Best WiFi Plans for Home Internet in Australia

Whether you’re NBN ready or not, these are the best plans available.

WFH? Better upgrade that WiFi.

Australians tend to use the terms WiFi, broadband, internet, modem, and router interchangeably. While each is technically an apt description for the mysterious box where glorious internet emits from, there are still plenty of differences and caveats between WiFi connection types.

In this guide, we’re rounding up the best WiFi plans available, covering everything from the NBN to the increasingly popular Home Wireless Broadband.

The best WiFi plans for NBN Internet

If you live in a house or apartment building that’s already switched over to the NBN, it will be your most likely choice for a home internet connection.

There are different types of NBN connections depending on where you live and your type of dwelling (e.g., apartment, house), but for most Australians, the popular plans below will be your best option for getting hooked up.

The best

Here’s our top pick this month for the best NBN plan in Australia.

The rest

If that doesn’t suit your needs, we’ve rounded up the most popular NBN plans this week.

The best Home Wireless Internet plans

If you’re not eligible for the NBN or you’re just not happy with your service, there are some excellent alternatives available. Dubbed Home Wireless Broadband, this new connection type utilises 4G and 5G mobile networks to deliver super-fast speeds and reliable broadband without the need for an NBN installation.

Typically, data-only plans are too expensive to fathom relying on them for your home broadband needs, but Home Wireless WiFi modems are used in the home, exclusively. Home Wireless data pricing also tends to be more generous than what you find with mobile broadband.

Here’s what’s on offer.

The best

Here’s this month’s top pick for Home Wireless broadband. Read on for more recommendations.

The rest

There’s only a few providers currently offering Home Wireless but if you’re considering it, these telcos will hook you up.

The best Mobile Broadband and Pocket WiFi plans

Lastly, there’s the trusty mobile broadband solution. People who tend to use most of their data on the go, away from home WiFi, need a portable solution for their mobile lifestyle. The best option for travelling broadband users is typically a reliable pocket WiFi hotspot or WiFi dongle (a USB with SIM-card slot).

Like mobile phone plans, mobile broadband plans use the 4G (soon to be 5G) network and tend to have pricier data caps. Here are a few popular plans that’ll get you connected on the road.

The best

Here’s our top pick this month for the best mobile broadband plan.

The rest

And here are the most popular mobile broadband plans on the market this month.

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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