Vaya Mobile Review: cheap, no-frills mobile plans

Vaya Mobile sticks to the core of old school MVNOs and just provides cheap, good value mobile with no frills attached.
vaya mobile review
Overall Rating 3 out of 5
Good value data options
$15 refer a friend credit
Optus 4G plus

What you need to know

One of the older MVNO’s (mobile virtual network operator) on the market, founded in 2010, Vaya Mobile provides simple, no-frills mobile plans for people who want good value over all else. 

Vaya itself is actually owned by another large Australian MVNO, Amaysim, and they both run on the same Optus 4G Plus network, however their plan offerings differ quite a bit. Vaya really focuses on the low-end of town, with its sub-$30 plans where its value sits, while Amaysim focuses more on the $30-50 price points for value. 

To get to those cheap dataful plans, you’ll have to take a few concessions with Vaya, with the main one being that most of its support is done online through live-chat and support boxes. You can phone them for help too, but phone help is roughly around working hours. 

With Vaya, you get two options for your plan also – month-to-month or a 6 month contract. With the 6-month contract you get significantly more data across the range, so if you’ve been on the Optus network before and happy with its performance, Vaya’s 6 month sim-only mobile plans could be right for you.

The best Vaya Mobile plans

Depending on whether you want to go no contract or 6 month, the exact sweet spot with Vaya Mobile will differ. The one thing that is consistent though, is that its best value plans sit under $30. Once you get over the $30 mark, you’ll get better value on providers focusing more in that space, including its parent company, Amaysim. 

Outside of contract terms, all its plans include the same other features, including $15 free credit when you refer a friend to Vaya, run on the Optus 4G Plus network, the ability to bring your old number over and to use your phone as a mobile hotspot. Unlike Amaysim, Vaya’s plans are also a full month and not a “28 day month” which has become popular, which can cost you an extra month of plan costs over a 12 month period.

In terms of best plans, if you’re on the real low-end, the contract-free $16 per month plan has great value in that part of the market. If you want a little bit more data and don’t mind locking yourself in for 6 months, than the $24 per month plan is good value there, too.

Who is Vaya Mobile for?

If you don’t use that much data and don’t care about extra features such as included content subscriptions for streaming than Vaya is for you. 

You’ll miss out on the fancy extras from other big providers, but in return you can get some pretty good value for under $20. And as mentioned above, its plans are all full months and not 28 day months.

What network does Vaya Mobile use?

Vaya is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which means it hasn’t built its own physical mobile network around Australia, but it leases space for its customers on one of the big guys. For Vaya, this big guy is Optus and its 4G Plus network. 

The Optus 4G Plus network covers over 98.5% of the Australia population, which means you’ll probably be fine for coverage in most areas, unless you’re travelling out in super remote areas.

Can I get a new phone with my Vaya plan?

Vaya is focused on the super low-end side of town, which means it doesn’t try to bundle you with the latest iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and you will have to bring your own device. 

However, if you need a new device bundled with your phone on the Optus network on the cheaper side, we pulled together a few of your best options.

What’s the best cheap Telstra MVNO alternative?

If you live in a remote area and need Telstra coverage, but still want the cheap low-end costs of Vaya, your best bet is Boost Mobile, which is the only Telstra MVNO that actually uses the full Telstra network and not its wholesale network, which has a much smaller foot map. We pulled together a few of the best Boost Mobile plans if this is you.