Felix Mobile ups its endless data speed to 20Mbps

The recently-launched telco has moved on up from 5Mbps speed caps.
Felix Mobile endless speed

TPG recently launched its carbon-neutral spin-off brand Felix Mobile, a single-plan provider with endless data capped at 5Mbps. It’s a unique provider (and phone plan) that offers endless data (the ACCC-friendly name for unlimited), unlimited calls, and unlimited text for $35 per month. The one catch was that your endless data through Felix was capped at 5Mbps, which is manageable but not ideal in 2020. Well as of today, Felix has given its plans a little more gas, with a new (up to) 20Mbps cap at the same price. There are no other changes to the Vodafone 4G-powered plan; the monthly price and inclusions remain the same.

Felix might’ve used up one of its nine lives launching with such a slow mobile plan, but it has landed on its feet with the updated 20Mbps offer. Still, it is worth noting that Felix advertises speeds “up to 20Mbps” so you’re not guaranteed that on Vodafone 4G, but it’s the limit for what you can expect.

The  plan is so unique, we had to make some changes to the way we review mobile plans and providers. When it first launched, the $35 price tag and 5Mbps was an interesting offer but less tantalising when compared with other plans at the same price, like Vodafone’s full-speed 50GB plan. But the increase to 20Mbps changes things. There’s a lot more you can do with those speeds (in fact, it’s close to the maximum speed I can get on my home NBN connection) so we wager there’ll be a lot more interest in Felix as we move into 2021.

The Felix “subscription” is month-to-month with no lock-in contract. Here’s a closer look at the plan.

Felix is still the newest cat on the block, so there are a few things you won’t get at the budget monthly price. There aren’t a whole lot of customer support options, for example, especially when compared to some of Australia’s most well-established telcos and there aren’t many perks, rewards or features involved with being a customer. Still, if you’re looking for a barebones SIM plan at a great price, the recent change to Felix Mobile’s plan makes it a serious contender in the SIM-only space.

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