The 30 Best TV Shows on Stan

Only binge the best.
  • Grey's Anatomy

    Most rewatchable

    4 out of 5 overall
  • Broad City

    Best comedy series

    4.5 out of 5 overall
  • Friends

    Best of the best

    4 out of 5 overall
  • Regular Show

    Best kids show

    3.5 out of 5 overall

Stan is a treasure trove of comfort television you’ll keep coming back to.

Netflix might be the master of original television shows but local streaming service Stan is more concerned with quality over quantity. Sure, Stan is also in the biz of creating original content, and it’s had its fair share of successes too such as the breakout comedy No Activity, but the true value of Stan is measured by its back catalogue of binge-worthy classics. The type of comfort food television that you return to time and time again. So without further hesitation, here are the best TV shows on Stan in no particular order.

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1. Veronica Mars

If you’ve fallen in love with Kristen Bell thanks to The Good Place, head back to where it all began for Bell: Her cult-favourite role as high-school detective Veronica Mars.

Veronica Mars could be easily dismissed as just another high-school genre piece but its cracking dialogue and clever mystery arcs make it well worth your time.

2. Twin Peaks

How do you describe a show like Twin Peaks when there is nothing else quite like Twin Peaks. The inciting mystery of Laura Palmer’s death sets up this mind-bending clash of enigmatic, otherworldy characters and quaint small-town traditions.

Not only is Stan home to the original series from 1991, it also has exclusive streaming rights to the 2017 revival season.

3. The West Wing

If your first contact with Aarron Sorkin was with the more contemporary, The Newsroom, then forget everything you know and head back to the late 90s/early 2000s for this feel good political drama about the President of the United States (Martin Sheen) and the staffers, advisers and family that support him.

4. The Office (US/UK)

The debate over which version of The Office is best (the US reboot or UK original) continues over 6 years after the final US episode aired.

Whether you’re more Dunder-Mifflin than Wernham-Hogg, more Tim than Jim, or despise Dwight more than you do Gareth, both versions are available to stream on Stan.

5. The Handmaid’s Tale

Margaret Atwoood’s timely vision of a totalitarian US future has made one of the most successful transitions to the small screen since Game of Thrones.

Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss plays the lead role as June Osborne, a Handmaid to two of the biggest political figures in the facist, theonomic political party that’s taken power.

6. Grey’s Anatomy

Most rewatchable

If you could only watch one medical drama, how could it be anything but Grey’s Anatomy? For 14 years and running, loyal fans of the series haven’t stopped tuning in for another episode with Dr Meredith Grey and her colleagues. While we don’t know when we’ll get access to Season 16 in Australia (and see Sarah Rafferty swap her suit pants for scrubs), you can still binge-watch Seasons 1 to 13 of Grey’ s Anatomy on Stan.

7. Ru Paul’s Drag Race

One of the most entertaining reality/competition television shows in history.

A lesson in reading, lip-syncing and hustling , RPDR has amassed a momumental following in its 11-season run, as well as a number of spin-offs (all available on Stan).

8. Regular Show

Best Kids Show

Regular Show sits alongside Adventure Time as the kind of kids show that’s perfectly acceptable for all ages but particularly enjoyed by adults thanks to some truly top-notch comedy.

If you can’t possibly handle another episode of Paw Patrol, give Regular Show a whirl.

9. Friends

Best of the best

Friends leaving Netflix US broke the internet this week, but lucky for us, the beloved sitcom is here to stay on Stan in Australia thanks to its exclusive deal with Warner Bros. You can watch every single episode of Friend’s 10 seasons on Stan, so get excited. 

10. Scrubs

The best remedy for the lingering migraine left by Scrubs Season 9 is a heavy dose of Seasons 1 to 8.

There’s simply no placebo that can replace the potent chemistry between Sacred Heart’s most lovable personalities: JD, Elliot, Carla, Turk, Dr. Cox, Kelso, and, of course, The Todd.

11. The Gloaming

The entire eight-part first season of this highly anticipated Stan Original crime drama set in Tasmania is now out on Stan. You won’t find this steal anywhere else in Australia, so Stan users, you’ll get to enjoy The Gloaming all to yourselves.

12. Parks and Recreation

When Parks and Recreation first released back in 2009, it seemed like an attempt to replicate the success of The Office.

What we actually got was one of the most rewatchable comedies of all time. Michael Shur folllowed Parks and Rec up with two more bangers: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place proving he can do no wrong.

13. No Activity

Best Stan Original

Stan’s stakeout sitcom starring Patty Brammal is the streaming service’s greatest success story when it comes to original content. It’s a top-shelf comedy that caught the attention of Will Ferrell who remade it in the US before the second season even aired.

The US remake, which features Tim Meadows, Suniti Mani and Jason Mantzoukas, is also available to stream on Stan.

14. Mozart in the Jungle

Based on the memoirs Blair Tindall, Mozart in the Jungle follows Hailey Rutledge (Lola Kirke), a fledgling oboist who joins the New York Symphony as an eccentric conductor, Rodrdrigo, (Gael Garcia Bernal) takes control of an uninspired orchestra.

Rodrigo and Hailey form a passionate working relationship as they navigate the orchestra’s in-fighting an burning sexual tension.

