Lycamobile plans review

A telco that competes on the cheap and data-heavy ends of Prepaid plans.
Overall Rating 3.5 out of 5

There’s not a lot in the way of perks, but fans of cheap Prepaid or big-data plans should absolutely take a look at Lycamobile.

Lycamobile quick verdict

If you want a really cheap or more expensive data-stuffed Prepaid mobile plan, Lycamobile is well worth a look. While Lycamobile’s Prepaid plans are less competitively priced in the middle, the inclusion of a solid international call allowance is a great perk. There aren’t many other features and reported customer satisfaction isn’t flash (according to Product Review), but there are plenty of robust support options if you need help, including in-store assistance.


  • Great pricing for Telstra network plans
  • International calls on certain plans


  • Light on features
  • Middling reported customer satisfaction

Lycamobile value for money

Competitive offerings for cheap and big-data Prepaid plans.

When you go with a Telstra network MVNO, on SIM Only or Prepaid, you expect to pay more. But Lycamobile plans show that access to the Telstra wholesale network doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. The telco offers seven different 28-day no-contract Prepaid plans, all of which come with unlimited national talk and text.

The Unlimited 12 is the cheapest Prepaid plan, which is normally priced at $12 per Lycamobile recharge for 2GB of data.

That’s great value in the cheap Prepaid space, matched only by the Amaysim $12 Unlimited Plan, which also recharges every 28 days but is offered on the slightly less ubiquitous Optus mobile network. For comparison, the next cheapest Telstra mobile network plan is the Aldi Mobile $15 Mobile Plan, which comes with 3GB of data on a 30-day recharge.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid plans that come with at least 2GB of data and don’t cost more than $20.

Spending $8 more a month gives you access to the Lycamobile Unlimited 20 Plan, which comes with 6GB of data for $20.

Lycamobile isn’t as well priced in this space, with competition from Lebara Mobile and Coles Mobile, which both offer more data, while Lebara has cheaper pricing. The cheapest Telstra mobile network Prepaid plan for $20 a month is the Woolworths Mobile Prepaid Mobile $20 Recharge, which comes with 12GB of data, a 30-day recharge cycle, 300GB data bank and a 10% monthly discount on a Woolies shop.

Below is a daily updating list of Prepaid plans with at least 6GB of data that don’t cost more than $30 a month.

The Unlimited Plan XS also has 6GB of data, but the $25 Lycamobile recharge cost includes unlimited calls to 12 selected countries.

Lebara offers a cheaper plan at this pricepoint on the Vodafone network and Coles has a plan with more data at a cheaper price, and both competing plans include international call allowances. If you want international calls on the Telstra network, the Aldi Mobile $25 Mobile Plan is a 30-day Prepaid offering with a better international allowance and more data (20GB).

Below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid plans with international call inclusions and at least 6GB of data.

Paying $30 every 28 days gets you the Lycamobile Unlimited Plan S, which normally comes with 10GB of data but, at the time of writing this plans review, was offering 20GB of bonus data. From this plan onwards, Lycamobile offers an included international call allowance.

At this pricepoint, Prepaid competition heats up and you have to scroll quite a way down to find the Lycamobile plan in our comparison engine. For 10GB of base data, Coles Mobile, Woolworths Mobile, Lebara, Aldi Mobile, Amaysim, Boost Mobile and Optus have either cheaper, more data-stuffed or perkier plans.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid plans with at least 10GB of data.

The Lycamobile Unlimited Plan M offering comes with 35GB of base data (and 15GB of bonus data at the time of review) for $40 per recharge.

The scrolling game continues to find Lycamobile in our comparison engine next to Prepaid plans with at least 35GB of data. Lebara, Amaysim, Boost Mobile, Optus and Aldi Mobile all have at least one plan that beats the Lycamobile plan on value, base data and/or inclusions.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid plans with at least 35GB of data.

The Lycamobile Unlimited Plan L has the same 35GB as the Unlimited Plan M, but it comes with unlimited calls to 53 selected countries instead of 29.

Despite the same disclaimers about better value, base data and perk inclusions from the same competing telcos above, this Lycamobile plan offers calls to the most countries. For comparison, the Amaysim $40 Unlimited Plan is the closest but falls short at 42 selected countries.

