Foxtel’s Hubbl TV will officially launch on the 10th of March

Photograph of the Hubbl Glass Smart TV in action

Pictured: Hubbl Glass TV in action

// Hubbl Glass TV will be exclusive to Harvey Norman and JB HI-FI will sell the streaming box.
Brodie Fogg
Mar 01, 2024
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Foxtel subsidiary Hubbl (formerly Streamotion) is set to release its new smart TV and streaming puck on Monday the 10th of March. 

Hubbl Glass, the smart TV, will be available exclusively through Harvey Norman in-store and will be available online directly through Hubbl's website. It's available in two sizes: 55-inch and 65-inch and comes in a range of colours: Anthracite Black, Ceramic White, Ocean Blue, Racing Green, Dusky Pink.

The more affordable streaming puck, known simply as Hubbl (stay with us here,) will be available through JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman and Hubbl's website. 

Here's how much each Hubbl product will cost when they launch on 10 March 2024: 

  • Hubbl box: $99
  • Hubbl Glass 55-inch: $1,595
  • Hubbl Glass 65-inch: $1,995
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What is Hubbl?

Hubbl streaming box

Hubbl is a few things. Hubbl is the Foxtel subsidiary previously known as Streamotion that developed the Binge and Kayo apps, and the upcoming Lifestyle app. But Hubbl is also the hardware on offer, Hubbl (the streaming box) and Hubbl Glass (the smart TV.)

Hubbl is also the platform the hardware gives you access to. It's a unique operating system that aims to deliver a unified streaming experience, where you can subscribe and cancel services all through one user interface, and get discounts for subscribing to multiple streaming services. At the time of writing, the only services available for a "Stack & Save" discount are Hubbl's own apps; Binge, Kayo, Flash, Lifestyle; and Netflix. And Disney Plus is the only service outside of those five that you can bill to the app (rather than signing up seperately.)

The user experience isn't too far removed from what you'd typically expect from a smart TV these days. Your homescreen shows an aggregated continue watching section that spans your various streaming services, and your recommendations and search will feed from every compatible app. Hubbl Glass also comes with an in-built soundbar with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

The product is almost a carbon copy of the Sky Glass offer in the UK with a few key differences. Sky offers its Glass TV on a payment plan. Giving you the option to pay off a decent smart TV in monthly instalments over 24 or 48 months. At launch, Hubbl is only available to purchase outright, though we have been informed by Hubbl representatives that a similar payment plan may be on the roadmap. 

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