All of your fetching Fetch TV questions answered

A breakdown of everything you need to know about Fetch TV, including the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty set-top boxes, as well as how to buy.

There sure are a lot of streaming services these days. While Fetch TV isn’t quite the same as Netflix or Stan, both of which are supported on apps on Fetch TV, it’s still an entertainment service that’s reliant on internet connectivity.

Read on to find out all of the essential information about what Fetch TV is; how its set-top boxes, apps, and channel packs work; and your options for buying the essential equipment outright or bundling it with an NBN plan.

What is Fetch TV?

Fetch TV Australia is a Foxtel competitor but, like the Telstra pay-per-view service, one that has grown with the times to tap into the popularity of streaming services like Netflix and Stan. The heart of Fetch TV is a set-top box, available in Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty variants.

Unlike Foxtel, which uses a dedicated hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC, the same as cable internet) for channels, Fetch TV is an internet protocol television (IPTV) set-top box that’s reliant on your home internet connection to deliver entertainment. There’s also a companion app where you can stream content, too.

The Fetch TV entertainment offering is comprised of a variety of channels and apps with one of the bigger selling points being that it can house a variety of services in a single application that might otherwise require multiple devices. For those who want to save on a growing army of remotes and haven’t yet looked into universal remotes, this may be a tempting prospect.

Fetch TV box-off: Fetch Mini vs Fetch Mighty

To watch Fetch TV you need a set-top box, which means either the Fetch Mini or Fetch Mighty. As the names imply, the Fetch Mini is a smaller, entry-level Fetch TV set-top box that comes at a cheaper price ($169RRP), whereas the Fetch Mighty is a larger, 4K-capable Fetch TV set-top box with a higher price tag ($449RRP). These boxes can be bought outright or via participating broadband providers.

Both boxes have a once-off $1 activation fee but have no ongoing cost for the Starter Pack, and they may be included in eligible plans from selected providers (more on these below) or can be added for an additional monthly fee on top of your internet. Regardless of which set-top box you opt for, Premium Channel Packs are added from $6 a pop (per month), and you can also pay separate monthly fees to add on Special Interest packs as well as World Packs.

Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty TV entertainment

Other TV entertainment similarities between the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty include:

  • Inbuilt free-to-air catch-up TV apps
  • Apps for Netflix, Stan, Prime Video, Hayu, and 10 All Access/li>
  • UFC (via pay-per-view and ESPN channel in Vibe pack)
  • TV Store for the latest shows
  • Smart 7-day program guide
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Inbuilt parental controls
  • One-search feature across entire Fetch service (including apps)

Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty movie entertainment

Movie similarities between the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty include:

  • 8,000+ movies to buy or rent (linked to Fetch account)
  • 30 pre-selected movies each month
  • Rotten Tomatoes review integration
  • Browse movies by cast, crew, and genre

Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty app

Fetch TV app similarities between the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty include:

  • Free Apple and Android app
  • App useable as second remote
  • Watch premium channels
  • Watch shows and movies (within Australia)

Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty other features

Other similarities between the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty include:

  • Streamlined universal remote
  • Easy-to-use menus
  • Watchable media via USB
  • Stream content from PC
  • Instant search results for popular movies and TV
  • HDMI out
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Optical audio out
  • High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
  • Bluetooth
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
Fetch Mini vs Fetch Mighty tech specs
Fetch MiniFetch Mighty
Storage4GB flash memory (for pausing/rewinding live TV)1TB hard drive
Max resolution1920×1080 (Full HD, 1080p)3840×2160 (Ultra HD, 2160p)
WirelessWiFi enabledWiFi enabled
USB portsOneTwo
TV tunersOneFour
Dimensions (l/w/h)122x122x32mm260x260x60mm
Recording capacityNoUp to 585 hours (SD TV)
Show capacityNoUp to six shows
Series taggingNoYes (for every episode)
Remote recordingsNoSet recordings remotely (from app)

Fetch TV provider bundles

There are two ways to get Fetch TV in your home: through a participating NBN provider, or via selected retailers. For those who’d prefer Fetch TV bundled with an NBN plan, it’s included with selected plans from iiNet, Optus, iPrimus, Aussie Broadband, Dodo, Westnet, and Internode.

iiNet Fetch TV

iiNet’s offers four plans that include the option to add on Fetch TV with a Fetch TV Mini set-top box. These plans include a Fetch Premium TV Bundle for $0 a month for the first six months (normally costs $5 a month), albeit with a $59.99 setup fee and a $10 shipping cost. There’s $5 off Fetch TV per month if you stay for 24 months.

