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Best cheap iPad deals in Australia (April 2024)

We can do better than Big W when it comes to cheap iPad deals, and so can you.

iPad Pro M2
★ Save $160 on the Apple iPad Pro
The ever-lean iPad Pro has a lightweight design with modern touches and all the performance that Apple's M2 chip has to offer.
12.9-inch liquid Retina display
Discounted to
More info
Apple iPad Pro (128GB)🔥7%🔥 off
Apple iPad (2021)🔥6%🔥 off
Apple iPad Mini (64GB)🔥11%🔥 off
Fergus Halliday
Apr 08, 2024
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Regardless of whether you've already convinced yourself about which iPad you want to buy and are on the hunt for the best price or are looking to learn which iPad is the best fit for your needs, you've come to the right place. This article is our one-stop shop for Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad tablet deals available in Australia.

The days of bumper-sized bargains on brand-new iPads are far from behind us, and there are still plenty of deals on Apple's trademark tablet if you know where to look, especially on Prime Day.

Best iPad deals

Looking for the cheapest iPad in Australia? These are the best deals currently going around
Apple iPad 10th Gen
9% off iPad 2022 (64GB) RRP
Discounted from $999
pro 10.9-inch LED-backlit Retina Display
pro Apple A14 Bionic chip
pro 12MP rear camera + 12MP front camera

It's not exactly an earth-shattering discount but it is the best price you'll find for the cheapest Apple iPad, which was introduced in 2022. The 10th generation iPad features an A14 Bionic processor (last seen in the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro), a 10.9-inch liquid retina display, a pair of 12MP cameras, up to 256GB of on-board storage and a single USB Type C port used for charging.

Where its ninth-generation counterpart had an old design and new under-the-hood hardware, this model has both a new looks and better internal specs.

If you don't mind going in on a model that's a little older, you can save some money by opting for the iPad 9th Gen instead. This incarnation of Apple's introductory tablet hit shelves in 2021, but it isn't that different to its 2022 counterpart.

The 9th Generation iPad is powered by an Apple A13 Bionic chip and built around a 10.2-inch Retina display with an LED backlight. It's got those classic iPad looks plus a very cheap price point.

Ipad 2021
6% off iPad 9th Gen (64GB)
Discounted from $549
pro 10.2-inch LED-backlit Retina display
pro Apple A13 Bionic chip
pro 8MP Wide back camera + 12MP Ultra Wide front camera w/ Centre Stage

While it does have an older processor, a smaller screen and a more dated design, the 9th generation iPad is still going to be plenty capable when it comes to meeting basic productivity and content consumption needs. You might be able to save even more by opting for a refurbished unit rather than a brand new one.

Best iPad Air deals

These are the best deals currently going around for the iPad Air.

If you're planning on using either the second-generation Apple Pencil or the Smart Keyboard Folio, then the case for the iPad Air over the new 2022 iPad is easy to make. It's more expensive, but those extra dollars do open doors for power users who can't quite justify splurging on the latest iPad Pro.

iPad Air (2022)
8% off iPad Air (64GB)
Discounted from $999
pro 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display w/ P3 wide colour
pro Apple M1 chip
pro 12MP wide camera + 12MP Ultrawide front camera

The latest iPad Air comes outfitted with Apple's powerful M1 chip (also seen in the 2020 MacBook Air) and a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with P3 wide color support. Otherwise, it's got the same 12MP dual-lens camera (and USB Type-C port) found in the 10th Generation iPad.

Again, whether or not the latest iPad Air is worth the up-sell comes down to whether or not you're able to extract the most value from its more powerful processor and wider accessory support. As always though, you can opt to save some cash by going back a generation.

The fourth generation iPad Air hits a lot of the same notes, though the hardware differs. This cheap Apple tablet comes with almost all the same specs and deign. For example, it's got the same 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display and 12MP cameras.

The one key area where it differs is that it uses the Apple A14 Bionic chip rather than the laptop-level M1. If you're looking for a cheap iPad you can use to edit video, that small detail might matter a lot. For everyone else, it's an easy thing to give up in light of the difference in price.

iPad Air - Lifestyle shot

iPad vs iPad Air: Is Apple’s cheapest new tablet better?

Apple just gave its cheapest iPad an update so big that there's a case for buying it over the iPad Air.

Best iPad Pro deals

These are the best deals currently going around for the iPad Pro.

If you fancy the performance of Apple's latest iMacs and Macbooks in a more compact form-factor, the iPad Pro is for you.

It's as close to a fully-fledged laptop as iPads get, with the latest in Apple silicon and a stunning display that comes in two sizes.

The latest iPad Pro is far from the cheapest iPad you can buy, but it comes all the bells and whistles it needs to live up to that price tag. Regardless of whether you opt for the smaller 11-inch model or the larger 12.9-inch one, you'll get all the power of the Apple M2 processor to work with plus a Liquid XDR display with ProMotion, True Tone and P3 wide color support. 5G is also an optional add-on here, with storage sizes stretching all the way up to 2TB.

