iPrimus NBN plans review

iPrimus NBN plans have great versatility, but the price of entry is quite high.

4 out of 5 stars
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    Plan versatility
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    Great support options
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    Unavoidable upfront fees
March 12, 2021
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Quick verdict
The best thing about iPrimus NBN plans is the versatility and bundling options, particularly for those craving a home phone line or Fetch TV entertainment. An included modem-router is a nice touch for getting you online sooner, too. Speeds are decent and support options are also decent, but overall perks are lacking and there are more competitively priced alternatives available at all speed tiers.
pro Plan versatility
pro Great support options
con Unavoidable upfront fees
con Low reported customer satisfaction

iPrimus NBN value for money

Okay pricing with unavoidable upfront fees.

Take a glance at the range of NBN plans from iPrimus, an Aussie NBN provider owned by Vocus Group, and you’ll likely notice how the provider takes an old-school approach to home broadband. Amid plans with unlimited data and no contracts, there are alternatives with limited data (250GB across the board), a modem-delivery cost and an initial upfront setup fee.

While these somewhat archaic throwbacks tarnish the value of these cheaper plan offerings across NBN 25, NBN 50, NBN 100 and NBN 250 speed tiers, the $5 difference between a 250GB plan and its unlimited alternative means you’re better off wearing the $60 extra per year to opt for an unlimited-data plan, which are also the focus of plan comparisons on this page.

Bear in mind that while you have to pay the $15 modem delivery fee whether you opt for a 12-month contract or no-contract plan, you can waive the $99 setup fee by going with the contract. That said, given the tendency towards no-contract plans among competing NBN providers, we’re using the no-contract options as the basis of our comparisons, which is a key consideration in how we pick our best NBN internet plans.

The first iPrimus NBN plan off the rank is the Unlimited Plan (nbn25), which costs $70 a month for decent 20Mbps typical evening download speeds and a first-year cost of $954 once you factor in the $114 initial fees (modem delivery plus setup fee).

Compared to competing NBN 25 plans, that price isn’t great. Promotional pricing from Tangerine and Spintel tends to sit at under $50 a month (for the first six months) for faster typical evening download speeds (21Mbps apiece). Superloop, Vodafone, TPG and Kogan all offer cheaper and faster NBN 25 alternatives, even when they don’t have promotional pricing. You can see popular NBN 25 picks with unlimited data below.

The value gets a whole lot better with the iPrimus Unlimited Plan (nbn 50), plus only $5 more a month for close to double the typical evening download speeds is great when compared to iPrimus’ NBN 25 plan. For $75 a month as well as a $114 upfront fee, you’ll get good 41Mbps typical evening download speeds for a first-year cost of $1,014.

Without the benefit of promotional pricing, iPrimus is closer to mid-tier monthly costs when stacked next to its competitors. Tangerine, though, has long-running promotional pricing on its NBN 50 plan, which Spintel, Superloop and Internode all compete with, all of which have faster typical evening download speeds. You can see popular NBN 50 plans with unlimited data below.

As above, if you don’t count promotional pricing, the iPrimus Unlimited Plan (nbn100) offering has decent monthly pricing at $90, although the $114 combined upfront costs drags the overall first-year value down ($1,194). Still, in terms of internal plan comparisons, that’s only $190 extra per year for double the speed. What does hold it back, though, is 82Mbps typical evening download speeds, which puts iPrimus near the bottom of self-reported provider speeds.

Promotional pricing is part of what helps put competing plans ahead of this iPrimus NBN 100 offering, which is made all the sweeter when combined with a lack of upfront costs and faster typical evening download speeds from the likes of Spintel, Superloop and even speedy performer Aussie Broadband. You can see popular unlimited-data NBN 100 plans below.

iPrimus is one of a growing number of providers that now offer NBN 250 plans, which is currently only available to select homes with either FTTP or HFC technology. Typical evening download speeds weren’t reported at the time of writing, but it costs $135 a month for the Unlimited Plan (nbn250) as well as the $114 upfront costs ($1,734 first-year cost).

At the time of writing, iPrimus was one of the most expensive NBN 250 providers, more so given that Mate and MyRepublic were competing around a $109 regular monthly price point (made even cheaper when they offer promotional pricing). You can see a daily updating list of the most popular unlimited-data NBN 250 plans below.

iPrimus NBN Fixed Wireless plans

iPrimus also offers Fixed Wireless plans for those in applicable areas. Like the fixed-line NBN plans above, these iPrimus plans are offered with the option of a 250GB or unlimited-data variant, with your choice of a 12-month contract to reduce the initial setup fees or paying the full $114 to stay on a month-to-month plan.

We’re sticking with no-contract, unlimited-data plans for this comparison, which means there’s just two options. The first is the iPrimus Unlimited Fixed Wireless plan, which costs $70 a month (with the $114 of combined upfront fees) and is the equivalent of an NBN 25 plan.