You can see the relevant iiNet Fetch TV plans below.

Optus Fetch TV

Optus NBN plans have several options for getting Fetch TV. With either the NBN 50 Internet Everyday or NBN 100 Internet Everyday 100 plans, you can pay $5 extra per month to add Fetch TV. Alternatively, both the NBN 50 Internet Entertainer Lite and NBN 100 Internet Entertainer Lite 100 Optus NBN plans come with included Fetch TV with a Fetch Mini set-top box. These plans also include a three-month subscription to the 45+ Fetch TV channels that are part of the Ultimate Pack.

Those who opt for the Internet Entertainer (NBN 50) or Internet Entertainer 100 (NBN 100) Optus NBN plans, though, get included Fetch TV with a Fetch Mighty set-top box, and that same three-month free upgrade to the 45+ Fetch TV channels from the Ultimate Pack. You can add additional Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty set-top boxes to relevant Optus NBN plans for an additional monthly cost. You have the option to purchase Fetch TV as a standalone service if you switch providers, but you may be up for up to $250 if you fail to return the Fetch TV set-top box after cancelling a plan.

Check out the relevant Optus Fetch TV plans below.

iPrimus Fetch TV

iPrimus NBN plans also let you access Fetch TV for an additional monthly fee of either $10 for the Fetch Mini set-top box or $20 for the Fetch Mighty. There’s a $15 shipping cost for either of these devices and, like Optus, you can be stung with a non-return fee of up to $250 if you shift providers and don’t return the Fetch TV set-top box.

Have a look at the relevant iPrimus Fetch TV plans below.

Aussie Broadband Fetch TV

Aussie Broadband NBN plans offer several options that include a Fetch Mini set-top box, while the Entertainment + Multiroom plan comes with both a Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty. If you switch providers, it’ll cost $135 for not returning the Fetch Mini and $435 for not returning the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty combo. The cost for Fetch TV is included in the prices for selected Aussie Broadband plans.

The relevant Aussie Broadband Fetch TV plans are below.

Dodo Fetch TV

The 12-month-contract Dodo NBN plans have the option to add on a Fetch TV service. For $25 extra per month, you can use a Fetch Mini set-top box, and for $35 extra per month, you can make use of a Fetch Mighty.

You can see the relevant Dodo Fetch TV plans below.

Westnet Fetch TV

Westnet’s NBN 50 and NBN 100 plans have the option of adding Fetch TV. There’s a $59.99 setup fee, but these applicable plans include a Fetch Mini set-top box.

Check out the relevant Westnet Fetch TV plans below.

Internode Fetch TV

Internode’s NBN 25, NBN 50, and NBN 100 plans all have the option of having Fetch TV included via Fetch Mini set-top box. There’s a $59.99 setup fee, plus you can pay an extra $340 upfront to upgrade from Fetch Mini to Fetch Mighty.

You can see the relevant Internode Fetch TV plans below.

Buying Fetch TV outright

The Fetch TV set-top boxes can be bought outright from selected retailers, including Kogan, JB Hi-Fi, and Harvey Norman.

Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty retailers
Fetch MiniFetch Mighty
JB Hi-Fi$169$449
Harvey Norman$169$449
The Good Guys$169$449
Bing Lee$169$449
Joyce Mayne$169$449
Dick Smith$169$449
Qantas Frequent Flyer29,400 Qantas Points78,090 Qantas Points

Fetch TV vs Foxtel

While Foxtel offers an IPTV streaming service in Foxtel Now, the core Foxtel offering is reliant on a set-top box. Unlike the Fetch Mini and Fetch Mighty, though, a Foxtel set-top box (iQ4 is the latest iteration) uses a dedicated HFC cable to access pay-per-view content. Foxtel has no-contract options and 12-month plans, but while the no-contract options have the same monthly prices as the 12-month plans, there’s an initial cost, which includes a $150 iQ4 box and $100 professional installation fee.

