Best NBN Providers in Australia

These are our top picks for the providers offering the best NBN deals in Australia.
  • Best overall

    Vodafone NBN

    4 out of 5 overall
    Value for money
    Comprehensive support options
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  • Best Value

    MyRepublic NBN

    3.75 out of 5 overall
    Best value for money in our top picks
    Great speeds
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With an increasingly complicated and ever-shifting broadband market in Australia, it can be hard to pinpoint which provider is the best for you at any given time or which speed is the best fit for your needs. On top of that, what’s best for you one month, might not be the next. Let’s take a look at the best NBN providers in Australia, according to our analysis.

To make the process of choosing the best NBN plan a little easier, we’ve scored each Australian retail service provider (RSP) against a 20-point criterion that takes NBN speed, value for money, customer support and additional features (e.g. TV and home phone bundles) into consideration. We end up with an overall score out of 20, which we translate to a 5-star rating. Out of the 30 providers we scored, only six providers scored above the average.

The Best NBN Providers

These are the six providers that scored above average in our analysis:

  • Vodafone
  • MyRepublic
  • Dodo
  • iiNet
  • Telstra
  • Optus

1. Vodafone

When it comes to sheer data-per-dollar value, Vodafone has nothing to write home about. In fact, in our analysis, Vodafone’s Value score was perfectly average. Where the mobile network underdog makes up for it is with its comprehensive customer service options (including responsive social accounts) and decent extras (like perks, and options for home phone and television bundles).

Vodafone is joined by Telstra and Optus as the only three providers to score a perfect 10/10 in our round-up of customer service features with customers having numerous way to make contact for support, like Live Chat and social media networks. It’s important to note that this score is in no way representative of the customer service experience, just the options available to customers.

What’s Vodafone’s best NBN plan?

Vodafone’s best everyday plan is its Essential Plus plan, which gives you unlimited data on NBN25, Instant Connect and 4G Backup with Vodafone’s 4G Wi-Fi hub. At the time of writing, Vodafone is selling its Premium plan (NBN100) at the same price as the Essential+ Plan.

2. MyRepublic

What MyRepublic lacks in variety, it more than makes up for with value for money. In our analysis, MyRepublic sat alongside Kogan, Tangerine and Spintel, as the best NBN providers for value.

There aren’t any extra perks or exclusive content offers with MyRepublic plans but its many avenues for customer support and account management services make up for that.

What’s the best MyRepublic plan?

MyRepublic entered a confusing Australian broadband market with a very simple proposition: it would give you the fastest speed available at your address and nothing less. All of MyRepublic’s plans are sold as Unlimited Premium NBN 100 plans. All you need to decide is whether you want to sign a 12-month contract or pay a little extra for the freedom of month-to-month.

The 12-month contract allows you to bundle an AC1600 Wi-Fi Hub+ modem. We usually recommend avoiding a contract where possible but if you need a modem and don’t feel like forking out for it upfront, you could do worse than what MyRepublic is offering.

3. Telstra NBN

Next on our list of top NBN providers is Australia’s mega telco, Telstra. It’s no secret that Telstra’s plans ain’t cheap but this is a case of paying for what you get. In our scoring, Telstra hit every mark across speed, features and customer support options. It offers bundles (home phone, mobile and Foxtel), quality service management apps and the full spread of customer support options across social, live chat, phone support and more.

The best Telstra NBN plan

If you’re committed to paying a little extra for Telstra’s NBN service, then you might as well take advantage of the TV bundles on offer. Telstra’s Unlimited Internet + TV bundle gives you a Telstra TV with $125 Telstra TV Box Office credit and 3 months of hayu, Garage Entertainment, DocPlay and AnimeLab (which adds up to over $200 value).

Telstra TV also allows you to stream Netflix, Stan, Kayo and Foxtel Now on one device.

4. iiNet NBN

Since TPG took over, iiNet has never been the same. Despite changing hands and losing its quality customer service team, iiNet is still doing something right. Perth born-and-bred broadband provider iiNet nabbed a place in our top provider ranking.

Like Dodo, iiNet’s pre-NBN presence in Australia gives it a headstart against most NBN providers when it comes to customer support options and bundling options for phone and television.

The best iiNet plan

There are three fixed-line NBN speeds available through iiNet: Basic (NBN12), Standard Plus (NBN50) and Premium (NBN100). Data-per-dollar value isn’t exactly iiNet’s strong suit but out of the three available, the Standard Plus plan is the most reasonably priced.

5. Optus NBN

Australia’s second-largest mobile network provider Optus has doubled down on its broadband efforts since the rollout of the NBN, offering the same old TV, home phone and mobile bundles on the national broadband network, now with added bonuses like Optus Sport for football fans.

Just like Telstra, the premium suite of NBN plans from Optus are some of the most expensive on the market but its long-established customer support network and customer perks, such as discounted Hoyts movie tickets were enough to push it above the average on our leaderboard.

What’s the best Optus NBN plan?

Just like Telstra, if you’re opting to pay the premium for Optus NBN over a cheaper provider, why not take advantage of the bundles on offer. The 24-month Standard Plus Optus NBN plan includes the Fetch Mighty 4K PVR box with 1 Premium Channel Pack and unbridled access to Optus Sport. It also includes standard local, national and Australian mobile calls from the bundled home phone.

6. Dodo

Despite its namesake, Dodo Broadband has managed to survive the evolving broadband market and the proliferation of smaller NBN ankle-biters. Dodo made it into our top 6 NBN provider rankings, thanks mostly to the customer service options and additional plan features it’s amassed after years on the market.

Dodo isn’t breaking new ground when it comes to value; like Vodafone, it sits at a solid 3 out of 5. Good value NBN plans, just not the cheapest or most feature packed.

The best Dodo NBN plan

While Dodo does offer a Premium (NBN 100) option, it’s not the most economical option. Dodo only sells Premium speed as a bolt-on for its Standard Plus Unlimited plan, which comes at a pretty decent price.

If you’re not after unlimited data, you can save a bit of cash by jumping down to Dodo’s 101GB Standard (NBN 25) plan. You’d definitely be better off paying the extra for Standard Plus and Unlimited but if saving money is your first priority, you might want to consider it.