ALDI Mobile Plans Review: Best bargain prepaid on Telstra

Does the supermarket giant’s appetite for a bargain extend to its prepaid mobile plans?
Best Prepaid Plans January 2020 AU - ALDI Mobile Logo
Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5
5-star value
Continuous rollover data
Not compatible with Blackberry
Recent Updates: 3 months ago
In January, ALDI Mobile's L Value Pack $25 shines as our best pick from the Telstra MVNO and as one of the best prepaid plans for everyday usage overall. Its ALDI Mobile Family Pack also offers fantastic value for money for households with tight budgets.

ALDI Mobile’s prepaid range offers cheap access to the Telstra wholesale network.

Since it launched back in 2013, ALDI Mobile’s affordable prepaid phone plans have only increased in popularity.

ALDI Mobile offers four different types of prepaid plan: the low-usage, long-expiry Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plans, long-expiry data plans for tablets, a unique Family Pack for up to 4 users and its aptly named Value Packs.

While the long-expiry PAYG and Data plans will serve a portion of Australians just fine, its Value Pack and Family Pack plans are where ALDI knack for a great deal shines through.

Read on to find out whether an ALDI Mobile prepaid plan is for you and which one suits your phone usage habits, budget and lifestyle best.

ALDI Mobile Plans Review

In our Australian mobile provider analysis, ALDI scored 4.5 out of 5 stars overall (an average calculated from over 25 scores and considerations). At 4.5 stars, ALDI rubs shoulders with the likes of Optus and Telstra when it comes to value for money and features and competes with OVO Mobile for the title of best prepaid mobile provider.

Let’s take a look at how its plans stack up against the competition these days in our ALDI Mobile review.

Who does ALDI Mobile suit?

ALDI Mobile’s prepaid plans are some of the best value on the market, let alone some of the best value on the Telstra wholesale network. If you own your own phone and need a zero-commitment prepaid plan with top-tier coverage, ALDI Mobile’s prepaid plans come highly recommended.

Who doesn’t ALDI Mobile suit?

If you’re after the latest and greatest smartphone on contract, ALDI Mobile won’t be able to service your needs. And while it does offer auto-recharge options that will top-up your account the moment you exhaust your call and data inclusions, there’s still a portion of Australians that prefer the peace of mind offered by a month-to-month SIM plan, which ALDI doesn’t offer.

It also isn’t going to suit Blackberry die-hards. While you can, technically, use an ALDI Mobile SIM card in a Blackberry handset, you won’t be able to access data services (e.g. browsing the internet or sending/receiving emails).

The best ALDI Mobile prepaid plan

ALDI Mobile Value Packs offer some of the most generously priced inclusion on the market. When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, look no further than ALDI Mobile’s L Value Pack $25. For $25 per 30 days plus a $5 upfront cost, you’ll enjoy 18GB of data, unlimited national calls and text, unlimited international calls and SMS to 15 destinations plus 100 minutes of calls and 50 SMS to another 35 selected countries.

To sweeten the deal further, ALDI Mobile is also offering holiday bonus data: recharge between 8 January and 12 February 2020 to receive a bonus 5GB of data on your first rollover balance. 

Another great feature of ALDI’s L-Value Pack is that it offers continuous data rollover. So long as you recharge within 24 hours of expiry and recharge with an amount equal to or above the previous month’s plan, any of your unused data will be rolled over to your next month’s balance. There is no limit to the number of times you can roll over your data. That’s stunning value for a prepaid plan on Telstra’s wholesale 4G network. The only catch is that you must use up your current month’s data balance before you can tap into the rollover balance.

How does this compare to my other options?

If you’re willing to fork up another $5, Boost Mobile is another Telstra MVNO (and the only MVNO in Australia that currently has access to the entire Telstra 3G/4G network) offering a great deal on its $30 Prepaid Plan

For $30 per 28 days, you’ll receive 30GB of data (including its current 15GB bonus data promo on your first three recharges, expiring 17 February 2020), unlimited national calls and SMS, unlimited international calls and text to 20 selected countries plus 100 international minutes and text to 35 more destinations.