Those fees are waived for people who sign up for 12-month contracts. Outside of this, you’re looking at a monthly cost of $49 for Foxtel Plus, $69 for Movies HD, $74 for Sports HD, $99 for Premium, and $139 for Platinum Plus. Foxtel Plus can be upgraded to Foxtel Plus with Netflix for $61 per month, while other add-ons are charged at the following monthly prices:

  • Sports HD for $25
  • Movies HD for $20
  • Kids for $5
  • Favourites for $20
  • Multiscreen for $15
  • HD for $10
  • Foxtel magazine for $3.95
  • Multi-room Foxtel iQ4 for $25 ($150 equipment fee per box, $100 standard installation fee, and $35 connection fee)
  • Antenna Pacific for $23
  • RAI International for $23

Fans of popular sports like rugby league, AFL, and cricket are effectively tied to either Foxtel or its streaming spin-off Binge, whereas there are dollars to be saved for opting for Fetch TV over Foxtel, depending on the products you want. You also don’t need an HFC connection to your home to use Fetch TV and are ready to go out of the box once activated, and as long as your internet meets the 3Mbps minimum.

The content offerings differ across the two pay-TV services, but Fetch TV presents a cheaper entry point for someone seeking to have access to more content.

Fetch TV Premium Channels

The Fetch TV channels are separated into different packs, which can be bought altogether as part of the Ultimate Pack for $20 per month (a $4 monthly saving compared to buying them all separately) or individually for $6 per month. Every extra channel you buy adds to your ongoing monthly cost. These Premium Channels are:

  • Vibe Pack
  • Knowledge Pack
  • Variety Pack
  • Kids

Fetch TV Vibe Pack

The Fetch TV Vibe Pack includes 11 channels across sports, music, comedy, as well as reality genres, and costs $6 per month. The 11 included channels are:

  • ESPN
  • EDGEsport
  • Spike
  • ESPN2
  • eGG
  • E! Entertainment
  • Comedy Central
  • MTV
  • MTV Hits
  • FashionTV
  • Club MTV

Fetch TV Knowledge Pack

The Fetch TV Knowledge Pack costs $6 per month for access to 20 channels that cover news, adventure, and factual storytelling from around the world. The 20 included channels are:

  • Discovery Channel
  • BBC Brit
  • Travel Channel
  • National Geographic
  • Animal Planet
  • The Food Network
  • BBC Earth
  • Nat Geo WILD
  • HGTV
  • CNN
  • CNBC
  • France 24
  • BBC World News
  • Bloomberg
  • Channel NewsAsia
  • Al Jazeera English
  • NDTV 24×7
  • Euronews
  • CGTN

Fetch TV Variety Pack

There are nine channels in the Fetch TV Variety Pack, covering classic shows, music, and drama, which costs $6 per month to access. The nine included channels are:

  • BBC First
  • Investigation Discovery
  • Stingray CMusic
  • Oxygen
  • Discovery Turbo
  • MTV Classic
  • Universal TV
  • TLC

Fetch TV Kids Pack

The Fetch TV Kids Pack costs $6 per month to access and comes with seven kid-friendly channels. These seven included channels are:

  • Nickelodeon
  • Nick Jr
  • Boomerang
  • Cartoon Network
  • CBeebies
  • ZooMoo
  • BabyTV

Fetch TV Special Interest

There are also six special interest packs that can be added to Fetch TV, one of which is pay-per-view, others have a monthly fee, and one that’s free.


UFC on Fetch TV is a pay-per-view app for UFC championship fights.

Optus Sport

If you’re not an Optus customer who has Optus Sport included with your account, Optus Sport on Kayo TV costs $14.99 a month to cover official broadcasting for the following leagues:

  • Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • UEFA Europa League
  • UEFA Nations League
  • European Qualifiers
  • UEFA Euro 2020
  • J.League
  • K League
  • FA Women’s Super League


The beIN SPORTS Pack for Fetch TV costs $19.99 per month for three channels that cover global tennis, football, and rugby. The three included channels are:

  • beIN SPORTS 1
  • beIN SPORTS 2
  • beIN SPORTS 3


Eurosport costs $8.99 per month for a range of European sports, including athletics, cycling, snooker, and winter sports.

