Lebara Mobile Review: The best plans for international calls

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Great value on international calls
Long expiry offers plenty of value
Roaming rates could be better
No visual voicemail
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Lebara Mobile Review: Is Lebara any good?

Lebara’s no-fuss prepaid SIM plans have always been a safe haven for folks travelling to or moving to Australia. It focuses on international call and text inclusions without sacrificing value on local calls, text and data usage.

While it’s roaming inclusions can’t quite compete with the likes of Vodafone or Woolworths, it still offers a variety of short-expiry options if you’re looking to flee the country.

In our round up of the best prepaid plans available, we named Lebara as the best prepaid mobile provider for international calls and text, and in our analysis of the best long-expiry plans, Lebara’s 180-day recharge option took top spot for its category.

The best Lebara Mobile plan

If you use more data than the average bear and need access to top-value international calls and text, you can’t go past Lebara’s 30-day XXL plan.

Not only does it offer super competitive data-per-dollar value (with data rollover or “banking” for up to 200GB every month), but it also offers some of the most generous international inclusions on the market, with unlimited standard calls and text to 60 selected countries.

Is there a Lebara unlimited plan?

For everything except data? Yes. There aren’t many unlimited data plans on the market (and none that are prepaid) but Lebara does offer unlimited standard national calls and text, plus unlimited international calls and text to 60 countries on its top recharge value.

As we mentioned above, Lebara offers great value on data across its prepaid range, with up to 78GB per month.

Does Lebara offer cheap international calls?

Most definitely. Not just cheap international calls, but unlimited to a huge selection of countries. But even Lebara’s pay-as-you-go plan offers super competitive rates for international calls, with rates as low as 1c per minute to countries like China.

Head over to Lebara’s comprehensive guide to international calling rates for every plan type to help you decide which plan suits your needs best.

What network does Lebara use in Australia?

In Australia, Lebara’s 4G mobile network coverage comes courtesy of Vodafone. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Lebara offers its customers full access to the Vodafone 4G network (unlike Telstra’s restricted Wholesale Network).

Vodafone’s 4G footprint in Australia has improved significantly over the last few years but it still has the least coverage of the big three network providers (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone).

The difference isn’t vast these days and you shouldn’t have any significant coverage issues in Australian metro areas but if you’re keen on travelling Australia, you might want to consider a Telstra prepaid plan, or a prepaid plan from a provider like ALDI Mobile, that uses Telstra’s wholesale network.

Use the filters on the map below to check Vodafone’s 4G coverage in Australia.

What is the Lebara TV app?

Lebara Mobile used to offer a streaming video-on-demand service known as Lebara Play. It even had its own set-top box. Lebara Play offered international content for those living in Australia; specifically Tamil TV shows and movies.

Unfortunately, Lebara Play and the Lebara set-top box are no longer available but another provider has taken the reins with a much more comprehensive offering, YuppTV. YuppTV offers live television, catch-up, on-demand TV shows and movies and bundle packages.

While YuppTV has its fair share of free content, there are also loads of paid options for Hindi, Telugu and Tamil audiences (just a name a few). For example, you can access the Hindi TV and YuppFlix Movies pack for $24.99 per month or $189.99 per year.

Lebara and YuppTV occasionally team up for promotions, like 2019’s IPL deal.

Where can I buy a Lebara Australia SIM card?

If you need to connect to Lebara yesterday, you can pick up a prepaid SIM starter kit from most Coles, Woolworths, 7-Eleven and select newsagents. Essentially any large convenience store will have Lebara SIM cards in stock.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind waiting 5 to 7 business days, you can order your SIM online and have it delivered directly to your home or work address. Ordering the SIM is free of charge, you only pay for the recharges you use.

How to activate a Lebara Australia SIM card

Once you’ve picked up a Lebara SIM, you can activate it on Lebara’s Australian website.

All you need is the PIN from the SIM card you purchased, your desired mobile phone number if you’re porting from another provider and your account/payment details e.g .name, date of birth, address, debit card number.

How do I recharge Lebara and check my balance?

You can check your Lebara Mobile balance at any time by calling customer care on 126 122 or online using the MyLebara login details you set up when you activated your SIM.

But the easiest way to check your balance, top-up and manage your Lebara service is via the MyLebara app for iOS and Android.

The Android app can also be used as a widget on your smartphone’s home screen; a small viewable window that only shows the essentials (e.g. balance, expiry).

How is Lebara’s customer service in Australia?

The telecommunications industry, as a whole, cops a lot of flack on the customer service front. And the user-generated reviews on Product Review show that most telco customers rate their provider’s customer service pretty low.

The median rating for Australian mobile providers on Product Review is 2.5 out of 5 stars and Lebara Australia’s score currently sits at 2.7 out of 5.

So it’s fair to say the company’s customer service is just above average and every interaction we’ve had with the support team has been nothing short of wonderful.

There are a few ways of getting in touch too.

You can call 126 122 from your Lebara phone or 1300 126 122 from any other phone. You can email customer care at care@lebara.com.au or hit up the live chat team on the Lebara website.

It’s also worth noting that, despite average customer support ratings on Product Review, the MyLebara app has a 4.6-star rating on the App Store and a 4.5-star rating on Google Play.

That’s an impressive feat; most telco consumers only report feedback when they have something negative to say, but the MyLebara mobile app appears to be a hit with customers.

More popular Lebara Prepaid Mobile plans in Australia

If the recharge options above don’t tickle your fancy, here are Lebara’s prepaid plans ranked by popularity, according to WhistleOut’s mobile plan comparison engine.

  • Kumar M

    worst customer service, they never acknowledged my view point even though i was right but instead just tried to push back me. they ignored their staff’s worst customer service and backed her instead.

  • Gnu

    “[…] it’s fair to say the company’s customer service is just above average[…]”. This may have been historically true, but the vast majority of recent reviews are one star. Terrible customer service, and I’ve lodged a couple complaints about their company’s practices and conduct to the TIO. If they were once a decent alternative, they’re not anymore.