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How to move house and keep your NBN provider

Moving house can be a stressful affair but dealing with NBN at your new place doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal.

Nathan Lawrence
Jul 14, 2023
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So you’ve already found the best NBN provider but you want to shift addresses. The house move may be stressful, but switching NBN providers doesn’t have to add to that pressure. Of the 20+ NBN providers we track in our comparison engine, all of them except for a couple offer guidance on how to streamline the process of moving to a new home without having to move NBN providers.

But before we dive into that, here’s a daily updating list of popular NBN plans from our database.

General advice for moving house with your NBN provider

NBN Co advises planning in advance if you’re planning on moving addresses. Head to the NBN Co ‘moving home’ page and type in your address to see which technology is available at your new home compared to your existing address. When you do move, it’s important to leave the NBN-supplied networking equipment at your old address or you may be stung with a fee.

At your new address, there should be NBN-supplied equipment for most homes. If there isn’t, contact your NBN provider. NBN Co also advises you review your NBN plan speed to see if it’s up to snuff—we recommend NBN 50 as a great starting point for most average-sized homes—and to notify your NBN provider that you’re shifting addresses. That latter point is, of course, assuming you don’t want to shift NBN providers, which is an easy process and is also worth considering if you’re moving addresses.

When it comes to NBN equipment, look for any networking device that has an NBN logo on it. Here’s a basic breakdown of the NBN networking equipment, including an NBN connection box (NBN modem) and certain attached cables, that should be left at your old address and should already be at your new address:

  • Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP): NBN utility box (outside), NBN connection box (inside), power supply unit (inside)
  • Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC): NBN connection box (inside), white coaxial cable (inside)
  • Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC): NBN connection box (inside), grey telephone cable (inside)
  • Fixed Wireless NBN: NBN outdoor antenna, NBN connection box (inside)
  • NBN Sky Muster satellite: NBN satellite dish (outside), NBN connection box (inside), power pack and cabling (inside)
  • All of the NBN technologies listed above share internet connectivity around the home via a router, which you should take with you (including any power and Ethernet cables). Note that Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) and Fibre-to-the-Node (FTTN) homes use a modem-router, which you either bought outright or was supplied by your NBN provider. Take the modem-router and any connected cabling with you to your new address.

    If you shift from one technology type to another—say, from FTTB to FTTP—your existing router or modem-router may need configuration to work with the NBN technology at your new home. Chat with your NBN provider if you’re unsure about router or modem-router compatibility. It’s also a good opportunity to buy new networking equipment, particularly if you’re upgrading your NBN plan speed.

    Speaking of speed, you may have to downgrade your speed if you’re shifting away from a home with FTTP or HFC; conversely, you may be able to upgrade your speed if you’re moving to an FTTP or HFC home. Most homes in Australia can connect to plans up to NBN 100, but only homes connected via FTTP or HFC can sign up to NBN 250 plans and NBN 1000 plans plans.

Info Box
NBN to non-NBN internet
If you’re moving to an address and want to shift away from NBN to 5G home internet, you’ll need new networking equipment. Remember that you should still leave your NBN Co-supplied networking gear at your old address. But you’ll want to chat with your existing or new 5G home internet provider to get a compatible modem-router so you can get online.

Move house with Optus NBN

Optus has a four-step process for moving house with its NBN services:

  1. Check that your new address supports Optus NBN
  2. Log in to your Optus account to confirm if the new address supports a move.
  3. If the above steps are all good, Optus will provide moving options.
  4. Move to your new home and Optus will take care of the setup.

Note that Optus can also help Optus 4G and 5G home internet customers move to a new address as long as that new address supports wireless home internet. While you should still leave NBN equipment behind, Optus advises its existing customers to take their Optus modem with them to their new address. There aren’t any relocation fees but Optus notes new service deployments at your next address may be charged. Optus aims to confirm relocation requests within two business days, and users have the option to disconnect their existing service up to two weeks before the connection date at their new home.

If you’re in the market for an Optus NBN plan, here are popular options below.

Move house with Dodo NBN

Moving addresses as a Dodo customer starts by logging in to your My Dodo user portal. After you’ve logged in, raise a support request for moving home and wait to hear back from Dodo. It should take between three and 10 business days, depending on the NBN technology type available at your new address. Note it could take up to 20 business days. Dodo will automatically disconnect your NBN from your old address on the nominated disconnection date.

Below is a look at popular Dodo NBN plans.

Move house with Tangerine Telecom NBN

The first step for existing customers is to confirm their new address is supported by Tangerine NBN. Assuming Tangerine is available at your new address, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Tangerine Self Care Portal with your account number, email and password credentials.
  2. Choose the ‘Create Order’ option from the dashboard.
  3. Select ‘NBN’ in the ‘Order Category’ drop-down menu, then choose ‘NBN-Relocation’ from the ‘Order Type’ drop-down menu.
  4. Fill out the form with your old and new address, activation date for your new service and cancellation date for your existing service.
  5. Click ‘Submit Order’ to finalise.