Hillsong and ACC TV

The Hillsong and ACC TV is a free pack that includes the Australian Christian Channel and Hillsong Channel.

Horse & Country

Horse & Country is a Special Interest Fetch TV Pack meant for fans of equestrian sports and country living, which costs $9.99 per month. It includes a focus on these four areas:

  • Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Training & learning
  • Documentary

Fetch TV World Packs

There are also five World Packs with a variety of region-specific channels, all of which are accessed by paying an additional monthly fee.

Italian Pack

This World Pack costs $15 extra per month and comes with four popular Italian channels that cover news, movies, and entertainment. The four included channels are:

  • Rai News 24
  • Mediaset Italia
  • Rai World Premium
  • Rai Italia

Taj Mahal Pack

This World Pack costs $15 extra per month and is a mix of 23 current affairs, news, and movie channels from India (plus the surrounding region). The 23 included channels are:

  • Star Plus
  • SET
  • SAB
  • Colors
  • Star Bharat
  • NDTV Good Times
  • Zee TV
  • &TV
  • Rishtey
  • Bindass
  • Zee Cinema
  • Zoom
  • UTV Movies
  • MTV India
  • Sony Max
  • Star Gold
  • NDTV India
  • NDTV 24×7
  • ET Now
  • News18
  • PTC Punjabi
  • HUM TV
  • Times Now

Chinese Pack

This World Pack costs $9.95 per month and is made up of 14 Chinese news, current affairs, and movie channels. The 14 channels included are:

  • Phoenix Info
  • Beijing TV
  • CCTV Entertainment
  • CGTN
  • China Movie Channel
  • Shanghai Dragon TV
  • Fujian Straits TV
  • Hunan TV World
  • Phoenix Chinese
  • CCTV-4
  • Zhejiang International Channel
  • Great Wall Elite
  • KBS World
  • CCM

TVB Cantonese and Korean Pack

This World Pack costs $15 per month and consists of four current affairs, children’s shows, news, and general entertainment from Korea and Hong Kong. The four channels included are:

  • TVB Jade
  • TVB News
  • TVB Entertainment News
  • KBS World

Pinoy Pack

The final Fetch TV World Pack lets you stay on top of current affairs, news, and general entertainment from eight Philippine channels for $19.95 per month. The eight channels included are:

  • DZBB
  • DWLS
  • GMA Life TV
  • GMA News
  • GMA Pinoy TV
  • Kapatid TV5
  • Aksyon International
  • Viva TV Plus

Fetch TV + streaming services

While Fetch TV has app support for popular streaming services, typical streaming services including Netflix, Stan, and Prime Video all require the usual extra monthly or annual subscription fees to access them. These are the streaming service apps that are currently supported on Fetch TV:

  • Netflix
  • Stan
  • Prime Video
  • Hayu
  • 10 All Access

You’ll also be able to find these free-to-air catch-up apps on Fetch TV (no extra fee, but login is usually required):

  • ABC iView
  • SBS On Demand
  • 10 play
  • 7Plus
  • 9Now

How much data does Fetch TV use?

As an IPTV streaming service, Fetch TV requires broadband internet of a certain speed to be accessible. Fetch and Fetch HD services require a 3Mbps download speed, and are supported on ADSL2+, hybrid fibre-coaxial (cable), and NBN broadband services. Fetch recommends at least 15Mbps for streaming 4K content, but flags that 20–25Mbps is the better minimum speed range for 4K.

One hour of standard-definition viewing works out to 1GB of data per Fetch TV set-top box, and it’s roughly 2.5GB per hour of HD viewing per Fetch TV set-top box. While 4K data-streaming estimates aren’t provided by Fetch, 15Mbps streaming works out to around 6.75GB each hour per Fetch TV set-top box, while the 20–25Mbps range comes to about 9GB to 11.25GB every hour per Fetch TV set-top box.