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Brodie Fogg
Feb 21, 2024
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Foxtel's Hubbl, the product previously known as Project Magneto internally has been in the works for a few years now. But Foxtel has officially revealed the new streaming service aggregator and Hubbl hardware. 

Hubbl is a new product and platform that consolidates streaming services, sports and everything else in Foxtel's streaming portfolio (Binge, Kayo etc.) 

Streamotion, the Foxtel subsidiary that owns Binge, Kayo and Flash, has also been rebranded as Hubbl. 

So in short, Hubbl is a Foxtel subsidiary, a streaming service aggregator and a new line of hardware. 

Hubbl is delivered via one of two hardware choices: a streaming box, akin to Apple TV, or a full-blown smart TV, known as Hubbl Glass. Both Hubbl devices will release in March 2024. Hubbl Glass is exclusive to Harvey Norman and the Hubbl website, while the Hubbl box will be available through JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and the Hubbl website. 

Here’s everything we know about Hubbl so far, including pricing, release date and availability. 

Graphic featuring the Hubbl logo and a pink Smart TV
Pictured: Hubbl logo + Hubbl Glass TV
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What is Hubbl?

According to Foxtel CEO Patrick Delany, the Hubbl launch is a response to “streaming frustration and fatigue” in Australia. As per Foxtel’s announcement, Hubbl is part platform, part hardware; a singular solution that brings together the vast amount of paid and free streaming options available in Australia.

That’s a nice sentiment but not an entirely new one. Just about every streaming device, gaming console and smart TV would love to sell you as many subscriptions as possible by removing the friction involved with switching between services. Foxtel’s only Pay TV competitor Fetch TV attempted this with a universal search feature baked into its Mighty and Mini boxes back in 2016. So what makes Hubbl different exactly? 

Well, the user-experience will make or break the Hubbl platform itself, but there's always a distinct difference in the hardware offered. 

Hubbl has confirmed that both the Hubbl streaming box and the Hubbl Glass smart TV will release on the 10th of March 2024. Hubbl will be available through JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and Hubbl's website, while Hubbl Glass will be a Harvey Norman in-store exclusive but also available through the Hubbl website online. 

Hubbl Box

Hubbl streaming box

Hubbl, or what we’ll call the Hubbl Box for the sake of differentiating, is a streaming box that resembles the Fetch Mini or Apple TV. This seems to be the option for those who are perfectly happy with their own television but still want to access Hubbl’s services.

The Hubbl box is positioned as the (much) more affordable option, costing just $99 outright. 

The Hubbl box will be available to purchase at JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and direct through the Hubbl website. 

Hubbl Glass

Hubbl Glass might be the most enticing proposition of this whole launch. Rather than a streaming stick or set-top box, Hubbl Glass is an entire 4K smart TV with an in-built soundbar. 

Hubbl Glass will launch in Australia in two size options: 

  • Hubbl Glass Medium 55-inch: $1,595
  • Hubbl Glass Large 65-inch: $1,995

Each model is available in five different colour options:

  • Anthracite Black
  • Ceramic White
  • Ocean Blue
  • Racing Green
  • Dusky Pink

Hubbl Glass features most of the bells and whistles of a 4K television in 2024. It offers 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution, HDR10 and Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1 and a QLED quantum dot panel, plus WiFi 6 and ethernet connectivity. One drawback for gamers will be the 60Hz capped refresh rate, which limits some of the features of the latest consoles.

Hubbl Glass will be available to purchase direct from the Hubbl website, but exclusive to Harvey Norman for in-store purchases. 

Will Australia get a Hubble Live Camera?

In the UK, Sky also offers a camera add-on known as Sky Live, which allows for big-screen video conferencing and motion detection for things like gaming. There was no Hubbl equivalent announced at the launch event. 

Hubbl content

Hubl UI

Hubbl itself isn’t a streaming service. It’s a platform that brings together major streaming services in one place. Foxtel released images of the Hubbl user interface at its launch event (above) and it seems quite similar to the universal user experience offered by most smart TVs at a glance. We'll know more about the Hubbl platform when we get some hands-on time with it. 

As for subscribing to different services, it seems like Hubbl will operate a little like Amazon Prime Video channels, where you access TV shows and movies from various streaming services through a single platform.

Foxtel has already announced a suite of apps that will be available at Hubbl’s launch (and soon after,) including an all-new service from Foxtel called LifeStyle, which will be home to many of the company’s most popular lifestyle programming.

  • Netflix
  • Disney+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • YouTube
  • Apple TV+
  • Kayo Sports
  • Binge
  • Flash
  • ABC iView
  • ABC Kids
  • SBS On Demand
  • 7plus
  • 9now
  • 10 Play
  • Lifestyle
  • Stan (available soon after launch)
  • Paramount+ (available soon after launch)
  • Optus Sport (available soon after launch)
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How does Hubbl work?
In a preview event earlier this week, I sat in on a hands-off demo of Hubbl's hardware and software. It was a guided tour through some of the platform's aggregation features. There were a few neat flourishes; like the way Hubbl remembers which platform you were streaming a TV show on through its universal search. But the features I was most looking forward to seeing, like the Stack & Save discount system and single-account billing service, don't feel quite ready. Stack & Save gives you a discount for signing up to multiple services, but Netflix is the only non-Hubbl brand included. So you can only get the discount by signing up to at least two Hubbl streaming services. And the single-billing system has only attracted two third parties so far, Netflix and Disney Plus. So while Stan and Paramount+ might be available on Hubbl, you can't include them on a single bill like you can Binge, Kayo, Netflix, Disney+ and Flash. Hopefully it's just a matter of more deals needing to be stitched up but at launch, two of its priimary selling points feel half-baked.
Brodie Fogg
Sir Stream-a-lot

How much will Hubbl cost?

As we've outlined above, pricing details for the Hubbl hardware were officially announced at Foxtel's launch event. Here's a quick recap:

  • Hubbl box: $99
  • Hubbl Glass 55-inch: $1,595
  • Hubbl Glass 65-inch: $1,995

The Hubbl platform doesn't cost anything itself, though you will be charged for each individual streaming service subscribed to via Hubbl. 

There is one benefit to subscribing through Hubbl. Stack & Save is a unique offer available through Hubbl that gives you a discount or up to $15 credit if you subscribe to three or more streaming services through Hubbl. At launch, however, the only services eligible for a discount are Netflix, Binge, Kayo, Flash and Lifestyle. So you won't get a discount for stacking, say Stan and Amazon Prime Video with Netflix and Binge. 

Can I pay off Hubbl Glass over time?

One of the most appealing aspects of Sky Glass in the UK is the fact that customers have the option to pay off their smart TV in instalments, kind of like how a phone plan works in Australia. Sky Glass customers can choose to pay off their TV over 24 or 48 months, or purchase it outright. 

Currently, Foxtel has only announced that Hubbl will be available for purchase outright in Australia, though a Hubbl spokesperson did confirm that the same payment arrangement was being considered for Australia. 

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Brodie Fogg
Written by
Brodie Fogg
Brodie Fogg is the Australian editorial lead at Reviews.org. He has covered consumer tech, telecommunications, video games, streaming and entertainment for over five years at websites like WhistleOut and Finder and can be found sharing streaming recommendations at 7NEWS every month.

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