5 of the best TV and Internet bundles available

Movie buffs, reality TV tragics, and Xbox fans can save some dosh with these bundles.

Best bundle overall
Telstra Xbox All Access
  • Check
    Bundled Xbox and Game Pass
  • Check
    3 months of Binge Standard (usually $10/mth)
Best Foxtel and NBN bundle
Telsta TV+ Standard Speed + Foxtel
  • Check
    Compact 4K device and sign-up bonus
  • Check
    3 months of Binge Standard (usually $10/mth)
Best Optus TV bundle
Optus Internet Everyday + Fetch Mini
  • Check
    $0 Fetch Mini for the first 12 months
  • Check
    50Mbps typical evening speeds
Best family bundle
Vodafone NBN + Mobile Bundle & Save
  • Check
    From 5% to 20% off plan fees
  • Check
    Additional $10 off for 6 months
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February 24, 2022
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Best Internet and TV bundle overall

Telstra Xbox All Access with 3 months of Binge

Telstra's Xbox All Access deal is by far the best broadband bundle you can get in Australia. It gets you an Xbox console of your choice (Xbox One S, Series S or Series X), Telstra's Smart Modem 3 with 4G backup, unlimited home broadband data, 3 months of Binge, and access to Game Pass Ultimate (typically $15.95 per month). It's great value and nets you everything you need for your home broadband connection, your streaming needs, and gaming essentials. Here's the breakdown of what's included:

  • From $113 per month($80 broadband fee + $33 Xbox Series S subscription)
  • Unlimited data
  • Basic II NBN Speeds (25Mbps)
  • Telstra Smart Modem 3 with 4G backup
  • Xbox Series S console ($499 RRP), or
  • Xbox Series X console ($749 RRP)
  • Game Pass Ultimate subscription ($15.95 per month): Access to a library of 100+ Xbox games
  • 3 months of Binge ($30 value in total): Foxtel's new streaming app

The example we've given above uses the Telstra Upfront Basic Internet Plan ($80 per month) and the Xbox Series S ($33 per month) as an example but you can bundle any Telstra plan (be it internet or mobile) with either Xbox All Access subscription. 

Here's how much each Xbox console will cost you every month if you choose to bundle it with a plan, followed by a handful of eligible Telstra broadband plans. 

Telstra Xbox All Access Plans

Image of the Xbox Series SXbox Series S subscription
  • Xbox Series S - 512GB console
  • Monthly subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

$33/mth for 24 mths
Total min. cost $792

A black Xbox Series X console with controllerXbox Series X subscription
  • Xbox Series X -1TB console
  • Monthly subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

$46/mth for 24 mths
Total min. cost $1,104

Best Foxtel and NBN bundle

Telstra TV + Standard Speed with Foxtel

Strangely, Foxtel Broadband no longer offers a Platinum Plus bundle (it’s top-tier channel pack). 

If you want a more comprehensive TV and Internet bundle, Telstra offers Platinum Plus for cheap. Essentially, Foxtel with Telstra allows you to bundle any Foxtel package with your internet plan (kind of like how Xbox All Access works). So if you were to choose the $99 per month Platinum Plus package through Telstra ($139 after first 12 months), you would simply add the cost to your monthly Telstra bill. Telstra NBN starts at $80 per month for NBN 25 speeds and unlimited data. So for your first 12 months, you would pay  $179 per month for both your NBN and Foxtel Platinum Plus (as well as a bonus Telstra TV streaming box). 

Alternatively, Telstra offers two separate Foxtel bundles: Sports HD and Movies HD. These bundles cost $50 per month each for the first 12 months (then $74 and $69 per month, respectively) and come with a Foxtel iQ4 box, access to over 50 entertainment and drama channels and 12 sport channels (Sports HD package) or 10 movie channels (Movie HD package). Telstra doesn’t offer an all-in-one solution, unfortunately, but it does offer multiple Foxtel packs at a cheaper price than Foxtel itself.

For example, Telstra’s Sports HD and Movies HD options are $50 per month each through Telstra for the first 12 months. That’s $14 per month off.

We recommend bundling the Telstra TV + Internet package with a Foxtel Plus + Sports or Movies HD pack via Telstra. That’s $149 per month and it gives you Telstra TV, unlimited NBN 50 data, 3 months off Foxtel Now, a Foxtel iQ4 box and a premium channel pack.

