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Overall Rating 3 out of 5
Simplicity for existing customers
Physical store locations
Low customer satisfaction
Not many perks

Everything you need to consider before signing up with Dodo Mobile.

Dodo has always toed the line in the Australian telco industry. It’s never offered anything outstanding in terms of value or service, but it has also managed to avoid any catastrophic failures. In the days of ADSL, Dodo just always seemed to be available and many customers just sort of ended up a customer whether they liked it or not. With the help of pervasive ad campaigns and a memorable mascot, this Aussie telco has managed to keep itself from going the way of its namesake.

Though the company has found success diversifying its products and services by introducing electricity and gas plans, there’s still not much to say about the flightless broadband provider’s mobile range. Let’s take a look at the Dodo mobile plans on offer.

Dodo Mobile Plans

Like TPG’s mobile range, Dodo’s foray into the phone plan market feels like a bit of an afterthought. It only offers a small handful of plans that aren’t particularly great value and don’t include any outstanding bonuses or extras.

Dodo SIM-only plans

Dodo Mobile uses the full Optus 4G network for its prepaid and SIM-only mobile plans, so you’ll get decent coverage, but even the SIM only and prepaid plans from Optus itself is more competitive than Dodo’s range.

For example, here’s Dodo’s $30 mobile SIM plan.

And here is what you can get for the same price from Optus.

The difference is staggering. So if you’ve got no ties to Dodo for other services, your better off throwing your money at Optus.

If you do, however, get your broadband and energy through Dodo. There’s something to be said about the convenience of having everything on one bill.

Dodo also offers a $5 p/month SIM that offers unlimited standard calls and text and no included data. That’s a cheap SIM deal if you need an affordable solution for someone in your household that doesn’t require mobile data.

Dodo is also one of the few providers (besides the big 3) that still have physical store locations. A lot of people prefer to visit a store if they are experiencing service issues or have a question about their bill, so it’s good to know that there are still providers out there offering in-store service.

Dodo Prepaid Mobile Plans

Dodo prepaid also offers prepaid plans for people who still prefer to top up when they need it (instead of receiving a monthly bill). Prepaid plans can be a good solution for people looking to cut back on their monthly expenses and only pay for what they need. It’s a good option to have, but again, Dodo’s prepaid plans are prehistoric when it comes to value.

Dodo’s prepaid plans are PAYG (Pay-As-You-Go), meaning there are no plan inclusions (e.g. an allotted data or call amount). Instead, calls and data usage are deducted from the amount you recharged with at 11c per minute for standard calls, 11c per standard SMS, and 5c per MB used.

At that rate, you could burn through $50 of credit by watching an hour of Netflix.

Dodo does offer data add-ons at $10 for 1GB, $25 for 3GB, and $40 for 5GB but again, those prices don’t even come close to competing with what’s considered good value these days.

Does Dodo offer mobile phone plans with a handset?

No. Dodo is strictly a prepaid and SIM-only provider. If you’re looking to pay $0 upfront and sign up to a 24-month contract with a brand new phone and you’re beholden to the Optus 4G network, we’d recommend going straight to the telco giant itself.

Throwing a phone into the mix can, of course, bump your monthly bill up by a huge margin, because ultimately you’re paying off the handset over your contracted period (and we all know how expensive the latest iPhones can be).

With that said, you still get great value for money when it comes to the actual plan inclusions (e.g. calls and data).

For example, here’s the latest iPhone 11 64GB on Optus with 60GB per month. As you can see, it bumps you up past $100 per month.

So it’s not like you’re getting a free phone, just paying it off over 24 months, which is a far more suitable payment method for some. On the other hand, if you’re not after the latest and greatest iPhone, there are stacks of top-quality smartphones at a much cheaper price.

For example, you can score the Samsung Galaxy A50 (a stunning budget smartphone) for less than half the monthly price than the iPhone.

Here’s a highlighted Optus plan with the Samsung Galaxy A50 included.

Does Dodo offer data plans?

Dodo doesn’t offer data-only mobile SIMs but it does offer data top-ups (as we listed above) and mobile broadband plans.

There are two types of mobile broadband plans available via Dodo: month-to-month and 12-month plans. On a 12-month plan, you can get 50GB of data for $40 per month or 25GB of data for $20 per month.

These prices are fairly similar to what Optus is charging: 25GB of data for $25 per month, and 75GB of data for $50 per month. Just without any of the perks, like free Optus Sport and Nat Geo.

What network does Dodo use?

Dodo uses the Optus 4G network. Unlike Telstra, Optus doesn’t sell a lesser “wholesale” network to its MVNOs so you know you’re getting the full Optus 4G experience on Dodo or any other Optus MVNO.

Check the Optus 4G coverage in the map below to determine whether your area is covered by the Dodo (Optus 4G) mobile network.

Is there a Dodo Store near me?

At the time of writing, there are over 25 Dodo store locations across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia (well, Adelaide).

If you want to find out if there’s a store near you, simply head over to Dodo’s website, punch in your postcode, and see what the closest option is for you.

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