The best (almost) unlimited mobile data plans

The closest you’ll get to unlimited data comes with a speed cap.
  • Best Vodafone 'Unlimited' Mobile Data Plan

    $65 SIM Only Super+ Plan

    4.5 out of 5 overall
    100GB full-speed data
    $65 per month
  • Best Telstra 'Unlimited' Mobile Data Plan

    $115 Extra Large SIM Plan

    4 out of 5 overall
    180GB full-speed data
    $115 per month
  • Best Optus 'Unlimited' Mobile Data Alternative

    $119 Optus One Plan

    3.5 out of 5 overall
    500GB data
    $119 per month
  • Cheapest 'Unlimited' Mobile Data Plan

    $40 SIM Only Lite Plan

    4 out of 5 overall
    $40 per month
    Only 10GB at full-speed
Recent Updates: 3 weeks ago
Vodafone has asserted themself as the best for 'infinite' data, with new tiered speed caps once you've used up your included data.
2 months ago
Vodafone has today launched their new Infinite plans, which include data at max speed, after which your speed will throttle to 2, 10 or 25Mbps.
2 months ago
Vodafone's speed-capped 'endless' data plans still come out on top when it comes to value for money.

For those who watch YouTube videos on their phones, regularly upload stories and photos to social media or want to binge-watch Netflix shows on the go, worrying you’ll run out of data can be a constant stress. So, can you solve this by opting for an unlimited mobile data plan?

The short answer is that while there aren’t any truly ‘unlimited’ mobile data plans, there are many plans that do come close.

Plans from providers like Vodafone and Telstra come with speed-capped ‘peace of mind’ or ‘infinite data’. What this means is that plans come with a limited full-speed data allowance. If you go over your allowance with Telstra, you get unlimited mobile data, slowed to speeds of 1.5Mbps. Vodafone goes one better with 2, 10 and 25Mbps excess data speed cap options. Optus, on the other hand, offers a maximum 500GB with excess charges in the extremely unlikely event you go over.

Let’s get down to the details.

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Why don’t telco providers offer unlimited mobile data on their plans?

According to the 2018 ACCC decision on false and misleading advertising for telcos, providers including Optus, Telstra and Vodafone are no longer allowed to market their plans as offering ‘unlimited’ mobile data. In reality, the speed caps placed on customers’ usage after they’ve exceeded their prescribed data allowance is considered a definite ‘limit’.

Best Vodafone ‘unlimited’ data plan

Our top pick out of the whole bunch, Vodafone’s SIM Only Super+ Plan tosses up an enormous 100GB for $65 per month (or 200GB for $55 per month for the first year if you purchase before 12 November), after which you’ll pay no excess data charges and be able to use data at a speed cap of 10Mbps. You’ll also score unlimited national talk and text, unlimited international minutes to Vodafone’s selected Zone 1 countries and 200 minutes to Vodafone’s Zone 2 countries.

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What does ‘unlimited’ data really mean?

While Vodafone says all their SIM Only plans include ‘infinite’ data, you should know that once your 150GB data allowance has been used up, any additional data you use will be subject to a data speed cap of 2, 5, 10 or 25Mbps till your next recharge, depending on your plan.

You can sign up to the SIM Only Super+ Plan either by bundling your mobile data plan with one of 41 available handsets (with 24-month or 36-month handset repayments) or opting for a 12-month contract, BYO phone SIM-only plan.

Pro tip: Even if you’re a data-hungry fiend on your phone, you might not need unlimited mobile data. Here are some popular mobile plans with at least 70GB, to satisfy your needs:

Best Telstra ‘unlimited’ data plan

Telstra’s $115 Extra Large Mobile Plan will give you an enormous 180GB for $115 each month with no excess data charges as well as data-free streaming of Apple Music and several sports programs.

You’ll also have the chance to nab free 5G network access as long as you’re in a 5G area and get a 5G-compatible phone.

Similar to Vodafone, Telstra doesn’t have excess data charges, however, your mobile data will be subject to a speed limit of 1.5Mbps once you’ve exceeded your monthly data allowance.

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How slow is an internet speed of 1.5Mbps?

With a 1.5Mbps speed cap, you’ll be able to carry out basic internet and social media browsing, music service streaming and potentially streaming videos in standard definition. You’ll probably find that pages will take significantly longer to load and you might have to wait for videos to buffer. In comparison, the average uncapped download speed on 4G is around 39Mbps while 3G downloads sit around 6Mbps on average.

Here are more Telstra ‘unlimited’ data plans:

Best Optus ‘unlimited’ data alternative plan

Optus doesn’t offer any ‘unlimited’ data plans, but arguably they go one better. With the Optus One plan, you get a whopping 500GB of full-speed data for $119 per month. While Optus’ new plan is definitely pricey, it’s a tradeoff for gaining access to Optus’ priority network and at the time of writing tosses up the largest data allowance on a mobile plan we know about.

With this plan, you’ll also get an Optus Sport included and the ability to share your wealth of data across eligible plans on the same account.

The biggest downside of choosing the Optus One plan over a Vodafone or Telstra’s ‘unlimited’ data plan is that with Optus there are excess data charges once you’ve hit your monthly data allowance. For example, every extra 1GB over the 500GB allowance on this plan will cost you $10. But with that much data, you’re unlikely to exceed it.

For those that don’t have a need for this much data but are dead set on Optus, you might want to consider one of the Optus Choice Plans: the $79 for 120GB or $59 for 100GB monthly data plans would be our choice. Both are available as SIM-only, BYO phone, or you can add a phone on a 24-month or 36-month repayment plan.

See more Optus plans with at least 50GB data:

Best cheap ‘unlimited’ data plans

Vodafone’s $40 SIM Only Lite Plan provides 10GB for $40 per month at maximum speed and is the cheapest mobile data plan you can get that will give you ‘unlimited’ data. Like the other Vodafone Infinite plans above, you’ll be subject to a speed cap – this time of 2Mbps – once you’ve used up your full-speed data allowance. While 10GB isn’t a massive amount for monthly usage, this is probably sufficient for the average user who can rely on home/work WiFi throughout most of the day. Sign up before 13 October and you’ll nab an extra 20GB bonus full-speed data for just $35 per month.

For those keen to snag a bargain, Vodafone offers a bundle and save deal on all its Infinite plans, which could make this ‘unlimited’ data plan most attractive for those looking to maximise their savings. The Bundle & Save deal entails a 5% to 20% discount off your plan costs when you pool together multiple eligible plans under one account.

For those willing to fork up more a bit more for extra perks and benefits, also consider the Telstra $65 Medium SIM Plan for 80GB monthly. Available as either a BYO phone, SIM-only plan or as a no-contract phone plan with 24-month or 36-month handset repayments, you’ll also receive data-free streaming of Apple Music and select data-free sports streaming.

To give you an idea of how this weighs up to other monthly plans within a lower price range that don’t qualify as ‘unlimited’, take a look at the most popular plans across all providers with 50GB or more per month.

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