15. How I Met Your Mother

Another long-running sitcom favourite, you can stream all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother on Stan to your heart’s content. Whether you still feel let down by its controversial finale, by the time you’re a few episodes in, you’ll forget all your grumbles about the ending anyway. HIMYM fan from the beginning or not, this iconic comedy deserves a place on your rewatch list.

16. Luther

Most folks first witness the imposing on-screen power of Idris Elba in The Wire but BBC One’s Luther is where he really got the chance to flex.

Everything you know about the action superstar can be tracked back to his performance as the hard-nosed detective John Luther.

17. Lost

If, like us, you devoured the first few seasons of Lost before falling off the grid, struggling to keep track of all the loose threads, the entire series is now available on Stan.

So you can watch it at your own pace and just Google every unanswered question as you go.

18. The Commons

It’s not often that you get an entire series dedicated to exploring the effects of climate change and biotech from the Australian perspective. Another Stan Original, The Commons is a dark thriller drama set in a dystopian, climate crisis-struck Sydney. With the current bush fire crisis, The Commons will feed right into your deepest climate change fears. Since 25 December, the full eight-part series has been available on Stan. 

19. Family Guy

Unless you’re willing to pay about $30 per season of Family Guy from the Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store (which would be a whopping $510 for all 17 seasons), the only way you can currently access most of the much-loved Seth MacFarlane animated comedy series is via Stan. While you can’t watch Season 17 on Stan, you can still enjoy every single episode from Seasons 1 to 16. 

20. Killing Eve

BBC has exported its brand of crime drama with the breakout hit, Killing Eve. This spy thriller weaves a gripping tale of obsession as MI5 agent Eve Polastri (Sandra Oh in fine form) attempts to track down an elusive assassin, Villanelle (Jodie Comer).

A mutual obession and admiration for each other’s methods push the two professionals closer together.

21. The Vampire Diaries

Since January 3rd, all 8 seasons of The Vampire Diaries have now joined Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Stan, so if you have a soft spot for vampire teen dramas, this is for you. While we know this isn’t the best TV series of all time, mark this down when you’re looking for your next guilty pleasure.

22. Hannibal

When Hannibal was unceremoniously sacrificed by the monsters at NBC, hungry fans lashed out at the pure injustice of it. It’s a testament to Bryan Fuller’s vision (essentially a TV universe of serial killers from the mind of Thomas Harris) and the magnetic charm of Mads Mikkelsen.

Like Kiling Eve, it’s a story of mutual obsession between cat (FBI profiler Will Graham) and mouse (forensic scientist Dr. Hannibal Lecter).

23. Doctor Who

The good doctor has been an elusive chap since streaming services launched in Australia.

The latest Jodie Whittaker run (seasons 11 and 12) aren’t available to binge yet, but Stan will sort you out with seasons 1 to 10 of the Doctor Who revival series.

24. Looking for Alaska

Hulu’s TV adaptation of John Green’s hit first novel has garnered praise since Season 1 premiered on Stan on October 19th last year. Fans have been hoping for a movie adaptation of Looking for Alaska for years now, but now you’ll get extra screen time with Miles and Alaska in this eight-episode first season.

Created by Josh Schwartz, the man also behind Gossip Girl and The O.C., we certainly have high hopes for this angsty teen drama. If you enjoyed Shailene Woodley in The Fault in Our Stars movie adaptation and were sorely disappointed by Cara Delevinge in Paper Towns, here’s your chance to give Green some adaptation redemption.

25. Deadwood

Best Stan TV Show overall

If you never had the pleasure of visiting Deadwood when before the series bit the dust back in 2006, you’re one of the lucky ones. This surprisingly heartwarming Western recently picked up where the series left off over 10 years ago with Deadwood: The Movie.

You can only catch the movie on Foxtel at the moment but at least you won’t be waiting a lifetime for the thrilling conclusion.

26. Community

Sharing the same stable as other infinitely rewatchable comedies like Parks and Recreation, Arrested Development and Brooklyn-Nine-Nine is Community. Dan Harmon’s fish-out-of-water comedy follows a disgraced lawyer (Joel McHale) who’s forced to attend a community college in order to obtain his degree. What starts as a study group fabricated to woo social activist Britta Perry quickly becomes a tight knit family of students.

27. Sons of Anarchy

If you’re into American crime dramas, what’s not to love about Sons of Anarchy? The series surrounds an outlaw motorcycle club trying to protect his town from rival gangs. It’s dark, enthralling and bloody and you can binge-watch all 7 glorious seasons on Stan.

28. Will & Grace

After Will & Grace’s original 8-season run come to an end in 2006, fans weren’t sure the favourite four best friends would ever reprise their roles for any further seasons. While Will & Grace (‘17) Seasons 1 to 3 aren’t currently available to on Stan, you can watch all episodes from Season 1 to 8 of the original series now.

29. Broad City

Best Comedy

If you liked Detroiters you’re going to love Broad City.

Hands-down one of the funniest original comediies of recent memory, Broad City introduces us the unrivalled talents of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer as two best friends scheming to survive life in New York City.

30. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is the kind of show that’s been hyped beyond belief since it wrapped in 2013 but there’s no denying that Vince Gilligan’s script, and the lead performances by Bryan Cranston as Walt, Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman and Anna Gunn as Skyler, make for some of the most gripping television ever made.

It’s perfect time to get hooked too, as Netflix recently released the follow-up movie El Camino.

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