Boost also lets you roll over unused data to your next month’s balance when you recharge before your expiry date, however, unlike ALDI Mobile you can’t rollover your data continuously to a second month and so forth. 

If you’re looking for a plan under the $20 a month mark, Optus MVNO OVO Mobile currently offers one of the best prepaid plans on the market for the average user. 

For $19.95 every 30 days, OVO Mobile’s Small Plan will give you 10GB of data as well as unlimited national talk minutes and texts. You’ll also get access to OVO Time, which gives you extra gifted data on your next recharge for up to 10GB per 30 days for the data you use streaming on OVOPlay.

Unless you’re seriously burning through your data every month by streaming in 4K and uploading large videos frequently, 10GB of data per 30 days should be enough for most people. However, OVO Mobile’s Small Plan doesn’t have any international call, text or roaming inclusions, so if this is something you’re after, the ALDI L Value Pack or Boost Mobile $30 Plan mentioned above would be your best bets.

Best ALDI Mobile plan for high-data usage

For those who need more data, also consider ALDI Mobile’s XL Value Pack $35. For $35 per 30 days, you’ll get 35GB of data, unlimited national talk minutes and text, unlimited international calls to 15 selected destinations as well as an additional 200 minutes and 50 SMS to 35 selected international countries. 

Alternatively, ALDI Mobile’s XXL Value Pack will give you 48GB of data for $45, unlimited national calls and SMS, unlimited international calls to 15 selected destinations plus 300 minutes to 35 international countries. Both the XL and XXL Value Packs also offer continuous data rollover, so you can make the most out of the high data inclusions each month.

What are my other options?

Optus MVNO amaysim’s $30 UNLIMITED Plan is another sweet steal ideal for high-data users. The $30 per 28 days plan will give you a whopping 40GB of data each recharge throughout the life of your plan (normally, 30GB of data per recharge). 

To enjoy this bonus data promo, you’ll have to sign up by 31 January 2020. You’ll also get unlimited standard national calls and SMS, unlimited SMS to 32 selected international destinations and unlimited international calls to another 10 selected countries. 

ALDI Mobile Value Packs and Plans

  • S Value Pack
  • L Value Pack
  • XL Value Pack
  • XXL Value Pack

If you don’t need the highest data offered by ALDI Mobile’s Value Packs, there’s still plenty of options to choose from with recharge options as low as $15 per month.

The cheapest ALDI Mobile Plan

If you don’t want the hassle of setting up a Family Plan, the cheapest ALDI Mobile plan you can get on a 30-day prepaid is the S Value Pack $15. 

For $15 every 30 days (plus $5 upfront), you’ll receive 3GB of data and unlimited national calls and text plus continuous data rollover.

How good is the ALDI Mobile Family Plan?

ALDI’s Family Pack which, while not quite as great value as the L Value Pack plan, gives you 72GB for $80 every 30-day recharge to share between 4 SIM cards. 

The best thing about the Family Pack is that you can manage each user’s data usage from the My ALDI Mobile app. Let’s say there are two low usage family members and one high usage member, ALDI Mobile lets you set a limit on each SIM e.g. 5GB each for two SIMs, with the remainder going to the third SIM. It’s a brilliant concept for small households on a tight budget.

ALDI Mobile PAYG plans

For those that hardly use much data and only make occasional calls or texts, ALDI Mobile’s Pay As You Go (PAYG) $15, $25 or $35 plans may suit your needs just fine. 

All PAYG plans have a 365 days expiry and you can choose to use the credit however you want on data, text or calls. Data will cost you 5c/MB while the cost of a standard national SMS is $0.12 and a standard national two-minute call is $0.24. 

