Vodafone NBN Review

Get up to speed on Vodafone’s home Internet plans.
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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5
Great bundle discounts
Included WiFi modem is ace
No Home Wireless alternative offered

What is Vodafone NBN like?

A little late on the uptake, Vodafone entered the Australian broadband space in late 2017, launching its range of NBN plans in a ferociously competitive market. With providers like Exetel and Aussie Broadband offering NBN plans with outstanding data per dollar value, can Vodafone compete? Let’s take a look in our Vodafone NBN review.

If there’s one thing you can say about Vodafone in Australia, it sure is tenacious. Despite a rocky few years in the mobile market after a very public network failure, Vodafone forged ahead, building up both its network and its customer base.

With millions of Aussies on its mobile network, Vodafone has a launchpad into the NBN market that many of the other smaller providers lack. To leverage this, Vodafone offers a bundle discount which makes its affordable NBN plans more affordable still.

We also love the WiFi Hub NBN modem that Vodafone ships to new customers. It handles all of the same modem/router tasks you get from a standard NBN modem, plus it includes 4G Back-Up, which uses the Vodafone mobile network to guarantee connectivity, even if the NBN network is struggling.

In terms of NBN speed and performance, Vodafone claims decent average peak-hour speeds, enough to have sit in the middle of the pack based on download speeds.

ProviderNBN 25 (Standard)NBN 50 (Standard Plus)NBN 100 (Premium)
Vodafone23 Mbps45 Mbps83 Mbps
Telstra20 Mbps43 Mbps85 Mbps
Optusn/a40 Mbps80 Mbps
iiNet20.8 Mbps43.7 Mbps83.3 Mbps

Speed information is correct at the time of  the last page update (10/02/2020). Speed data partially sourced from the ACCC’s broadband performance report

The best Vodafone NBN plan

The best value NBN plan from Vodafone is its Premium Unlimited NBN plan. The plan is discounted for the first 6 months and the standard price isn’t as competitive but there is also no lock-in contract so you’re free to switch providers once the 6-month promo is up.

Vodafone NBN plans

As we mentioned above, Vodafone’s NBN plan structure is painfully simple. All Vodafone’s NBN plans come with unlimited downloads and no lock-in contract. The only feature you will pay extra for is faster NBN. Here’s what you get with Vodafone NBN plans:

Who would Vodafone NBN suit?

If you’re in a short-term rental and need to connect fast, Vodafone offers NBN plans with no lock-in contracts, a 30-day Network Satisfaction Guarantee and “Instant Connect” with Vodafone’s WiFi Hub. Vodafone’s NBN modem has 4G Back-Up, which keeps you connected if there’s a fault in your line (or while you’re waiting to be connected to the NBN).

It’s one of the most pain-free sign-up and cancellation procedures we’ve ever dealt with.

It also makes sense for Vodafone Mobile customers. Unlike most providers these days, Vodafone offers bundling discounts for customers who have multiple mobile and broadband services on the same bill. More on Vodafone’s bundles further down the page.

Who wouldn’t Vodafone NBN suit?

If you’re the type who wants a small data cap and you don’t care much for speed, Vodafone may not be for you. To its credit, Vodafone offers a simple selection of NBN plans; all with unlimited data and no contracts. That works for most but if you like to customise your plans to better suit your needs, you might want to look elsewhere.

It also doesn’t provide satellite plans for regional customers, or ADSL plans for those not connected to the NBN yet. It also hasn’t followed the lead of Telstra and Optus when it comes to data-heavy Home Wireless Broadband plans.

Here’s a small selection of alternative providers offering cheaper access to the NBN.

Is the Vodafone NBN modem any good?

One of the best things about Vodafone’s NBN offering is the Vodafone WiFi Hub that comes included. It supports up to 32 connected devices and is compatible with all NBN technologies.

It’s most attractive feature is its unlimited 4G Back-Up. The WiFi hub is shipped with an unlimited 4G backup SIM card. So you can stay connected if there’s an outage and access the internet as soon as you receive the modem (as opposed to waiting to be connected to the NBN).

Vodafone WiFi modem

Does Vodafone offer NBN bundles?

Yes. Vodafone is one of the few remaining providers to offer plan bundling. Seemingly a bit of a fossil feature, plan bundling used to be the make or break for many but these days fewer and fewer providers offer a discount if you have all of your services on one bill.

All you need is an eligible phone plan and an NBN plan (excluded the Essential NBN plan). Any mobile phone plan over $30 that was released after July 2018 will be eligible for bundling, except for Vodafone’s Assured Plan and Business Plans). The percentage discounted depends on the number of services you have on one bill.

Two plans will score you 5% off the total, three plans will get you 10%, four plans will get you 15% and five or more will cut a whopping 20% off your bill’s total monthly cost.

Here are the most popular mobile plans from Vodafone according to WhistleOut’s comparison engine.

Vodafone NBN contact

If you like what you see, you can get in touch with Vodafone’s NBN team on 1300 801 122 between 8 am and 10 pm AEST, Monday through to Sunday. Otherwise, if you don’t have any more questions, you can sign up online.

Not sold on Vodafone’s crack at NBN?

We’ve reviewed loads of Australian Internet Service Providers and rated the best NBN providers. If you’re looking more specific information on cheap unlimited plans, fast NBN 100 plans or the best NBN alternatives, we’ve got guides to those too.

If you’re considering signing up to a mobile plan with Vodafone to take advantage of the bundle discount, see what we had to say about the coverage underdog’s mobile service.

Otherwise, have a gander at the table below for the most popular broadband plans this week.