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Telstra business NBN plans review

Telstra NBN business plans come at a premium price but include some great features and a full suite of support options.

Telstra business NBN plans review
4 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Fast download speeds
  • pro
    Included, local calls
  • con
    Not competitively priced
Nathan Lawrence
May 05, 2022
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Quick verdict: Telstra business NBN

​Anyone familiar with Telstra plans—business or residential, mobile or internet—likely knows that they tend to attract a premium monthly price. Telstra business NBN is no exception to this rule with the most expensive comparable plans in our database. Still, that extra monthly cost comes with great perks, including a static IP address and a modem-router with 4G backup. It’ll take a couple of years of connection to avoid the modem-router repayment fee, though, and some of the other features cost extra, too.

Opt for a Telstra business NBN plan if you don’t mind paying more for perks and a wide range of support options, but there are better value alternatives out there if your main concern is price and speed.

pro Fast download speeds
pro Included local, national calls
pro Static IP address
pro Great range of support options
con Not competitively priced
con Two years before modem is paid off
con Pay extra for phone handset
con Premium support is pricey

Telstra business NBN plans value for money

Fantastic download speeds but at a great cost.

​ Telstra has made a name for itself by offering speedy residential NBN plans with unlimited data, albeit at a premium price, and that trend is no different for the provider’s NBN business plans. Interestingly, the cheapest Telstra business internet plan isn’t an NBN offering; instead, it’s a rare ADSL2+ plan.

Graphic of a woman comparing NBN plans

Whether you want more speed, better customer service, or just a better deal on your home internet , you can find everything you need to know about NBN plans by following the link below. 

In terms of our database, the Telstra Unlimited Business Internet plan was the only business ADSL2+ offering at the time of writing, and one of only two in our comparison engine across business and residential plans.

For not a whole lot more per month, you can get the Telstra Business NBN Unlimited Data plan, though, which is typically priced at $110 per month and comes with 50Mbps typical download speeds during business hours.

While those download speeds are great, the pricing is less desirable and beaten by every other business NBN provider in our database for typical monthly pricing. The only proviso there is that Aussie Broadband offers ever-so-slightly slower download speeds (49Mbps), while iiNet and TPG offer some data-capped plans (although they also have cheaper unlimited offerings, too). You’re better off looking at the Optus Internet Everyday – NBN plan, the iiNet Business NBN 50 Value plan or the TPG NBN 50 L Business Bundle if you’re after a cheaper plan with the same speeds and similar inclusions.

For comparison, below is a daily updating list of popular business NBN 50 plans with unlimited data from our comparison engine.

Illustration of Laptop and Modem

Want to know which NBN providers scored top marks in our analysis? Follow the link below to find the best providers for value, speed and support in Australia. 

The only other business NBN alternative Telstra currently offers is the Business NBN Unlimited Data + Premium Speed plan, which typically costs $140 per month for 100Mbps typical business-hours speeds.

It’s an identical story for Telstra’s business NBN 100 plan as it is for its NBN 50 plan above: you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of our comparison engine to find this plan with typical monthly pricing. Optus and Exetel offer the same 100Mbps business-hours download speeds for a noticeably cheaper monthly fee, with Aussie Broadband also cheaper and just behind at 99Mbps. Taking the full package into account, we’d advise going with the Optus Internet Everyday Fast – NBN plan over Telstra’s NBN 100 alternative.

For comparison, check out the daily list of popular business 100 plans below from our comparison engine (all of which have unlimited data).

Telstra business NBN features and perks

Telstra’s premium pricing comes with some great business perks

If you’re a business that’s purely concerned with dollars-to-data value, there are more cost-effective alternatives to a Telstra business NBN plan. That said, if you fancy a business NBN plan with some great inclusions, Telstra puts big ticks in the core boxes on the perks front. All of Telstra’s business internet plans come with included phone line rental as well as local and national calls but, strangely, you have to pay extra for the actual landline phone.

As is the trend with business NBN plans, all of Telstra’s business NBN plans come with a static IP address, which makes it easier to configure remote access, more reliable communication, server hosting and virtual private network (VPN) connections.

Additionally, Telstra also bundles a preconfigured, self-installed Telstra Business Smart Modem with 4G mobile backup. While this modem-router has a $0 upfront cost, you’ll have to pay a $216 fee if you cancel after the first month. This device fee diminishes the longer you stay connected. Stick around for 24 months, and you don’t have to pay anything extra for the Telstra Business Smart Modem.

One of the other things we like about the Telstra business NBN plans is transparency around speeds. This starts with expected download and upload speeds (the latter is rare), but you’ll also be offered maximum speed estimates based on the NBN technology servicing your business address, too.

Telstra business NBN customer support

A wide range of support options, though premium business support costs extra.

After you’ve first signed up, Telstra also offers a dedicated connection manager to assist with any questions or issues while you get connected. Once you’re up and running, there are self-guided support steps on the Telstra website for troubleshooting issues. There’s also a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Telstra offers a full range of support options, so you can pick your preference. Get in touch digitally via Twitter, Facebook or online chat service. Alternatively, visit a Telstra store for in-person support (you can also book an appointment) or call 132 000 for phone support 9:00am to 7:00pm AEST Monday to Friday.

If you have connection issues, you can contact Telstra for basic tech support or pay extra for Telstra Business Tech Services. Telstra describes this optional support service as a tailored concierge experience, and while it includes 24/7 support for Telstra and non-Telstra tech, it does cost an additional $60 per month.

How to sign up for Telstra business NBN plans

Click ‘Go’ next to the Telstra business NBN plan you like the look of below to be taken to the Telstra website. Enter your address to confirm eligibility and check out the maximum speeds available to your business address. Click ‘Buy now’ on the plan to confirm your selection, then follow the sign-up steps.

Telstra business NBN plans

Below is a list of Telstra’s business NBN plans.

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