Tangerine will keep you updated via emails with the progress of the shift to your new address. For updates, call Tangerine on 1800 211 112. While Tangerine doesn’t charge a relocation fee, you may have to pay a $275 fee if your new address isn’t NBN ready. Allow one to three business days for connection to a new address that’s connected to the NBN or between one to three weeks if it’s not yet connected.

For an idea of Tangerine NBN plans, check out the list of popular picks below.

Move house with Spintel NBN

To shift addresses as a Spintel customer, either call them on 1300 551 442 or reach out digitally via the email address. Alternatively, log in to your Spintel My Account portal, then select ‘Manage Service’ and ‘Relocate my service to another address’ and follow the prompts.

It’s a good idea to confirm that your new address is serviced by Spintel NBN. If your new home has the relevant NBN equipment installed (it should), allow one to two business days for the internet switchover. If not, Spintel estimates between five and 20 days, based on NBN technician availability.

Check out this list of popular Spintel NBN plans.

Move house with TPG NBN

TPG customer relocation starts by confirming your new home supports NBN services from TPG. Punch in your new address on the TPG website to confirm. TPG advises reaching out as soon as you know when you’re moving to a new address as it could take around 10 business days to shift internet services. There aren’t any fees for switching addresses with TPG.

For more guided information, you can either submit a TPG move request online, call 1300 865 124 to chat with TPG’s Moving Home Team or request a call from the same TPG team here. TPG will update you on the progress of the service relocation via SMS and email. Your existing TPG NBN service will be active until the new address is activated, which is when the existing service is automatically cancelled.

Below is a daily updating list of popular TPG NBN plans.

Move house with Aussie Broadband NBN

Aussie Broadband advises its NBN customers to log in to their My Aussie web portal if they’re shifting homes. Once you’re logged in, find the ‘Relocate my service’ option and enter your new address. Select the plan you’d like, then choose ‘Yes’ for the ‘Do you already have an account with us?’ question. You’ll need to enter your customer number (check any Aussie Broadband invoice) and confirm the connection date to complete the process.

Alternatively, call the Aussie sales team on 1300 880 905 for assistance with relocating. Ask Aussie to pro rata your monthly payment to ensure you’re not paying for days when you’re not yet connected. Keep an eye out for a text to confirm your NBN is ready at your new address. While Aussie doesn’t charge a relocation fee, homes not connected to the NBN may have to pay a $300 new-development fee. Aussie aims to have homes connected within five working days but already connected addresses can be activated in 15 minutes.

For an idea of popular Aussie Broadband NBN plans, check out the list below.

Move house with Telstra NBN

A standard move with Telstra NBN costs $0 and you should be ready to go the day you move in, but note that non-standard moves may incur additional charges. Telstra advises giving as much notice as possible to help guarantee Telstra NBN availability at your new address when you move in. Confirm that your new address supports Telstra NBN, then book your move with Telstra.

Confirm whether you need Priority Assistance then sign in with your Telstra ID and follow the prompts. Take your Telstra Smart Modem with you but leave the NBN connection box at your old address. Telstra also has a few different moving packages:

  • Standard ($0): internet connected, home phone line connected, modem self-installation.
  • Premium ($240): same as Standard but Telstra technician visits your new address and connects up to five eligible WiFi devices.
  • Platinum ($399): same as Standard but Telstra technician connects all internet tech, in-home tech consultation and one month of help desk support.

For the Standard moving package, Telstra advises at least two business days of notice. For Premium and Platinum, Telstra recommends giving at least seven business days of notice. Telstra also says connection times are within two business days for any move that’s booked before 1:00pm on weekdays.

If you’re interested in checking out popular Telstra NBN plans, have a look at the options below.

Move house with Belong NBN

Belong recommends its NBN customers give as much notice as possible when shifting to a new address. Log in to your Belong account portal, then select ‘Manager internet’. Chose the ‘Move service’ option and enter your new address, moving date and choose a Belong NBN plan. Keep an eye out for a confirmation email from Belong and double-check the details.

Belong notes that there may be extra charges involved with non-standard moves, including homes that haven’t yet been connected to the NBN. Any corresponding Belong termination fees will be waived when you shift to a new home with Belong.

Check out the Belong NBN plans below for an idea of what’s popular today.

Move house with iiNet NBN

If you’re an iiNet NBN customer who’s moving house, start with the iiNet moving home support page and input your new address to confirm iiNet offers plans in your new suburb. Alternatively, call iiNet on 1300 541 714. iiNet advises giving at least two to three weeks’ notice before moving to your new address. There aren’t any relocation fees, either, though you may be charged a development fee of $300 if your new home isn’t connected to the NBN.

