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Dodo NBN plans are far from extinct.

Dodo NBN plans
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Brodie Fogg
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February 10, 2022
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Our verdict on Dodo
Even without promotional pricing, Dodo has a handful of NBN plans that are competitively priced. These plans aren’t the speediest around, though, but they do come with a modem-router. Still, there’s an upfront fee to consider for month-to-month users, but also some solid versatility for those seeking a home phone service or Fetch TV entertainment.
pro Competitively priced plans
pro Optional monthly extras
con No-contract setup fees
con Low reported customer satisfaction

Dodo NBN value for money

Competitive pricing and decent speeds when you pick NBN 50 or NBN 100

When it comes to fixed-line NBN plans, Dodo offers three speed tiers: NBN Basic II (NBN 25), NBN Standard (NBN 50) and NBN Fast (NBN 100). Dodo is a mobile and broadband provide that offers its NBN plans in either month-to-month or 12-month contracts. There’s a $120 upfront fee for those who don’t want a contract, but this fee is waived for those who don’t mind signing up for 12 months.

Because no-contract plans are common among most NBN providers, we use Dodo’s month-to-month plans as a basis of comparison. 

NBN 25

The Dodo nbn25 Unlimited Plan costs $65 a month at the time of writing. You can choose to BYO modem or select one from Dodo for $88 upfront. The Dodo nbn25 Unlimited Plan has decent pricing for an NBN 25 plan, though providers like Tangerine, Spintel and Superloop beat it both in terms of pricing and self-reported typical evening download speeds. Expect to see those providers and others in the daily updating list of popular NBN 25 providers below.

NBN 50

The pricing difference between NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans suggests that Dodo wants users to consider NBN 50 as standard, given it’s only $10 more a month for the Dodo nbn50 Unlimited Plan. That $75 regular fee gets you 50Mbps self-reported typical evening download speeds.

For NBN 50 plans, Dodo is again a competitively priced provider, though those familiar provider names from above (Tangerine, Spintel and Superloop) have Dodo beat when it comes to promotional pricing, regular pricing and self-reported typical evening download speeds. Below is a daily updating list of the most popular NBN 50 plans.

NBN 100

Finally, the Dodo nbn100 Unlimited Plan normally costs $85 a month (with a $120 setup fee) for okay 82Mbps self-reported typical evening download speeds. Dodo notes that only FTTP, FTTC and HFC connections are supported for its NBN 100 plans.

This Dodo NBN 100 plan is competitively priced when stacked next to its competitors, beating Superloop and Tangerine for regular pricing, even if the self-reported typical evening speeds are better from the competing trifecta. Below is a daily updating list of the 10 most popular NBN Fast plans available in Australia. Surprisingly, despite its competitive pricing, Dodo wasn’t one of them at the time of writing.

Dodo NBN Fixed Wireless plans

Like iPrimus, Dodo offers a couple of Fixed Wireless plans in a couple of different varieties, all of which have unlimited data. There’s the Dodo NBN 25 Unlimited Plan, which normally costs $65 a month, and its Unlimited Fixed Wireless Plus Plan, for $75 a month.

The Unlimited Fixed Wireless Plus Plan is on par with an NBN 50 plan, and as you can compare in the daily updating list, Tangerine comes out on top with its ongoing promotional pricing. Below is a daily updating list of the most popular NBN 50 Fixed Wireless plans to compare.

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How we score provider speeds
NBN providers self-report the typical evening download speeds you can expect when using their service. Providers get in strife with the ACCC if they misrepresent these averages. These speeds are represented in megabits per second (Mbps) and tend to be below the maximum potential download speed of a plan (with the exception of Telstra). The closer those self-reported download speeds are to the maximum speed potential of a plan, the higher our score for speed.

Dodo NBN features and perks

Dodo’s NBN perks are all about bundling your internet with your electricity and gas - at the time of writing. In selected areas can save $10 a month when you get an NBN plan with electricity and gas at the same address through Dodo.

Dodo NBN plans also come with a free home phone line, with PAYG calls.

Dodo NBN customer support and satisfaction

Solid customer support options but low reported customer satisfaction

Unlike a lot of providers, Dodo is one of the few to offer bricks-and-mortar support options via Dodo kiosks for customers who prefer in-person support. For everyone else, there’s phone support via 13 36 36, an online chat service, or you can get responsive support via Twitter or Facebook.

Except for a lucky few providers – including Mate, Aussie Broadband, Tangerine and Internode – all of the providers we track have average customer satisfaction scores below four stars. These averages are taken from customer-review websites like Product Review and Trustpilot and, according to these scores across the providers we track, Dodo has one of the lowest customer-satisfaction scores.

On Product Review, Dodo had a two-star score from 1,800+ reviews at the time of writing, which includes 71% of customers rating Dodo NBN two stars or lower. That said, Dodo scored 2.9 across the board for customer service, transparency and value for money, with around 57% of respondents agreeing the provider has adequate speeds. There were only 38 reviews on Trustpilot, which represents a mix of mobile and NBN services, but the 1.8-star score at the time of writing was comprised of 87% one-star reviews.

Dodo NBN plans

Below is a list of all Dodo NBN plans, with a mix of fixed-line and Fixed Wireless offerings, as well as month-to-month and 12-month contract alternatives.

How to sign up for Dodo NBN

Look at the list of Dodo NBN plans below and click ‘Go’ on the one that most tickles your fancy. You’ll be taken to the Dodo website and asked to enter your address. Confirm whether you’d like to add a home phone line service bolt-on or Fetch TV (for applicable plans), then follow the prompts to enter your personal details and complete the sign-up process.

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Who owns Dodo?

Fun fact: Dodo is own by Vocus Communications, after a merger in 2016 with Aussie-owned M2 Group - who owned Dodo at the time - saw Vocus acquire Dodo.

Vocus was founded by Australian entrepreneur James Spenceley, who left as CEO of Vocus in 2016.

How fast are Dodo NBN speeds?

Dodo self-reports its typical evening speeds for its NBN 25, NBN 50 and NBN 100 options as follows:

Dodo NBN speeds

NBN speed tier
Dodo NBN speed

NBN 25 Basic II


NBN 50 Standard


NBN 100 Fast


That’s pretty good as far as delivering on NBN speeds goes. However, it’s important to remember that Dodo and iPrimus performed comparatively poorly in the ACCC’s real-world broadband speed testing program.

In December 2020, the ACCC reported that Dodo and iPrimus delivered 84.8% of their maximum speeds, on average, during the busiest hour for download, which was the lowest of the tracked providers. Out of the providers tracked by the ACCC, Dodo and iPrimus came in last when it came to delivering maximum speeds during the busiest hour by some margin. Exetel had the second-lowest percentage score at 87.1% of download speeds with Dodo and iPrimus at 79.6%. Still, that's a 1.6% improvement compared to the previous ACCC quarterly report.

If stable, consistent speed is an absolute must for your broadband connection, you might want to consider providers at the other end of the spectrum. TPG and Optus, in particular, continue to perform exceptionally in the ACCC’s speed testing program. Below is a daily updating list of NBN Standard plans in terms of self-reported typical evening download speeds.

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