ALDI Mobile Long Expiry plans

ALDI offers several long-life plans meant to carry you through an entire year with a 365-day expiry. There are three tiers: $95 for 24GB, $240 for 185GB and $365 for 365GB. These are data-only plans offering continuous data rollover without any call or text inclusions. 

Similar to the PAYG plans, unless you’re a low-data user who wants a hassle-free plan with long expiry so you don’t have to worry about recharging, you would probably be better off on ALDI Mobile’s L Value Pack or one of the other options mentioned in our best prepaid plans.

What network does ALDI Mobile use?

ALDI Mobile uses Telstra’s wholesale 3G/4G network. Where Telstra’s own 4G network covers 99.4% of populated Australia, Telstra’s wholesale network only reaches around 98.8% of populated Australia. That’s still a larger spread than the Optus network’s 98.5% coverage and a good deal larger than Vodafone’s 96.00% coverage so if you’re after premium coverage at an affordable price, you’d be stretched to find better than ALDI Mobile.

Is ALDI Mobile coverage as good as Telstra?

As mentioned above, there’s a slight difference between Telstra’s 4G network and Telstra’s wholesale network. Telstra restricts MVNOs from a small portion of its network in order to retain exclusive bragging rights for the country’s largest mobile network. With that said, the difference is minimal; the wholesale network only offers 0.6% less population coverage than Telstra’s own. Geographically, the difference is more pronounced though.

The map below illustrates the difference between each network.

Are ALDI to ALDI calls free?

Technically, no. If you opt for a Pay As You Go plan, ALDI to ALDI calls will cost you the standard 12c per minute for calls and 12c per SMS. However, every ALDI Mobile Value Pack comes with unlimited standard national calls and text, even at the lowest recharge tier. So you get unlimited calls to any standard national mobile or landline, regardless of whether you’re calling an ALDI Mobile number or not.

Does ALDI Mobile offer SIM-only postpaid plans?

No, ALDI Mobile is a prepaid mobile plan provider exclusively. It doesn’t offer postpaid plans of any kind. If the convenience of paying your bills automatically via direct debit is a must, ALDI Mobile offers Auto Recharge on its Value Packs. This can all be managed via the My ALDI Mobile website and app.

How to recharge ALDI Mobile

Speaking of recharging your ALDI Mobile service, there are a number of ways you can purchase and apply prepaid recharge vouchers through ALDI.

Most convenient of all is via the My ALDI Mobile website and app mentioned above. Using the ALDI Mobile logins details you set up upon signing up, you can recharge your service using a credit/debit card via My ALDI Mobile.

Alternatively, you can head to your closest ALDI store to purchase a physical recharge voucher, which can then be applied via ALDI’s website or through the provider’s customer support phone number 2534 (e.g. ALDI on your dial pad).

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  • Timmy Tom

    Worst Mobile service provider

    I ported my wife number from Amysim to Aldi mobile yesterday 4-Nov-2019 and activated Aldi sim.
    I paid $5 for the sim and recharged online for $25 for plan L.

    Even after activated I couldn’t able to receive any phone calls or couldn’t able to make any call to any other numbers, including Aldi customer care number.

    Then I called Aldi customer care from another mob and the customer care person said “sorry that your mobile phone is not compatible with Aldi’s network”.

    End story I lost my money and time, so switching back to my previous provider.

    So be careful when opting for Aldi mobile.

  • Me, Myself and I

    Friends are complaining about their Telstra MVNO service. I am on Telechoice, some are on Woolworths and some Aldi. We are all complaining.

    At one of our friends house, we all had our service drop out. So, it is not the reseller, but Telstra.

    I lodged a complaint with my carrier – Telechoice. I asked them to find out why I had a good service at home 2 months ago but now have no service. The resultant information from Telstra was that it was due to bushfires and Telstra aren’t going to fix the problem. NOTE: I live in an urban area several hundred kilometres from any bushfire!

    So, before you complain about the MVNO, think about the LACK of service by Telstra!!!