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CMobile plans review

CMobile is a no-frills, dual-network telco with competitive pricing on its cheaper plans and great reported customer satisfaction.

C Mobile
3.5 out of 5 stars
  • pro
    Two networks to choose from
  • pro
    High reported customer satisfaction
  • con
    No major feature
Nathan Lawrence
May 10, 2023
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Quick verdict
While certain telcos have shifted between networks, CMobile is a distinct one that offers plans on both the Vodafone mobile network and the Telstra wholesale network. That’s great versatility for SIM Only plans that are competitively priced for its cheaper options. When the price goes up, though, the value is hard to find and the lack of perks makes it a trickier sell, even though CMobile enjoys high reported customer satisfaction.
pro Two networks to choose from
pro High reported customer satisfaction
con No major feature
con More expensive plans are less competitively priced

CMobile plans: are they value for money?

Great value on the cheaper plans, but diminishing returns on more expensive options.

CMobile is a unique telco in that it offers SIM Only plans on two mobile networks. Telstra wholesale network plans (slightly smaller than the main Telstra network) fall under the CMobile Blue umbrella, while Vodafone network plans are flagged as CMobile Red plans. Except for the Red Annual and Red $5.00 PAYG plans, all CMobile plans come with unlimited standard national talk and text.

The cheapest non-PAYG CMobile plan is the C Red $7.90, which comes with 1GB of data.

It’s $4.10 cheaper per month than the C Blue $12 plan, which also includes 1GB.

The standout SIM Only plan at this price point is the Moose $8.80 SIM Only Promo plan from Moose Mobile, which costs $8.80 a month for the first year and comes with 6GB of data. Dodo’s 2GB Mobile SIM plan has almost the same cost and data as the C Red $9.90 plan, but it's on the Optus network. CMobile is otherwise very competitive at this SIM Only pricepoint, though.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans that come with at least 1GB of data and don’t cost more than $15 a month.

The next cheapest CMobile plan on Vodafone is the C Red $10.90 offering, which comes with 2GB of data.

While it costs $5.10 more, the CMobile C Blue $16 plan comes with 3GB of data.

That same Moose 8.80 SIM Only Promo offers the best value for money when you’re looking for at least 2GB of data for no more than $15 a month. Kogan’s Small Mobile Plan comes with 10GB of data on the Vodafone network, which is much better overall value than both CMobile plans. iiNet, Internode and Circles.Life offered cheaper pricing for the first six months at the time of writing this review, but their typical monthly pricing is closer to $20.

Southern Phone’s Small SIM Only Plan is a decent alternative with 5GB for $10 a month ($15 a month after 12 months), while Tangerine’s 10GB Mobile SIM offers 10GB of data for $19.90 a month. This means Moose mobile, Circles.Life, Southern Phone and Internode are ahead of CMobile at this price point with their offers, but CMobile still offers competitive pricing on the long term.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 2GB of data that don’t cost more than $20 a month.

For more data, you may want to consider the CMobile C Red $14.90 plan, which comes with 5GB of Vodafone network data to use each month.

The best value for at least 5GB, once again, comes from the Moose 8.80 SIM Only Promo plan (6GB of data). Southern Phones’s small SIM Only Mobile Plan is another Optus network alternative, but it comes with 5GB of data for $10 per month for 12 months. Circles.Life also offer more competitive pricing for at least 5GB of data.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 5GB of data that don’t cost more than $20 a month.

For 10GB a month, CMobile’s cheapest plan is the C Red $19.90 offering.

10 cents more a month gets you 10GB of Telstra network data with the C Blue $20 plan, with a databank of up to 500GB of any unused data.

Moose Mobile has a plan with the best value at this pricepoint, with the Moose 11.80 SIM Only Promo plan coming with 10GB of data and a $17.80 typical monthly cost (after the first year). Circles.Life’s $10 Mobile Plan is cheaper but also comes with only 5GB of data after the promo ends. Tangerine has a similarly priced plan to CMobile ($19.99 per month), which comes with 10GB of Telstra network data.

The last data tier of C Red's plans is the $29.90 for 20GB data, but for $25, you could get 22GB of data on the Telstra network with C Blue, with international calls to 15 countries and databank as well.

Tangerine's $24.90 22GB mobile plan is 10 cents cheaper than CMobile Blue for the same amount of Telstra data, while Belong has the same $25 price as CMobile but offers 20GB of Telstra network data. Alternatively, Nu Mobile, Mate and Woolworths Mobile both offer the same price and data as CMobile, but Woolies has better perks.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 20GB of data that don’t cost more than $25 a month.

The next CMobile plan for comparison is the C Blue $32 plan, which comes with 32GB of data.