As a refresher, below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid plans that have at least 35GB of data.

Lycamobile’s final plan is the Unlimited Plan XL, which costs $50 and comes with 80GB of data, as well as calls to 53 selected countries.

This is where Lycamobile rises to the top again. Lebara technically has the cheapest plan at $49.90 per 30-day recharge, but it’s via the smaller Vodafone network and the 80GB of data reverts to 60GB after the first three recharges. In fairness, this Lebara plan does include calls to 60 selected countries. Still, the only other contender in this space is the Amaysim $50 Unlimited Plan, which is a 28-day recharge on the Optus mobile network that comes with 80GB of data but only has calls to 42 selected countries.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Prepaid monthly plans with at least 50GB of data.

Other Lycamobile plans

Lycamobile also offers a weekly plan for $10, which comes with 10GB of data as well as unlimited calls to 29 countries. If you commit to renewing three, six or 12 times, you can save between $7 and up to $96 for plans with 6GB, 30GB and 50GB of data via the Lycamobile website.

Lycamobile features and perks

International calls are the main noteworthy perk.

Outside of having access to the far-reaching Telstra wholesale network, the main noteworthy perk for Lycamobile customers is the international calls. You won’t get any international inclusions with the two cheapest Lycamobile Prepaid plans, but spending $25 and above nets you at least some international calls: 12 selected countries for the Unlimited Plan XS, 29 for the Unlimited Plan S and Unlimited Plan M, as well as 53 for the Unlimited Plan L and Unlimited Plan XL.

Across those dialling destinations, there’s a mix of countries that allow calls to both mobile and landline numbers, and a handful of options that are landline only. The Unlimited Plan S and Unlimited Plan M also include 30 minutes of calls to nine selected countries, plus 10 minutes of calls to 10 additional international dialling locations. Similarly, the Unlimited Plan L and Unlimited Plan XL options offer 300 minutes of calls to 13 selected countries as well as 100 minutes of calls to a further 13 selected nations.

Outside of the international perks, Lycamobile also offers $5 of credit for successful referrals.

Lycamobile customer support and satisfaction

Solid support options but less-than-stellar reported customer satisfaction.

Lycamobile has a decent range of support options. If you’re on their website, you can use live chat Monday to Saturday between 9.00am and 6.00pm by entering your name and email address. Those support hours also apply to phone support, with a multilingual team that can be reached on 1300 854 607 for those who aren’t Lycamobile customers and by dialling 122 for those who are.

The Lycamobile website also has several self-help topics separated under FAQ headings. There’s also an online support form you can fill out, which maxes out at 1,000 characters, or you can contact Lycamobile with a longer spiel via the email address.

Impressively, Lycamobile also offers in-store support, which is rare for MVNOs, and you can use the telco’s store locator to find your nearest bricks-and-mortar location. For those who prefer interacting via social media, Lycamobile’s Facebook and Twitter pages don’t appear to be actively updated and weren’t the speediest places to seek support in our tests (Facebook chat took an hour and a half to reply and there was no same-day reply on Twitter).

In terms of reported customer satisfaction, the Lycamobile user score on Product Reviews was at 2.3 out of five after more than 1,100 reviews at the time of writing. This also breaks down to 3.2 for value for money, 3.3 for customer service, 3.3 for local reception and 2.9 for transparency. The Google score was lower at 1.6 out of five after more than 90 reviews. There aren’t any other customer review scores on Facebook or Trustpilot, but that 2.3 score puts Lycamobile outside the top 10 of the telcos we track in our engine.

How to sign up for Lycamobile

Click the ‘Go’ button next to the Lycamobile plan you like the look of most below or head to the Lycamobile website to view the telco’s Prepaid plans. Tap ‘Buy now’ to confirm the plan you want most, followed by ‘Order new SIM’. From here, input order, address, payment and address details, then confirm to complete the Lycamobile sign-up process.

Lycamobile plans

You can see all seven of Lycamobile’s 28-day Prepaid plans below.

Does Lycamobile have 5G?

At the time of writing this review, Lycamobile was not selling 5G plans. Currently, the only MVNO who is offering 5G plans is Spintel, and that’s on the Optus mobile network. The list below has a daily updating snapshot of the most popular 5G plans.

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