Best Mobile Phone Plans in March 2020

Optus still the best choice for phones and Circles.Life takes the SIM-only crown.
  • Optus $49 Choice

    Best phone plan

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    Huge range of devices
    60GB of monthly data
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  • Optus $59 Choice

    Best for high data

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    Premium handset range
    200GB of monthly data
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  • Circles.Life $38

    Best SIM-Only plan

    4 out of 5 overall
    $28 for 40GB p/month
    $38 for 60GB p/month
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  • Optus $49 Choice

    Best iPhone plan

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    Cheapest iPhone plan
    60GB of monthly data
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Recent Updates: 3 weeks ago
In March, Optus is still your best choice if you're looking for a new handset and if you're not, Circles.Life has a very tidy limited-time deal.
2 months ago
We've updated our top picks for February's best mobile phone plans to include the Samsung Galaxy S20 plans. Woolworths Mobile is offering a tidy deal on Samsung's top-tier Galaxy S20 Ultra.
2 months ago
This February, our top mobile phone plan pick goes to the $49 Optus Choice Plan. While the big three telcos draw closer than ever, Optus is winning the close-quarters battle with its flexible suite of phone plans with plenty of data. Whether you’re after an iPhone 11, Galaxy S10 5G or Pixel 4, the cheapest plan is the same: $49 Optus Choice. On the SIM side of things, Circles continues to dominate with its data deal (which finally expires later this month).

Every month, Australia keeps a keen eye on the comings and goings of the mobile market to offer insight, analysis and recommendations for the best mobile phone plans available. We segment our awards into a few categories: Phone Plans, SIM-Only Plans, Mobile Data Plans, iPhone Plans, with smaller award categories for plans on each mobile network, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus. Our deep-dive weighs up the cost and inclusions for every major Australian telco and MVNO so you can find the best mobile plan suited for you whether you’re looking for an iPhone, a Google Pixel, or just more data to get you through the month. Here are our top picks for the best mobile phone plans this month.

Best Mobile Phone Plan for February

Optus $49 Choice Plan

Once again, Optus is leading the way for premium smartphone deals with its $49 Choice Plan. It’s one of the cheapest ways to nab an iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and the Google Pixel 4 while still offering a generous lashing of data.

Here’s a quick summary of what that plan gets you.

  • 60GB of monthly data
  • Unlimited standard national calls and text
  • Unlimited international calls and text to 35 countries
  • 6 months of Apple Music
  • Optus Sport subscription

The plan itself is, technically, month-to-month, so you can bump up to a pricier plan (or pay $10 extra for double 5G data) if you find 60GB isn’t enough to support your appetite for data.

Here’s a small selection of smartphones on the $49 Choice Plan.

Best SIM-Only deal

Circles.Life 60GB

That deal-happy SIM-slinging telco upstart Circles.Life is at it again. It’s latest push for your patronage is a sweet 60GB deal at $38 per month.

Your 60GB of data will only last 6 months, after which you’ll be forced to hop back down 40GB per month. To take advantage of the limited-time deal, you will need to use the promo code DOUBLEDATA at the checkout.

If this is the first you’re hearing, Circles.Life is a relative newcomer, an Optus 4G MVNO that crashed onto the scene with pockets full of deals. Here’s what the latest bargain will nab you:

  • 60GB (20GB + 20GB add-on + 20GB bonus data for 6 months)
  • Unlimited national calls and text

How we choose the best mobile phone plan

For our best mobile phone plan pick, we only use mobile plans that can be paired with a handset. That narrows down the number of eligible providers dramatically. We then weigh the included data, calls/text (standard national), international (roaming and international calling), perks (Apple Music, Optus Sport etc.) against the monthly price to find the cheapest plans with the most inclusions.

We use a small selection of premium handsets to compare these plans with. Currently, we use the iPhone 11 64GB, iPhone 11 Pro 64GB, the Google Pixel 4 128GB and the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G 256GB but these choices are subject to change as new flagship handsets are released.

For more information on how we score mobile providers, head over to our methodology page.

Best mobile plan for loads of data

Optus $59 Choice Plan

Vodafone’s limited-time deal has expired, paving the way for Optus to add a few more trophies to its collection. First up there’s the luxury Optus One plan. This plan is dummy thicc with 500GB per month to use. That’s going to be more than most need and will cost you a premium (read: expensive) $119 per month. But if that’s way too much data for your needs, Optus has also got the next best thing.

The Optus $59 Choice Plan offers all the perks we listed above for the Optus $49 plan, but with a whopping 200GB of data, and an additional 2GB of roaming data to use overseas. Have a little geez at it.

Here’s the massive Optus One mobile plan we mentioned above.

More popular high-data plans this month

Not enough data for your appetite? Here’s a few more popular high-data plans.

