MyRepublic NBN Review: The Best NBN for Gamers

MyRepublic offers decently priced plans, however for most there are better options. Its bonus gaming features and prioritisation make it the winner for gamers though.
MyRepublix NBN Review - Best NBN for gamers
Overall Rating 4 out of 5
Plans start at $69.95 for unlimited data, 50Mbps
83Mbps average peak speeds
Month to month or 12 months


MyRepublic launched in Australia at the end of 2016, and has since looked to shake up the Australian NBN space with affordable, high-speed internet.

It initially launched solely with 100Mbps plans, but has since added a 50Mbps tier to customers across most parts of Australia. It also offers 1Gbps plans to customers in Wollongong, NSW.

MyRepublic’s big other offerings lie around its Gamer Pro plans, which offer customer routing and static IP addresses on top of its 100Mbps NBN plans as well as prioritized data traffic for online game services.

MyRepublic’s peak NBN speed of 83Mbps is a bit below similarly priced competitors, so at the 100Mbps you are better off with someone such as Aussie Broadband, but if you’re a gamer, the prioritised traffic and static IP address makes this the one for you.

Which MyRepublic Plan Is Best?

One of the best parts about MyRepublic’s NBN plans is that all of them come with unlimited data, so your options are mostly around how much speed you need and if you want the extra gaming features on your plan.

If all you want is a decent NBN broadband connection that can comfortably stream your family’s YouTube and Netflix across a few devices then MyRepublic’s Essential plan will suit you best. It kicks off at $69.95 a month with nothing to pay upfront, or if you need a new modem, you can sign up for a 12 month contract and have one thrown in for free, plus $11 delivery.

For most families and households with less than 4 people, this is the one for you.

The Best MyRepublic Plan for Streaming

If you have a big house, and all of you like to stream Netflix, Stan and YouTube on different screens at the same time, especially in 4K, then you’re going to need the fastest speed you can get with your NBN broadband connection.

For example, if you have even 3 people streaming 4K movies or TV shows, then you’ll be using about 75Mbps of bandwidth, which is 50% more than what you get on MyRepublic’s Essential plan.

So for that, you’ll need MyRepublic’s Premium Plan, which should offer you around 83Mbps typical evening speed according to the ACCC. It’s priced from $79.95 a month, and if you sign a 12 month contract, you’ll get a free modem with an $11 delivery fee too.

The Best MyRepublic Plan for Gamers

If you’re serious about gaming, and getting that “winner winner chicken dinner” on PUBG, then MyRepublic is your way to go, with its Gamer Pro plans that feature a few extra tricks on top of its fastest NBN plans.

MyRepublic’s Gamer Pro speed sits around 83Mbps in peak congestion periods according to the ACCC, but you should hit up to 100Mbps in some of those late night quieter periods on the network.

The extra gamer features part of MyRepublic’s Gamer Pro plan include static IP addresses as well as priority traffic on the network for online gaming services such as Steam, Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network.

There is an option to sign up for a 12 month contract which includes a free modem and router which is suited great for most households, however if you’re super into your gaming you might be more interested in the BYO modem plan which is $89.99/month with no lock in contract.

How fast is MyRepublic NBN?

MyRepublic runs two different speed tiers on the NBN, however while NBN sets those standardised tiers, its up to providers to actually buy enough bandwidth on the NBN network to hit them.

Think of it like a highway, where the more lanes there are, the more cars are able to flow through and avoid congestion. On the NBN, the more capacity your provider buys, the better speed you’ll get while everyone in your neighborhood is streaming Netflix at night.

It can be hard to work out what sort of speed you’ll actually get with each NBN provider, however the ACCC has started to enforce testing of speeds at peak periods – basically at night when everyone wants to stream Game of Thrones. It also makes providers report this speed, so we can get somewhat of an indication of where providers sit.

Here’s what you should get in peak periods with MyRepublic:

MyRepublic Premium Plan: 43Mbps
MyRepublic Premium Plus Plan: 83Mbps

For comparison, here’s what the fastest in each of those category plans achieve according to the ACCC:

Premium Plan (Telstra): 46Mbps
Premium Plus Plan (Telstra): 92Mbps

If you want to see how this compares to all providers, our friends at WhistleOut have a tool to help see how it stacks up.

What is MyRepublic’s Modem Router like?

MyRepublic offers the one Wi-Fi Hub+ modem router for customers, which you can either get for free with a 12 month contract or for $179 outright.

The modem itself is made by French technology company Technicolor who also makes the NBN gear for iiNet and Vodafone, among others.

MyRepublic has used it for a couple of years now in Australia, and features AC WiFi, 4 Ethernet ports, 1 WAN port and can handle up to 10 Wi-Fi devices simultaneously over both the 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequencies.

MyRepublic NBN Review - MyRepublic ModemYou’ll get better speed, latency and range from more premium routers if that’s what’s important to you, but to do so you’ll need to pay at least $50 more. For comparison, a router with similar specs would be D-Link’s DVA-2800 model, which while it has slightly better range, costs $150 more – almost double the price.

In terms of thrown in routers, MyRepublic’s is one of the better ones from providers out there. Definitely enough for most family households.