Kogan Internet NBN Review

Streamlined service with a great price on premium.
Kogan Internet NBN Review
Overall Rating 3 out of 5
"Kogan Internet offers no-fuss NBN plans with a great price on premium but you do miss out on some significant perks and features."

What is Kogan NBN like?

Kogan consistently offers some of the best prices on Premium speed NBN with regular offers on its Gold Unlimited 100/20 NBN plan. It also delivers on speed, with self-reported average evening speeds of 83Mbps. Kogan only loses points when it comes to features and customer service options. This is a barebones broadband service with no perks or bonuses, no online account management, and a small selection of customer support avenues.

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Kogan NBN plans: What are your options?

One thing worth mentioning that isn’t factored into our scoring is the simplicity of Kogan’s home Internet plans. You’ve got three unlimited no-contract NBN options: Bronze (Standard), Silver (Standard Plus), and Gold (Premium). That’s it. No malarkey around 12 or 24-month contracts, no hidden fees, and no data limits.

Here are Kogan’s most up-to-date plans.

Value for money

Value for money is Kogan Internet’s strongest suit, particularly with its Premium speed Gold Unlimited Plan.

Kogan Internet’s Gold Unlimited NBN plan is consistently duking it out with Tangerine Telecom for the top spot in our monthly round-ups of the best NBN plans for speed, and the best NBN plans overall.

It scored 4 out 5 for value in our analysis, sharing the top spot with Spintel, Vodafone and Tangerine. This is thanks, mostly, to Kogan’s regular promotional deals on its top-tier Premium plan.

Here’s a closer look at that plan.

Kogan Internet Gold Unlimited

And for the sake of comparison, here are a handful of popular Unlimited Premium (NBN 100) plans from other NBN providers.

Premium NBN 100 plans

Features and perks

For Kogan Internet’s simplicity and value for money, you sacrifice the usual perks, bonuses and features you would normally get through a more established provider, such as Telstra or Optus.

That’s fine if you’re willing to part ways with things like cheap movie tickets, but there are some basic customer experience features missing from Kogan Internet’s toolset. Things like online account management, and discounts for bundled home and mobile services.

If you’re one of the few Australians who still rely on a landline phone connection, Kogan Internet won’t be able to service your needs. Kogan does offer prepaid mobile plans (with some great long-expiry deals) but there isn’t a simple one-bill-fits-all solution.

Here’s a glance at Kogan’s mobile offering.

Kogan Mobile phone plans

Support and satisfaction

Support options are Kogan’s other undoing. Kogan Internet scored the lowest out of every provider in our analysis for customer support avenues. We score providers based on the number of options they provide for getting in touch, active social media accounts, live chat, self-serve options etc. However, out of the 10 customer support options we count, Kogan Internet only had 2: phone support and self-serve.

Despite that, customer satisfaction is generally favourable for Kogan Internet with a 3.2 out of 5 average on Product Review (based on 434 reviews). That might not seem all that great but it’s miles better than Optus Broadband (1.6) and Telstra Broadband (1.7).

But if you’re looking for top-tier customer satisfaction, you can’t go past user favourite Aussie Broadband (4.5). Here’s a snapshot of its NBN plans.

Aussie Broadband NBN plans

Does Kogan offer an NBN modem?

Yes. Kogan Internet does offer a branded NBN modem. It’s a standard Dual-Band VDSL modem with WiFi 5 technology and it costs $70 outright through Kogan. It should be capable enough to get most users connected but even Kogan suggests saving yourself some money and bringing-your-own modem.

If you already have a reliable NBN modem, you can use that, or if you’re looking for a recommendation, we’ve rounded up the very best NBN modems available in Australia.

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