The best cheap NBN plans this month

When your data-usage is as unhealthy as your instant ramen diet.
  • Superloop Unlimited NBN 25

    Cheapest NBN overall

    3.5 out of 5 overall
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  • Tangerine NBN 25 Unlimited

    Next cheapest overall

    3.5 out of 5 overall
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  • Superloop 500GB 100/20

    Cheapest NBN 100

    3.5 out of 5 overall
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100Mbps taste on a 12Mbps budget.

Some of us just want an internet connection for the most basic tasks; sending emails, checking Facebook and Googling people’s reactions to the latest TV show finale.

Before the age of the NBN, the most important choice you had to make when choosing a broadband plan was how much data it included. These days, your monthly spend is impacted most by the speed packs offered by Australian ISPs. It’s for that reason that the best NBN plans aren’t necessarily the best for everyone.

If you’re one of the many Australians that’s more interested in saving money than time spent downloading, there are plenty of cheap unlimited NBN plans to consider.

Cheapest NBN 100 plan

Superloop 500GB 100/20 Plan

Hot off the starting line is broadband’s speedy young buck, Superloop NBN. Superloop has been firing up some incredible broadband deals since it first took off in Australia. The latest is a super cheap deal on its 500GB Premium NBN 100/20 plan. For a limited time, you can hop on the NBN’s fastest speed tier for less than $60 per month. It only gets you 500GB to play around with but that should be enough for most. If you absolutely need unlimited data, that’s selling for a steal too. Superloop isn’t part of the ACCC’s Broadband Speed Test Program but it does self-report average evening speeds at 90Mbps on its Premium plans. For those out of the loop, that’s a great NBN speed.

If faster uploads are more important to you, then it’s worth checking out Superloop’s 100/40 plan. It’s only a wee bit more expensive during this promotion.

Next cheapest NBN 100

Vodafone Premium Unlimited NBN

The next cheapest NBN 100 plan is technically Spintel’s 200GB Premium plan but for an extra 5c per month, you’d be mad not to take up Vodafone’s Premium NBN 100 offer. Firstly, you’ve got no data limits and secondly, it’s month-to-month (opposed to Spintel’s 6-month contract).

To give you an idea of how good those deals are, here are a few more popular NBN 100 plans sorted by price and popularity.

Cheapest NBN plan overall

Superloop UNLIMITED Standard

During this promotion period, Superloop’s Standard Unlimited plan is pretty much your cheapest ticket to the NBN.  There are a few slower Basic plans on the market but there’s absolutely no reason why you would choose them over a cheaper Standard plan. For a limited time, the Superloop Standard Unlimited plan will cost below $50 per month for the first 6 months (before reverting to normal pricing). Again, this one’s a month-to-month arrangement so if you decide you don’t want to pay the full monthly price after 6 months, you can downgrade, upgrade or cancel completely. Up to you.

Cheapest NBN plan overall

Tangerine Standard Unlimited

Next off the ranks is Tangerine Telecom. This NBN provider consistently tops our recommendations for NBN plans and in any other month where Superloop’s promotion didn’t exist, it’s highly likely you would see Tangerine up top. Even in the face of Superloop’s discounted deals, Tangerine remains a competitive broadband provider. Its Standard Speed Unlimited plan is currently the second cheapest NBN plan overall and it comes with unlimited data and standard NBN 25 speeds. Just like the Superloop deal, this one’s a 6-month promo; after that your bill will revert to regular pricing (which is still a steal).

To highlight the value of these deals, we’ve listed a few more NBN plans sorted by price per month.

Cheapest NBN 50 plan

Superloop 500GB Plan

If you’re open to slowing things down a little and setting up some download boundaries, Superloop’s 500GB Standard plan could be the perfect match. During the ISP’s current promo, it’s the cheapest way you can hop NBN 50. Again, you are setting a limit on your downloads by entering into this plan but 500GB is enough for most small households. Once again, this is a limited-time deal and only lasts 6 months before reverting to regular pricing.

Next cheapest NBN 50 plan

Spintel 200GB Plus

After Superloop, the next cheapest NBN 50 plans is Spintel’s 200GB Plus plans. We’re not recommending you go for it, more illustrating the value in Superloop’s plan. Spintel’s plan has a 200GB limit and locks you in for a 6-month contract. The only bonus is that you get a nice $69 credit on your first invoice.

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What to do with unlimited internet

Every time I recommend a family member a plan with unlimited data, I get this question: “What the hell am I going to do with unlimited data?” as if they’ve got something to hide. Let’s be honest, we’ve all asked this question at some stage. Once you move off a capped plan and you’re freed from the oppressive shackles of excess data charges, it feels like you have the world at your beck and call. Plus, you’re paying for the privilege, so why not make the most of it?

Video-based online activities like streaming TV shows or movies on Netflix can use up 7 GB per hour. Then there are video game downloads, which can use over 50 GB in one sitting. Depending on your family’s interests and online habits, average monthly downloads differ massively from home to home.

I’m what you would consider a high-usage broadband customer. I stream television shows most nights, download video games and updates every other night and Skype regularly with friends overseas. As somebody living outside of the NBN’s reach, I’m forced to use a capped 500GB Wireless Broadband plan. Some months, 500 GB gets me through the month with plenty of data to spare. Some months, I burn through 500 GB halfway through my billing period. The amount of data I use is subject to change every month and peace of mind unlimited would mean I wouldn’t have to constantly monitor my usage.

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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