Cheap mobile phone plans in Australia (November 2023)

TPG, Southern Phone, Lebrara, and felix mobile lead the charge in this month's round-up of cheap phone plans and the cheapest mobile plans available in Australia.

Best under $10
TPG 12GB Mobile Plan
First six months for
Half price for the first six months
Best under $20
TPG 45GB mobile plan
First six months for
$15 per month for the first six months
Best under $40
Southern Phone
Southern Phone Large SIM Only Plan
Best 'unlimited' data
Felix Mobile
felix Unlimited Mobile Plan
Endless data (at 20Mbps)
50% off for first 3 months with promo code FELIX50
Best prepaid
Lebra Mobile
Lebara $29.90 Medium Plan
/30 days
35GB bonus data on first recharge
Nathan Lawrence
Nov 19, 2023
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If you are in the market for cheap mobile plans (or even the cheapest mobile plans), there are plenty of low-cost options.

Whatever your needs,  there are ample Aussie providers with cheap mobile plans for under $20 with decent monthly data. And you only need to make a small increase to your budget if you want more gigabytes and shiny perks.

In this guide, we're looking at the best-value SIM-only plans (Prepaid and Postpaid), kicking off with those under $10 and stretching up to a max cost of $40, including cheap unlimited plans and plans on all three networks.

Compare the cheapest mobile plans

In our top picks below, we've tried to highlight the best cheap mobile plans in Australia that offer reasonable data and call inclusions. However, if you're simply after the cheapest prepaid plans and cheapest postpaid plans that Australian telcos provide, take a look at the list below for some truly dirt-cheap mobile plans. This list of the cheapest mobile plans comes from the database of providers tracked by our sister website WhistleOut

The 9 cheapest mobile plans in Australia

(with unlimited calls and texts)
Intro price
Regular deal
Sign up
Moose MobileMoose Mobile
Moose $10 SIM Only Promo$10$15 after first 12 months6GBOptus 4G
12GB Mobile Plan$10$20 after first 6 months12GBVodafone 4G
Circles LifeCircles.Life
6GB Monthly Plan$156GB ongoing6GBOptus 4G
Mobile 8GB Plan$10$19.99 after first 6 months8GBVodafone 4G
Small 8GB Plan$10$19.99 after first 6 months8GBVodafone 4G
Catch ConnectCatch Mobile
30 Day Plan - 4GB$10$10 ongoing4GBOptus 4G
Southern PhoneSouthern Phone
Small SIM Only plan$10$13 after first 6 months5GBOptus 4G
$10 Mobile Plan$10$10 ongoing2GBOptus 4G
5GB SIM Only Mobile Plan$12.95$12.95 ongoing5GBOptus 4G

Best cheap phone plans under $10

TPG 12GB Mobile Plan

How we chose the best cheap mobile plan under $10: The best data-per-dollar deal for $10 per month or less (for at least six months after signing up)

At this price point, plans often only come with a few gigs of data, so the fact that you get 12GB with this plan from TPG makes it great value.

Note that this pricing only lasts for the six months, after which you'll pay $20 per month. The plan is contract-free, so you can always swap provider before you fee goes up. 

TPG's mobile plans are powered by the Vodafone 4G network. 

Additional Info
  • Data: 12GB
  • Expiry: 1 month
  • Network: Vodafone 3G/4G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: No
  • Cost over 24 month period: $420

Not quite what you’re after? Here are the most popular mobile plans for $10 and under today. Social Callout Social Callout

Best cheap mobile plans: under $20

TPG 45GB Mobile Plan

How we picked the best cheap mobile plan under $20: The best data-per-dollar deal for between $11 and $20 per month (for at least six months after signing up)

This price bracket is a tricky one, as most of the popular picks are technically only $20 or under for a promo period - typically six months. Still, TPG's deal on its 45GB Monthly Plan nets you a huge amount of monthly data for $15 per month

Once the promo runs out, however, things get a little dicey. After six months the price will revert back to $30 a month. All things considered, that's still a pretty decent deal. If you're an existing TPG internet customer, you'll pay a slightly cheaper rate of $25 per month after your initial discount runs out.

The plan runs on the Vodafone 4G network and includes all the usual unlimited call and text trimmings. 

Additional Info
  • Data: 45GB
  • Expiry: 1 month
  • Network: Vodafone 3G/4G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: No
  • Cost over 24 month period: $630

If you want to check out your options, here are some more popular mobile plans at this price point.

Best cheap mobile plans: Under $40

Southern Phone Large SIM Only Plan

How we picked the best cheap mobile plan under $40: The best data-per-dollar deal for between $30 and $40 per month (for at least six months after signing up)

Southern Phone currently has a great offer for anyone looking for a lot of data without breaking the bank. $35 per month gets you a 100GB data allowance.

