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MyRepublic NBN plans review

A closer look at the NBN plans from MyRepublic: the provider with some big claims about gamer-friendly inclusions.

My Republic
MyRepublic NBN Internet
4 out of 5 stars
From $69 per month
No contract
Home phone and modem add-ons available
Georgia Tan
May 01, 2022
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Heads Up
Update: MyRepublic is no longer available

As of April 2023, My Republic is no longer available in Australia or servicing new customers.

MyRepublic customers have now been transferred to Superloop. For broadband support, please call Superloop on 1300 924 003.

For the best NBN providers available, follow the link below: 

Quick verdict

MyRepublic has competitively priced NBN plans with decent speeds. Those prices are at their best beyond NBN 100, even if the gamer-centric optional extras are at ends with comparatively high latency. Still, the option to add a static IP address, home phone service and modem are solid inclusions.

pro Great prices above NBN 100
pro Unique optional inclusions
con High reported latency
con Slower speeds on some plans

MyRepublic NBN value for money

Competitive pricing for its speedier plans.

At first glance, MyRepublic’s NBN plans are a bit all over the place in terms of price and typical evening speeds. The provider’s slowest plan isn’t particularly competitive on price and isn’t at all competitive when it comes to self-reported typical evening download speeds. Things improve sharply for MyRepublic’s NBN 50 plan, but then wane when you step up to the choice of either 100/20 or 100/40 NBN 100 plan.

MyRepublic also recently started offering NBN 250 (Superfast) and, at the time of writing, Australia’s cheapest NBN 1000 (Ultrafast), which ties into the provider’s gamer-focused positioning.

As is the trend these days, MyRepublic foregoes offering the slowest NBN 12 plan and, instead, kicks off plan proceedings with an NBN 25 offering. The MyRepublic nbn™ Standard Plan costs $65 a month for poor 15Mbps typical evening download speeds.

Neither speed nor typical evening download speeds can compete with the top NBN 25 providers, which you should see reflected in the list of popular NBN 25 plans below (updated daily).

Based on the $4 difference between MyRepublic’s nbn™ Standard Plan and its nbn™ Standard Plus Plan, it’s clear MyRepublic is more interested in the most popular NBN 50 speed tier. It’ll cost you $69 a month for good 43Mbps typical evening download speeds.

Compared to its peers, the pricing is right for MyRepublic’s NBN 50 plan, beaten mainly by providers like Tangerine, Spintel and Superloop, which consistently offer six-month promotional pricing. Even though it updates daily, you can expect to see those three providers represented below in the popular NBN 50 plans.

MyRepublic is one of the rare NBN providers to offer two NBN 100 plans: one with the more ubiquitous 20Mbps max upload and another with the once standard 40Mbps max upload bandwidth. The nbn™ Home Fast Plan is the 100/20 offering from MyRepublic that has a decent price at $89 a month – $79 during promotional pricing windows – but it’s let down by 83Mbps typical evening download speeds, which is towards the bottom of NBN 100 download speed expectations these days.

While the typical evening download speeds aren’t flash, the price is competitive enough for MyRepublic to earn a spot on the list of cheap NBN 100 plans.

The nbn™ Premium Plan is MyRepublic’s 100/40 alternative, which is priced at $99 a month for those same average 83Mbps typical evening download speeds. What makes it worth considering, though, is it makes MyRepublic one of three providers still championing NBN Fast plans with 40Mbps max upload bandwidth (Superloop and Aussie Broadband are the other two).

At the time of updating, MyRepublic had also very recently thrown its hat in the ring to offer NBN Superfast services. Even without the six months of promotional pricing it was offering at the time ($99 a month), the $109 typical fee makes it the best price for NBN 250. That said, it’s among the slowest with 200Mbps typical evening download speeds.

Aussie Broadband, Superloop, Telstra and Tangerine were all offering six-month promo discounts at the time of writing, all of which compete around that $99–$105 price range. Given MyRepublic’s competitive pricing, expect to see it rise through the ranks of the daily updating popular picks for NBN 250 plans below.

MyRepublic is now also one of the latest providers to offer NBN Ultrafast plans, which have the potential to reach download speeds of up to 1,000Mbps. Even without the limited-time promotional pricing of $99 a month that was kicking around at the time of updating this review, the $129-per-month fee for the nbn™ Ultra-Fast Plan is among the cheapest out there.

Like most other NBN 1000 providers, MyRepublic guarantees 250Mbps typical evening download speeds. The price is definitely right, though, and it will hopefully see other NBN Ultrafast providers drop their prices to compete. You can see the list of cheap NBN 1000 plans below (updated daily).

