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As part of Southern Phone's bushfire relief efforts, Southern has now waived all January usage and fee charges for customers, firefighters and SES volunteers in fire-affected regions. Southern Phone customers experiencing property loss will also have their outstanding debts and current bills waived.

The low-cost MVNO is one of the largest telco providers in regional Australia and operates on the entire Optus 4G network. But does it live up to the increasing competition?

Southern Phone provides a range of postpaid Green Plans in Australia, including four SIM-only, no-contract options as well as ten 12-month contract plans with the choice to BYO phone or add a handset bundle for an additional monthly fee or one-off upfront cost.

All of Southern’s mobile plans are billed on a monthly calendar basis rather than other providers that charge every 28 days, which means you won’t be paying an extra month per year. 

Read on to find out whether a Southern Phone mobile plan is right for your data usage needs, budget and lifestyle. 

Southern Phone Mobile Plans

Southern Phone offers a variety of postpaid mobile plans, ranging from $11 to $50 per month. 

These include both SIM-only, no-contract options and 12-month contract plans where you can opt to BYO phone or choose from 11 phones available. We’ll discuss which are the best and cheapest Southern Phone mobile plans you can get and weigh up how these compare to other options available on the market. 

Let’s take a look at Southern Phone’s range of plans. 

The best Southern Phone Mobile plan

Southern Phone’s best value mobile plan is its 12-month contract Green 16 mobile plan with the option to either BYO phone or pick a phone bundle at a varying additional monthly cost (see our handset options section below for more details). For $16 per month, you’ll get 3GB of data as well as unlimited national calls and texts. 

Under Southern Phone’s no-contract option, for an equivalent amount of data, you’ll pay an extra $6 every month ($22 monthly in total). Unless you don’t want to be locked into a 12-month contract, the extra bucks you have to fork out every month for the no-contract option just aren’t worth it for the average user. 

How does this compare to my other options?

If you’re simply looking for the best value mobile plan, it doesn’t get better than Circles.Life’s 20GB monthly plan promo. You’ll get a whopping 20GB of data as well as unlimited national calls and texts for just $18 per month at the time of writing (after 12 months, this will revert to $28 per month). 

While this only costs $2 more than Southern Phone’s Green 16 plan, you’ll get the added benefits of a no-contract plan and a whole lot more data. 

And here’s a small selection of this week’s most popular plans from Optus MVNOs so you can compare your options. 

However, for those wanting to make calls, text and use data while overseas, Circles.Life doesn’t offer these inclusions. If these features are important to you, learn more about SIM-only plans with international roaming inclusions in our International Roaming section below.

Alternatively, it’s also worth considering Moose Mobile’s $14.80 8GB Promo that provides 8GB of data (2.5GB plus a bonus 5.5GB of data for the first 12 months) as well as unlimited national calls and texts. 

Not only will Moose’s $14.80 plan save you an extra $1.20 compared to Southern’s, you’ll enjoy an extra 5GB of data per month and you won’t have to be locked into a 12-month contract.

The cheapest Southern Phone plan

Southern Phone’s cheapest plan is its $11 12-month Green 11 Plan. For $11 per month, you’ll receive 1GB of data as well as unlimited national calls and texts. 

Although Southern Phone’s $11 plan requires you to commit for a 12-month period, it’s more bang for your buck compared to its next cheapest plan, the Green 12 SIM Plan. Under this no-contract option, you’ll pay an extra dollar monthly ($12 per month) for only 500MB of data.

The cheapest SIM-only plans available

If you’re simply searching for the cheapest plan you can get, Dodo’s no-contract $5 Mobile Plan will give you unlimited national calls and texts. However, there aren’t any data inclusions on this plan (you can add a 2GB Data Pack for $10). 

Unless you hardly use your phone for anything other than making calls or the occasional text, or you rely entirely on your home’s WiFi, the average user would be better off considering Moose Mobile’s 8.80 SIM Only Plan. 

For $8.80 per month, you’ll receive 1GB of data and 200 national call minutes which would suit light data users that rarely make calls over the phone or texts.

Southern Phone mobile handset options

Southern Phone has 11 phones available for users looking to get a phone with their mobile plan. You can choose to pay an additional monthly handset fee over a 24-month repayment period and sign up to one of Southern Phone’s 12-month Green Mobile Plans. Alternatively, you can opt to pay the cost of the handset upfront and sign up to a Southern Phone’s 12-month, Green SIM-only Plan. 

For users wanting a higher-end phone, options include the Samsung Note10+, Galaxy 10e, Galaxy 10 and Galaxy 10+ while budget users can opt for a Galaxy A70 or get a Nokia 3310 without any extra cost upfront. 

Network and coverage

Who owns Southern Phone?

Southern Phone was established in 2002 with initial funding from the Networking the Nation government scheme and its shareholders comprised of 35 councils in regional NSW. The MVNO was acquired by AGL Energy in December 2019 and is now a fully-owned subsidiary of the group. 

What network does Southern Phone use?

Southern Phone utilises the entire Optus 4G network, which has a 98.5% coverage throughout Australia. 

Here’s the coverage you’ll get with Southern Phone:

Southern Phone coverage map

Does Southern Phone offer international roaming inclusions?

No. If you’re travelling overseas, it’s best to get a local SIM card. Otherwise, you could face large roaming charges on your calls or data usage made abroad on your Australian SIM. 

Alternatively, check out some of the most popular phone plans in Australia with international roaming inclusions:

Southern Phone contact and customer service

While Southern Phone Mobile isn’t rated great on Product Review with its measly 1.6/5 star rating, the MVNO offers a decent amount of support features compared to some other low-cost telcos. 

If you prefer speaking with an Aussie customer service agent, then you would be interested to know that Southern Phone is one of the few providers that have their call centres located in Australia only.

Southern Phone lets you manage your account online and since 2018 has offered its own iOS and Android compatible mobile app for checking data usage, paying bills and finding answers to FAQs.

How to contact Southern Phone

You can call Southern Phone on 13 14 64 between 8am to 8pm AEDT Monday to Sunday. Alternatively, you can chat with one of their call centre representatives online within these hours or message them via Facebook. If your enquiry isn’t urgent, you can submit an online contact form instead. 

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