Telstra upgrades NBN options with new Smart Modem 3

Telstra's third-generation NBN modem with 4G fallback has arrived.

Fergus Halliday
Feb 21, 2022
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Telstra is shoring up their home internet hardware roster with the new Telstra Smart Modem 3.

Replacing the previous Telstra Smart Modem 2, the third-generation modem will come included for no extra cost for new NBN customers who stick with Telstra for 24-months from today. 

Like its predecessor, which was phased in from 2018, the Telstra Smart Modem 3 boasts an internal SIM slot that allows it to offer 4G backup internet should your NBN connection be interrupted for any reason.

Telstra Smart Modem 3

Telstra Group Executive for Consumer & Small Business Michael Ackland claimed  that Telstra sees 50,000 customers saved from Wi-Fi woes as a result of this feature every day.

“Since the start of the pandemic, nbn usage on our network has increased 30 per cent a year as many of us work and study at home. That’s put the spotlight firmly on broadband connectivity as an essential part of our lives."
“While we continue to have the industry’s highest advertised typical evening speeds across the entire range of nbn speed tiers, it’s important for Australians to know that their modem also really matters,” he said.
Telstra Smart Modem 3

Unlike the previous model, the new Telstra Smart Modem 3 comes with support for faster speeds via Wi-Fi 6.

The new modem-router will also play nice with Telstra’s existing line of Smart Wi-Fi Boosters, and comes armed with a single USB 2.0 port, a single Gigabit WAN port and a quartet of Gigabit LAN ports.

“Our new modem delivers the fastest Wi-Fi, on more devices, in more parts – especially the furthest corners – of your house,” Mr Ackland said.

Another difference between the latest and earlier Telstra Smart Modems is the material used to make them.

Telstra says that the new Telstra Smart Modem 3 itself is made from up to 80 per cent  recycled materials, while the packaging is 100 per cent made from recycled materials.

The new Telstra Smart Modem 3 is available to new NBN signups from today.

Existing Telstra customers who are keen to upgrade from the Smart Modem 2 to the new model will be able to do so for $9/month over a 24-month period.

Check out the widget below for a round-up of Telstra’s most popular NBN plans:

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