Best home gym equipment you can get online now

You don’t have to leave the house to stay fit and get ripped.
  • Gym Direct

    Best Dumbbells

    10kg pair
    Quick delivery
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  • Sportsmans Warehouse

    Best Barbell Set

    Adjustable weights
    Large weight capacity
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  • SPRI

    Best Kettlebell

    2kg to 16kg
    Comfort grip handle
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    Best Yoga Mat

    Alignment strip design
    Comes w/ carry bag
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With all gyms closed in Australia since Monday this week, you might be freaking out about how you’re going to get your workouts in now without the right equipment at home.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best home gym equipment including dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, TRX ropes and more to keep yourself healthy and active during lockdown.

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1. Best Dumbbells

Brand: Gym Direct

Price: $100 for a pair

Delivery: $10-$20 in 1-5 business days

  • 10kgs pair
  • 1-5 business days delivery

2. Dumbbell set with rack

Brand: Gym Direct

Price: $109

Delivery: pre-order now

  • 4kg, 5kg, 6kg set
  • Rack included

3. Best Barbell

Brand: Sportsman Warehouse

Price: $119.99 for 30kg

Delivery: 1-10 business days

  • Adjustable weight
  • Can add more weight plates later

4. Body Pump Barbell Set

Brand: Gym Direct

Price: $88

Delivery: pre-order now

  • 23.5kgs
  • Adjustable weight plates

5. Best Kettlebell

Brand: SPRI

Price: $43.65-$50.48 + delivery

Delivery: Available from April 2020

  • 2kg to 16kgs
  • Comfort wide grip handle

6. Best Weight Plate

Brand: Cortex

Price: $49-$79 + free delivery

Delivery: Get it between April 1 to 9th.

  • Pair of 5kgs/10kgs
  • Fitsa 25mm barbell

7. Best Pull Up Bar

Brand: Au19

Price: $45 + free delivery

Delivery: By April 1st

  • Adjustable 60 to 100cm
  • Fits in most doorframes

8. Best TRX Straps

Brand: O RLY

Price: $62 + free delivery

Delivery: Get it from April 6th

  • Adjustable strap lengths
  • Anchor to door/bar

9. Pushup Stand

Brand: Perfect Fitness

Price: $45.74 + free delivery

Delivery: By April 1st

  • Rotates to engage more muscles
  • Ergonomic grip

10. Core Sliders

Brand: Wal front

Price: $18.09 + free delivery

Delivery: Get it from May

  • For carpet, wood, rug or tiled floor
  • Ab & core workout

11. Ab Roller Wheel

Brand: Weyty

Price: $29.99 + free delivery

Delivery: By April 1st

  • Supports up to 200kg
  • Comes w/ thick knee pad

12. Core Balance Disc

Brand: Gonex

Price: $29.99 + free delivery

Delivery: By April 1st

  • Massage back, hips & feet
  • Increase workout intensity

13. Best Yoga Mat

Brand: YAWHO

Price: $55.99 + free delivery

Delivery: By April 1st

  • Alignment strip design
  • Comes w/ carry bag

14. Physio Foam Roller


Price: $25.98 + free delivery

Delivery: By April

  • Core stability & flexibility
  • Self-message & balance

15. Exercise Stability Ball

Brand: Black Mountain Products

Price: $15.17 + free delivery

Delivery: By April 1st

  • 5 size options
  • Improve core strength, balance & agility

16. Best Skipping Rope


Price: $32.51 + delivery

Delivery: By April

  • 3m adjustable speed rope
  • For boxing, MMA & cardio fitness

17. One more bonus option

How about swapping your (frozen) gym membership for a home gym weekly subscription?

Gym and Fitness offers a cool deal for all you gym junkies who just can’t live without the full range of gym equipment: for up to $20 weekly, you can get a complete home gym to you. How does this work exactly? Through Gym and Fitness’ partnership with Zip Pay, you’ll be able to split the costs of the gym equipment you purchase over the year which won’t exceed $20/week (limited to equipment in their collection under $1000). One catch is you’ll probably have to wait till at least April for most popular items to restock.

Now that you know, here are your next steps.

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