This mobile plan also includes unlimited standard calls and texts powered by the Optus 4G network. You won't get access to the faster speeds that Optus 5G network can offer but you should have coverage in the most populated parts of Australia. You'll also score $300 worth of international call credit each month.

Additional Info
  • Data: 100GB
  • Expiry: Month-to-month
  • Network: Optus 4G Plus
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: No
  • Cost over 24 month period: $840

Want to see what else is out there? Take a look at the most popular plans below $40 per month for comparison.

Best cheap plan with 'unlimited' data

felix Unlimited Mobile Plan

How we picked the best cheap mobile plan with unlimited data: Cheapest plan with unlimited data and speeds of at least 15Mbps 

If a hundred gigs still won't suffice, there is one more option. While there are no truly 'unlimited' data plans in Australia, there is a decent handful that offers 'endless' or 'infinite' data, which means you can use as much data as you please, but it will be speed-capped.

The best option for most people is felix mobile's $40 subscription plan, which offers 'endless' data that's capped at 20Mbps. At that speed, you can do most things comfortably, from streaming HD video, updating apps, online shopping, scrolling through social media and video chatting with friends and family. Really, the only thing you'll struggle with is downloading large files, which may take a while.

If you want to try before you buy, you can currently get 50% off on your first three months.

felix is powered by the Vodafone network.

Additional Info
  • Data: Unlimited
  • Expiry: Month-to-month
  • Network: Vodafone 4G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: From $20
  • Cost over 24 month period: $900

How we choose the best cheap mobile plans

When it comes to cheap phone plans, price is the most important variable. If you're a budget-conscious consumer looking at this page for guidance, we want our recommendations to best meet your needs. For that reason, we consider cheap plans to be anything less than $40/month.

Beyond price, the other big factors we consider are network coverage and monthly data per dollar. Given the overlap between Australia's major mobile networks, we typically privilege the latter when it comes to picking out the best cheap mobile plans. If you live in an area where you've got decent coverage from Optus, Vodafone and Telstra, we want to be able to point you towards the cheap mobile plan that offers the best bang for buck.

Finally, we also consider whether or not any decent deals are available for a given mobile plan and whether or not that provider includes any notable extras (like international calls) or suffers from any shortcomings. Our provider reviews and our sister site WhistleOut are valuable resources for us here.

Best cheap prepaid plans with international calls

Lebara $29.90 Medium Plan

How we picked the best cheap prepaid plan with international calls: Cheapest prepaid plan with at least 30GB and international calls to over 20 destinations

If you're looking for a cheap prepaid plan that also includes international calls, Lebara is a solid choice. You'll get 35GB for $29.90 on a 30-day expiry. 

The plan also unlimited international calls and texts to 35 select countries, a further 300 minutes for Zone 1 destinations, and an extra 30 minutes for Zone 2. You'll be able to call almost anywhere with this plan. 

If you sign up through the Lebara website before the end of September, you'll get an additional 35GB on the first recharge.

Additional Info
  • Data: 35GB
  • Expiry: per 30 days
  • Network: Vodafone 4G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: From $15
  • Cost over 24 month period: $747.50

For a sense of how this compares to some of the other popular cheap prepaid plans out there, check out the widget below.

Cheapest mobile plan on Telstra 4G network

Numobile $20 SIM Plan

Additional Info
  • Data: 10GB
  • Expiry: Month-to-month
  • Network: Telstra 3G/4G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: No
  • Cost over 24 month period: $480

If you're looking for one of the cheapest mobile plans on the Telstra mobile network, you need to look no further than the Numobile $20 SIM plan. Priced at $20 per month, this cheap mobile plan is onlya few bucks more expensive than PennyTel's Extra Small plan but includes more than double the data.

If you have specific requirements that don't match up with what Numobile are offering here, there are plenty of other MVNOs on the Telstra wholesale network that will connect you to the largest mobile network in Australia for a fraction of the cost. Here's an updated list of mobile plans on the Telstra network.

Do cheap mobile plans have a catch?

While the cheapest mobile plans tend to offer the same level of coverage as their more expensive counterparts, you do sometimes miss out when it comes to inclusions like free streaming services, international calls, roaming and 5G.

pro You're paying less than you could be each month
pro Lots of options and cheap mobile plan deals to choose from
pro Very easy to switch between providers whenever there's a good on a cheap mobile plan
con Lack extra inclusions like international calls and roaming
con May not include 5G
con Can include speed caps
con Rarely available with a device
con You may run out of data

Cheapest mobile plans on Optus 4G network

Southern Phone X Small SIM Only Plan

Additional Info
  • Data: 2GB
  • Expiry: Month-to-month
  • Network: Optus 4G Plus
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: No
  • Cost over 24 month period: $300

The cheapest way to jump onto the Optus network on short notice is the Southern Phone X Small SIM Only Plan.

