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Swoop Broadband NBN plans review

Swoop Broadband made a name for itself with its own fixed-wireless network, but these days the provider also sells NBN plans.

Swoop NBN
3.5 out of 5 stars
Available plans
NBN 25, 50, 100/20, 100/40, 250, 1000
Evening download speeds
25Mbps, 50Mbps, 100Mbps, 250Mbps, 582Mbps
Stand-out feature
Australia-based support
Cheapest typical price
From $59/mth
Nathan Lawrence
Oct 03, 2023
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Quick verdict
Swoop Broadband is a decent contender in the NBN space with a great spread of NBN speed tiers, including the versatile NBN 100/40. Whichever Swoop NBN plan you choose, expect fast self-reported typical evening download and upload speeds. While support pathways aren’t as comprehensive as a lot of Swoop’s peers, there’s high reported customer satisfaction. Admittedly, there are not a lot of perks to Swoop’s NBN plans, and the provider’s beyond-NBN 100 plans are restricted to FTTP connections only.
pro Most NBN speed tiers offered
pro Fast typical evening speeds
pro High reported customer satisfaction
con Limited support pathways
con Not too many features
con No HFC support for NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans

Provider NBN value for money

Swoop offers competitive pricing across a great range of NBN speed tiers.

Lots of NBN providers like to compete initially by offering six months of promotional pricing to new sign-ups. But unless you’re willing to switch providers every six months (the data says that’s not the case), when the promo dust settles, typical pricing is the best yardstick for comparing NBN plans.

Swoop NBN 25 plan

While not as cheap as Tangerine, Exetel, Belong, Southern Phone or Superloop for NBN 25 plans, Swoop is the next provider off the rank in terms of typical pricing, alongside Optus and Aussie Broadband.

For comparison, below is a daily updating list of popular NBN 25 plans from our comparison engine.

Swoop NBN 50 plan

Swoop is closer to the middle of the pack for NBN 50 plans, bested by Dodo, Tangerine, Exetel, Superloop and TPG.

Compare Swoop’s plan with popular NBN 50 picks from our database.

Swoop NBN 100/20 plan

For NBN 100 plans, Swoop is one of a handful of providers to offer both 100/20 and 100/40 options. Typical pricing for Swoop’s NBN 100/20 plans is, again, in the middle of the pack, bested by familiar competitors listed above.

And below is a daily updating list of popular NBN 100/20 plans.

Swoop NBN 100/40 plan

Swoop’s NBN 100/40 plan is the fastest option available to most metropolitan homes in Australia. Exetel, Superloop and Mate offer better monthly pricing but Swoop is on par with what other NBN providers charge for 100/40 plans.

For comparison, here’s a list of popular NBN 100/40 plans from our comparison engine.

Swoop NBN 250 plan

If you live in a Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) home, you can also consider NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans from Swoop. Optus, Exetel, Superloop, Tangerine, Southern Phone and Dodo are some of the names with better ongoing pricing than Swoop which is, again, around the middle of the typical pricing scale for NBN 250 plans.

Check out the daily updating list of popular NBN 250 plans below.

Swoop NBN 1000 plan

For NBN 1000 plans, Superloop, Tangerine, Exetel, TPG, Kogan Internet, More NBN and Southern Phone have cheaper typical pricing, but Swoop has good pricing relative to its solid typical evening download speeds.

Compare the Swoop NBN 1000 plan above with popular plans from our database below.

Speeds: How fast is Swoop NBN?

Fast download speeds from NBN 25 through to NBN 1000.

If you sign up for a Swoop NBN plan, expect competitive download and upload speeds. All Swoop plans except for its NBN 1000 plan offer parity between max achievable download speed and self-reported typical evening download speed.

