn12 plan will get you by but more serviceable speeds will only cost you a little more. Here are those three plans side-by-side:

Compare cheap NBN plans

Cheapest NBN plan (Unlimited NBN 25)

Tangerine Value NBN

How we picked the cheapest NBN 25 plan: 

  • We ranked NBN 25 plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

Tangerine NBN is also a great choice for NBN 25 plans. You'll pay $49.90 per month for your first six months, and $64.90 per month thereafter.

SpinTel has an NBN 25 plan that's $0.90 per month cheaper initially, but it maxes out at 20Mbps - 5Mbps short of what this speed tier is capable of. That's why we've crowned Tangerine the winner here. 

Take a look at the plans below to see how Tangerine's cheap NBN 25 plan stacks up against the competition:

See this month's best NBN plans

Every single month, the team of editors and database managers at meet up to score and rank the very best NBN internet plans in Australia. 

Cheapest NBN 50 plan (a little faster)

Tangerine Value Plus NBN

How we picked the cheapest NBN 50 plan: 

  • We ranked NBN 50 plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one with the best typical speeds.

This month, Dodo has the best NBN 50 deal. You'll pay $53.80 per month for your first six months, but this jumps to $75 per month thereafter. 

$75 per month isn't unreasonable for an NBN 50 plan, but you can get cheaper deals in the long run. For example, SpinTel's NBN 50 plan is $64 per month for your first six months, but only $74.95 per month when your discount expires.

Take a look at the plans below to see how Dodo's cheap NBN 50 plan compares:

Cheapest NBN 100 plan (even faster)

Tangerine Speedy NBN

How we picked the cheapest NBN 100 plan: 

  • We ranked NBN 100 plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

Tangerine currently has the cheapest price for your first six months of an NBN 100 plan. You'll pay $69.90 per month for your first six months, and $84.90 per month thereafter. 

While $84.90 is still on the lower end for an NBN 100 plan, there are cheaper options to consider after your first six months are up. For example, Dodo is only a hair more expensive during the initial six months - $63.85 per month - and then $85 per month at full price. 

Below you'll find more of the cheapest NBN 100 plans so you can see how they stack up against Tangerine's discounted plan.

Cheapest NBN 250 plan (very fast)

Exetel Superfast nbn250

How we picked the cheapest NBN 250 plan: 

  • We ranked NBN 250 plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

If you're looking to score a deal on NBN 250, Exetel has a great offer right now. You'll pay $83.99 per month for your first six months, and then $98.99 per month thereafter. 

Exetel NBN plans also include five-speed boosts per month, allowing you to supercharge your connection to gigabit speeds for 24 hours for no extra cost. 

The catch here is that NBN 250 plans are only available to FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premises) or HFC (Hybrid-Fibre Coaxial) premises, but all addresses with these technology types should be able to get these plans. 

Exetel reports typical evening speeds of 225Mbps on NBN 250 plans. If you're looking for even faster peak hour performance, here's a shortlist of NBN 250 plans sorted by typical evening speeds.

Cheapest NBN 1000 plan

Superloop Lightspeed nbn1000/50

How we picked the cheapest NBN 1000 plan: 

  • We ranked NBN 1000 plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

Got the need for the highest possible NBN speeds? Then the Superloop NBN Lightspeed nbn1000/50 internet plan is currently the cheapest way to get them. This plan will cost you $99 per month, which is cheaper than the promo pricing available from its biggest competitors.

As with NBN 250, NBN 1000 plans are only available to residences with an FTTP or HFC connection. If that's you, then be sure to check out the widget below for the round-up of the other cheap NBN 1000 plans in the mix this month.

Cheapest unlimited Telstra NBN plan

Telstra Upfront Internet Plan Basic

How we picked the cheapest Telstra NBN plan: 

  • We ranked Telstra NBN plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

Australia's leading mobile provider charges a premium for its services and unlike the mobile market, there are fewer reasons to favour Telstra NBN over the competition.

Telstra's cheapest unlimited home internet plan currently clocks in at $85 per month. That comes with unlimited data and NBN Basic II speeds (25 Mbps average typical evening speeds) with no contract. Just note that you'll need to return your modem if you leave within your first two years (or pay a non-return fee).

Take a look at Telstra's other NBN plans below.