We've rounded up the best deals for both iPad Pro models below.

iPad Pro M2
7% off 11-inch iPad Pro (128GB)
Discounted from $1399
pro 11-inch Liquid Retina display w/ ProMotion, True Tone and P3 wide colour
pro Apple M2 chip
pro 12MP Wide camera + 10MP Ultra Wide back camera w/ LiDAR
iPad Pro (2022)
8% off 12.9-inch iPad Pro (128GB)
Discounted from $1899
pro 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display w/ ProMotion, True Tone and P3 wide colour
pro Apple M2 chip
pro 12MP Wide camera + 10MP Ultra Wide back camera w/ LiDAR Scanner

Best iPad Mini deals

These are the best deals currently going around for the iPad Mini.

If you don't mind a smaller form factor, the iPad Mini is a great alternative to the other options. The new model works with accessories like the second-generation Apple Pencil and comes kitted out with an A15 Bionic processor that's more than capable enough for heavier usage.

The lightweight form-factor and powerful hardware here make this a great fit for those looking to either create or consume content on the go, so long as you're willing to pay a little bit of a premium for it.

This cheap iPad is available in sizes that go all the way up to 256GB, with a 5G model available for those who want high-speed mobile connectivity.

Apple iPad mini Wi-Fi (256 GB)
11% off iPad Mini (64GB) RRP
Discounted from $1079
pro 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display w/ True Tone and wide colour
pro Apple A15 Bionic chip
pro 12MP Wide back camera + 12MP Ultra Wide front camera w/ Centre Stage

How much does the iPad usually cost in Australia?

Looking for the best iPad deals? Here's what to expect

In case you forgot: Apple recently gave most of the iPad roster a price-bump. Before we dive into our round-up of the best cheap iPad deals available in Australia, here's a quick reminder what the the entry-level pricing for each member of the iPad family now looks like:

  • iPad Pro 11-inch: Starts at $1,399
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch: Starts at $1,899
  • iPad Air: Now starts at $999
  • iPad mini: Now starts at $829
  • iPad (10th gen): Starts at $749
  • iPad (9th gen): Starts at $549

Where to find the best iPad deals in Australia

When it comes to the best iPad, there's no fast and hard rules. You never know where the next bargain could pop up. Here's a short list of retailers we use to spot and track the best deals on the Apple iPad.

  • Amazon
  • JB Hi-Fi
  • Kogan
  • Bing Lee
  • The Good Guys
Recommended for your new iPad
These are the best sellers on Amazon that go with your new iPad

*Pricing and deals only accurate as of last page update. 

Which iPad should I buy?

The best iPad is one that meets your needs and sits within your budget. That said, it's not a one-size fits all situation. It really depends on what your individual requirements are.

If you're looking at picking up an iPad to replace a laptop, you're going to want one of the models with a larger screen like the iPad Pro. On the other end of the spectrum, the basic 10th Generation is a great option if all you're doing is checking your email or looking to keep you kids entertained. Meanwhile, gamers and creators will likely find the middle-of-the-road models like the iPad Air and iPad Mini to be good fit.

Cheap iPad plans

If the price of picking up a cheap iPad outright is still asking a lot, then it might be worth considering grabbing one on a plan through a mobile provider like Telstra or Optus. These plans work basically the same way that postpaid phone plans do, with you paying out the cost of the device over a 24-month or 36-month period.

Here's a quick round of the cheapest iPad plans.

Cheapest iPad price on a plan

Cheapest iPad Air price on a plan

Cheapest iPad Pro (11-inch) price on a plan

Cheapest iPad Pro (12.9-inch) price on a plan

Cheapest iPad Mini price on a plan

Best iPad SIM deals

If you're keen to make the most of the fact that your new iPad has mobile connectivity, you'll want to pair it up with a data SIM only plan. We've gone to the trouble of finding one that fits your needs a little easier by rounding up the best cheap iPad SIM deals below.

When does the iPad go on sale?

What is the best time of year to buy an iPad in Australia?

Once upon a time, you'd have to wait for the end of the financial year or boxing day sales to snag a good price on the latest Apple tablet.

Nowadays, cheap iPad deals are a dime a dozen. That said, it can sometimes pay to wait for the right seasonal discount. Another solid tactic for those seeking cheap iPad deals is to wait until Apple announces a new iPad and then scoop up its predecessor for a steal.

Here's a quick shortlist of times and events that can be better than usual when it comes to cheap iPad deals.

  • Back to School sales (January)
  • EOFY sales (June/July)
  • Pre-Christmas sales (Early December)
  • End of year and boxing day sales (Late December)
  • Prime Day (typically July)
  • Black Friday (November)
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