Best cheap mobile phone and internet bundles (May 2024)

Bundles aren't as common as they used to be, but seek and ye shall find.

Best mobile phone and internet plan bundle overall
4 out of 5 stars
Save $5/mth on NBN plan when bundled
Bundle Cost
Starting at $114/mth overall
Best cheap mobile phone and internet bundle
4 out of 5 stars
Save up to $10 on Mobile plans when bundled
Bundle Cost
Starting at $74.99/mth overall
50% off mobile plans for 6 months
Best data on mobile plans and internet bundle
3.5 out of 5 stars
Extra 80GB/mth data on 40GB Mobile plan when bundled
Bundled Cost
Starting at $79.99/mth overall
50% off mobile plan for 6 months
Prepaid mobile plans and internet bundle
3.5 out of 5 stars
Save $5/mth on NBN plan when bundled
Bundled Cost
Starting at $74/mth overall
Sim-only mobile and internet bundle
3.5 out of 5 stars
Up to $5/mth on mobile plan when bundled
Bundled Cost
Starting at $68/mth overall
Fergus Halliday
May 02, 2024
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Sometimes, the easiest way to get more for less is with a mobile and internet bundle.

These days, many of Australia's mobile providers also offer both NBN and other internet plans. However, only a few offer discounts and incentives for those who double-dip and sign up for an NBN and mobile bundle through the same provider. Some, like Dodo, go even further and let you bundle in your electricity and gas service as well.

We're not here to judge. Just to provide you with a fast and simple to understand round-up of the best mobile phone and internet bundles currently available to Australian consumers.

Before we get into the juicy details, here's a round-up of NBN 50 plans from internet providers that allow you to bundle your mobile and internet.

Vodafone mobile phone and internet bundle

Save $5 on Vodafone NBN plans

Vodafone's discount used to be pretty straightforward: a mobile plan would knock $15 off the cost of your NBN plan. The carrier's bundles are a bit more complex now — and a bit less generous —but still offer discounts for customers who bundle.

If you have a Vodafone mobile plan, you can get $5 off of NBN 25 and NBN 50 plans. If you opt for NBN 100 or above, you'll get $10 off.

It also helps that Vodafone offers a lot more options than some of the bundle-friendly providers out there. Regardless of whether you're looking at going SIM-only or picking up the new iPhone 15, the provider has a simple but sizable roster of no-contract plans available to suit different needs.

Check out the widget below for a round-up of popular Vodafone mobile plans.

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TPG mobile and internet bundle

Save up to $10 on TPG Mobile Plans

If you bundle together a TPG mobile and internet plan under the same account, you can save up to $10 off the former.

The catch, if you can call it that, is that those monthly savings don't kick in until after the discount that you get for signing up does rather than stack on top of it. In addition, the exact size of your discount varies depending on the plan.

The more expensive the mobile plan, the more you save each month. For instance, a customer who bundles together a TPG NBN connection and a TPG 25GB Mobile Plan will pay $12.50 per month rather than the typical $25 per month after the discount you get for the first six months runs out. In comparison, someone who signs up for the 60GB TPG mobile plan will pay $20 per month rather than the usual $40 that typically applies after the end of the honeymoon period.

TPG's mobile and internet bundle deals are less straightforward than some of the other options, but if you're keen to park both your mobile and internet plans with this particular provider it's a good option to keep in your back pocket. If you're keen, be sure to check out the widget below for a snapshot of the TPG NBN plans that can be bundled with a TPG mobile plan.

Aussie Broadband mobile and internet bundle

Savings on SIM-only plans

Aussie Broadband also offers a bundling option on three of its NBN plans. Its Starter Bundle offers an NBN 100 plan and a Max Value 4G SIM with 40GB of data at $120 per month. Customers on its Value Bundle get an NBN 100 plan and 2 Max Value 4GB SIMs with 40GB of data for $150 per month. If you're looking for higher speeds and more data, Aussie Broadband's Speed Bundle offers 2 5G SIMs with 220GB of data, along with an NBN 250 plan for $234 per month.

If that all seems confusing, it boils down to a $10 savings per month for bundling an NBN 100 plan with 1 4G SIM with 40GB of data, a $15 savings per month for bundling 2 4G SIMs with 40GB of data and a $25 savings per month for bundling an NBN 250 plan with 2 5G SIMs with 220GB of data.

For comparison, here's a look at Aussie Broadband's standalone mobile plans:

And here's a look at its standalone NBN plans:

Exetel mobile and internet bundles

More services, more savings

Exetel offers bundles on a sliding scale, relative to how many services you have with the provider. If you have at least one Exetel broadband service, you're eligible for a discount. The table below shows the discounts you can get by bundling Exetel services.

Broadband +1 additional service$5/mo
Broadband +2 additional services$7.50/mo
Broadband + 3 additional services$10/mo
Broadband +4 additional services$12.50/mo
Broadband +5 additional services$15/mo

Here's a look at Exetel's broadband plans:

Exetel offers a range of SIM-only plans to choose from. You can see the latest prices for Exetel SIM-only plans in the daily updating list below.

iiNet mobile and internet bundle

Bonus data on select mobile plans

iiNet rewards customers who choose to bundle by giving those who pair up its 40GB Mobile plan with an iiNet NBN plan an extra 80GB of data to use each month. The provider's 40GB mobile plan is also currently half price for the first 6 months, bringing it from $29.99 a month to $15 a month.