For the next pricepoint of C Mobile plans on the Telstra network, you can pay $3 more a month for the C Blue $35 offering, which comes with 42GB of data, so that extra investment will get you 10GB more to play with.

CMobile’s more expensive plans veer deeper into bad-value territory. At that price point, Felix's $35 subscription with unlimited data is a good competitor. Be mindful that download speeds are limited to 20Mbps on this plan though but if data amount is more important than speed, this plan is a great contender.

With its promotional data, Dodo’s $20 Mobile Plan offers 40GB of Optus network data, or the $30 plan offers 80GB of data for 3 months before reverting to 40GB data. Meanwhile from Telstra's network MVNOs, Tangerine is a cheaper contender ($29.90 per month), Belong's $35 plan offer slightly less data (40GB) and Woolworths Mobile has better perks. The bottom line is, regardless of the network you prefer, there are better-priced plans for 30GB to 40GB of data.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 30GB of data that don’t cost more than $35 a month.

For those who want more than 40GB of CMobile data, the C Blue $45 plan comes with 90GB of data on the Telstra network.

The best value you’ll find for at least 90GB of data apart from Felix's $35 subscription with unlimited data is from the Circles.Life 100GB Monthly Plan, which comes with 100GB of Optus network data for $39 per month, before reverting to a typical $45 monthly fee.

On the Telstra network, Mate and Belong have a 5G plan for $45 a month that comes with 120GB and 100Gb respectively of data. Nu Mobile $45 SIM Plan, Exetel's ExeSim Ultra plan and Superloop's SuperSim Ultra plan also all come with 90GB of Telstra network data, making them a similar offering to CMobile Blue $45 plan.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 90GB of data that don’t cost more than $50 a month.

The final CMobile 4G plans is its C Blue $55 offering, which come with 130GB of data.

No surprises here, but the Circles.Life 100GB Monthly Plan offers the best value at $45 a month once the offer stops. Similarly, the Vodafone $55 Medium SIM Only Plan offers 150GB of 5G data, with a 2Mbps data cap if you burn through it all. Belong takes the 5G data love a step further with its $55 5G Mobile Plan, which comes with 160GB of Telstra network data. 

C Mobile has one final Blue plan at $60 for 60GB of data on the Telstra 5G network (all other C Mobile plans run on the 3G and 4G networks).

For the same price as the CMobile plan, you can tap into the Optus 5G network with the $60 Optus Flex 5G prepaid Plan, which also comes with 60GB of data.

Or you could a plan from Mate, Belong, Tangerine, Nu Mobile or Aldi which are all priced under $60 but come with more than 100GB data. All these providers offer better value than the CMobile C Blue $60 offering.

Below is a daily updating list of popular SIM Only plans with at least 100GB of 5G data under $60:

CMobile features and perks

International talk and text, but that’s about it.

If you want a perky SIM Only provider on the Telstra network, either go with Woolworths Mobile or Telstra. CMobile doesn’t have a lot in the way of perks, except for the unlimited talk and text to the 15 selected countries below on the C Blue $25 or higher plans:

  • China
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Vietnam

CMobile supports international roaming, but it’s PAYG, which doesn’t offer the best value for travellers. The telco also doesn’t offer a usage-monitoring app, which means users need to login via the CMobile website to track usage.

CMobile customer support and satisfaction

Decent range of support options and great reported customer satisfaction.

There aren’t a full suite of options for getting support from CMobile, but the telco ticks most of the main boxes. You can reach CMobile via Facebook messenger, which doubles as the chat service on the CMobile website. It was estimated that it may take a few hours to get a reply, but in our tests we received a reply within minutes.

Alternatively, the CMobile website has an FAQ section that may have the answers you need. If not and you don’t like virtual chat, you can talk to a real operator by dialling CMobile on 1300 545 000 to speak with someone Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 6.00pm. The other support alternative is to use the email address to get a reply within 24 hours.

In terms of customer satisfaction, CMobile ranks really well. The CMobile customer reviews on Product Review were at an average of 4.6 out of five after more than 290 reviews. Value for money, customer service, local reception and telco transparency all ranked above 4.5, which puts CMobile in the top five for customer satisfaction of the close-to-30 telcos we track.
While there were only a handful of reviews on Google at the time of writing this review, there were a mix between 5 stars and 1 star reviews.

How to sign up for CMobile plans

Find the C Blue or C Red plan you want to sign up for on the CMobile website. Whichever option you go with, hit ‘Buy Now’ on the CMobile website to confirm the plan you want, then fill out the relevant porting, personal and payment information to complete your order.

Does CMobile have 5G?

At the time of writing this plans review, CMobile is offering a unique 5G plan on the Telstra network, at $60 per month for 60GB of 5G data. Below is a daily updating list of popular 5G plans.

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