There’s also an online relocation service via your iiNet Toolbox member portal, or you can fill out an iiNet relocation form. iiNet estimates that it takes up to two working days after a connection appointment for your new address to be online.

And if you’re keen for a new iiNet NBN plan, here are some popular picks.

Move house with Superloop NBN

Superloop advises its users to call on 1300 558 406 if they’re shifting property. For a straightforward connection shift, it should take under an hour to get you online at your new address. But Superloop advises calling in advance of your move to ensure a smooth transition. Note that switching address effectively creates a new account with Superloop. That’s handy for staying online at your existing address but you also have to cancel the old connection once you shift to your new home.

Superloop notes that those in (or shifting to) FTTB or FTTN homes generally require an NBN technician to visit to get your home online. It can take up to four to six weeks to book an appointment, so definitely do that in advance. If you’re moving to a rural or regional area that doesn’t have NBN, you may be able to sign up for Superloop’s fixed-wireless service.

For an idea of Superloop NBN plans, here are some popular picks from our database.

Move house with Southern Phone NBN

Southern Phone says existing customers should reach out at least three weeks prior to moving. Log in to the Southern Phone account portal to get started. There’s not a lot of publicly available information on the specific steps, so reach out to Southern Phone online chat or call them on 13 14 64 for assistance with further steps.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Southern Phone NBN plans from our comparison engine.

Move house with Vodafone NBN

Vodafone NBN customers should call 1300 801 122 to arrange for Vodafone NBN at a new address. There aren’t any early termination fees if Vodafone NBN isn’t available at your new address and you want to cancel. Note that there may be a development fee ($300) if your new home isn’t connected to the NBN. Vodafone says there may be a disruption to your NBN service between the disconnection at your old address and the connection at your new home.

Check out the daily updating list of popular Vodafone NBN plans below.

Move house with SkyMesh NBN

SkyMesh is mostly known for its NBN Fixed Wireless and Sky Muster satellite NBN plans but it also offers NBN fixed-line plans. If you’re an existing SkyMesh customer who’s moving house, you’ll want to provide the address of your new home and a connection date via SkyMesh online contact form. Use that particular page to also check whether your new address supports SkyMesh NBN services.

Alternatively, you can call SkyMesh on 1300 759 637 to talk through your moving options. SkyMesh advises it can take “a few days” to get connected. There shouldn’t be any transfer fees if you’re shifting to a SkyMesh-supported address that’s connected to the NBN.

Below is a list of popular NBN plans from our database.

Move house with Internode NBN

When you know your moving date, either call Internode on 1300 308 490 or use the My Internode customer portal to lodge a relocation update. Internode advises giving them a heads up at least two to three weeks before you move to your new address. Also note that if a technician visit is required, it can’t happen until you have the keys to your new home.

There are no relocation fees for shifting addresses with Internode NBN for those on six-month contracts or month-to-month NBN plans. Allow for up to two business days after a connection appointment for Internode NBN to be online at your new address.

If you’d like to check out Internode NBN plans, here are some popular picks from our comparison engine.

Move house with Kogan Internet NBN

To shift addresses with Kogan Internet, call the Kogan Customer Care team on 1300 010 400. The Kogan support representative will ask for your new address and confirm that Kogan NBN services are offered there. If you’re moving into a new-development home, you may have to pay a $300 one-off fee to get connected. Outside of this, there aren’t any charges for moving into somewhere that’s already connected to the NBN.

Any applicable existing contract terms, offers and conditions carry over from your old address to your new home. Kogan doesn’t offer any estimated connection times but there may be a disruption during the disconnection of your old address and the connection at your new home. Note that your Kogan NBN service at your new address is charged from the day it’s connected.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Kogan NBN plans.

Move house with More NBN

Existing More NBN customers should first check that their new address is eligible for relocation before organising a move. Enter your address on the More moving-house page to check availability, connection type and approximate connection timeframes. Assuming your new home is eligible for relocation with More NBN, follow these steps:

  • Enter your account number, email address and password credentials for the More Self Care Portal.
  • Choose the ‘Create Order’ option on the dashboard.
  • Select ‘NBN’ from the ‘Order Category’ drop-down menu, then ‘NBN-Relocation’ from the ‘Order Type’ drop-down menu.
  • Populate the relevant form fields with your old address, new address, preferred service activation date and the date you want to cancel your existing More NBN service.
  • Choose ‘Submit Order’ to finalise.

