Best NBN providers (and their best broadband plans)

These providers are your best options for fast, affordable broadband in 2021.
  • Best provider overall

    Mate Broadband

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    4 out of 5 overall
    Competitive price and bundles
    Award-winning customer care
  • Most popular provider

    Spintel Broadband

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    4 out of 5 overall
    Top self-reported speeds
    Discounts on home phone and mobile bundles
  • Best speed (ACCC)

    TPG Broadband

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    4 out of 5 overall
    Top-tier speeds in ACCC's report
    $99.95 set-up fee on no-contract plans
  • Best self-reported speed

    Telstra Broadband

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    4 out of 5 overall
    Great features, perks and bundles
    Expensive NBN and mobile plans
  • Best customer service

    Aussie Broadband

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    5 out of 5 overall
    High customer satisfaction
    Ultrafast NBN plans and speed tranparency

Here at, we’re constantly keeping track of the best NBN providers (and best NBN plans) in Australia. Our product team monitors the comings and goings of the Australian broadband market with eagle-eyed precision, and feeds that data back to us, the editorial team, to help build out our recommendations and NBN comparison.

In this guide, you will find our NBN provider comparison and the best options available. We give each provider a score out of five stars, based on 24 considerations for value, customer service, speed (including the latest ACCC results) and perks and features. You can scroll to the bottom of this page for more information on how we compare NBN providers but without further ado, here are our top picks for the best NBN providers in Australia.

1. Mate

Best NBN provider overall

Plenty of providers (such as Tangerine) offer regular limited-time deals and discounts on their plans. These discounts typically last between 6 and 12 months before your monthly bill reverts to full price. Mate is no stranger to a good deal or discount either but where it beats every other provider is in its regular pricing structure.

If you’re not interested in switching every six months, Mate Broadband is our top pick for best ongoing value. Its Fast NBN 100 plan comes in at a generous $79 per month, and its Standard NBN 50 at a tidy $69 per month.

Mate’s combination of great value, and top-tier customer service makes it our top pick as the best NBN provider in Australia.

2. TPG

Next best value NBN

Next up for best value is the speed savvy TPG. TPG’s value shines in the higher end of the speed/price spectrum. They’ll hook you up with a  Standard NBN 50 plan (self-reported speeds up to 48Mbps) for $69.99 per month or a Fast NBN 100 (speeds up to 95Mbps) plan for just $79.99 per month, reverting to $89.99 after the first six months.

3. TPG

Best NBN provider for speed (ACCC)*

*Accurate as of 27 March 2021

The ACCC broadband speed test program tracks the real-world performance of select Australian ISPs. It’s not the be all and end all comparison for provider performance, but it’s a reliable indicator of what speeds you can expect. As of March 2021, TPG NBN has taken the top spot in the ACCC’s tests for download speeds during busy evening hours (7 to 11pm), averaging 98.9% of its advertised maximum speeds.

4. Optus

Next best NBN provider for speed (ACCC)*

*Accurate as of 27 March 2021

In the March 2021 ACCC results, Optus dropped from first to second place. With that said, Optus still improved its performance, delivering 98.7% of its advertised maximum typical evening speeds, up .2% from last report’s 98.5%. As for typical evening speeds during the busiest hour for congestion, TPG and Optus were tied for first place with 97.2%. Optus and TPG led the pack by a large margin for busiest hour speeds with iiNet’s third place tailing behind at 95.1%.

5. Telstra NBN

Fastest NBN provider (self-reported speeds)

Australia’s coverage king, Telstra, has long led the Australian mobile network race, but the NBN market has been a more level playing field. But Telstra’s premium price tag is still somewhat justified in the broadband space, thanks to its fast self-reported speeds, perks, and bundle options.

The launch of gigabit internet plans in Australia (to select FTTP/HFC customers) has sparked new competition for the fastest internet in Australia but for most people on NBN 12 to NBN 100, Telstra still offers some of the best NBN speed available.

6. iiNet

Next fastest NBN provider (self-reported)

iiNet has made a name for itself in Australia as the NBN provider for speed freaks. In addition to its super fast NBN 250 and NBN 1000 plans, iiNet’s Fast NBN 100 plans are some of the quickest in town according to the provider’s self-reported speeds, clocking in at 95Mbps.