While that bonus doesn't quite match the service-based savings available to those who bundle mobile and internet plans through MATE and Vodafone, iiNet's unique approach to mobile and internet bundles might be a good fit for those who prefer some additional bang for your buck rather than a spurt of extra savings each month.

If it sounds like this might be the right answer to your mobile and internet bundling needs, be sure to check out the widget below for a round-up of iiNet NBN options that can be paired with the mobile plan above.

Superloop mobile and internet bundle

Save $5 off on Superloop NBN plans

If you're signed up for one of the Superloop prepaid mobile plans shown in the widget above and you bundle it with one of the provider's NBN plans, you'll save $5 each month on the latter.

It's not quite as deep a discount as some of the other mobile and internet bundle options out there, but if you're already with Superloop or keen on the idea of bundling a prepaid mobile service, it's definitely an alternative worth keeping in mind.

Check out the widget below for a snapshot of the Superloop NBN plans that can be bundled with a Superloop mobile plan.

Spintel mobile and internet bundle

Save up to $5 off on select SpinTel mobile plans

If you're signed up for one of SpinTel's NBN 25, NBN 50 or NBN 100 internet plans, the provider will offer you a discounted rate on its 5GB and 20GB SIM-only mobile plans. They'll even waive the usual $10 Activation Fee.

The overall savings here are pretty decent, even if the breadth of mobile plans available through the bundle leaves something to be desired. Rather than pay the usual $12.95 per month for the 5GB plan, you're paying $9.95. Even if $3 of savings doesn't sound like a lot, it'll add up quickly and it does represent a discount of almost 25% off the typical pricing for this particular plan.

Should you need a few more gigabytes, the discounted 20GB mobile plan that you get through bundling your mobile and internet plans with SpinTel is similarly discounted. Instead of the usual $21 per month, you're only paying $16 per month. That's just shy of 25% off the regular price, with around $5 of savings each month.

If that's a price you're willing to pay, then be sure to check out the SpinTel NBN plans above for the quick and clean run-down on your bundling options.

MATE mobile phone and internet bundle

$10 off MATE NBN plans

If you're signed up for SIM-only mobile plans through MATE, you're eligible to save $10 on the cost of one of its NBN plans. The value proposition here is easy to digest and ready-made for those looking to eke out a little bit of extra savings each month.

While mobile and internet bundles aren't as common as they used to be, the Telstra MVNO provider's offering is a timely reminder of what's so neat about them. No fancy extras to speak of here. Just a little bonus for those who keep their bills in the same place and stick with MATE when it comes to their mobile phone and internet plan. 

If that sounds good to you, be sure to check out the widget for a round-up of your options when it comes to MATE mobile plans.

Is it cheaper to bundle your mobile phone and internet providers?

From our perspective, there are three main ways through which bundling can benefit Australian consumers.

The first of these is one of convenience. By keeping all your bills with the same provider, it's much easier to keep track of them. This can be especially important who are disorganised or paranoid about a missed payment affecting their credit score.

The second benefit that bundling presents is that it can sometimes literally save you money in both the short and long term. In traditional bundling arrangements, providers will offer consumers a discount on either their monthly internet or phone bill in exchange for keeping things under a single roof.

The final perk that bundles can get varies from provider to provider, but it's still worth considering. Some bundling providers like Aussie Broadband allow for data sharing or provide bonus data in lieu of a discount on your monthly discounts. If you're looking to get the most for your money, this little bit of extra flexibility around your monthly data allowance can go a long way.

To recap, the three main reasons that Aussies may want to consider bundling their mobile phone plan and internet services together are as follows:

  • It's more convenient
  • It can save you money
  • You can benefit from data sharing, extra data or other perks

Which providers offer mobile and internet bundles?

Not every mobile and internet provider in Australia offers bundling as an option, but many do. At the time of writing, the list includes the following:

  • Vodafone
  • TPG
  • iiNet
  • Superloop
  • SpinTel
  • MATE

What's the difference between a bundle and a family plan?

For our purposes, bundling refers to a situation where you sign up for multiple services through the same provider. There are a few practical and sometimes financial reasons why doing so can work out better for consumers.

If you're looking for a family plan bundle that lets you have multiple mobile plans attached to a single account or data sharing across multiple SIM cards, such as Telstra's new family mobile bundles, you may want to check out our guide to the best family mobile bundles.

Does Telstra have mobile and internet bundles?

Aside from the convenience of having everything in one place, there are currently no savings to be had from bundling your Telstra mobile plan and internet plan together.

How we choose the best mobile and internet plans

When it came to ranking our picks for the best mobile phone and internet plan bundles in Australia, we started off by favouring providers who offered larger sums of raw savings. The bigger the discount, the better.

When it came to looking beyond that, we thought about other factors like the number of plan and phone options providers offered consumers as well as any other additional perks that are offered to those who bundle. Our thinking here is that if you can't save by bundling, you might as well get more bang for your buck.

More cheap mobile and internet plan deals

If you're less attached to the idea of bundling and more keen on a bargain, then the simplicity of combining your internet and mobile providers might not make as much sense these days.

Check out the widgets below for a round-up of cheap mobile plans and internet deals.

Cheap SIM-Only mobile plans with at least 10GB of data

Cheap Internet plans with at least 45Mbps typical evening speeds

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