The iPhone 13 gets a big post-launch price cut

While the new iPhone is expensive, older models just got cheaper.

Fergus Halliday
Sep 07, 2022
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With a brand new iPhone due to hit shelves this month, it's no surprise that older models are getting hit with a fresh wave of discounts.

If you’ve been holding out for an excuse to upgrade, now might be the right time for it. The impending arrival of the iPhone 14 doesn't just mean that you have more options (and colors) to choose from, it also means that prices are primed to drop when it comes to the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 12.

As Australia's carriers and retailers look to clear out their old stock to make room for the new iPhone 14, expect to see further discounts on these models in the coming months. The new prices are as follows:

  • iPhone 12 64GB: $1,049
  • iPhone 12 128GB: $1,129
  • iPhone 12 256GB: $1,299
  • iPhone 13 128GB: $1,229
  • iPhone 13 256GB: $1,399
  • iPhone 13 512GB: $1,749
  • iPhone 13 Mini 128GB: $1,049
  • iPhone 13 Mini 256GB: $1,219
  • iPhone 13 Mini 512GB: $1,569

The other bit of good news here is that the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, Phone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have been discontinued. That doesn't necessarily mean you won't be able to buy one though, though it will make that process a little bit trickier.

As with other discontinued iPhones, you're unlikely to find the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max on a post-paid plan or for sale directly through Apple. Instead, your best bet is to pick up the product via online and local retailers which still have stock. For instance, the iPhone 13 Pro is still available on Amazon.

As with the newly-discounted models listed above, expect to see the iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max get both cheaper and harder to find over the coming months. Just remember to keep room in your budget for a SIM-only mobile plan to go with your new device. Check out the widget below for a round-up of the best SIM-only plans with at least 30GB of monthly data.

While there are plenty of good reasons to consider the new iPhone 14, those who aren't too bothered by the idea of missing out an improved camera and battery life may find the idea of picking up a discounted iPhone 13 a little more to their liking.

When it comes to saving money on the cost of your next iPhones, patience is all too often rewarded and that's very much the case in 2022.

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