The best unlimited internet plans for data gluttons

Download the world.
  • Tangerine Standard Speed UNLIMITED

    Best Unlimited Internet - NBN 25

    3.5 out of 5 overall
    Cheaper than higher-speed tier in some cases
  • Tangerine XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED

    Best Unlimited Internet - NBN 50

    4 out of 5 overall
    Cheaper than comparable plans
  • Superloop Unlimited NBN 100

    Best Unlimited Internet - NBN 100

    4 out of 5 overall
    90Mbps typical evening download speed
  • Superloop Unlimited NBN 250

    Best Unlimited Internet - NBN 250

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    215Mbps typical evening downloads
  • Kogan Internet nbn1000 Diamond Unlimited

    Best Unlimited Internet - NBN 1000

    3.5 out of 5 overall
    Cheapest gigabit internet provider
Recent Updates: More than a year
We've updated our picks to reflect the new best value plans, as well as NBN's new 250 and 1000Mbps speeds.

Not all that long ago, unlimited data was a luxury afforded only by those willing to fork out the cashola. These days, every NBN provider on the market is offering unlimited downloads at a reasonable rate because, as any ISP worth their salt knows, the real money is in speed these days.

When weighing up unlimited NBN plans, you’re looking for two things: included speed tier and monthly price. With that in mind, here are the best value unlimited NBN plans for each NBN speed tier.

Best unlimited internet provider – NBN 25


If you’re looking for unlimited data but want to save as much money as possible, your first instinct might be to opt for Basic NBN 12 but that’d be shooting yourself in the foot. Tangerine’s Standard Speed Unlimited plan is actually cheaper than any Basic NBN 12 speed plan and it comes with Standard NBN 25 speeds (Tangerine self-reports 21Mbps for average evening speeds).

If that deal’s not sweet enough for your tastes, here’s a small segment of unlimited NBN Standard deals to compare it against.

Best unlimited internet provider – NBN 50


Tangerine continues to maintain value dominance in the NBN 50 tier with their XL Speed Boost UNLIMITED option. This is the most popular speed tier as it supports more concurrent users (e.g. bigger households) and has no issue streaming video in high definition. 4K streams should run pretty smooth too, for smaller households.

Once again, this NBN 50 plan comes in cheaper than a lot of Standard NBN 25 plans from other providers and it consistently tops our monthly list of the best NBN plans overall. It should be noted that the pricing on these plans only lasts for the first 6 months. After that, they return to their regular pricing (which is still a competitive deal).

Speaking of competition, take a gander at the runners-up.

Best unlimited internet provider – NBN 100


Households with over four people living under one roof (and a serious appetite for 4K Disney Plus) will want to opt for Premium NBN 100. Our top pick for this category is relative newcomer Superloop NBN. It doesn’t offer the cheapest NBN Premium speeds available but it does self-report a lightning-fast 90Mbps per second on its top-tier unlimited plan.

There are two options for Superloop NBN Premium: the usual 20Mbps upload, or a more expensive 40Mbps upload option. If you want it all, no questions asked, we recommend the Superloop 100/40 Unlimited plan.

See how Superloop compares to similar plans.

Best unlimited internet provider – NBN 250


If Tangerine rules the lower-end of the unlimited NBN spectrum, Superloop has the upper end pretty well covered. Their 250/25 Unlimited Plan boasts a typical evening speed of 215Mbps with an upload of 25Mbps or optional upgrade to 100Mbps. Whichever you go for, Superloop’s NBN 250 plan is more than enough to comfortably handle a large household of data lovers, however, there is one caveat: You’ll need a Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) or Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) connection to nab these lightning-fast speeds.

There are cheaper NBN 250 plans out there, however, their speeds clock in between 200 and 205 Mbps. If you’re happy to sacrifice that 10-15Mbps for some extra cash, take a look at the other NBN 250 home internet plans.

Best unlimited internet provider – NBN 1000

Kogan Internet

Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of ISPs offering NBN 1000 plans just yet, but even if there were, we reckon Kogan Internet would still be one of the best in terms of value. Their nbn1000 Diamond Unlimited is the cheapest gigabit internet plan available in Australia right now and even comes in cheaper than some NBN 250 plans.

However, since NBN 1000 plans are so new, we don’t have reliable typical evening speeds just yet. That said, Kogan’s conservatively reported 250Mbps download and 50Mbps upload is a good place to start.

Before you get too excited, keep in mind that NBN 1000 is dependent on a FTTP or HFC connection – and even then, you may still be ineligible.

Not sold on Kogan’s offering? Check out the most popular NBN 1000 unlimited home internet plans.

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    For Gaming is Superloop most suitable?im looking for no lock in contract.