The best baby monitors available in Australia

Babies are out of control and need to be monitored...

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more precious than a newborn baby. It can be an overwhelming time for parents as their instinct to protect their bub kicks in. Being able to check in on how your little one is doing while they’re alone in their nursery, or while you’re at work or even overseas is a game-changer.

Baby monitors are must-have baby equipment for most families, and with ever advancing technology in this field we’re spoilt for choice. The latest models are teeming with extras way beyond a decent camera and sound. Smart monitors allow you to check in on baby’s breathing with apps, play soothing lullabies and check the air quality (even if there’s no substitute for a good air purifier or portable air-con). Our list below covers the latest, greatest and safest baby monitors to suit every kind of family’s need.

Image of Uniden BW 3102 Baby Monitor - Best Value Pick
  • Multiple camera options
  • Built-in lullabies
  • So-so battery life

Best value baby monitor

Uniden BW 3101

Babies are expensive, but this nifty model won’t break the bank. It ranks at the top when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, doing everything a monitor should do and then some.

It has a 4.3” colour LCD display, night vision and the clever Baby Watch feature so you can see the baby from anywhere in the world.

You’re also able to soothe the baby with your voice remotely with its walkie-talkie like function. Settling babies can be hard with a capital H, but a calming nightlight and built-in lullabies offer a helping hand. If you’re worried about security, the BW 3101 has a digitally encrypted system to prevent hacking.

Image of Lollipop - Best DesignPick
  • Bendable mount
  • Alexa-enabled
  • No in-built battery

Best-designed baby monitor

Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

There’s a lot to love about this innovative, quirky-looking monitor. The Lollipop’s attention-grabbing design, essentially a malleable stick with a camera, allows you to attach it to most surfaces so you can keep an eye specifically on the baby, rather than the entire room.

Beyond its distinctive design, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the Smart stakes.

The picture is very clear thanks to the excellent video quality and its camera is Alexa-enabled. You can pair it to a smartphone to view a live feed, and it’s a cinch to check in with the app for notifications if the baby is crying or if the air quality plummets.

Wi-Fi monitors can be at high risk of hacking, but with this device, you can choose to safeguard baby’s privacy by opting for the local Wi-Fi option.

Image of iBaby Monitor
  • Full 1080p HD video
  • Diaper and feeding alerts
  • Audio is a bit tinny

Best high tech baby monitor

iBaby Monitor M7

The high-tech iBaby M7 offers all the bells and whistles you could possibly imagine. It has uber-high quality video with a whopping 1080p camera. There’s no worry of missing anything as it offers the ability to remotely zoom, tilt and pan via an app, and when it does so it’s thankfully quiet. Speaking of sound it detects the most minuscule peep and movement in your little one’s room and sends an alert to your phone. Wi-Fi streaming means you can monitor bub from afar, allowing you to enjoy that much-needed dinner date night minus the anxiety.

What blows our mind though are the many extras; air quality control alerts, a pre-loaded playlist of soothing lullabies, white noise and even smell-o-vision via its clever TVOC smell sensor) feature. Yep, you read that right -the iBaby lets you know when it’s time for a nappy change. If it could make the smell disappear it would be a perfect 10.

Image of Infant Optics Baby Monitor
  • Interchangeable lens
  • Wide-angle and digital zoom
  • Occasional dropout

Best hack-proof baby monitor

Infant Optics DXR-8

If safety is your main concern the Infant Optics DXR-8 monitor is the way to go. Unlike many of the new fandangle devices, it works quite simply. Basically, there is no Wi-Fi, so there’s no risk of getting hacked.

A unique feature is that it comes with multiple easy-to-swap lenses enabling you to choose between standard and zoom, and you can purchase an additional wide-angle lens too.

Essentially it’s just like a professional camera system, allowing you to pick the most suitable viewing angle and focal length for the specific environment. It’s packed with features like remote camera pan and tilt, infrared night vision and has a talk-back function.

It can also be wall-mounted, and the parent monitor unit is lightweight.

Image of VTech OWL Baby Monitor
  • Cute design
  • A little too basic for the price

Best baby monitor for simple design


The VTech OWL Baby Monitor not have as many features as many other models but it’s just as capable of monitoring and quite popular. The cute and stylish owl design easily blends into the décor of most nurseries.

The sensor shows you the temperature in baby’s room, the camera monitor can be moved remotely and it plays of choice of five lullabies to help soothe baby to sleep.

