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Amaysim mobile plans review

It isn't the cheapest, but amaysim plans are packed with value including lots of data and overseas calls.

3.5 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Generous data promos
  • con
    No perks or extras
Georgia Dixon
Apr 24, 2021
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Quick verdict
Key to the amaysim proposition is simplicity. Rather than having customers sign long, detailed contracts, all amaysim plans are prepaid and month-to-month (while your 28-day prepaid will auto-renew at the end of the month, you're not obliged to continue your plan and just need to cancel your plan prior to your plan expiry date). What's more, you can control most aspects of your plan online, and the pricing is easy to understand. While the telco doesn't offer a plethora of plans, it's definitely still worth considering whether an amaysim mobile plan could be right for you.
pro Generous data promotions
pro Long expiry plans
pro Good international call inclusions
con No perks or extras
con Average customer satisfaction

Amaysim value for money

Something for every budget.

Choosing an amaysim plan is pretty straight-forward. There are currently five 28-day 'Unlimited' plans to choose from, with one 7-day expiry plan, one six-month expiry plan and one 365-day expiry plan for less frequent users. In terms of popularity, the top amaysim plan is the $30 UNLIMITED Plan, which comes with 50GB upon activation and 30GB for each following renewal.

As you pay a little more, you get more for your money. The best way to break this down is by figuring out how much you pay for 1GB of data. The cheapest 28-day plan option is $12 and comes with 2GB of data, so the cost is $6 per 1GB. At the other end of the plan range, you pay $50 for 80GB, so the cost is $0.63 per 1GB. It's a big difference.

The question you need to ask yourself is: how much data do I actually need each month? It's one thing to get the best bang for your buck, but you're still blowing your money if you don't use the inclusions.

To see how amaysim's offerings compare to other providers, check out the current most popular plans below.

Amaysim features and perks

International calls to keep you connected around the world.

As a more budget-friendly carrier, amaysim doesn't come with the bells and whistles you might be familiar with if you're a previous Telstra, Optus or Vodafone customer. There are no rewards programs, cheap movie tickets or data-free streaming to be found. Amaysim is pretty barebones in what it offers, but one thing it does better than even the big three is international calls.

Amaysim is a popular choice with expats living in Australia and those with lots of family and friends overseas thanks to its generous international talk and text inclusions.

With the $30 UNLIMITED Plan, you'll get unlimited standard calls to 28 countries and unlimited standard SMS and MMS to 42 countries. Upgrade to the $40 or $50 UNLIMITED Plan, and your unlimited international standard calls will also extend to those 42 countries.

With all these global goodies, it shouldn't come as a surprise that amaysim also offers international roaming. It's not the cheapest, and the telco even recommends you grab a local SIM at your destination, but the offer is still there.

To put amaysim's $30+ unlimited international calls and text offering into context, see how it fares against the most popular phone plans with international call inclusions below.

As mentioned previously, amaysim also offers long-expiry plans. There's less choice here, with only one six-month plan and one 365-day plan available. Both offer around the same amount of data (125 and 120GB, respectively), but will suit completely different users.

The 125GB six-month plan works out at $25 per month for 20.8GB data and unlimited calls and SMS to 28 countries, which would suit moderate everyday users. The 120GB, 365-day plan, on the other hand, is better suited to less frequent data users, offering 10GB at $16.66 per month, with no international talk and text inclusions.

Check out the plans below.

Amaysim 5G

Amaysim is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) that utilises the Optus network, which has roughly 98.5% coverage across Australia. Currently, only Optus customers have access to the growing 5G network, but amaysim will eventually get access - it just might take some time.

Here's the coverage you can expect with amaysim:

Amaysim customer support and satisfaction

A decent handful of support avenues, but average satisfaction.

Amaysim has more customer support channels than most budget carriers, with an online self-service portal, account management app, FAQ hub, online live chat, support phone number, email support, and help is even available via their Facebook page and Twitter.

Despite this plethora of available help methods, amaysim doesn't have the best customer reviews. With an average 3.2-star rating on user-generated reviews website ProductReviews, it's by no means the worst (for comparison, Optus has just 1.4 stars), but it's nothing to write home about, either.

How to contact amaysim

You can call amaysim's customer service hotline on 1300 808 300 between 8am to 6:45pm Sydney time Monday to Friday, 10am to 5:30pm on Saturdays and Sundays and 10am to 6pm on public holidays (or 567 from an amaysim number).

Alternatively, you can also speak with a customer service agent via live chat or shoot them a message. You can also message their social media team on Facebook or Twitter between 8am to 8pm Sydney time daily.

See more amaysim UNLIMITED prepaid plans

The easiest way to get an amaysim SIM card is from the comfort of your couch, by buying it online. Simply choose a plan below, and after placing an order, amaysim will post out a SIM pack to you, which you'll need to activate once it arrives.

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