Felix Mobile review

Tune in for the not-so-twisted tales of Felix the telco.
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Overall Rating 3 out of 5

Felix Mobile offers a budget-friendly and straightforward way to tap into unlimited mobile data, albeit at a slight sacrifice for speed.

Our verdict

Whatever way you cut it, limitless mobile data in Australia comes with a compromise. Felix Mobile simplifies it by offering “endless” data albeit perpetually capped at up to 20Mbps symmetrical speeds. Felix’s only plan is light on perks and extensive support options, but it’s also a rare carbon-neutral telco.

What we like

  • Unlimited data
  • Carbon-neutral telco

What could be better

  • Iffy value for roaming bolt-on
Recent Updates: 1 month ago
After launching with a slow 5Mbps speed cap, Felix Mobile has course-corrected and upped its endless speed cap to a much more manageable 20Mbps. We've updated our review to reflect those changes.

Felix Mobile value for money

Solid pricing for limitless data

When it comes to mobile, you’ve got three choices: Prepaid, Postpaid, or SIM Only. But when it comes to Felix Mobile, you only have one choice. No, really, there’s only one SIM Only plan on offer from the new telco: the Felix $35 subscription.

It costs $35 a month and you get “endless” (Felix’s word) national talk and text as well as “endless” data on the Vodafone 4G/3G mobile network. Apart from the reality that no MVNOs are currently offering 5G connectivity, there’s a big reason why it doesn’t matter that Felix is locked to 4G: its speeds are capped at a 20Mbps maximum.

This means your max download speed and max upload speed are both set at 20Mbps. Considering that Felix adds an “up to” prefix every time it lists 20Mbps, it’s safe to assume you shouldn’t expect speeds beyond that.

To put that into context, have a gander at other SIM Only plans around the same price point, organised by most data.

Unlimited data in context

At the top of that list you get the Circles.Life 100GB Monthly plan, which is normally priced at $38 a month (but is regularly discounted) for what actually amounts to 103GB a month. That’s a lot of monthly data, but while it’s not speed restricted, it’s not limitless either. Meanwhile, Vodafone’s $40 SIM Only Lite Plan may normally costs $40 a month and typically comes with 10GB of data, but it’s actually a closer comparison to the Felix subscription because Vodafone offers unlimited capped data after the 10GB of max-speed data has been used.

Granted, that cap is at 2Mbps, which is 10 times slower than the Felix typical speed, but the upside is 10GB of max-speed data, which may even be at 5G speeds if you have a compatible handset (and you’re in an area with 5G coverage). For 20Mbps, you can do most online tasks, including HD video streaming and calls. You might experience longer waiting times on big app updates, and offloading huge photo albums to the cloud, but for day-to-day usage, you probably won’t notice much of a difference on 20Mbps. Felix also says that tethering should be limited to a single device. We’ve got more information on Australia’s various endless data options in our guide.

Like other telcos and NBN providers, the “endless” data that Felix offers with its subscription is also governed by a fair-use policy.

Felix Mobile features and perks

Optional add-ons for more than just unlimited data.

There are some active and passive perks to the Felix subscription. In terms of what’s included, Felix prides itself on being a carbon-neutral telco, powered by 100 percent renewable energy and vows to plant one tree per month for each subscriber.

The active costs are a little more traditional. You can add on $5 a month for “endless” talk and text to 40 international dialling locales. Those 40 countries may change, but you can see the latest list here. Opt to use the international talk/text pack immediately or schedule it for future use.

You can also add international roaming for $20. Unlike other telcos, that $20 covers you for 365 days, granted it’s restricted to 4GB of data (at speeds of up to 20Mbps), alongside 100 minutes of standard calls and 100 standard texts. This covers 40 countries, some of which are the same as those 40 above, but the list also may change. Check out the latest list of included countries here.

Naturally, you can also stack international roaming packs if that’s not enough data, calls, or texts to cover your jetsetting. The Felix price is right, but while international travel is still not as common as it once was, the inclusions relegate this to more of a backup option rather than a viable mobile data companion, especially for longer international trips.

For comparison, here’s a snapshot of other popular SIM Only plans that include international allowances (the $119 Optus One Plan, for instance, includes unlimited talk and text for Zone 1 countries and has 10GB of data).

Felix Mobile customer support and satisfaction

Light on support options, with satisfaction to be determined.

Low prices and decent inclusions tend to mean sacrifices in other areas, and Felix’s customer support isn’t as extensive as other telcos. For starters, there’s no customer forums and Felix’s Twitter presence appears to be non-existent. There is, however, a chat service (available seven days a week from 8am to 8pm AEDT) and online self-service, plus Felix has a responsive Facebook page.

Alternatively, you can contact support via the app, or leave a voicemail on 1300 801 956 to ask for someone to get back to you. The jury is currently out on the quality of support, as user-generated scores from websites like Trustpilot, Product Review, Facebook, and Google don’t yet have listings for Felix.

Still, if you’re curious but cautious, you can take advantage of a seven-day “happiness guarantee”, which effectively translates to a seven-day trial, albeit one that you have to pay for upfront. If you’re unhappy within those first seven days, contact Felix for a full refund.

Tethering on Felix Mobile

Felix Mobile allows you to tether your smartphone to another device (e.g. laptop or gaming console) to access your endless data on other devices. Still, Felix does make the point that you should probably only attempt tethering to one additional device at a time, given the speed limitations.

How to sign up for Felix Mobile

There are four straightforward steps to signing up for a Felix Mobile subscription:

  • Step 1: Download the Felix Mobile app on either the App Store
    or Google Play Store.
  • Step 2: Buy a $35-per-month subscription from within the app.
  • Step 3: Wait for Felix Mobile to express deliver your new SIM card.
  • Step 4: Port your existing number or get a new one.

Felix Mobile plans

As we mentioned above, there’s only one Felix plan, so here it is next to similarly priced SIM Only competitors.