iPad plans and pricing in Australia: Your options compared

Looking to go large for your mobile needs but don’t want to pay upfront?

If you’ve got the latest iPhone and MacBook but you still need to fill that 7.9-12.9-inch rectangular hole in your life, you’re probably in the market for a new iPad mini, iPad or iPad Pro. The only issue is, you can spend between $599 and $3,459 on a new iPad, depending on what size and features you need and whether you need 4G/5G connectivity or you’re happy to get by on a WiFi connection. That’s why a lot of folks opt for getting an iPad on a plan, it allows you to spread that cost over 12, 24 or 36 months, depending on the provider you go with. Just like their smartphone plans, these providers don’t lock you into a contract when you sign up for an iPad plan. It’s more or less a BYO SIM plan and the only thing you’re obligated to pay is the full cost of the device you pair with your plan.

The only downside of that is that you don’t save any money off the cost of the device itself. Still, it’s a good option for people who need a SIM and data with their iPad who don’t want to pay the full price upfront.

Let’s take a look at the most popular plans for each iPad from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone.

Outright Apple iPad pricing in Australia

Before we dive into your options for getting an iPad on a plan, let’s take a look at how much it would cost you to purchase each model outright. That way, you can decide whether it’s worth paying off over time or fronting the cost outright for a WiFi or WiFi + Cellular iPad.

Apple iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro pricing
ModelDisplay sizeStorageWiFi/CellularRRP
Apple iPad Mini (5th gen) 7.9-inch64GBWiFi$599
Apple iPad Mini (5th gen) 7.9-inch64GBWiFi + Cellular$799
Apple iPad Mini (5th gen) 7.9-inch256GBWiFi$819
Apple iPad Mini (5th gen) 7.9-inch256GBWiFi + Cellular$1,019
Apple iPad (8th gen)10.2-inch32GBWiFi $499
Apple iPad (8th gen)10.2-inch32GBWiFi + Cellular$699
Apple iPad (8th gen)10.2-inch128GBWiFi $649
Apple iPad (8th gen)10.2-inch128GBWiFi + Cellular$849
Apple iPad Air (4th gen)10.9-inch64GBWiFi $899
Apple iPad Air (4th gen)10.9-inch64GBWiFi + Cellular$1,099
Apple iPad Air (4th gen)10.9-inch256GBWiFi $1,129
Apple iPad Air (4th gen)10.9-inch256GBWiFi + Cellular$1,329
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch128GBWiFi $1,199
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch128GBWiFi + Cellular$1,449
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch256GBWiFi $1,349
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch256GBWiFi + Cellular$1,599
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch512GBWiFi $1,649
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch512GBWiFi + Cellular$1,899
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch1TBWiFi $2,249
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch1TBWiFi + Cellular$2,499
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch2TBWiFi $2,849
Apple iPad Pro (2021)11-inch2TBWiFi + Cellular$3,099
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch128GBWiFi $1,649
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch128GBWiFi + Cellular$1,899
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch256GBWiFi $1,799
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch256GBWiFi + Cellular$2,049
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch512GBWiFi $2,099
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch512GBWiFi + Cellular$2,349
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch1TBWiFi $2,699
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch1TBWiFi + Cellular$2,949
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch2TBWiFi $3,299
Apple iPad Pro (2021)12.9-inch2TBWiFi + Cellular$3,549

Apple iPad Pro plans

The most expensive iPad in the family is the large and powerful iPad Pro. Currently, select variants of the iPad Pro 4 and the 2021 iPad Pro are available across Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Below, you’ll find the most popular plans available for each iPad Pro model and storage variant.

Apple iPad Air plans

If your go-to tablet needs to be lightweight (and a little more affordable) above all else without sacrificing screen real estate, the iPad Air is your best option. Currently, the 64GB and 256GB 4th gen Apple iPad Air are available on a plan in Australia. Check out some of the most popular plans from each provider below.

Apple iPad plans

The bulk-standard Apple iPad has become the (more) affordable entry point to the iPad family. It’s not quite as powerful as the M1 iPad Pro or A14 Apple iPad Air but its A12 bionic chip is still no slouch. You also sacrifice a little bit of screen space with the 10.2-inch Apple iPad but for some, it will be a perfect size. Below, you’ll find the most popular plans in Australia for the 32GB and 128GB Apple iPad.

Can I get an iPad mini on a plan?

While iPad mini devices have been offered by Telstra, Vodafone and Optus in the past, there are no models available at the time of writing. The last iPad mini released in 2019 and is a little dated at this point. We’ll update this section if and when telcos begin providing existing or future iPad mini models.

iPad WiFi vs WiFi + Cellular: What’s the difference?

Wondering if you need a WiFi or cellular iPad? Thankfully, it’s not very complicated. Spending more on a cellular model allows you to use a data-only or data-sharing SIM card in your iPad. That might be a more important decision if you’re shopping for the latest 5G-capable iPad Pro but for most, it comes down to a basic question: will you need data on the go with your iPad? Or can you get by with home and office WiFi (and mobile tethering or a Pocket WiFi dongle when you’re on the road)?

If you don’t need a dedicated mobile internet connection for your iPad, you can save a lot of cash. Opting for the WiFi + Cellular model (over the WiFi model) will typically cost between $200 and $250 more, depending on the model you choose. It’s a huge extra cost and something many will need to consider before dropping their dough on the latest model.

Lastly, if you do opt for the WiFi + Cellular model, you can always purchase the iPad outright and go on a SIM-only data plan. Here’s a quick look at the most popular SIM-only data plans available this week.