That monthly price puts iPrimus towards the cheaper end of mid-tier pricing for Fixed Wireless plans, though you can look to Tangerine, Dodo and Mate for better instances of monthly pricing. You can see popular Fixed Wireless plans with unlimited data below.

The $75-per-month pricing for the iPrimus Fixed Wireless Plus plan (which also has the $114 of setup fees) is decent monthly pricing for the faster Fixed Wireless Plus product.

Tangerine, Dodo and Mate are back again for cheaper pricing on Fixed Wireless Plus plans, though, which you’ll see as part of the popular Fixed Wireless Plus plans below.

How we score provider speeds
Info Box
NBN providers self-report the typical evening download speeds you can expect when using their service. Providers get in strife with the ACCC if they misrepresent these averages. These speeds are represented in megabits per second (Mbps) and tend to be below the maximum potential download speed of a plan (with the exception of Telstra and certain Aussie Broadband plans). The closer those self-reported download speeds are to the maximum speed potential of a plan, the higher our score for speed.

iPrimus NBN features and perks

Light on features but there are a couple of meaningful optional perks.

Whichever type of iPrimus NBN plan you pick, they all come with one of two Huawei modem-routers: the Huawei HG659 or Huawei DN8245V. This means you don’t have to worry about purchasing external networking hardware to get online. It costs $15 for postage and handling if you opt for a 12-month contract or month-to-month alternative, albeit the no-contract option also includes a $99 setup fee to help cover the cost of the modem-router.

Those who still fancy having a home phone line can bundle an iPrimus NBN plan with a home phone bolt-on. It costs $10 extra a month for unlimited calls to Australian landline and mobile numbers, or you can spend $30 a month for calls to Aussie numbers as well as 2,000 minutes to international landlines and mobile phones in the top 25 countries.

The other bundling option is for Fetch entertainment. Spending an additional $10 a month gets you Fetch Mini with an included Channel Pack of your choice as well as 30 preselected monthly movies. Alternatively, pay $20 extra a month for Fetch Mighty, which includes everything that comes with the Fetch Mini alongside the option to record up to six channels at a time. There’s also a $55 Fetch activation fee on top of the additional monthly cost.

Outside of the modem and the bundling options, there’s not a lot in the way of perks, although you can simplify by choosing from popular plans or build your own plan with greater control over contract, data (250GB or unlimited) and speed tier before selecting from the bundling options above.

Other iPrimus inclusions

Using an iPrimus login, those signed up to an iPrimus NBN plan can access support and other features via the iPrimus Toolbox or iPrimus Webmail. You can check this dedicated page to see if there’s an iPrimus outage for NBN services, as well as historic status, planned upcoming work and any mass service disruptions. And if you’re curious about your latency, as well as download and upload speeds, there’s a dedicated iPrimus speed test page, which uses the popular Ookla Speed Test widget.

iPrimus NBN customer support and satisfaction

Great customer support options but less great reported customer satisfaction.

Like most providers, iPrimus doesn’t have any brick-and-mortar stores or a customer forum/blog to peruse when searching for answers. Outside of this, though, iPrimus has a great selection of support options, ranging from responsive Twitter and Facebook for the social media savvy through to online chat, usage monitoring and even phone support. You can contact iPrimus support on 13 17 89 if you’d like to chat to someone or you can use the iPrimus support centre to search specific topics or by category.

While the iPrimus support options are great, customer satisfaction is less so according to user review sites Product Review and Trustpilot. At the time of writing, the iPrimus review score on Product Review was at 2 out of five after 1,600+ reviews. The specific value breakdown fared better with a 3.4 out of 5 rating for value for money, 3.5 for customer service and 3.5 for transparency. Around 67% of people reported adequate speeds with iPrimus, too.

The Trustpilot reviews tell a less-satisfied story at 1.8 out of five overall, albeit only from around 20 reviews at the time of writing. That said, none of the reviews extended beyond three stars, with the majority falling into one-star or two-star reviews. It’s not uncommon for providers to have low scores on these types of websites, but these scores do put iPrimus towards the bottom of our provider rankings for reported customer satisfaction.

How to sign up for iPrimus NBN

Whichever iPrimus plan you like the look of in the list below, click the ‘Go’ button next to it to be taken directly to the iPrimus sign-up page. Once there, enter your address at the top of the page, then click on the ‘Buy Now’ button. You can use the ‘View Our Plans’ button at the bottom of the page to pick another plan.

Select any of the bundle inclusions you’d like to add, then enter your personal details as you click ‘Next’ through the sign-up process. You can track the running tally of costs on the right side of the page under ‘Your Order’.

iPrimus NBN plans

Below is a list of all of the iPrimus NBN fixed-line plans from cheapest to most expensive.

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