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Best Australian internet, electricity and gas bundles

One provider, one bill, a whole bundle of convenience

Alex Kidman
Jun 16, 2023
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Bundling services together can make life considerably easier and, as long as you do your sums correctly, it can also save you lots of cold, hard cash. A good bundle deal should entice you to bring all your services under the one business umbrella, and typically that’s with discounts across services as you add them.

You can score discounts when bundling your internet services with power and gas, but it’s absolutely vital that you make sure that you’re getting the best value for money aside from the convenience of potential single bills. In some cases, the deals you may get might worse than you can get for just a plain standalone NBN plan.

There’s only a small handful of providers opting to offer internet and electricity and/or gas bundles, so it’s not an arduous task to compare them and work out your best value play.

Pros and cons to bundling your services

The balance of value when bundling largely comes down to a question of convenience as much as – and in many cases more – than financial savings to be made. 

pro Potentially save on a single utility by bundling together multiple utilities
pro Single bill in some cases, or at least a single bill site to check
con Higher priced plans might mean that you’re not really saving money at all
con Some providers lock you into longer term bundle plans, limiting your flexibility and ability to save over the longer term

Dodo internet, electricity and gas bundles

Simple and straightforward

Dodo’s offer for customers who opt to bundle power or gas with their internet services is very easy to understand. For each service you bundle, you get a $5 discount on the total cost. So that’s a $5 discount if you bundle power or gas, or $10 if you bundle both.

It’s a nice easy deal to understand, and it does a lot to bring Dodo’s Internet plans into a much more competitive space. The one caveat here is that the combined discount is only available to customers in New South Wales or Victoria. If you’re in Queensland you can still score a $5 discount for bundling power, however. Dodo’s plans are sold on a no-contract month-to-month basis, and you can BYO modem if you wish to do so.

If you’re happy to switch over to Dodo wholesale, there are potential savings to be had here. Here’s how Dodo’s unlimited NBN plans stack up:

See this month's best NBN plans

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Origin internet, electricity and gas bundles

Bundle and benefits

It’s a relatively recent trend for power providers to get into the NBN game, but it does rather flip the assumptions about these services on their heads. Historically power pricing has been rather confusing for the average consumer, while broadband prices have tended to be flat.

Thankfully Origin Energy keeps it quite simple, with a flat $10 discount on its Internet plans if you bundle in either electricity or gas, or indeed both.

You can’t combine both for a bigger discount, which is a downside, but on the upside, Origin Energy also includes other perks such as Woolworths Everyday Rewards points and Paramount Plus subscriptions for new customers.

Here are Origin’s internet plans for you to peruse:

AGL internet, electricity and gas bundles

Generous discounts for bundling

AGL also gets in on the bundling services action with its own take on how to offer discounts for its customer base – and it’s quite generous by comparison. On Home Standard plans if you’re an AGL Energy customer it’s a flat $15 discount, but on higher tiers it offers incentive discounts for up to 12 months worth as much as $35 per month if you bring your own modem.

All of AGL’s broadband plans are month-to-month with support for bringing your own modem to further save money if you have one. AGL’s actual plan prices are on the higher side if you’re just looking at the plans by themselves, but that higher discount tier really does bring their prices down to a more compelling level.

Typical Evening Speed:
Starts at:
Without Bundle
Home Standard (NBN 50)50/17$69/mo$84/mo
Home Fast (NBN 100)100/17$69/mo for first 12 months$104/mo
Home Superfast (NBN 250)250/21$89/mo for first 12 months$124/mo
Home Ultrafast (NBN 1000)650/43$109/mo for first 12 months$144/mo

Sumo internet, electricity and gas bundles

Biggest discounts, but there's a catch

Sumo’s bundling deal chops a very tasty sounding $25 off the monthly price of its internet plans if you bundle with Electricity and Gas services through it, which sounds quite engaging… but it’s worth considering your options. Sumo’s plans tend towards the more expensive side anyway, and the bigger catch here is that the discounts are only available if you sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract term for all bundled services.

Typical Evening Speed:
Starts at:
Without Bundle
Sumo Simple 2520Mbps$55/mo$70/mo
Sumo Savvy 5040Mbps$70/mo$85/mo
Sumo Premium 10080Mbps$90/mo$105/mo

Does it make sense to bundle your internet, electricity and gas services?

Convenience, yes. Cost, no.

Right now, with relatively little competition in the bundling space and discounts on the lower side, it’s arguably not the wisest move for most consumers looking to save money. The benefits for the business are clear, but the wisest way to manage service costs is to compare them individually. You might save a few dollars on your broadband bill, but higher power or gas prices could wipe those out rather easily.

Electricity and Gas pricing can vary a lot by location and provider, but it’s thankfully pretty simple to compare and contrast broadband prices. Here’s the lowest cost providers at the NBN 50 speed tier (the most popular speed tier) for you to compare prices against:

Internet, electricity and gas bundle FAQs

My power provider doesn’t offer internet bundles in my state – what can I do?

Not all that much. You could ask nicely if they’re planning to do so, but the smarter play there is to shop around for a cheaper standalone broadband plan instead.

Can I still change providers if I’ve got an internet and power/gas bundle?

Definitely you can, with most providers offering month-to-month Internet terms, though power and gas plans can vary. It’s worth checking the fine print – or outright asking your provider – to be sure, but you shouldn’t feel like a bundle is also locking you into place unless you sign a longer-term 12 or 24 month contract.

Are there other ways to reduce my internet, electricity and gas bills?

Broadband internet services tend to be sold on an unlimited use basis, so there’s less scope to save by using less, but that’s certainly worth exploring for your power and gas bills. For Internet use, the one trick you may want to consider where feasible is to switch down to a lower NBN tier if applicable, as slower plans tend to be cheaper plans.

More broadly, the smartest way to save on all three of these utility services is to make sure that you’re shopping around and at the very least comparing services and prices every 12 months. Companies love customers who stay with them for years out of inertia, because they tend to stay on simple bill tiers without taking advantage of discounts. If that’s you, stop wasting money and start comparing and saving now!

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