Info Box
How we score provider speeds
NBN providers self-report the typical evening download speeds you can expect when using their service. Providers get in strife with the ACCC if they misrepresent these averages. These speeds are represented in megabits per second (Mbps) and tend to be below the maximum potential download speed of a plan (with the exception of Telstra and Aussie Broadband). The closer those self-reported download speeds are to the maximum speed potential of a plan, the higher our score for speed.

MyRepublic NBN features and perks

Some unique optional bolt-ons, especially for gamers.

Most NBN providers don’t tend to offer a whole lot in the way of features and perks, and MyRepublic is no exception to this rule. Having no contract and not having to spend a cent to get connected are standard across MyRepublic and a lot of NBN plans, but MyRepublic also gives you the option of a home phone bundle and discounted international calls. You can either pay $10 a month for unlimited calls to Aussie landlines and mobiles, or $20 a month to also cover calls to 40 countries.

Then there are the gamer-centric perks. Pay $0 extra per month for a dynamic IP address – the norm for most providers – but MyRepublic also has the option to pay $8 a month for a static IP address. Dynamic IP addresses are fine for pretty much every internet user, including gamers, but a static IP address can lead to more reliable geolocational tracking, improved VoIP communication, easier server hosting, improved DNS support, and more straightforward VPN use for remote work.

Alternatively, pay $2 more a month to get the Gamer Pro add-on, which includes a static IP address as well as optimised networking and the option to request custom routing for the games you play. These types of inclusion can lead to lower latency for games, which can offer a competitive advantage, but this would be more impressive if MyRepublic didn’t have the highest latency (23.3ms) in the December 2022 ACCC NBN broadband performance data figures. It’s more than double the best latency from Superloop (8.5ms) and even close to double of the next highest latency from iiNet (11.9ms).

MyRepublic also lets you BYO modem or you can pay $159 upfront for a TP-Link Archer VR1600v
modem-router, which is compatible with existing landline phones and is meant for small or medium homes. The final perk is that MyRepublic offers a great referral program. Existing customers can refer someone and, if they sign up, both the referrer and referral get $50 of credit on their account. There’s no limit on how many people you can refer.

MyRepublic NBN customer support and satisfaction

A wide range of support options and decent customer satisfaction.

Unless you’re hoping for a dedicated MyRepublic store for in-person support or a dedicated customer blog, you’ll find it easy to get in touch with MyRepublic in other ways. Fans of online interactions can tap into a chat service, MyRepublic account, as well as find help via responsive Facebook and Twitter representatives. If you prefer to talk on the phone, you can reach MyRepublic support by calling 1300 697 249.

In terms of reported customer satisfaction, MyRepublic has a four-star rating on user-review site Trustpilot, with more than 70% of the 425 reviews (at the time of writing) either excellent or great. The score is lower on Product Review (2.9 out of 5) from just shy of 4,000 reviews, with around 47% of users giving either four or five stars. Value for money, customer service and transparency all have scores of over three, while roughly 60% of people believe that their MyRepublic connection has adequate speeds.

MyRepublic NBN plans

You can see all six of MyRepublic’s NBN plans below.

MyRepublic FAQs

Here are a few of the most common questions people ask about MyRepublic NBN.

There are a few more steps involved with signing up for a MyRepublic NBN plan compared to other providers.

  1. First, pick the plan you like the look of below and click the ‘Go’ button to head over to the MyRepublic website.
  2. Enter your address and, if MyRepublic services your area, click on ‘Build my plan’.
  3. Click through the ‘MyContract’ option (there’s only the no-contract option these days), then confirm the plan you want from the ‘MyPlan’ options, which should be tailored to your connection type. The ‘Add-ons’ tab is where you can select the $0 dynamic IP address, $8-per-month Static IP or, for plans beyond the NBN 25 option, the Gamer Pro option for a $10 monthly fee.
  4. Next, select your preferred home phone inclusion and then whether you want to add a modem-router or hang onto your current one.

MyRepublic is a privately owned telecommunication company that was founded in Singapore. It first launched its services in Australia back in 2016, a few short years after the company was founded in 2011.

The company was founded by Malcolm Rodrigues, former Vice President of StarHub International and Wholesale, and Gregg Mittman, formerly of Alcatel-Lucent's broadband sales team. MyRepublic made a splash when it was first launched in Australia, offering 100Mbps speeds for just $59.95 per month to FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) customers. Since then, MyRepublic has become a mainstay in the Australian broadband market and sells competitively priced plans more in line with the competition.

Georgia Tan
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Georgia Tan
Georgia Tan was an Associate Editor at Australia. She is constantly on the lookout for the best deals around, often seen with an almond cap in hand. Georgia has previously had her by-line published on Finder, AdNews and Honi Soit and was a past Editor of Hermes and ARNA.

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