NBN speed tier
Max speed (download/upload)
Swoop evening speed (download/upload)
Typical monthly price
Swoop NBN Home CasualBasic II (NBN 25)25/5Mbps25/5Mbps$69
Swoop NBN Home EverydayStandard (NBN 50)50/20Mbps50/20Mbps$79
Swoop NBN Home FastFast (NBN 100/20)100/20Mbps100/20Mbps$99
Swoop NBN Home Fast+Fast+ (NBN 100/40)100/40Mbps100/40Mbps$109
Swoop NBN Home SuperfastSuperfast (NBN 250)250/25Mbps250/25Mbps$129
Swoop NBN Home UltrafastUltrafast (NBN 1000)1000/50Mbps582/47Mbps$149

Swoop Broadband speed test

If you’re a Swoop Broadband customer, use the speed test tool below to see if your download and upload speeds are up to snuff. Note this speed test tool works with any provider and every internet connection type.

Swoop NBN features and perks

Light on NBN plan perks outside of the basics.

Swoop Broadband follows the provider norm of $0 setup fees, but there aren’t too many extras afterwards. Plans don’t include an NBN-compatible modem; you can, however, pay $160 for a TP-Link VR400 v3 modem-router. If you want a home phone or pay TV bundle, Swoop Broadband isn’t the provider for you. Swoop does, however, have a referral system, wherein both referrer and referee get a $15 monthly discount for six months.

Swoop NBN alternatives

Swoop fixed wireless and private fibre options are also available.

While you have to be in an eligible area, Swoop offers more ways to get online than just NBN. Swoop sells internet plans on its own fixed-wireless network (as well as Fixed Wireless NBN) and Opticomm private fibre.

For comparison, Swoop offers two Fixed Wireless NBN plans: 25/5 and 75/10. But if you’re in the Swoop fixed-wireless footprint, choose from 30/10, 70/20, 120/20, 250/100 and 500/200 plans. Punch in your address on the Swoop website to see if you’re eligible. Opticomm private fibre is closer to NBN in terms of speed tiers, with Swoop offering 25/5, 50/20, 100/20 and 250/25 plans.

Swoop customer support and satisfaction

Not a lot of support pathways but great reported customer satisfaction.

If support is important to you, you’ll want to go with a provider that offers multiple support pathways. Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and iiNet are great examples of comprehensive support pathways. Swoop is a little lacking in this regard, with customers limited to Facebook chat, phone support or online FAQs.

Admittedly, while limited, reported customer satisfaction is impressive. At the time of writing, Swoop’s Facebook reviews were an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars, while Product Review wasn’t far behind at 4.5 from 200+ reviews.


How we review NBN providers

For the 20+ NBN providers we track in our comparison engine, we use a schema to comparatively rank them all in terms of key metrics: price, speed, features, support and user-reported satisfaction. Price and speed are ranked relative to the NBN plan prices and speeds available from the NBN providers in our database.

An NBN provider doesn’t have to be the cheapest, but it should at least have the speed to justify a steeper price. Note that we use typical pricing to better determine overall value, rather than relying on potentially short-lived promotional pricing. For speed expectations, the trend is towards parity between max potential download speeds and an NBN provider’s self-reported typical evening download speeds for NBN 12 (12Mbps), NBN 25 (25Mbps) and NBN 50 (50Mbps) plans. Faster NBN speed tiers tend to offer below-parity speeds, but faster is still preferred.

For features, we favour NBN providers that offer more bang for your buck, while acknowledging that the price-to-speed ratio is the most important. Similarly, the more support pathways an NBN provider offers its customers, the greater its investment in helping which, in turn, offers more options for users. Finally, we scour user-review websites to find satisfaction scores for customers of NBN providers to paint a better picture of their reputations.

Read more about how we rate NBN providers.

Swoop Broadband frequently asked questions

Swoop Broadband is owned by Swoop Holdings Ltd.
Swoop NBN is available to most Australians, specifically those in areas connected to the NBN via Fibre-to-the-Premises, Hybrid Fibre Coaxial, Fibre-to-the-Curb, Fibre-to-the-Building and Fibre-to-the-Node. Swoop NBN also offers Fixed Wireless NBN plans.
Swoop Broadband uses its own fixed-wireless network, NBN and Opticomm private fibre to connect homes to the internet.
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Nathan Lawrence
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