7. Aussie Broadband

Best NBN provider for customer service

Aussie Broadband’s reputation precedes it. Look at any user review website in Australia, and you’ll see that Aussie has the most positive customer feedback out of every Australian telco. That’s down to a few factors. Firstly, it’s built out a robust customer support network in a relatively short period, offering responsive social channels, usage monitoring apps, live chat services, and more. Beyond that, Aussie Broadband is just a refreshingly transparent telco, that offers live and up-to-date information on its outages, and regular CVC availability updates.

8. Mate Broadband

Next best NBN provider for customer service

Next to Aussie, the next most beloved Australian broadband provider is Mate Communicate. The equally ocker NBN provider is similarly well-received across every user review channel, but more importantly, it offers some no-nonsense pro-consumer benefits, like a 30-day money back guarantee after signing on, and a cracking response time from its customer care team.

9. Telstra NBN

Best NBN bundle provider

As Australia’s most established telecommunications company, there are many perks and features that come with being a Telstra customer. Telstra has had decades of experience under its belt, and there are perks and benefits that can only be offered by a provider with its infrastructure level. Telstra plans come at a premium price, but splashing out will get you access to cheap movie tickets through Event Cinemas, 3 months of Binge Standard, rewards through Telstra Plus, and the option to bundle TV services like Telstra TV and Foxtel with your NBN plan.

Telstra is also one of Australia’s only providers offering peace-of-mind connectivity with its 4G backup modem, the Telstra Smart Modem.

10. Optus NBN

Next best NBN bundle provider

Similarly, Optus’s longevity allows it to offer perks and features that resemble those available to Telstra customers. Optus NBN customers will pay a little extra every month. Still, that premium will get you access to perks such as cheap Hoyts cinema tickets, an Optus Sport subscription for football fans, access to OS Fitness (a fitness app subscription valued at $14.99 per month), and the option to bundle Fetch TV hardware and channel packs.

Optus also offers an NBN modem with 4G backup, the Optus Ultra WiFi Modem, and the option to bundle accessories like portable Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and smartwatches on your one bill.

To its credit, Optus also offers two of the best account management apps, with the My Optus app for iOS and Android, and the Optus @Home app, which allows you to run remote speed tests and monitor your home internet speed even when you’re out of the house.

11. Telstra NBN

Best NBN provider for gaming (lowest latency)

Superloop NBN offers incredible deals on super fast NBN plans, but when it comes to low latency/ping, Telstra takes the chicken dinner. Call of Duty and Apex Legends players know that a superfast internet connection is only half the battle. High ping can be the millisecond’s difference between winning and losing a match.

According to the ACCC’s broadband speed test program, Telstra has had the lowest ping on average in 2020, measuring at 12.9ms on average in May 2020, and 12.1ms on average in February 2020.

12. Exetel NBN

Next best for gaming (lowest latency)

As one of the best performing providers in download speeds on the NBN, Exetel also is the second-best provider for the lowest ping on average. In May 2020, Optus and Exetel tied for second place at 13.5ms on average, but Exetel has maintained a slightly stronger average throughout 2020, with a 13.3ms ping average between February and May 2020.

To be fair to the other providers on this list, ping will only become a problem beyond 50ms or so. Still, lower is always better, and these providers have managed to maintain it well below 20ms on average.

13. Spintel

Most popular NBN provider

Despite not appearing on our list of recommendations thus far, Tangerine and Spintel are consistently the most popular NBN providers in our engine. That’s because both providers consistently offer limited-time deals and discounts on their plans that bring than monthly cost down lower than most other providers.

Spintel and Tangerine’s race for the best bargain in broadband mean they are consistently neck-and-neck for the top position as the most popular NBN provider on our site, but this month, Spintel’s discount (up to $10.95 per month off) has put it in the lead.

These deals typically last for the first 6 months of the customer’s tenancy with Spintel, but the beauty of month-to-month NBN plans is that you can switch providers and plans every month without paying any cancellation fees. So if you arrive at the end of your Spintel promotion and realise there’s a better deal out there, switching couldn’t be easier.

Here’s a look at more of the most popular providers in our NBN database.

14. Internode

Also consider

Like Tangerine above, Internode is popular for its massive signup discounts. They vary depending on your chosen speed tier, but six-month contracts typically come with a $20 discount for the entirety of that period (before reverting to the original price), while faster and more expensive contract-free plans attract a $10 discount for the first 12 months you stay connected. Not bad at all.