$5 per month gets you 2GB of data for the first twelve months plus unlimited national calls and texts. After that year, the monthly rises to $15 per month. Fortunately, it's a no-contract plan, so you're free to shop around when that higher price eventually kicks in and save money in the meantime.

If Optus works best in your area and you're not interested in switching to Southern Phone, there's a bunch of smaller providers that offer access to the Optus 4G network for lower monthly price (though Optus plans can be quite cheap).

Should I Switch to Reach Mobile

How to switch mobile phone providers (and keep your number)

Is your relationship with your telco not working out? Here’s how to give them the flick without losing your phone number.

Cheapest mobile plan Vodafone 4G network

iiNet 8GB Mobile Plan

For those looking to stay with or seek out the coverage of the Vodafone's 3G and 4G networks while saving as much money as possible, iiNet's 8GB Mobile Plan is a clear frontrunner for the best cheap plan on the network.

Priced at $10 per month for the first six months, this cheap phone plan includes 8GB of mobile data. After that honeymoon period, the price does go up to $19.99 per month. However, at that point, you are free to leave and jump ship to another cheap mobile plan.

Additional Info
  • Data: 8GB
  • Expiry: Month-to-month
  • Network: Vodafone 3G/4G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: No
  • Cost over 24 month period: $419.28

Vodafone has a healthy mix of budget prepaid providers that use its network. If you're in a place with ample Vodafone coverage, and you're only interested in cutting back your monthly bills, check out the most popular plans on Vodafone's network.

Cheap data-only plan

Belong 20GB Data SIM Only

If you're looking for a cheap data SIM to stick in an iPad, Android tablet, or portable hotspot, our current top pick comes from Telstra's budget brand Belong. You'll pay just $15 per month for a 20GB SIM, which is hard to beat. This cheap plan even has 5G! 

The only catch is that your speeds are limited to 100Mbps. 

Additional Info
  • Data: 20GB
  • Expiry: Month-to-month
  • Network: Telstra 3G/4G/5G
  • SIM fees: None
  • Delivery fees: None
  • International roaming: From $30
  • Cost over 24 month period: $360

Here are a few other cheap data-only plans:

Cheap iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro mobile plans

Regardless of which provider you choose to opt for, the cheapest iPhone 15 plans tend to have a few things in common. The first is that they're tied to either Vodafone, Optus or Telstra. That's because only three providers in Australia that sell new iPhones on a plan.

The best savings on an iPhone 15 plan can change depending on what kind of promotional offers are currently running. Right now, Vodafone is the best option.

Check out the widget below for a snapshot of cheap mobile plans for the iPhone 15 available in Australia across 36-month contracts. These will cost you less month-to-month since the monthly phone repayment is split up over 36 months as opposed to 24 or 12 months.

Prefer to go Pro? Here are the best cheap mobile plans for the iPhone 15 Pro:

Cheap Samsung Galaxy S23 mobile plans

As with the iPhone, there are currently three Aussie telcos that offer the Galaxy S23 on a plan: Telstra, Vodafone and Optus.As a result, figuring out which telco offers cheaper Samsung Galaxy S23 plans is relatively straightforward.

Regardless of which telco you choose, your plan will be made up of a SIM plan plus the cost of the device divided by how many months in your term. The most cheap Galaxy S23 plan will be the one that charges the least for the SIM plan section of your mobile plan. Naturally, that calculation favors 36-month plans over 24 and 12 month contracts.

To find a cheap mobile plan for the Galaxy S23, check out the widget below.

How to choose the cheapest mobile plans

Play Video

If you're looking to cut down on monthly expenses, your phone bill can be a great place to start. Australia's mobile plan market extends far beyond the three big carriers - Telstra, Optus and Vodafone - and so long as you aren't locked into device repayments with another provider the process of switching between to a cheaper mobile plan is relatively painless.

Before you do pull the trigger on a new mobile provider, it's worth doing your research and considering a few key factors.

How much mobile data do you need?

As a rule, it's usually better and cheaper to have too much data than not enough. Knowledge is power when it comes to choosing the right mobile plan, so it may be worth using an app like My Data Manager to start tracking how much of your monthly data you use. Once you have a better idea of how much data you actually need, finding a plan that offers that amount at the lowest possible price becomes significantly easier.

Which network offers you the best coverage?

While there's often overlap between Australia's big three carriers when it comes to coverage, that's little consolation to those who fall through the cracks. If you know that your local area has bad Optus coverage, that's a good reason to exclude cheap mobile plans from providers that rely on the same infrastructure. After all, the savings benefits of a good deal tend to erode pretty fast if you can't get a good signal.