Foxtel with Telstra packages

Here's a small selection of plans that Telstra lets you bundle Foxtel with.

Curious about Binge? Our comprehensive guide to Foxtel’s latest streaming service covers everything you need to know but in the meantime, here’s how much Binge’s streaming plans will cost you.

Binge Plans

Monthly Price
Max. Stream Quality
Free Trial



Standard Definition



High Definition



High Definition

Foxtel NBN Internet

Foxtel does offer its own Foxtel Internet plans, ranging from $124 per month to $174 per month but only for the first 12 months. The Foxtel NBN Internet + Platinum Plus bundle, for example, costs $174 per month for the first 12 months, then the price is jacked up to $204 per month from the thirteenth month on. But that's less about how expensive Foxtel NBN is, and more a reflection of the high price of Foxtel Platinum Plus. The NBN plan component only costs $65 per month for unlimited data and NBN Standard speeds (NBN 50). That alone is not a bad deal, but Foxtel itself is still a pricey proposition when we're faced with much more affordable entertainment options these days.

The best Optus bundle

Optus Everyday Internet + Fetch Mini deal

The Optus NBN $79 Internet Everyday Plan gets you Standard (NBN 50) speeds, a $0 Optus Ultra WiFi modem with 4G backup (if you stay connected for 36 months), unlimited downloads, Optus Sport + OS Fitness and a Fetch Mini streaming box for $0 per month for the first 12 months (usually $5 per month). All in all, it's a decent deal for football fans and fitness freaks looking for a Foxtel alternative like Fetch. The plan itself is no-contract but you will need to pay your hardware fees out if you cancel before 36 months is up. 

You can also upgrade to Fast (NBN 100) for an extra $20 per month to take full advantage of the Fetch Mighty’s 4K streaming for an additional $15 per month but to be honest for an extra, at that point you’d be better off going with a cheaper provider and forking out for the cost of the Fetch yourself.

Here’s a small selection of popular Fast NBN deals from providers that offer Fetch.

The best bundle for families

Vodafone Bundle and Save discounts for NBN and mobile

If you're not looking for any bundled entertainment, you can still save some cash by bundling multiple mobile and broadband services with Vodafone NBN. Vodafone's Bundle and Save discount is one of the last of its kind. If you bundle your mobile bill with your broadband bill, you will instantly shave 5% off the total. And the discount only gets better as you add more services, allowing you to get up 20% off if you have 5 or more services bundled. 

What’s the best bundle for sports fans?

Telstra's 12-month Kayo discount

The Optus Fetch bundle above is a sweet deal for football fans but there’s not much on offer for NRL, AFL, NFL or NBA fans. For a wider world of sport, your options are primarily Foxtel and Kayo Sports.

We’ve discussed Foxtel at length but Kayo is an enticing pitch for sports fans with eclectic tastes. The self-described “Netflix of Sports” is a Streaming Video On-Demand service for Aussie sports nuts. It has a huge list of over 50 popular sports from homegrown AFL, NRL and Cricket to international crowd-pleasers like NBA and NHL.

There aren’t any Kayo Sports bundles to speak of, but Telstra offers 12 months of Kayo Basic for $15 per month (a $10 per month saving) on any of its postpaid plans.

Here’s a selection of eligible Telstra NBN plans. It’s worth noting that you will only get the Kayo-compatible Telstra TV device with Telstra’s TV + Internet Bundle.

Telstra bundles

There are many ways you bundle Telstra NBN. If you're looking to tailor your bundle to your own needs, the broadband plans below are the best place to start. Once you've decided on an NBN plan, Telstra will offer a selection of add-ons you can take on as part of your monthly plan.

Optus bundles

If you're looking for a Fetch TV bundle, your first option will be Optus but it's not the only option. Aussie Broadband, iiNet, Dodo and iPrimus all offer Fetch TV bundles. Below is a small snapshot of those providers' plans.

Are there Optus Foxtel bundles?

Unfortunately not. Foxtel is part-owned by Telstra, so naturally there's no chance they would offer Foxtel bundles for the competition. As we've outlined above, Fetch TV is your Foxtel alternative if you're an Optus customer. There's also Optus Sport, a dedicated streaming service for football fans which comes included with most Optus mobile and broadband plans. Here's a refresher on the most popular Optus broadband plans if you're hoping to bundle Fetch and Optus sport.

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