It’s a little expensive at roughly $190 considering its limited feature set. But if simplicity is what you’re after, VTech’s baby monitor is a hoot.

Image of Smart Owl Baby Monitor - Best Wearable Baby Monitor
  • Includes three sizes (1-18 months)
  • Real-time heart rate and oxygen levels
  • Too much information?

Best wearable baby monitor

Owlet Smart Sock

If you’re the kind of parent who can only achieve peace of mind by keeping tabs on baby’s vital signs the wearable Owlet Smart Sock 2  is the bee’s knees.

Wrapping comfortably around the child’s foot it can track oxygen levels, heart rate and sleep using clinically-proven pulse oximetry.

This is perfect if your baby is on oxygen and you want to make sure everything is okay when bub isn’t right by your side. For some people, the oxygen tracking and heart-rate monitoring could be a little too much information; especially with the potential of false alarms.

It comes with a base station that glows green when everything is fine, and notifies you with lights and sounds if oxygen levels or heart rates leave preset zones. If you also like to peek in no matter where you are, it’s able to stream HD video and audio to an app.

Image of Angelcare Baby Monitor
  • Discrete Sensor Pad
  • Intuitive user interface
  • A little expensive

Best baby monitor + sensor pad combo

Angelcare Baby Movement Monitor

The Angelcare AC517-2 prides itself on being the only monitor in the market offering a wireless movement sensor pad.

Anxious parents will love this feature as it alerts you if the baby stops moving, tracking the most subtle changes such as breathing.

It offers the choice of being wall-mounted or used as a tabletop, has a 5-inch LCD touchscreen, night vision capability and the room temperature display is easy to read turning blue if it’s too cold or red if it’s too hot.

It offers two-way talk, but unlike many of the other models we looked at doesn’t offer lullabies and white noise.

Image of Arlo Baby Monitor - Best Smart Monitor
  • Cute and functional accessories available
  • Trusted brand
  • Occasional connectivity issue

Best smart baby monitor

Arlo Baby

Initially, the Arlo Baby grabs you with its adorable bunny design, but it has smarts too.

You won’t miss anything baby is up to as you’re able to stay connected and view anywhere, at any time. It offers crystal clear 1080p High Definition vision and advanced night vision allows you to monitor bub’s every move, even if it’s pitch black.

If a baby needs soothing it offers calming lullabies and white noise or if your voice is the only thing that settles the baby, you can record it. Another cool feature is its multi-coloured night light that offers countless variations when it comes to brightness and warmth. This super Smart bunny works a treat with Alexa and other systems.

There’s also a number of replaceable silicone skins, such as a puppy version, if you want to mix it up a bit.

Image of Nanit Baby Monitor
  • Loads of features including two-way audio
  • Works over Wi-Fi even when internet is down
  • Steep, steep price

Best luxury baby monitor

Nanit Smart Monitor

The slick Nanit Smart Baby Monitor model may be eye-wateringly pricey (roughly $500 at its cheapest), but if money is no object it really does offer absolutely anything you could want in a baby video monitor. You can watch and listen to what the baby is up to 24/7 with HD live streaming and crystal clear night vision.

The white camera’s distinctive design allows you to position it right on top of where baby sleeps, where it can detect motion in the crib and beyond. The power cord is housed in a metal pole so there’s no fear that a curious baby will be able to tug at it.

We love that it works over Wi-Fi even if the Internet is down. Other smart functions include a temperature gauge, two-way audio to speak with your baby, nature sounds (but no lullabies) and a brilliant app that even offers sleep tips based on your tot’s tracking information.

Cubo AI Plus
  • 1080p stream, temp/humidity readings
  • Expensive

Best all-in-one baby monitor

Cubo AI Plus

The Cubo AI Plus has some truly outstanding features that make it one of the most expensive baby monitors on the market.

The included stand, humidity and temperature monitoring, a crisp 1080p stream that works day and night, in-built lullabies, white noise and night light. Many of these accessories and features are things you’d typically have to pay extra for but the Cubo AI Plus is an all-inclusive purchase, but an expensive one at that.

There are a few notable omissions for its price too, like a standalone monitor or rechargeable battery. We wouldn’t recommend it for anyone shopping on a budget, but if you’re willing to splash out, the Cubo AI Plus (mostly) makes up for its premium price with its suite of advanced features lullabies) and a brilliant app that even offers sleep tips based on your tot’s tracking information.

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