Expert Advice
"The cheapest mobile plans are often found with MVNOs who due to their low running costs can offer better value than the Big Three. There are no lock-in contracts so feel free to sign up for an introductory offer then jump ship to another plan once the regular price kicks in."
Dylan Crismale, Digital Content Editor
Digital Content Editor

What kind of customer support experience do you expect?

The quality of a mobile provider's customer support isn't usually something that you think about until it's too late. For that reason, those looking at choosing between our picks for the best cheap mobile plans may want to use that variable as a point of difference between potential options. If two plans offer the same amount of data and coverage for a similar or identical monthly cost, a good (or bad) customer service reputation might be a good way to break the tie between them.

Are you willing to change providers?

At any given moment, there usually dozens of great deals on mobile plans available to Australians. What's more, most of these tend to be contract-free. If you're willing to be diligent and check in to see which providers are running the best deals every few months, there's nothing stopping you from jumping between them to get the most out of your money. Switching mobile providers isn't as hard as it used to be and it's a very easy way to save money.

What do you miss out on with a cheap mobile plan?

Cheaper mobile plans tend to be light on extras. You don't get value adds like discounted movie tickets or access to streaming services.

In most cases, you're literally paying for talk, text, and data. It also goes without saying, cheaper plans tend to have a smaller data allowance than more expensive plans, but this isn't really an issue if you right-size to your needs. 

Most cheap mobile plans currently don't have 5G access. 

Stylised photograph of woman on laptop smiling and cheering

The best cheap NBN plans this month

Need a cheap NBN plan to go with your cheap mobile plan? These are our top picks. 

Cheap mobile plan FAQs

Can I get a cheap SIM card in Australia?

Fewer and fewer providers in Australia actually charge you for the SIM card itself. At most, you can expect to pay $1 to $10 for a prepaid SIM card but that typically includes a small amount of calls, text and data as well.

On the other hand, no provider in Australia charges an upfront cost for a postpaid SIM card. You simply sign up to a month-to-month plan and the SIM card will be delivered to your door in a matter of days. After that, you’ll recieve your first bill one month after you’ve signed up but you won’t pay anything for the SIM card itself.

Do you get better coverage with a plan that’s more expensive?

Cheaper mobile plans are not directly penalised when it comes to coverage.

For example, customers of MVNOs like amaysim will have the same level of coverage as Optus customers operating on the same network. 

However, more expensive mobile plans can some include 5G network coverage and, if you're looking at Telstra, a slightly larger network footprint.

That's not a universal rule though, so it's usually worth doing your research and thinking about whether you really need 5G before signing up with a new provider.

Are there any cheap plans with unlimited everything?

If you want unlimited talk, text, and data for a cheap price, you've got one main option: Felix Mobile. Felix Mobile has a single plan with all of the above for $35 per month.

There is one catch, however. Speeds are capped to 20Mbps. 20Mbps is still fast enough for most online activities, including streaming video, but it may be a bit slow when you're downloading apps. 

Are there cheap long-expiry plans?

Long-expiry mobile plans can work out to be cheaper in the long run compared to a month-to-month plan, but you'll need to pay a lot more upfront. The upshot is you can take care of your mobile bill in one single payment. 

How do I switch to a cheaper phone plan?

Once you've picked which provider you want to swap to, the process is simple. You'll order your SIM online and then activate it when it arrives. As part of this process, you'll be asked if you want to keep your phone number. You can always keep your number when changing providers.

Activating your SIM should typically happen in a matter of minutes. Your old SIM will keep working until the new SIM is active. 

Once your new SIM is up and running, cancel your plan with your old provider. 

What is $10 Telstra plan?

Telstra no longer has a $10 mobile plan, but the next best thing is the provider's 3GB SIM Starter Kit. This cheap prepaid mobile plan comes with 3GB of data, standard talk & text, 100 international texts and 7-day expiry.

What is Telstra's cheapest mobile phone plan?

Telstra's cheapest postpaid plan is the $62 Basic Upfront Mobile plan. This plan includes 50GB of monthly data, standard talk & text, unlimited SMS to international numbers, 30 minutes of international calls and 5G connectivity with speeds capped at 250Mbps.

If you're looking for a cheap mobile plan by Telstra but prefer prepaid, you'll want to look for the 3GB SIM Starter Kit. This plan comes with 3GB of data, standard talk & text, 100 international texts and 7-day expiry.

Who has the best cheap phone plan?

Our current pick for the best cheap phone plan is TPG. This provider is powered by the Vodafone network and offers a number of discounts for new customers.

What is the cheapest mobile network?

Although the shape of the market changes from week to week, the mobile network with the cheapest mobile plans is usually Vodafone. Providers on the Optus network aren't far off though, nor are Telstra MVNOs like Numobile.


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