Keep an eye out for email updates from More. If you want a detailed update, call More on 1300 733 368. As is the trend with providers, a new-development fee of $300 may apply if you’re moving to a new home that isn’t connected to the NBN, otherwise there are no fees. More advises allowing one to three business days for homes that are already connected to the NBN and between one and three weeks for homes that aren’t.

If you’re in the market for a More NBN plan, check out some popular options below.

Move house with Mate NBN

Mate recommends getting in touch as soon as possible when you know you’re moving. Either use the ‘Chat with us MATE!’ box on the Mate website or call on 13 14 13. Mate will need to authenticate your identity before chatting about relocating services.

After verification, Mate will ask for the cancellation date of NBN services at your current address, the new address you’re moving to and the Mate NBN plan you’d like to use at your new home. Mate says you can have NBN active at your soon-to-be old address and new home if needed. You’ll be charged a pro-rata rate from the day of NBN activation at your new address up until the day before your next billing cycle.

For an idea of Mate NBN plans, here are popular picks from our comparison engine.

Move house with IPStar NBN

IPStar recommends that its NBN customers reach out as soon as they know they’re moving address so they can confirm that services are available. Call IPStar on 1300 477 827 to check service availability; alternatively, you can check the eligibility of your new address by inputting it on the IPStar plan finder. Note that IPStar offers plans for all NBN technologies, including fixed-line, Sky Muster satellite and Fixed Wireless.

IPStar estimates that it takes up to 30 working days from the date you have nominated for NBN services to be ready at your new address. You can keep using your existing IPStar NBN service at your current address until the new service is available. Once it is available at your new home, the old address is disconnected. IPStar says a relocation fee may be charged if you move during your contract period.

Check out the daily updating list of popular IPStar NBN plans below.

Move house with Activ8me NBN

Activ8me offers services to all NBN technologies, which means there’s a good chance you’ll be able to stay with Activ8me if you’re moving to a new address. That said, Activ8me advises checking your new address to confirm NBN services are available. Call Activ8me on 13 22 88 and specify the date you’re moving; it’s recommended to contact them as early as possible. There aren’t any relocation charges or cancellation fees but Activ8me notes a new-development fee may apply if your home hasn’t been connected to the NBN.

Activ8me also says that if you’re using a router they provided, it’s unlocked and should work at your new address. The only exception is if you’re shifting to an FTTB or FTTN home, which requires a switch from router to modem-router. Expect to wait between 24 and 72 hours to get online at your new address but Activ8me says most customers report internet activity the same day as ordering.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Activ8me NBN plans from our database.

Move house with Origin Broadband NBN

If you’re an Origin Broadband NBN customer, you can call them on 1300 980 711 to discuss your move to a new address. They’ll confirm whether NBN is available at your new home and will discuss relevant timeframes with you. Origin Broadband also has an online guide for shifting addresses and offers a next-business-day connection for eligible connections.

You can also reach out to Origin Broadband a lot earlier than the day before the move if you know the date and want to specify it in advance. Origin Broadband will provide updates via email or text on the status of your new connection.

If you’d like a new Origin Broadband NBN plan, here’s a look at popular options.

Move house with iPrimus NBN

iPrimus customers can prep for a move by logging in to their iPrimus account toolbox. Once you’re logged in, find the ‘relocation request’ option in the side menu and follow the prompts. Alternatively, call iPrimus on 131 789 for assistance.

Either option leads to an iPrimus moving specialist organising the NBN connection for your new address. They’ll reach out if further information is needed. While iPrimus doesn’t offer any general time frames, ask for one once an order has been booked. There aren’t any relocation fees for existing iPrimus customers except if you’re moving to a newly built home that’s not connected to the NBN (then there’s a $300 new-development fee). iPrimus will let you know if a technician is needed to connect your NBN service at the new property.

Have a gander at popular iPrimus NBN plans below.

Move house with Exetel NBN

There’s no publicly available information on moving house as an Exetel customer. We advise calling Exetel on 13 39 38 or using one of the other contact alternatives to discuss your options.

Below is a daily updating list of popular Exetel NBN plans from our comparison engine.

Move house with Moose NBN

At the time of writing, Moose NBN didn’t have any support documentation for moving house. Moose customers should call them on 1300 566 673 or email Moose at to chat about relocation options.

And if you’re curious about Moose NBN plans, there are popular picks below.

Move house with your NBN provider frequently asked questions

If you want to keep your NBN provider but are moving homes, reach out to your NBN provider to discuss relocation options and potential fees.
No, the NBN modem—also called an NBN NTD or NBN connection box—should stay at your old address when you move out. If you’re unsure, speak with your NBN provider about which equipment should stay or keep an eye out for the NBN logo on networking equipment.
Notify your NBN provider as soon as you know when you’re moving to your new address and discuss relocation options. They will tell you whether NBN services are available with them at your new address and talk you through the process.
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