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NBN speeds that'll throw you for a loop
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Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5
Great speeds across the board
Network transparency (CVC and POI)
Not many perks or additional features
Recent Updates: More than a year
The beginning of January marks the end of Superloop's promos on its cheapest UNLIMITED NBN Plan as well as its 100/20 and 100/40 Premium plans. While the full plan prices without the promo aren't as cheap, the UNLIMITED 100/20 Plan in particular is still worth considering if you've got a need for the fastest speed.

Does this supercharged speed demon offer a decent NBN service?

One of the youngest NBN providers on the Australian circuit is the certified speed demon Superloop. Fresh off the starting block, the company is self-reporting average evening NBN speeds at 90Mbps which would make it one of the fastest broadband providers in town if true.

But the fastest NBN plans aren’t always the best; it all depends on what’s under the hood. So does Superloop deliver in all departments? Or is it just another flashy lemon? Let’s take a look at everything the NBN provider offers and how it competes.

Superloop NBN plans

At the plan level, Superloop’s top-billing speed and reasonable prices aren’t outweighed by anything too nefarious or undesirable. There aren’t any lock-in contracts or sign-up fees. If anything, its Standard and Standard Plus plans aren’t really anything special. So if you’re circling Superloop, it’s because you gotta go fast.

Superloop’s fastest unlimited plan

If you’re interested in Superloop, it’s probably because you want the fastest NBN in town and if you want the fastest NBN in town, we’d wager you also want unlimited data. You wouldn’t fork out for a Lamborghini and fill it with unleaded 91 petrol.

Superloop offers Premium and Premium Plus plans. Both offer 90 Mbps average evening speeds but Plus offers higher upload speeds. On Superloop Premium, you can expect around 10 to 20 Mbps for typical evening upload speeds (7pm to 11pm), while on Premium Plus you can expect upload speeds between 20 and 40 Mbps.

Typically, Superloop’s Premium pricing is par for the course, scoring 3 out 5 for value in our speed vs cost analysis. Unless you’re after the fastest upload speed, we reckon the Superloop UNLIMITED 100/20 Plan will suit most households’ needs better since most homes tend to be more reliant on download rather upload bandwidth anyway.

Here are both of Superloop’s month-to-month Premium plans with unlimited data:

Cheapest Superloop NBN plan

The cheapest Superloop NBN plan will nab you Standard speeds (NBN 20) with typical evening download speeds of 22.2Mbps, typical evening upload speeds between 1 and 5Mbps, and unlimited data on a month-to-month, no lock-in contract.

Once again, the Superloop UNLIMITED Plan is still decently priced, scoring 4 out 5 for value in our market analysis.

What are my other options?

If you’re simply after the cheapest NBN Plan on the market though, currently Tangerine’s Standard Speed UNLIMITED Plan is offering some serious value for users just looking for a plan with the most bang for their buck.

For $49.90 per month for 6 months (reverting to $59.90 per month thereafter), you’ll get NBN Standard speeds (NBN 20) with typical evening download speeds of 21Mbps and typical evening upload speeds between 1 and 5Mbps on a no lock-in contract.

What is Superloop?

Superloop is a fibre provider that operates mostly in Asia-Pacific (with a small presence in the USA). The provider launched NBN and Fixed Wireless plans in Australia (2018) with some big promises on speed and the infrastructure to back it up.

The provider’s most notable edge over most of the competition is its physical connection to every NBN POI (Point of Interconnect) in Australia. Most NBN providers (and there are a lot) have to outsource this and lose some of the control and access to information that helps troubleshoot connection issues in the process.

Superloop also owns SubPartners, a company dedicated to feeding high-performance submarine cable systems between Perth, Sydney, Singapore and Indonesia to better connect Australia to Asia.

That all sounds super impressive but the bottom line is this: Superloop offers some of the fastest average evening speeds in Australia at a decent price.

Back in 2017, Superloop also forked out $12 million to acquire Fixed Wireless provider NuSkope, which serviced roughly 10,000 homes, schools and businesses in Adelaide at the time of the acquisition.

Does Superloop offer a WiFi modem?

Superloop’s NBN plans are BYO (bring your own) so the expectation is that you already have an NBN-ready modem.

Any NBN-ready modem will work with Superloop’s NBN plans but if you’re completely new to the NBN and require a WiFi modem, Superloop can hook you up with a TP-Link Archer C60 eWAN WiFi Router which is compatible with NBN FTTP (Fibre to the premises), FTTH (Fibre to the Home), FTTC (Fibre to the Curb) and HFC (Hybrid Fibre Coaxial) for a once-off $99.95 outright payment or a TP-Link Archer VR400 VDSL2 WiFi Modem Router, compatible with NBN FTTN (Fibre to the Node) and FTTB (Fibre to the Basement) for $124.95.

What features Superloop doesn’t offer

In our features analysis, Superloop scored quite low. Once again, Superloop is quite new to the Australian market so that’s to be expected and some punters actually prefer a no-nonsense, barebones NBN provider. Still, it’s worth mentioning what you can’t get through Superloop.

For example, Superloop doesn’t offer any mobile bundle discounts (or mobile plans at all for that matter) so it might not be the first choice for people who like to keep everything on one bill. It also doesn’t offer any home phone inclusions (if that still matters to you), or any other perks and discounts.

However, Superloop’s a little more competitive in the customer support department.

Superloop contact options

Superloop phone number and social support

For such a new provider, Superloop scored considerably high when it comes to customer support options. This is an important point of comparison. Cheaper providers like Kogan can offer some great value on NBN plans but Kogan has next to no customer support if you’re having issues. Superloop, on the other hand, has loads of customer support avenues.

Superloop phone number

You can call Superloop on 1800-101-210 between 8am and 10:30pm ACDT.

If you’re super desperate, you can also fax them on (08) 7123 2902.

Superloop email contact

If you don’t have the time to hang around on the phone, you can get in touch with Superloop’s customer care team over email. There are three different contacts for sales, billing and support.

Most popular NBN 100 plans

If you’re not feeling super positive about Superloop, there are plenty of providers offering Premium NBN 100 speeds (though some might not deliver them quite as well as Superloop). Here are some of the best, fast NBN 100 plans in Australia according to WhistleOut.

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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