Cheapest unlimited Optus NBN plan

Optus Plus Everyday NBN

How we picked the cheapest Optus NBN plan: 

  • We ranked Optus NBN plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

The cheapest NBN plan from Telstra's biggest competitor Optus is cheaper at $85 per month.  Just be aware that download speeds are limited to 50 Mbps.

The plan is contract-free, but you must supply your modem. It also offers the option to save money by bundling your subscription services through Optus' SubHub app.

If you're keen to keep costs down but don't mind paying a little more for faster NBN speeds, you can find Optus's other cheap NBN plans in the widget below.

Cheapest unlimited Vodafone NBN plan

Vodafone Essential Plus NBN

How we picked the cheapest Vodafone NBN plan: 

  • We ranked Vodafone NBN plans with unlimited data by price and selected the cheapest one.

It's no surprise that Vodafone offers NBN plans, but the provider's roster of internet options leaves something to be desired if you're not already a mobile customer. It's cheapest NBN 50 plan clocks in at $85 per month, but those who bundle can bump save $15 per month.

That discount knocks the cost of this one down to $70 per month, which is pretty competitive when compares to both the Optus and Telstra options above.

The plan is also contract-free and comes with unlimited data plus a modem with 4G backup. For a sense of how it compares to the full roster of Vodafone NBN plans, check out the widget below.

Telstra Smart Modem Gen 2

Find the best modem for NBN internet

Bringing your own modem? Don't settle for anything other than the very best with our top picks for the best modems available for the NBN.

What to look for in a cheap NBN plan

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a cheap NBN plan is to work out which NBN speed tier you need. An NBN 12 plan's price might look appealing, but if you are a household of heavy internet users, you'll experience slow internet speeds that won't keep up with your needs.

Also, double-check whether the price you're getting is a promotional discounted price for new customers. If so, you'll need to check what the original price will revert to once the promotion is finished. If you're not in a contract - and most NBN plans aren't - you can easily find another cheaper plan to swap to.

​Still, when shopping for a budget broadband plan, there are a few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Technology at your address: If you're looking for a faster plan, NBN 250 and 1000 are only available to select FTTP and HFC customers. Knowing what NBN technology you have available at your address is the first step to knowing what deals are available to you.
  • Promo pricing: Though most telcos no longer offer contracts, they do offer limited-time promotional pricing (typically for the first six months of your plan). When shopping for the cheapest NBN plans, be sure to check what the monthly price will be after your first six months.
  • BYO modem: Most smaller providers offer BYO modem broadband plans and won't necessarily supply a modem unless you specifically request it. You will also incur an outright fee for the modem on your first bill if you do choose to take a modem. If you do already have an NBN modem that you're happy with, be sure to let your provider know you would like to BYO.
Expert Advice
"Bundling your electricity and gas bills with your phone and internet is an excellent way to save money. Many providers offer generous discounts if you consolidate all your services with the one provider plus you'll only have the one bill!"
Christie Graham, Writer at
Christie Graham
Digital Content Editor

Who offers cheap NBN plans in Australia?

The best internet providers for cheap NBN deals tend to include Tangerine, Dodo, and SpinTel. There are plenty of other providers to compare from, so it's always best to check out who's offering what when you're changing plans. The widget below rounds up the cheapest NBN 50 deals available this month.

Is there a free internet plan in Australia?

By and large, you need to pay for an internet connection in Australia. 

The Australian Government is however working with NBN Co to provide a year of free NBN access to up to 30,000 families who don't currently have the internet at home. Eligible families with school-age children will be nominated by participating schools, education authorities, and community organisations. 

If you're looking for free internet out of home, Telstra offers free public WiFi at a large number of its payphones. 

How much should the NBN cost?

Since every Australian household has slightly different internet needs, there's no single price that an NBN plan should cost. However, if you're trying to work out whether you're paying too much, we're here to help.

Here's a rundown on how much the average each NBN speed tier tends to cost per month.

  • NBN 25 - Between $45 and $65 per month
  • NBN 50 - Between $65 and $75 per month
  • NBN 100 - Between $85 and $95 per month
  • NBN 250 - Between $99 and $130 per month
  • NBN 1000 - Between $130 and $150 per month
Brodie Fogg
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Brodie Fogg
Brodie Fogg is the Australian editorial lead at He has covered consumer tech, telecommunications, video games, streaming and entertainment for over five years at websites like WhistleOut and Finder and can be found sharing streaming recommendations at 7NEWS every month.

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