Best iPhone Plan

Optus $49 Choice

We’ve kind of spoiled this one already. The Optus $49 Choice Plan is the best choice for most premium handsets right now, including the iPhone 11 64GB and iPhone 11 Pro 64GB. Everything we mentioned above applies here but in case you missed it, the Optus $49 Choice Plan offers 60GB of unlimited calls and text, unlimited international calls and text 35 countries, free access to Optus Sport and 6 months access to Apple Music.

The beauty of the Optus Choice plan (and most major telco plans these days) is that you can stretch your handset repayments out over 12, 24 or 36 months depending on how quickly you want to pay it off. You’re not actually contracted to a plan like you were in the old days so you’re only obligated to pay out the cost of the handset.

For example, the iPhone 11 64GB will cost you $82.30 per month over 36 months, $98.95 per month over 24 months or $148.90 over 12 months. You’ve also got the option to build your own plan, removing features like unlimited calls and text to shave a bit of money off your monthly bill.

Next best

Vodafone $50 Plus Plan

If you’re a frequent flyer, you might want to opt for Vodafone’s $50 Red Plus Plan over the Optus Choice. It’s similarly priced to the Optus plan and offers the same standard call and data inclusions (60GB of data and unlimited national calls and texts) except it comes with Vodafone’s trademark roaming deal where you pay $5 per day to access your regular call and data allowance.

More iPhone 11 Plans

Not sold on the plans above? Here are a few more popular iPhone 11 plans.

Best Galaxy S20 Plan

Woolworths 60GB Plan

If you can’t get by without Telstra coverage, Samsung is the best choice for you.

Leading the way for the latest Samsung Galaxy S20 plan range is Woolworths Mobile. The Telstra-powered telco has the best deal on the top-tier Samsung Galaxy Ultra 5G 128GB.

For just over $100 per month, you can nab the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5GB 128GB with 60GB of data to use every month. The plan from Woolies also offers unlimited national calls and text, 12-months of Family Zone for free.

It also features data-banking up to 100GB. If you don’t use up your 60GB by the end of your billing month, remaining data goes into a back-up that you can use if you go over on another month. It’s an excellent way top curb bill shock.

Next best

Optus $49 Choice Plan

Woolies will be your best bet for most Samsung phones, but Optus actually takes first place deal on the 6.7-inch Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB model.

The Optus $49 Choice plan will get you the S20+ 5G 128GB for $89.24 per month over 36 months. That includes 60GB of data to use, unlimited national and international (to 35 countries) calls and text, as well as 6months of Apple Music, included Optus Sport and all the usual Optus Choice perks (like cheap movies and all that jazz).

More Galaxy S20 Plans

If you’re after the base Samsung Galaxy S20 5G 128GB model, you can pick it up for a pretty cheap price on a 36-month contract from these providers.

Best plans by network

If you’ve got an allegiance to a particular network (or just can’t be stuffed swapping providers again), we’ve rounded up the best plans this month from each major telco and their respective MVNOs.

Best plans on the Telstra network

As it was last month, our top Telstra MVNO is Woolworths Mobile. Telstra data doesn’t come cheap but Woolworths is offering a limited-time deal, chucking in an additional 25GB per month on its $50 Mobile Phone plan, nabbing you a total of 60GB per month. It also includes unlimited standard national calls and text, a 12-month subscription to FamilyZone (a cyber safety app) and 10% off your next grocery shop at Woolies.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve rounded up the month’s most popular plans on the Telstra network.

Best plans on the Optus network

We meet again… Circles.Life. No surprises here, folks. The baby-faced mobile provider with the hottest data deals in its lunchbox takes another top spot this month. We really wish there was a little more variety in these awards but there’s just no getting around Circles.Life’s deals this February.

As mentioned above, $38 per month will score you 60GB per month with all the trimmings (unlimited standard national calls and text) and $28 will get you 40GB per month. To top it off, you can score an extra 20GB for 1 month if you convince a mate to sign up to Circles.Life’s plans. These deals end on the 28 February 2020 so these results should look a little different next month but, honestly, who knows? We were saying the same thing when Circles.Life laid its absurd introductory deals last year.

If you’re sick of seeing a sea of Circles, we’ve rounded up a few more popular plans from the Optus network this month but there’s really no competition.

Best plans on the Vodafone network

When it comes to Vodafone MVNOs, the choices are far more limited than Telstra and Optus. While you score a decent low-cost prepaid plan from Lebara, Vodafone itself has dominated the results.

If you’re looking to grab a phone with your plan, our recommendation would be the $50 Red Plus plan we mentioned earlier as you can comfortably keep the monthly cost below $100 with most phones. If you’re only after a SIM, you might as well spend the extra $10 on Vodafone’s $60 Red Plus plan. The additional $10 per month will nab you twice as much data; with 100GB per month on Vodafone’s $60 Red Plus Plan. It also gives you the usual unlimited standard national calls and text, and Voda’s popular $5 per day roaming add-on.

We can show you the most popular Vodafone network plans this month but trust us when we say you’ll be seeing red.

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